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Utah, United States



Matches 1 to 85 of 85

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN Barbara  1910Utah, United States I172060
2 ALLRED John William  Abt 1929Utah, United States I42665
3 ALLRED Mary Jane  Abt 1929Utah, United States I42666
4 AMES Mary Ann  1916Utah, United States I70714
5 AMES Mary Dorcas  1913Utah, United States I70713
6 ANDERSON Don J.  1897Utah, United States I93926
7 ANDERSON LaRue  14 Nov 1915Utah, United States I40305
8 BAIRD Eugene Wesley  13 Oct 1913Utah, United States I158037
9 BALER John Sullivan  Apr 1873Utah, United States I169726
10 BENNINGTON Edger T  14 Sep 1929Utah, United States I138212
11 BENNION Gwendolyn  12 Oct 1914Utah, United States I46990
12 BENNION Richard B  5 Jan 1913Utah, United States I46989
13 BILLINGS  1910Utah, United States I172846
14 BOYLE Marilynn  14 Aug 1922Utah, United States I101206
15 BRAITHWAITE ReNae  Abt 1945Utah, United States I172192
16 BRESHEARS Doris Darlene  22 Oct 1938Utah, United States I171831
17 BROWN Kaye Lorenzo  10 Jun 1934Utah, United States I138401
18 CARLQUIST Ruth Bernice  27 Jul 1921Utah, United States I132363
19 CARLSON Don Francis  12 Jul 1939Utah, United States I171735
20 COLLARD  20 Jul 1944Utah, United States I39654
21 COOK Mary  1873Utah, United States I46140
22 COOPER Frederick L  Abt 1914Utah, United States I147391
23 CURRY ROTEMAN Linda Lee  30 Sep 1946Utah, United States I172800
24 DAVIS Carole  1938Utah, United States I138382
25 DAVIS BRAITHWAITE Ruth  1888Utah, United States I169361
26 DRAPER Glen S  17 Aug 1955Utah, United States I41993
27 DRAPER Keith Wesley  28 Oct 1920Utah, United States I54129
28 DRAPER Minne A.  1879Utah, United States I88307
29 FRINK John  1854Utah, United States I156841
30 GEARY Delbert Stanley  1 Nov 1928Utah, United States I83999
31 GILLEN Daisy M  Abt 1920Utah, United States I54181
32 GILLEN Harriett E  Abt 1919Utah, United States I54193
33 GILLEN Raymond  Abt 1921Utah, United States I50897
34 GREENHALGH James Elden  1917Utah, United States I39677
35 GRIFFIN David William  13 Mar 1902Utah, United States I158198
36 GRIFFIN Elizabeth M  September 1896 - 1900 CENSUSUtah, United States I158197
37 HALL Theodore T.  1893Utah, United States I39520
38 HRIBERNICK Martin Charles  13 Feb 1928Utah, United States I158511
39 JENSEN Bryant Fred  14 Jun 1948Utah, United States I52728
40 JENSEN Sophie  11 Jun 1921Utah, United States I52724
41 JONES Ileen  12 Nov 1926Utah, United States I169972
42 JULANDER Jerry V.  29 Mar 1937Utah, United States I169494
43 KEYSER Margaret Ellen  27 Jan 1917Utah, United States I171098
44 LAWSON Gladys Ida  1896Utah, United States I158634
45 LISH William Alma  Utah, United States I54281
46 LOVDAHL Kent Carl  5 Jun 1940Utah, United States I55019
47 LYNIM larry  Utah, United States I142631
48 MARWICK Clare  18 May 1882Utah, United States I36365
49 MARWICK Jesse Frederick  1892Utah, United States I47472
50 MCCARDELL Lucy  Abt 1913Utah, United States I54710
51 MCCARDELL Margaret Alta  18 Sep 1917Utah, United States I54713
52 MEEHAN Bernard William  22 Dec 1906Utah, United States I55022
53 MILLER Steven Martin  21 Aug 1918Utah, United States I54286
54 MORRIS M Evelyn  1912Utah, United States I73100
55 MORRISSEY Ida  17 Mar 1888Utah, United States I53380
56 NELL Melba  Abt 1922Utah, United States I29185
57 NIELSON Thelma  30 May 1914Utah, United States I25553
58 PACK Ralph W  9 Jul 1906Utah, United States I46879
59 PARTRIDGE Elva Mae  Abt Oct 1917Utah, United States I42598
60 PITTMAN Bruce Graham  Abt 1942Utah, United States I136178
61 RHEAD Wallace Max  10 Sep 1921Utah, United States I46176
62 RHEAD William James  Abt 1923Utah, United States I46196
63 RILEY Betty Elizabeth  23 Jul 1932Utah, United States I161071
64 SNYDER Shirley Sperry  30 Oct 1924Utah, United States I170237
65 SONDRUP Andrew Owen  16 Nov 1918Utah, United States I157783
66 SORENSEN Byron P  Abt 1929Utah, United States I52533
67 SPACKMAN Gary Ned  26 May 1938Utah, United States I158749
68 SUMMERS Thelma Pauline  15 Apr 1934Utah, United States I158330
69 TAYLOR Charlotte  Jan 1888Utah, United States I44494
70 TAYLOR Claud Sonny  24 Mar 1909Utah, United States I44492
71 TAYLOR Jesse G  Nov 1892Utah, United States I44490
72 TAYLOR Manilla E  5 Nov 1899Utah, United States I44491
73 TAYLOR Nina  Sep 1890Utah, United States I44489
74 TAYLOR Reuben V  Jun 1896Utah, United States I44495
75 TEEPLES Mary Miranda  2 Oct 1879Utah, United States I127710
76 TOLLESTRUP Glenna L  Abt 1926Utah, United States I33774
77 VAN LEUVEN Wendal R  1927Utah, United States I55595
78 VANDERFORD Vernon V.  Abt 1918Utah, United States I101651
79 VEINOVICH OR THOMAS Sam  1916Utah, United States I171667
80 WESCHER Allen N  Abt 1906Utah, United States I52028
81 WHITE Deloy John  4 Apr 1946Utah, United States I138060
82 WHITE Edwin  1911Utah, United States I131719
83 WILLIAMS Dorothy Edna  1914Utah, United States I158635
84 WOLFORD Donald Lindsey  7 Jul 1937Utah, United States I159216
85 WRIGHT Duane L  1932Utah, United States I138368


