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Skipton, Yorkshire, England



Matches 1 to 61 of 61

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Grace  1731Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2170
2 ATKINSON George  Abt 1757Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1616
3 BEESLEY William  Apr 1778Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1059
4 BLACKBURN Ann  Abt 1777Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1044
5 CASTEL Margaret  1754Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1557
6 CLEMEE Jane  Abt 1733Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2166
7 COLBRIDGE Ann  1782Skipton, Yorkshire, England I633
8 COLBRIDGE Edward  1754Skipton, Yorkshire, England I366
9 COLBRIDGE Elizabeth  1779Skipton, Yorkshire, England I631
10 COLEBRIDGE Margaret  11 Jun 1786Skipton, Yorkshire, England I212
11 DEMAINE Anne Mary  1705Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2127
12 DEMAYNE Ann  1705Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1556
13 DEMAYNE Dorothy  Abt 1648Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2828
14 DEMAYNE George  Abt 1596Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2151
15 GALLOWAY Charles  1758Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1038
16 GALLOWAY James  Abt 1723Skipton, Yorkshire, England I634
17 GALLOWAY James  1764Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1040
18 GALLOWAY Margaret  1756Skipton, Yorkshire, England I369
19 GALLOWAY Mary  Abt 1776Skipton, Yorkshire, England I626
20 GALLOWAY Sarah  1754Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1046
21 GARNET Stephen  Abt 1620Skipton, Yorkshire, England I3731
22 GARNETT Jennett  1590Skipton, Yorkshire, England I4755
23 GARNETT Richard  1639Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2869
24 HUSTLER John  1641Skipton, Yorkshire, England I3730
25 JOLLY John  1773Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1113
26 LOCKWOOD Ann Nancy  28 Apr 1809Skipton, Yorkshire, England I368
27 LOCKWOOD Dorothy  26 Mar 1790Skipton, Yorkshire, England I665
28 LOCKWOOD Martha  5 Nov 1780Skipton, Yorkshire, England I663
29 LOFTHOUSE Alice  1753Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1546
30 MAWSON Ann  1774Skipton, Yorkshire, England I639
31 MAWSON Sarah  1764Skipton, Yorkshire, England I215
32 ROBINSON Ann  1 Sep 1754Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1074
33 ROBINSON Dorothy  13 May 1750Skipton, Yorkshire, England I388
34 ROBINSON Esther  Abt 1761Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1082
35 ROBINSON Henry  1752Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1077
36 ROBINSON John  1679Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1079
37 ROBINSON John  21 Jul 1720Skipton, Yorkshire, England I666
38 ROBINSON Martha  1730Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1603
39 ROBINSON Thomas  1735Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1611
40 SHARP Joanna  1735Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2169
41 SIMPSON Francis  1656Skipton, Yorkshire, England I4737
42 SWINDLEHURST Mary  1643Skipton, Yorkshire, England I3724
43 WHITAKER Mary  1753Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1613
44 WILLISON Elizabeth  1671Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2857
45 WILSON Ann  20 Sep 1731Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1597
46 WILSON Charles  27 Oct 1830Skipton, Yorkshire, England I199
47 WILSON Elizabeth, Galloway  1749Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1052
48 WILSON Henry  1754Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1579
49 WILSON James  Jan 1739Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1602
50 Rev WILSON John  12 Jan 1792Skipton, Yorkshire, England I387
51 WILSON Mary  8 Jan 1704Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2162
52 Mrs WILSON Mary  1705Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1065
53 WILSON Mary  6 May 1728Skipton, Yorkshire, England I635
54 WILSON Mary  29 Dec 1796Skipton, Yorkshire, England I380
55 WILSON Samuel  10 Jul 1836Skipton, Yorkshire, England I202
56 WILSON Sarah  15 Feb 1805Skipton, Yorkshire, England I382
57 WILSON Sarah  25 Sep 1834Skipton, Yorkshire, England I200
58 WILSON Thomas James  4 Dec 1831Skipton, Yorkshire, England I198
59 WILSON Thomas L.  13 Mar 1794Skipton, Yorkshire, England I122
60 WILSON William  25 Oct 1729Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1604
61 WILSON William  27 Jul 1799Skipton, Yorkshire, England I390


