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Colorado, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 143

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Isabella  Abt 1899Colorado, United States I144428
2 ABERNATHY Ewald  Abt 1909Colorado, United States I64903
3 ABERNATHY Lois  Abt 1912Colorado, United States I64901
4 ALLISON John  Abt 1906Colorado, United States I144995
5 ALLISON William Boyd  Aug 1899Colorado, United States I144993
6 BAKER Pearl C.  10 Mar 1906Colorado, United States I138179
7 BAKER Susan  10 Jun 1871Colorado, United States I164298
8 BARNES Earl  Sep 1896Colorado, United States I87126
9 BARNES Gertrude  Jul 1896Colorado, United States I87127
10 BARNES June  Dec 1899Colorado, United States I87125
11 BARR Grace E  1902Colorado, United States I70905
12 BAUMGARTNER Louis H.  31 Aug 1893Colorado, United States I155852
13 BEATTY Olin George  20 May 1894Colorado, United States I168206
14 BELL Emma G  1881Colorado, United States I87123
15 BILLSTROM Millie  18 May 1891Colorado, United States I84469
16 BISHOP Arnold Eugene  17 Jan 1903Colorado, United States I73000
17 BOLES Janet Fay  11 Mar 1930Colorado, United States I167014
18 BOLLINGER Lola Marjori  21 Jul 1902Colorado, United States I165807
19 BORROWDALE Ethel P  20 Jul 1895Colorado, United States I120510
20 BROOKS John H.  24 Jul 1914Colorado, United States I71198
21 BURTON Dorothy  1917Colorado, United States I136787
22 BURTON Irene  1919Colorado, United States I136781
23 BURTON Martha  1916Colorado, United States I136780
24 BURTON Ralph  11 Nov 1880Colorado, United States I131203
25 BURTON Viola  1914Colorado, United States I136792
26 CHILCOTE Vivian Esther  6 Jun 1900Colorado, United States I143808
27 CHRISTENSEN Mary B. M.  1900Colorado, United States I87596
28 COTTEN Orlo  8 May 1914Colorado, United States I100776
29 CROSSLEY Edmond K  1920Colorado, United States I164476
30 CULLINANE Andrew M  18 Jan 1906Colorado, United States I136276
31 CURE Robert  11 Aug 1912Colorado, United States I25558
32 DAVIS Ruth Lavone  23 Nov 1914Colorado, United States I84110
33 DEVAULT Hazel Grace  13 Apr 1922Colorado, United States I143119
34 DIXON Charles  1917Colorado, United States I84831
35 DRAPER Arnold Charles  17 Sep 1903Colorado, United States I49590
36 DUNHAM Clayton Ira  19 Nov 1893Colorado, United States I96909
37 DUNHAM Phyllis  1928Colorado, United States I98819
38 EDOM Edward E.  Sep 1878Colorado, United States I86823
39 EDOM Leuella  Dec 1866Colorado, United States I86826
40 EDOM Mary B.  Apr 1872Colorado, United States I86824
41 EDOM Nellie  Jun 1880Colorado, United States I86827
42 ELIOT Lillian M  2 Apr 1887Colorado, United States I153105
43 ENF*LTE Edmond  1896Colorado, United States I171333
44 EVANS Thomas Neill  Sep 1898Colorado, United States I101861
45 GATES Lulu Marle  Abt 1905Colorado, United States I87575
46 GILBERT Georgia Pearl  1907Colorado, United States I82114
47 GINDER Jack Draper  27 Mar 1913Colorado, United States I87069
48 GUSS Maynard Cameron  25 Nov 1893Colorado, United States I160573
49 GUTHNER Ermal B  1903Colorado, United States I87129
50 HAINES Estelle E.  28 Sep 1909Colorado, United States I133378
51 HAMMONS Charles  1862Colorado, United States I88822
52 HAMMONS OR HAMMOND Walter  1863Colorado, United States I88826
53 HARRIS Ivan E  1 Dec 1921Colorado, United States I84294
54 HAYT W G  Abt 1884Colorado, United States I131053
55 HERLINGER Daisy  Colorado, United States I81932
56 HOLBROOK Dorothy  May 1896Colorado, United States I98914
57 HOLBROOK Eleanor  1909Colorado, United States I98912
58 HOLBROOK Florence  1904Colorado, United States I98913
59 HUBBELL Janna V.  Abt 1908/9Colorado, United States I133090
60 HUFF Delsa Roberta  14 Aug 1911Colorado, United States I161663
61 HUNTINGTON Dorothy Allison  1 Jun 1920Colorado, United States I89536
62 HUNTINGTON Glen Herbert  17 Jun 1890Colorado, United States I88974
63 HUNTINGTON Henry Whitney  8 Sep 1882Colorado, United States I88981
64 HUNTINGTON Ruth A  9 May 1931Colorado, United States I89531
65 HUNTINGTON Ruth Elizabeth  11 Apr 1897Colorado, United States I88975
66 JARAMILLO Leopoldo J. "Leo"  1 Jun 1930Colorado, United States I167559
67 JONES Edward Ray  6 Nov 1961Colorado, United States I144385
68 KILLPACK Eddie J  6 Jun 1972Colorado, United States I47660
69 KRESSER Minnie M.  Nov 1899Colorado, United States I139541
70 LAYBOURN Glenn Russell  27 Aug 1908Colorado, United States I99487
71 LAYBOURNE John Dale  23 Aug 1918Colorado, United States I99488
72 LOOMIS George Andrew  20 Oct 1907Colorado, United States I165657
73 MALLOY Daniel  28 Dec 1907Colorado, United States I130824
74 MALLOY Daniel Henry  11 Jul 1877Colorado, United States I130822
75 MARSH Barton W  1907Colorado, United States I75176
76 MARSH Clide L  Abt 1908Colorado, United States I75168
77 MARSH Fannie L  1904Colorado, United States I75166
78 MARSH Hulda H  1903Colorado, United States I75175
79 MARSH Irene C  Abt 1906Colorado, United States I75169
80 MARSH Mary B  1902Colorado, United States I75174
81 MAYHAN Darryl  21 Jul 1949Colorado, United States I84614
82 MCDONALD Jeanette  26 Aug 1899Colorado, United States I138941
83 MCFARLAND Geneva Alberta  1 May 1911Colorado, United States I54397
84 MCKEE Robert Melvin  16 Jun 1916Colorado, United States I136398
85 MOORE Percival William  7 Apr 1902Colorado, United States I74859
86 MOORE Ruth L.  23 Aug 1912Colorado, United States I93542
87 OLIVER Robert E  1919Colorado, United States I155587
88 PARSONS Beulah G.  Abt 1903Colorado, United States I87150
89 POTTENGER Hazel M  Abt May 1889Colorado, United States I122178
90 POTTER Ella  1852Colorado, United States I161136
91 PRENTICE George A.  1872Colorado, United States I85719
92 PROSSER Edith M  1891Colorado, United States I87138
93 PROSSER Elias A.  Oct 1887Colorado, United States I87137
94 PROSSER George Raymond  Jun 1892Colorado, United States I87135
95 PROSSER Glenn W.  Mar 1894Colorado, United States I87133
96 PROSSER Harold V.  19 May 1905Colorado, United States I87136
97 PROSSER Luella D.  May 1898Colorado, United States I87134
98 RANDOL Louisa Carrell  13 Mar 1913Colorado, United States I101288
99 RIDINGS Robert  1925Colorado, United States I134542
100 ROPER Cora  1879Colorado, United States I83370