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 MCBRIDE Ella Emily  1899Utah, United States I44853
2 MUSSER Mae Lorraine  8 May 1898Utah, United States I131875
3 VAN LEUVEN Kenneth Emile  Utah, United States I46342


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN Effie Aurilea  8 Dec 1938Utah, United States I158033
2 ATKINS Ora Jeanette  24 Jun 2008Utah, United States I158313
3 BAGULEY Muril Emanuel  23 Jan 1922Utah, United States I55014
4 BRIGHT Lucy Ray  Utah, United States I159420
5 BUCK Robert Jack  29 Oct 2006Utah, United States I132366
6 CARLSON Don Francis  25 Feb 2018Utah, United States I171735
7 CHRISTIANSEN Andreas Peter Rasmussen Slot  11 Apr 1925Utah, United States I256
8 CORNELL Vernon Wilson  3 May 1988Utah, United States I132005
9 CROWTHER Betty Irene  27 Feb 2008Utah, United States I158626
10 DAVIS Zackery Lynn  24 Jan 2004Utah, United States I51751
11 DOUGLAS Raymond D  29 Feb 1956Utah, United States I93987
12 EDWARDS James Stewart  Mar 1966Utah, United States I34146
13 GITTINS Michael Myle  23 Jul 1952Utah, United States I169407
14 GROWCOCK Colleen Ruth  9 Dec 1999Utah, United States I158831
15 HAGEN Elwood  6 Aug 1990Utah, United States I138142
16 HAMMER Elaine  10 Sep 2016Utah, United States I159097
17 HATCH Joseph Clarence  5 May 2002Utah, United States I159042
18 HAUSERMAN Albert Alfred  17 May 1994Utah, United States I45289
19 HINTON Linda Sue  15 Sep 2009Utah, United States I45529
20 HOBSON Clifford James  9 Apr 2002Utah, United States I158164
21 HOFFMAN Frank  Aug 2014Utah, United States I172059
22 LOVDAHL Kent Carl  23 Jun 1940Utah, United States I55019
23 MEEHAN Bernard William  5 Aug 1991Utah, United States I55022
24 MEEHAN Jeanine Anne  2012Utah, United States I55023
25 MILLER JR Donald Lee  2012Utah, United States I160743
26 PROTHERO Jay Robert  23 Nov 1989Utah, United States I43240
27 ROBISON Dean Lund  30 Apr 2004Utah, United States I137381
28 ROYLANCE Claudia Kay  31 Mar 2014Utah, United States I159410
29 SCHIFFMAN Fredrick LeRoy  8 Dec 1979Utah, United States I137552
30 SETTLES Wallace Darius "Wally"  15 Jun 1982Utah, United States I142874
31 SMITH Carol Grace  23 Nov 2011Utah, United States I21022
32 SMITH Dean C  2 Oct 1972Utah, United States I21016
33 SNYDER Virginia  Oct 1999Utah, United States I44368
34 SPACKMAN Gary Ned  3 Apr 2018Utah, United States I158749
35 SPACKMAN LaVar Hadley  19 May 2011Utah, United States I158748
36 STINNER Addie Ann  21 Dec 1996Utah, United States I142094
37 TARRANT Roy Chandler, Jr  6 Nov 1976Utah, United States I172919
38 TAYLOR Burton Leo  30 Oct 1974Utah, United States I32472
39 TAYLOR John Edwin  9 Nov 1971Utah, United States I32471
40 TIBBS Lamar  1 May 1994Utah, United States I43855
41 WAITE Charma  3 Oct 2005Utah, United States I55338
42 YOUNG Fred F.  6 Jun 1969Utah, United States I80624