Matches 1 to 52 of 52

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BEESLEY William  Apr 1778Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1059
2 COLBRIDGE Ann  5 Aug 1781Skipton, Yorkshire, England I633
3 COLBRIDGE Elizabeth  13 Jun 1779Skipton, Yorkshire, England I631
4 DEMAINE William  30 Jun 1718Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1558
5 DODGSON James  28 Dec 1748Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1581
6 FORT Mary  22 Jun 1713Skipton, Yorkshire, England I667
7 GALLOWAY Charles  21 Aug 1758Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1038
8 GALLOWAY James  10 Oct 1764Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1040
9 GALLOWAY Sarah  18 Aug 1754Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1046
10 GARNET Mary  24 Nov 1644Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2870
11 GARNET Stephen  30 Dec 1620Skipton, Yorkshire, England I3731
12 HAWKSWELL Joseph  26 Aug 1792Skipton, Yorkshire, England I692
13 LOCKWOOD Ann Nancy  21 May 1809Skipton, Yorkshire, England I368
14 LOCKWOOD Dorothy  24 May 1790Skipton, Yorkshire, England I665
15 LOCKWOOD Elizabeth  30 Nov 1777Skipton, Yorkshire, England I673
16 LOCKWOOD John  24 Jan 1782Skipton, Yorkshire, England I664
17 LOCKWOOD Martha  7 Nov 1779Skipton, Yorkshire, England I663
18 LOCKWOOD Mary Dorothy  8 Oct 1826Skipton, Yorkshire, England I365
19 LOCKWOOD Tempest  16 May 1743Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1057
20 LOFTHOUSE Alice  5 Aug 1753Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1546
21 MAWSON Elizabeth  31 Oct 1742Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1047
22 MAWSON Elizabeth Ann  10 May 1812Skipton, Yorkshire, England I643
23 MAWSON Ellenor  27 Dec 1738Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1042
24 MAWSON John  14 Jul 1745Skipton, Yorkshire, England I386
25 MAWSON Sarah  Abt 1760Skipton, Yorkshire, England I215
26 PEARSON Samuel  5 Jun 1716Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1575
27 ROBINSON Esther  13 Sep 1761Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1082
28 ROBINSON Fanny  29 Oct 1759Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1075
29 ROBINSON Frances  30 Oct 1763Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1073
30 ROBINSON Henry  5 Jul 1752Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1077
31 ROBINSON John  1723Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1079
32 ROBINSON John  23 Feb 1766Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1090
33 WHITAKER Mary  24 Oct 1753Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1613
34 WILSON Ann  12 Jul 1789Skipton, Yorkshire, England I391
35 WILSON Catharine  8 Jun 1788Skipton, Yorkshire, England I378
36 WILSON Charles  27 Oct 1830Skipton, Yorkshire, England I199
37 WILSON Elizabeth, Galloway  31 Jan 1770Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1052
38 WILSON Henry  29 Sep 1754Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1579
39 WILSON Henry  9 Jun 1802Skipton, Yorkshire, England I385
40 WILSON Isabel  26 Dec 1784Skipton, Yorkshire, England I383
41 WILSON John  8 Mar 1756Skipton, Yorkshire, England I216
42 Rev WILSON John  23 May 1792Skipton, Yorkshire, England I387
43 WILSON John Wesley  21 Jul 1833Skipton, Yorkshire, England I211
44 WILSON Mary  23 Dec 1753Skipton, Yorkshire, England I635
45 WILSON Mary  5 Feb 1797Skipton, Yorkshire, England I380
46 WILSON Robert  5 Jul 1780Skipton, Yorkshire, England I373
47 WILSON Sarah  8 Jun 1783Skipton, Yorkshire, England I374
48 WILSON Sarah  20 Mar 1805Skipton, Yorkshire, England I382
49 WILSON Sarah  14 Jan 1835Skipton, Yorkshire, England I200
50 WILSON Thomas L.  8 Jun 1794Skipton, Yorkshire, England I122
51 WILSON William  5 Jun 1757Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1604
52 WILSON William  29 Jun 1800Skipton, Yorkshire, England I390