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Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABERNATHY Almon Allen  9 May 1929Colorado, United States I60395
2 BARNES Bertha Osa  3 Mar 1965Colorado, United States I65895
3 BRENNICKE John Wilbur  Sep 1986Colorado, United States I87602
4 BROWN John Eckersley  21 Dec 1930Colorado, United States I646
5 BUMSTEAD Edwin Stimson  12 Feb 1918Colorado, United States I151345
6 BURGUS Max Gregory  4 Nov 1997Colorado, United States I141552
7 BURTON Roy  7 Sep 1957Colorado, United States I131205
8 CARTER Mildred Louise  26 Jan 2014Colorado, United States I84612
9 EDGEWORTH Walter Allen  28 Sep 1999Colorado, United States I130376
10 GRANGER Guy  2000Colorado, United States I155393
11 GREGORY Marion Gwendolyn  Oct 1962Colorado, United States I71338
12 HASENWINKLE Shirley Ann  15 Sep 2015Colorado, United States I101991
13 HEGERFELD Esther Louise  6 Mar 2016Colorado, United States I171988
14 HUDGENS Orlin Gwin  Oct 1978Colorado, United States I23388
15 JONES Edward Ray  21 Aug 2012Colorado, United States I144385
16 JONES Larry J.  22 Jul 2012Colorado, United States I143116
17 LOVDAHL Carl Lesley Agustus Johan  20 Dec 1998Colorado, United States I55018
18 MAHNS Michael Allen  15 Jan 1996Colorado, United States I84919
19 MAY Mary A.  Aft 1921Colorado, United States I133087
20 MC CLURE Arthur  Aug 1906Colorado, United States I20325
21 MOORE Percival William  4 Jul 1946Colorado, United States I74859
22 NEFF Anna Laura  1957Colorado, United States I159860
23 OLLIFF Jimmerson B.  18 Jun 1897Colorado, United States I108600
24 PARTRIDGE Mary Elizabeth  24 Jul 1879Colorado, United States I154090
25 PLYMPTON Hercules D  1926Colorado, United States I58784
26 PONDER Walter Weeks  1 Nov 1970Colorado, United States I112379
27 POOLER Alice Phoebe  Colorado, United States I95773
28 POTEET Stanley Worth  5 Oct 2006Colorado, United States I84611
29 ROBERTSON Josephine  2 May 1930Colorado, United States I87096
30 ROOT Ethel Bell  Colorado, United States I164198
31 SERGEANT Raymond Leroy  Oct 1972Colorado, United States I154656
32 SHEPARD Elizabeth May  21 Jul 1958Colorado, United States I64899
33 SIMPSON Robert L  1930Colorado, United States I128348
34 SMALL Curt  28 Dec 1964Colorado, United States I71679
35 SMART William Henry  1910Colorado, United States I86800
36 SMITH Keith Allen  13 Jun 2007Colorado, United States I156216
37 STITES Effie May  24 Nov 1944Colorado, United States I79051
38 TREMPE Rose Mary  15 Aug 1984Colorado, United States I159443
39 VAN MATRE Evelyn Elizabeth  6 Nov 1991Colorado, United States I101946
40 WALLER Edmund Hugh  25 Sep 2014Colorado, United States I143122
41 WARD  11 Oct 1919Colorado, United States I84461
42 WELCH Salathaiel L  Sep 1962Colorado, United States I119197