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BRAITHWAITE Della  Utah, United States I24505
2 BUNNELL Margaret Eleanor  Utah, United States I26476
3 COX William  Utah, United States I40385
4 DAVIS Thomas E  Utah, United States I153194
5 DRAPER David P.  1854Utah, United States I3704
6 HAHN Louis William  Utah, United States I2923
7 MORTENSEN Josephine Catherine  Abt Aug 1973Utah, United States I2876
8 NIELSEN Elmer Dean  Utah, United States I45247
9 WHITE Beth  1 May 2009Utah, United States I131733


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / BARNSON  Abt 1900Utah, United States F9889
2 / SORENSEN  1884Utah, United States F18321
3 ANDERSON / LEWIS  16 Jan 1950Utah, United States F2069
4 BENNION / CAMPBELL  Abt 1908Utah, United States F19310
5 BENSON /   13 Oct 1902Utah, United States F21682
6 BENSON /   13 Oct 1902Utah, United States F21683
7 BRINKERHOFF / RUDD  21 Dec 1933Utah, United States F19621
8 BROTHERSON / ROBINSON  3 Jan 1947Utah, United States F21426
9 BUTTERFIELD / EDDINS  Abt 1904Utah, United States F21653
10 CHIPMAN / ANGUS  18 Jul 1928Utah, United States F51952
11 CRAWFORD / WHEELER  1928Utah, United States F34030
12 DODDS / TAYLOR  31 Aug 1946Utah, United States F20996
13 DOMINGOS / EMERY  Aug 1959Utah, United States F11715
14 DRAPER / GENOVESE  Apr 1925Utah, United States F12121
15 ELLIOTT / DAVIS  2 Oct 1964Utah, United States F34103
16 FAIRBOURN / POWELL  27 Jan 1943Utah, United States F19510
17 FRISBY / OTTOSEN  6 Oct 1925Utah, United States F15733
18 HART / NEWMAN  1854Utah, United States F7175
19 HESS /   1867Utah, United States F59210
20 HORN / FARNWORTH  4 Oct 1921Utah, United States F12791
21 HUNT / WALTERS  3 May 1948Utah, United States F19171
22 LARSEN /   8 Dec 1934Utah, United States F21140
23 LARSEN /   8 Dec 1934Utah, United States F21141
24 LARSON / WINKLEMAN  27 Jun 1934Utah, United States F13735
25 LAYMAN / NICHOLS  1947Utah, United States F61322
26 NIELSEN / SWENSEN  20 Dec 1922Utah, United States F16649
27 NORRIS / FAYTER  28 Jun 1929Utah, United States F21639
28 OLSEN / ALLRED  20 Nov 1953Utah, United States F19678
29 PACK / COOPER  Abt 1894Utah, United States F19212
30 PALMER / DESILVA  6 Jun 1933Utah, United States F18521
31 PALMER / PIERCE  1869 OR 1889Utah, United States F18348
32 PALMER / RICHARDS  1919Utah, United States F18520
33 PAXMAN /   1949Utah, United States F18774
34 RASMUSSEN / WINSNESS  21 Jun 1938Utah, United States F10663
35 ROBISON / WEILER  19 Oct 1937Utah, United States F51476
36 SCHLEINKOFER / DRAPER  May 1947Utah, United States F65303
37 SIMMONS / SHAFER  Abt 1904Utah, United States F15901
38 STEWART / WALTERS  3 Feb 1939Utah, United States F19170
39 TAYLOR / LEWELLYN  Est 1919Utah, United States F9556
40 THELIN / BREWER  27 Jul 1956Utah, United States F65256
41 TIMOTHY / RASMUSSEN  31 Jul 1926Utah, United States F19546
42 VINCENT / MORTENSEN  29 Jun 1922Utah, United States F175
43 WELTI / BENNION  14 Jul 1916Utah, United States F19407
44 WILKINSON / NIELSEN  Abt 1918Utah, United States F15867
45 WYCHERLEY / WARD  14 Nov 1925Utah, United States F32217


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 THELIN / BREWER  1971Utah, United States F65256
2 YORGASON / YERGENSEN  Bef 1882Utah, United States F8992

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