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Illinois, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 801

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna  1913Illinois, United States I140824
2 Gertrude  1891Illinois, United States I79378
3 Martha Adeline  8 Feb 1871Illinois, United States I66156
4 Virginia  19 Jun 1907Illinois, United States I88113
5 ACKERMAN Patricia Lou  21 Jun 1930Illinois, United States I135037
6 ACKERMAN Ralph E  1911Illinois, United States I129653
7 ADKINS Claude Wilford  1925Illinois, United States I136966
8 ADKINS Edna Mae  18 Oct 1914Illinois, United States I136963
9 ALDIS Owen  Oct 1879Illinois, United States I93243
10 ALDIS Owen  12 Apr 1926Illinois, United States I93520
11 ALFORD Florence  Apr 1850Illinois, United States I72497
12 ALLEN Edith L  1869Illinois, United States I132100
13 ALLEN Nellie L  1864Illinois, United States I127878
14 AMES Albro Joseph  21 Mar 1851Illinois, United States I76529
15 AMMANN Hattie C.  1892Illinois, United States I92446
16 ANDERSON Herschel E  7 Dec 1891Illinois, United States I140264
17 ANDREWS Albert Fox  1861Illinois, United States I141769
18 ANGEL Geneva Edith  Illinois, United States I84986
19 ANGEL Roy Dennis  18 Sep 1923Illinois, United States I84988
20 ANGEL Wilma Doreen  22 Jan 1919Illinois, United States I85000
21 ANJAL Joseph Leroy  23 Oct 1908Illinois, United States I63916
22 ARKIN Clella  1888Illinois, United States I80039
23 ARNOLD Fanny  Aug 1861Illinois, United States I141780
24 ATEYO Warren Thomas  15 Feb 1927Illinois, United States I160572
25 ATTEBERRY Otto  Feb 1892Illinois, United States I65930
26 BAILEY Lloyd Henry  1920Illinois, United States I135444
27 BAILEY Sarah Elizabeth  Mar 1866Illinois, United States I127656
28 BAKER Duane Edwin  20 Jul 1922Illinois, United States I146039
29 BAKER Lena L.  28 Jul 1880Illinois, United States I134021
30 BAKER Richard Marion  Nov 1854Illinois, United States I134020
31 BALL Fanny  1 Aug 1858Illinois, United States I150898
32 BALL Henry A.  15 Dec 1853Illinois, United States I150900
33 BALL Leslie  14 Oct 1855Illinois, United States I150903
34 BARBOUR Eliza A  1873Illinois, United States I87710
35 BARBOUR James A  1875Illinois, United States I87708
36 BARBOUR Mary  1872Illinois, United States I87709
37 BARKER  28 Dec 1886Illinois, United States I129679
38 BARKER Lora A  1891Illinois, United States I129707
39 BARKER William Raymond  Jul 1894Illinois, United States I62669
40 BARRETT Myrtle Marie  14 Dec 1915Illinois, United States I88018
41 BARTLETT Hazel  1896Illinois, United States I70683
42 BARTLETT Lelia E  Jan 1894Illinois, United States I70679
43 BARTLETT Newton  2 Aug 1856Illinois, United States I64326
44 BARTRAM Harold L.  11 Sep 1915Illinois, United States I78386
45 BATTERSHELL John Conaway  Sep 1856Illinois, United States I87417
46 BATTLES Dean D  Aug 1898Illinois, United States I64119
47 BATTLES Graham  Feb 1900Illinois, United States I64120
48 BEATH Andrew Boulden  20 Jul 1917Illinois, United States I77660
49 BEBOUT Ruby Belle  8 Dec 1905Illinois, United States I73505
50 BEEBE Fern  18 Jun 1914Illinois, United States I133972
51 BEEBE Grace  1908Illinois, United States I133960
52 BEEBE Ruby  1912Illinois, United States I133958
53 BEGG Mary Eloise  9 Mar 1880Illinois, United States I72571
54 BELKNAP Leon Wesley  6 May 1878Illinois, United States I62893
55 BENT Kathryn Alice  23 Jun 1926Illinois, United States I77423
56 BENT Marion Louise  1911Illinois, United States I69090
57 BENT Willard Osborn  22 Dec 1912Illinois, United States I69091
58 BERINGER Bertha  1900Illinois, United States I88085
59 BEST Florence Grace  Apr 1881Illinois, United States I156585