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Grace  Dec 1799Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2170
2 AIRTON Susanna  1836Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1596
3 DEMAINE Anne Mary  10 Jan 1786Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2127
4 GALLOWAY James  Apr 1773Skipton, Yorkshire, England I634
5 GALLOWAY Mary  Feb 1777Skipton, Yorkshire, England I626
6 GALLOWAY Sarah  Nov 1791Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1046
7 GARNETT Esther  1674Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2152
8 GARNETT Susan  1688Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2156
9 LOCKWOOD Mary  May 1822Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1066
10 MAWSON Johnathan  20 Apr 1806Skipton, Yorkshire, England I654
11 PEARSON Jane  4 Oct 1787Skipton, Yorkshire, England I661
12 PEARSON Samuel  Feb 1750Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1575
13 PERKINS Sarah  5 Feb 1814Skipton, Yorkshire, England I375
14 ROBINSON Dorothy  May 1816Skipton, Yorkshire, England I388
15 ROBINSON John  29 Dec 1779Skipton, Yorkshire, England I666
16 SIMPSON Ann  Aug 1795Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1552
17 SMITH Mary  28 Jul 1798Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1607
18 SWINDLEHURST Mary  1704Skipton, Yorkshire, England I3724
19 WHITAKER Mary  Dec 1779Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1613
20 WILSON Ann  1 Nov 1783Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1597
21 WILSON Ann  Jan 1851Skipton, Yorkshire, England I391
22 WILSON Dorothy  Skipton, Yorkshire, England I641
23 WILSON Henry  Mar 1830Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1579
24 WILSON John  10 Dec 1845Skipton, Yorkshire, England I216
25 Mrs WILSON Mary  1752Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1065
26 WILSON Mary  7 Dec 1782Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2171
27 WILSON Mary  16 Oct 1796Skipton, Yorkshire, England I635
28 WILSON Mary  28 Oct 1842Skipton, Yorkshire, England I644
29 WILSON Matthew  29 Apr 1782Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1071
30 WILSON William  Mar 1794Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1604
31 WOOD John  Mar 1808Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1609


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Grace  29 Dec 1799Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2170
2 BURTON Margaret  13 Nov 1637Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2881
3 COLBRIDGE Roger  5 Oct 1800Skipton, Yorkshire, England I632
4 GALLOWAY James  12 Apr 1773Skipton, Yorkshire, England I634
5 GALLOWAY Mary  8 Feb 1777Skipton, Yorkshire, England I626
6 GALLOWAY Sarah  23 Nov 1791Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1046
7 GARNETT Richard  3 May 1642Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2884
8 GARNETT Thomas  25 Feb 1679Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2188
9 JOLLY John  9 Jun 1842Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1113
10 LOCKWOOD Joshua  19 Sep 1831Skipton, Yorkshire, England I389
11 LOCKWOOD Mary  12 May 1822Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1066
12 MAWSON Sarah  1822Skipton, Yorkshire, England I215
13 OLDFELD Ellyne  30 Dec 1636Skipton, Yorkshire, England I6016
14 ROBINSON Fanny  29 Oct 1759Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1075
15 SIMPSON Ann  13 Aug 1795Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1552
16 SMITH Mary  1 Aug 1798Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1607
17 WHITAKER Mary  31 Dec 1779Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1613
18 WHITAKER Sarah  7 Jun 1829Skipton, Yorkshire, England I220
19 WILSON Ann  4 Nov 1783Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1597
20 WILSON Henry  5 Mar 1830Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1579
21 WILSON John  Skipton, Yorkshire, England I216
22 WILSON Mary  Dec 1704Skipton, Yorkshire, England I2162
23 Mrs WILSON Mary  1752Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1065
24 WILSON Mary  19 Oct 1796Skipton, Yorkshire, England I635
25 WILSON Mary  28 Oct 1842Skipton, Yorkshire, England I644
26 WILSON Matthew  2 May 1782Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1071
27 WILSON William  14 Mar 1794Skipton, Yorkshire, England I1604


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DEMAINE / WIGELLSWORTH  28 May 1670Skipton, Yorkshire, England F568
2 GARNETT / SWINGLEHURST  4 Feb 1638Skipton, Yorkshire, England F780
3 HARDAKER / COLBRIDGE  1 May 1805Skipton, Yorkshire, England F374
4 PEARSON / GRANDIDGE  29 Dec 1730Skipton, Yorkshire, England F771
5 ROBINSON / FORT  12 Apr 1748Skipton, Yorkshire, England F248
6 SCOTT / COLBRIDGE  6 Jul 1818Skipton, Yorkshire, England F373
7 WILSON / GALLOWAY  8 Feb 1781Skipton, Yorkshire, England F561
8 WILSON / LOCKWOOD  10 Aug 1830Skipton, Yorkshire, England F49
9 WILSON / MAWSON  4 Jan 1787Skipton, Yorkshire, England F86

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