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Kentucky, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 110

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna F  Jul 1876Kentucky, United States I145304
2 Lida  16 Aug 1901Kentucky, United States I77089
3 ALFORD Sarah Elizabeth  1845Kentucky, United States I127613
4 APPLEGATE Ida Florence  1 Jan 1872Kentucky, United States I144346
5 ARMSTRONG Gertrude  16 Dec 1883Kentucky, United States I145305
6 AUSTIN Iva Dee  Abt 1898Kentucky, United States I137402
7 BAILEY James J  1863Kentucky, United States I73847
8 BEVORD Maggie Lynn  29 Apr 1905Kentucky, United States I146204
9 BLAIR Hobart  30 Jun 1918Kentucky, United States I147167
10 BROWN Pearl  13 Apr 1904Kentucky, United States I145410
11 CAVANAGH Billie  1908Kentucky, United States I121383
12 CHURCH Bertha  12 Sep 1914Kentucky, United States I147481
13 COOPER Ida  Abt 1862Kentucky, United States I141860
14 COOPER Isaac Newton  Abt 1823Kentucky, United States I141851
15 COOPER James  Abt 1867Kentucky, United States I141859
16 COOPER Robert  Abt 1865Kentucky, United States I141861
17 DAHMS Gladys  1910Kentucky, United States I101449
18 DRAPER Susan  1866Kentucky, United States I96148
19 DUNN John G.  Abt 1875Kentucky, United States I140062
20 EVANS Electa Marie  29 Jul 1904Kentucky, United States I135592
21 FLOWERS John L  Dec 1841Kentucky, United States I66523
22 FULTON John  1823Kentucky, United States I127666
23 FUQUA Annie Artrice  22 Jan 1906Kentucky, United States I129549
24 FUQUA Chlora M  2 Aug 1898Kentucky, United States I129546
25 GALBRATH Mary Jane  Mar 1860Kentucky, United States I74352
26 GOWDY Lena  4 Dec 1909Kentucky, United States I101451
27 GRIGGS Catherine  1795Kentucky, United States I124794
28 GRIGGS Daniel Boone  14 Feb 1782Kentucky, United States I124661
29 GRIGGS Daniel Boone  1798Kentucky, United States I124795
30 GRIGGS Elizabeth  Abt 1799Kentucky, United States I124803
31 GRIGGS Felix  1810Kentucky, United States I124793
32 GRIGGS John Garner  1760Kentucky, United States I124657
33 GRIGGS Mayes  Abt 1805Kentucky, United States I124796
34 GULLET OR GILLETTE Rufus Baze  11 Jun 1862Kentucky, United States I137385
35 HARRIS Arabia John  22 May 1868Kentucky, United States I135996
36 HARRIS Connie Ogden  18 May 1922Kentucky, United States I140498
37 HORD Bill William S  1923Kentucky, United States I145354
38 HORD Roy D  Abt 1909Kentucky, United States I145356
39 HORD Willard Hampton  6 Jun 1915Kentucky, United States I145353
40 HORD-RYAN Rosa F  1912Kentucky, United States I145355
41 HULL Benjaman  Oct 1887Kentucky, United States I144317
42 HULL Robert Davis  30 Dec 1900Kentucky, United States I145275
43 HULL Walter R  Dec 1884Kentucky, United States I144316
44 KITCHEN Leonard Nelson  10 Dec 1902Kentucky, United States I146218
45 LATTA Hazel L.  Abt 1911Kentucky, United States I137413
46 LAWRENCE Thomas D. C.  <1783>Kentucky, United States I104651
47 LEE Betty C  1865Kentucky, United States I141848
48 LEE Graham P  1870Kentucky, United States I141841
49 LEE Jesse F  1868Kentucky, United States I141845
50 LEE Richard Henry  8 Jun 1866Kentucky, United States I141847
51 LEE Samuel Hull  28 Jan 1892Kentucky, United States I144322
52 LEE Steven B  1860Kentucky, United States I141849
53 LEWIS Denton George  1899Kentucky, United States I129565
54 LEWIS Lela M  1906Kentucky, United States I129566
55 LEWIS Opal L  1902Kentucky, United States I129569
56 LEWIS Varan  1897Kentucky, United States I129567