60 BIBBLE Blanche E  May 1892Illinois, United States I81176
61 BIGELOW Ruth S  1915Illinois, United States I93812
62 BINGHAM M Augusta  Jan 1853Illinois, United States I76116
63 BISHOP Lorene  1906Illinois, United States I131752
64 BISWELL Nadine  1909Illinois, United States I81177
65 BLAKE Arthur Crandell  1 May 1875Illinois, United States I144216
66 BOGUE Emma  Mar 1857Illinois, United States I89554
67 BOSWORTH Everton Donald Wolfe  24 Jun 1899Illinois, United States I136352
68 BOYD Clara  1915Illinois, United States I72711
69 BOYD Henry William  7 Dec 1861Illinois, United States I65869
70 BOYD Margaret  1914Illinois, United States I72710
71 BOYD Martha  1916Illinois, United States I72712
72 BRADHAM Myrtle  15 May 1882Illinois, United States I147848
73 BRADLEY Gladys Faye  27 Apr 1904Illinois, United States I139636
74 BRADLEY William Ritchey  5 Nov 1871Illinois, United States I133353
75 BRADY Fredric Guy  21 Nov 1899Illinois, United States I87655
76 BRIDGES Charlotte M "Lottie"  1877Illinois, United States I126640
77 BRIDGES James  1871Illinois, United States I126639
78 BRINKMAN Francis H  1902Illinois, United States I88344
79 BRISTOW Lola A.  Jun 1871Illinois, United States I65173
80 BROMLEY William Edward  15 Jan 1867Illinois, United States I81925
81 BROUGHTON George Elmer  Jun 1863Illinois, United States I89913
82 BROWN Patricia Alice  14 Jun 1929Illinois, United States I79972
83 BRUNDAGE Alice E  1858Illinois, United States I60604
84 BRUNDAGE Charles I  1861Illinois, United States I60605
85 BRUNDAGE Ida May  26 Apr 1865Illinois, United States I140947
86 BRUNDAGE John W  1868Illinois, United States I60607
87 BRYANT Laura M  19 Apr 1868Illinois, United States I129655
88 BRYDEN Kenneth C.  Illinois, United States I145015
89 BURBRIDGE Walter  16 Feb 1887Illinois, United States I88182
90 BURNETTE Gertrude  1879Illinois, United States I81219
91 BUTLER Anna Elizabeth  Jun 1885Illinois, United States I78003
92 CAIN Ida Mae  1867Illinois, United States I87339
93 CAMERON Alice E  1914Illinois, United States I124231
94 CANFIELD Joe L.  25 Aug 1921Illinois, United States I132068
95 CANFIELD Levi  Abt 1869Illinois, United States I125718
96 CARMACK George C  12 Jun 1851Illinois, United States I125852
97 CARMACK Henry C  19 Aug 1849Illinois, United States I125853
98 CARMACK John Cornelius  7 Jan 1847Illinois, United States I125854
99 CARMACK William Washington  4 Aug 1845Illinois, United States I125856
100 CARPENTER Clifton  1924Illinois, United States I83713

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 CONROY Ernest W.  Jul 1871Illinois, United States I62175


Matches 1 to 100 of 138

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS Charles W  Illinois, United States I141768
2 ARNOLD Nancy  Illinois, United States I131419
3 BAILIFF Charles  23 Feb 1952Illinois, United States I65860
4 BAILIFF Charles J.  6 Aug 1928Illinois, United States I60947
5 BAILIFF Fidelia  23 Mar 1886Illinois, United States I60946
6 BAKER Nannie  Illinois, United States I73117
7 BARKER  Abt 1887Illinois, United States I129679
8 BARNHART Jane N  Illinois, United States I136877
9 BEEBE Gertrude  Illinois, United States I98813
10 BOYD Delia E  10 Mar 1882Illinois, United States I72703
11 BOYD Hazel Naomi  2 Jan 1992Illinois, United States I72708
12 BOYD Thomas J  21 Aug 1869Illinois, United States I65868
13 BRADBERRY Mourning  14 May 1858Illinois, United States I60955
14 BRIDGES William M  14 Apr 1953Illinois, United States I126638
15 BUNGER Mary Alice  14 Feb 1919Illinois, United States I65846
16 BURCHER Patience  1865Illinois, United States I60987
17 CALDWELL Ethel Mae  Illinois, United States I89997
18 CAMP Harold Z  26 Oct 1944Illinois, United States I156605