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MADSEN Curg Moyle  Colorado, United States I42010
2 MUNNELL James Henry  Colorado, United States I147380
3 STOKES Dewey Edward  Colorado, United States I117703
4 WEBB Lawrence Hampton  Colorado, United States I133270


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARNES / CHRISTENSEN  Abt 1918Colorado, United States F33863
2 BARNES / EDOM  1892Colorado, United States F33706
3 EDOM /   1866Colorado, United States F33631
4 GUTHNER / EDOM  1901Colorado, United States F33707
5 HARTMAN / ZIPPRODT  16 Jun 1945Colorado, United States F64255
6 HOLLAND / CROWTHER  14 Mar 1937Colorado, United States F16287
7 HUBBELL / MAY  Abt 1893Colorado, United States F49730
8 MULLENIX / POWELL  1919Colorado, United States F29583
9 NIDEY / KIMBELL  26 Jun 1977Colorado, United States F29870
10 NIDEY / ORNDORFF  3 Feb 1918Colorado, United States F29869
11 SIMPSON / SHERRILL  1912Colorado, United States F48454
12 TALCOTT / HEGERFELD  13 Feb 1960Colorado, United States F65484
13 THOMPSON / HUNTINGTON  11 Jul 1923Colorado, United States F34505
14 WALLACE / ROGERS  1 Nov 1894Colorado, United States F62492
15 WATKINS / YETTER  2 Aug 1911Colorado, United States F49844
16 WILLACY / YETTER  31 Jul 1920Colorado, United States F52447
17 YETTER / BURGESS  9 Jun 1929Colorado, United States F52449
18 YETTER / KOOGLE  29 Jun 1939Colorado, United States F54403
19 YETTER / SELLERS  8 Jan 1913Colorado, United States F52432
20 YETTER / WALLING  20 Oct 1913Colorado, United States F52433
21 ZEIDA / WHEELER  1976Colorado, United States F64504

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