57 LOVETT Mayme Grace  9 Jan 1913Kentucky, United States I101289
58 MACK Earl Francis  27 Jul 1883Kentucky, United States I131992
59 MANAHAN Margaret  23 Feb 1918Kentucky, United States I145350
60 MAY Louis Theodore  20 Apr 1887Kentucky, United States I88135
61 MCALISTER Cynthia C.  Abt 1839Kentucky, United States I130321
62 MCARDLE Richard E  Feb 1899Kentucky, United States I141618
63 MCELYA Carrie Bell  1915Kentucky, United States I85543
64 MCGREW Nancy T  Apr 1871Kentucky, United States I72043
65 MCWILLIAMS John Harvey  9 Mar 1850Kentucky, United States I128803
66 MELTON Harry Eugene  2 Jan 1890Kentucky, United States I122921
67 MILLER James D.  15 Sep 1925Kentucky, United States I145366
68 MILLIAM Julia Ann  1828Kentucky, United States I87134
69 MORSE Barton Miles  3 Jun 1883Kentucky, United States I68581
70 PHILLIPS Margaret Louise  1892Kentucky, United States I68799
71 RANEY Douglas  1834Kentucky, United States I65340
72 ROCELEAN Mary Josie  1872Kentucky, United States I126687
73 SCHERER Dorothy Elizabeth  2 Apr 1905Kentucky, United States I84449
74 SCHROEDER Alfred  11 Sep 1898Kentucky, United States I64853
75 SCHROEDER Charles  17 Apr 1896Kentucky, United States I64856
76 SCHROEDER Clifford  1891Kentucky, United States I64857
77 SCHROEDER Ella  25 Jan 1894Kentucky, United States I64855
78 SCHROEDER George  1892Kentucky, United States I64854
79 SCHWERI John  Abt 1895Kentucky, United States I80237
80 SHEPHERD Charles Dewey  23 Jul 1900Kentucky, United States I86623
81 SIMPSON Jewel  1914Kentucky, United States I130088
82 SLAUGHTER Joseph Weaver  Nov 1875Kentucky, United States I73281
83 SMITH Cleo B  1903Kentucky, United States I84769
84 SNODDY Charles Lee  4 Dec 1869Kentucky, United States I113693
85 SOWARD Fenton Watkins  1827Kentucky, United States I136905
86 SOWARD Richard  12 Oct 1798Kentucky, United States I136901
87 SOWARDS Upton P, Sr  Mar 1823Kentucky, United States I136903
88 SPENCE Lillard Frederick  26 Aug 1892Kentucky, United States I147154
89 STARK Charles R  1900Kentucky, United States I117253
90 STATON Elizabeth  1822Kentucky, United States I89236
91 STEVENSON Evelyn  Abt 1911Kentucky, United States I102157
92 STONE Horace Maynard  Jun 1865Kentucky, United States I100557
93 STOUT James Burton  18 Mar 1910Kentucky, United States I129563
94 STUBBLEFIELD  Abt 1880Kentucky, United States I98566
95 SULLIVAN Henry Clay  9 Dec 1885Kentucky, United States I79820
96 SUMRALL Pearl  1886Kentucky, United States I118287
97 TATE James Casey  1 Sep 1877Kentucky, United States I82844
98 THOMAS Ola Ruth  25 Aug 1920Kentucky, United States I123961
99 TURNIPSEED Lutie  Jan 1894Kentucky, United States I145281
100 VAN HOY Charles C  5 Feb 1877Kentucky, United States I123973

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Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BURT Martin Miller  23 Nov 1985Kentucky, United States I118398
2 FUQUA Annie Artrice  21 Feb 1909Kentucky, United States I129549
3 STOUT Howard Pershing  27 Mar 1978Kentucky, United States I129561
4 STOUT James Burton  18 Mar 1910Kentucky, United States I129563
5 SUMRALL R C  13 Mar 1942Kentucky, United States I115813


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COMBS / SMITH  1859Kentucky, United States F24300
2 DOUGHTEN / DAVIS  31 Dec 1943Kentucky, United States F54252
3 MELTON / ERVIN  23 Jul 1916Kentucky, United States F45664
4 ROBBINS / ALLEN  31 Jul 1919Kentucky, United States F44374

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