19 CARMACK George C  27 Feb 1854Illinois, United States I125852
20 CARMACK Harry D.  13 May 1985Illinois, United States I133415
21 CARPENTER Gladys  1989Illinois, United States I76956
22 CASSIDAY Mary Francis  1943Illinois, United States I140749
23 CASSIDAY Wilma Irene  22 Nov 1999Illinois, United States I134999
24 CECIL Sarah Etta  23 Sep 1950Illinois, United States I66332
25 CHAMBERS Bessie G  Illinois, United States I129705
26 CHAMBERS Doris A  5 Aug 1998Illinois, United States I129703
27 CHAMBERS Edith Florence  Oct 1981Illinois, United States I129685
28 CHAMBERS Marjorie E  10 Nov 1972Illinois, United States I129701
29 CHAMBERS Mary Mildred  1999Illinois, United States I129704
30 CHAMBERS William Jackson  28 Aug 1871Illinois, United States I125202
31 CHESTNUT Elzia  26 Oct 1954Illinois, United States I72659
32 COALE John Rolla  22 Sep 1920Illinois, United States I79985
33 COBB Ann  25 Sep 1899Illinois, United States I152906
34 COX Mary Jane  13 Jul 1899Illinois, United States I65827
35 DANLEY Delores Norma  Illinois, United States I71018
36 DARROW Altha Elizabeth  1852Illinois, United States I151303
37 DARROW John J  1 Apr 1873Illinois, United States I151380
38 DARROW Lyman B  From 1860 to 1870Illinois, United States I149070
39 DAVIS Martha  May 2006Illinois, United States I157980
40 DAWDY Garrel Dean  Oct 1979Illinois, United States I88376
41 DOUGLAS Harry W.  1 Jul 1977Illinois, United States I140222
42 DRAPER Albert  22 Jul 1976Illinois, United States I72784
43 DRAPER Asa  25 Aug 1845Illinois, United States I57970
44 DRAPER Ezra Grant  27 Jan 1909Illinois, United States I61002
45 DRAPER Francis  14 Mar 1884Illinois, United States I57975
46 DRAPER Lovie  28 Apr 1886Illinois, United States I87373
47 DRAPER Nancy  23 Aug 1860Illinois, United States I57969
48 DREW Elbert Clark  20 Jun 1901Illinois, United States I126937
49 DURHAM L  1846Illinois, United States I125804
50 DURHAM L.  1846Illinois, United States I125802
51 ERBE Darlene D.  6 Feb 2015Illinois, United States I145008
52 ESSLINGER Naomi Kathryn  4 Jun 1952Illinois, United States I86899
53 EVANS Henry Lewis  5 Nov 1935Illinois, United States I72696
54 EVANS Wayne Edwin  28 Dec 2014Illinois, United States I80095
55 FIELDS Twila L  Illinois, United States I135196
56 FIFHAUSE Albert  1 May 2005Illinois, United States I85234
57 FISHER Ernest Henry  14 Feb 1996Illinois, United States I144963
58 FORNEY Mabel Mae  22 May 1984Illinois, United States I142392
59 GARBER Ora William  Oct 1981Illinois, United States I71762
60 GARRISON Daniel  4 Jan 1901Illinois, United States I128697
61 GARWOOD Rebecca A  2 Mar 1905Illinois, United States I126637
62 GOSSAGE William Franklin  23 Sep 1916Illinois, United States I128714
63 GRIFFITH Virgil Eugene  15 Mar 2014Illinois, United States I137669
64 GRIGGS William Ensign  20 Jan 1940Illinois, United States I135506
65 GURLEY Ethel J.  26 Sep 1956Illinois, United States I80005
66 GURLEY Morris Lee  24 Feb 1993Illinois, United States I80087
67 GUYER Cyrus  11 Mar 1918Illinois, United States I72702
68 GUYER Dorothy  1909Illinois, United States I80007
69 GUYER Everett L  5 Feb 1959Illinois, United States I72624
70 GUYER John Woodford  19 Jan 1993Illinois, United States I80004
71 GUYER Leo Leston  25 Mar 1970Illinois, United States I79981
72 HAGENSON Ruth Eleanor  May 1989Illinois, United States I84965
73 HALEY Ethel Jay  Illinois, United States I91679
74 HAND Alma Lovilla  21 Feb 1965Illinois, United States I72614
75 HAND Augusta Bertena  1 Feb 1954Illinois, United States I65830
76 HAND Eldridge Kinney  5 Apr 1899Illinois, United States I60914
77 HAND James Fleming  9 Oct 1875Illinois, United States I60912
78 HAND Martha Jane  25 Jun 1964Illinois, United States I65823
79 HOLLOWELL Anna  1969Illinois, United States I72913
80 HOPKINS bonnie odena  1 Jan 2002Illinois, United States I85036
81 HUBBELL Jane May  9 Apr 1903Illinois, United States I128412
82 HULL Frances  10 Apr 1902Illinois, United States I88967
83 HUMNER Margaret Jane  Feb 1856Illinois, United States I153740
84 HUNTER Alice M  1951Illinois, United States I75844
85 KOPF Howard Phillip  6 Dec 1950Illinois, United States I100755
86 LAWSON Bertha  1967Illinois, United States I88181
87 LEWIS Bertha Idis  1960Illinois, United States I134178
88 LINCOLN George Edward  20 Dec 1905Illinois, United States I134272
89 MADDOX Mary Alice  4 Sep 1975Illinois, United States I72600
90 MADDOX Rachel Emley  Dec 1881Illinois, United States I72597
91 MALLORY John Dee "Jack"  6 Oct 1957Illinois, United States I140001
92 MARTIN Geneva May  25 May 2012Illinois, United States I84995
93 MCKEE Cassandra  2 Mar 1899Illinois, United States I153662
94 MCKINNEY Luetta  18 Jul 1944Illinois, United States I72572
95 MERRIS Margaret Ellen  Illinois, United States I88052
96 MILLS Jane E.  20 Apr 1883Illinois, United States I65821
97 MORGAN Willameta  8 Mar 1903Illinois, United States I60924
98 MORRIS Elijah  21 Jun 1862Illinois, United States I56662
99 MORRIS Jemima  27 Mar 1901Illinois, United States I61285
100 MULVANY Marjorie Louise  Illinois, United States I80169

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Matches 1 to 71 of 71

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ANGEL Roy Dennis  1982Illinois, United States I84988
2 ANGEL Wilma Doreen  Illinois, United States I85000
3 BAILIFF Calista  8 Dec 1929Illinois, United States I60941
4 BAILIFF Mary Effie  Illinois, United States I60945
5 BAILIFF Robert Jesse  Illinois, United States I74169
6 Rev BAILIFF Thomas Chalky  Illinois, United States I60942
7 BAILIFF William Harvery  Illinois, United States I60952
8 BOYD Alice Ellen  Illinois, United States I72704
9 BOYD Amanda Alice  Illinois, United States I65871
10 BOYD Bruce  Illinois, United States I65870
11 BOYD Delia E  Illinois, United States I72703
12 BOYD Henry William  Illinois, United States I65869
13 BOYD Parmer H.  Illinois, United States I72706
14 BOYD Thomas J  Illinois, United States I65868
15 BUCKNER Eva  Illinois, United States I72683
16 CLEMENTS Donald Olen  Illinois, United States I80117
17 CLEMENTS Olen Robert  Illinois, United States I72735
18 CLEMENTS Ollie Estella  Illinois, United States I72737
19 DEARING Ida Edna  Illinois, United States I72709
20 DEHL Gideon Alfred  Illinois, United States I65887
21 DEHL Lorenzo  Illinois, United States I65890
22 DEHL Nellie D  Illinois, United States I65888
23 DEHL Thelma Jane  Illinois, United States I72781
24 DIX Cassie  Illinois, United States I65853
25 DRAPER Albert  Illinois, United States I72784
26 DRAPER Charles Eldorado  Illinois, United States I65893
27 DRAPER Mattie  Illinois, United States I65892
28 ELLIOTT Lottie Leora  Illinois, United States I80080
29 EVANS Erma Lynn  2000Illinois, United States I80097
30 EVANS Henry Roosevelt  1953Illinois, United States I80092
31 EVANS Miles W  Illinois, United States I79992
32 EVANS Raymond  Illinois, United States I80111
33 EVANS Stella  Illinois, United States I79990
34 EVANS Vivian Lenore  Illinois, United States I80094
35 EVANS Wayne Edwin  Illinois, United States I80095
36 EVANS William Harlan  Illinois, United States I79989
37 GURLEY Ernest Milo  Illinois, United States I80086
38 GURLEY Mervin Glenn  Illinois, United States I80090
39 GURLEY Robert Delane  Illinois, United States I80088
40 GURLEY Roger Keith  Illinois, United States I80091
41 GUYER Alvin  Illinois, United States I84955
42 GUYER Eliza Catherine  Illinois, United States I72705
43 GUYER John Woodford  Illinois, United States I80004
44 GUYER Lyle D  Illinois, United States I84963
45 HAGAR Mamia Bernice  Illinois, United States I80083
46 HAMILL Fayette Rachael  Illinois, United States I80116
47 HAND Alma Lovilla  Illinois, United States I72614
48 HANSON Bertha A  Illinois, United States I84959
49 HOSKINSON Martha Ellen  Illinois, United States I72724
50 LINDLEY Charles B  1955Illinois, United States I65865
51 LINDLEY Lelia B.  Illinois, United States I65864
52 MCCRORY Alice Katholeon  Illinois, United States I80101
53 MCCRORY Lola Belle  Illinois, United States I84953
54 MILLER Elbert E  Illinois, United States I84987
55 NICHOLS Dean Clements  Illinois, United States I80129
56 NICHOLS Gordon  Illinois, United States I80130
57 NIDEY Ausby Russell  Illinois, United States I72725
58 NIDEY Buelah Bertha  Illinois, United States I72719
59 NIDEY Claude Eugene  Illinois, United States I72727
60 NIDEY Hazel Nadine  Illinois, United States I72731
61 NIDEY Mathias S  1916Illinois, United States I65874
62 PINKSTON Willard Anderson  Illinois, United States I80178
63 REYNOLDS Albert Henry  1930Illinois, United States I72742
64 RICHARDS Michael Rex  Illinois, United States I80171
65 SIMS Cassie  Illinois, United States I65852
66 SPIVEY Eva  Illinois, United States I72684
67 STANFIELD Betty Louise  Illinois, United States I72769
68 STANFIELD Kenneth Albert Gene  Illinois, United States I72766
69 STANFIELD Othello Rector  Illinois, United States I72765
70 WASHBURN John Blakesley  Nov 1938Illinois, United States I141766
71 WHEELER Effie Sarah  Illinois, United States I72782


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ASHLOCK / LORING  24 Oct 1919Illinois, United States F38608
2 BAILIFF / STUCK  21 Aug 1877Illinois, United States F24790
3 BOYD / BAILIFF  8 Aug 1889Illinois, United States F24785
4 BOYD / GUYER  16 Feb 1886Illinois, United States F26874
5 BOYD / GUYER  29 Oct 1889Illinois, United States F26875
6 BROWN / WHITE  17 Nov 1945Illinois, United States F31934
7 BUTLER / LINDLEY  18 Jan 1894Illinois, United States F26873
8 CARPENTER / BEDFORD  Abt 1914Illinois, United States F28120
9 CAUDLE / PUTABAUGH  JulIllinois, United States F33587
10 COLTON / HAND  21 Oct 1855Illinois, United States F24778
11 CONNETT / ROGERS  Abt 1929Illinois, United States F60228
12 COOPER / HAND  21 Oct 1894Illinois, United States F26855
13 CROW / NIDEY  1 Oct 1940Illinois, United States F29558
14 DANCY / RUARK  1900Illinois, United States F52225
15 DEHL / BAILIFF  16 Jul 1885Illinois, United States F24788
16 DIX / GUYER  1 Jul 1945Illinois, United States F31939
17 DRAPER / BUNGER  1 May 1881Illinois, United States F24782
18 DRAPER / COX  9 Dec 1885Illinois, United States F24784
19 DRAPER / GURLEY  1870Illinois, United States F24794
20 DRAPER / WHEELER  5 Dec 1889Illinois, United States F26893
21 DUNLAP / PRATT  1898Illinois, United States F52222
22 ESTES / ODOM  Jun 1910Illinois, United States F27530
23 EVANS / ANGEL  12 Dec 1964Illinois, United States F31963
24 EVANS / HAND  15 Jan 1903Illinois, United States F29516
25 EVANS / LINDLEY  6 Jan 1897Illinois, United States F26868
26 EVANS / LORING  1908Illinois, United States F37059
27 GUYER / MADDOX  9 Mar 1913Illinois, United States F29513
28 HALL / LISENBY  2 Oct 1915Illinois, United States F25840
29 HAND / BOWER  6 Jul 1882Illinois, United States F26857
30 HAND / DRAPER  2 Nov 1830Illinois, United States F23439
31 HEDGES / HULL  Abt 1846Illinois, United States F33932
32 LINDLEY / BAILIFF  26 Oct 1865Illinois, United States F24791
33 LINDLEY / BUCKNER  15 Mar 1894Illinois, United States F26870
34 LINDLEY / SPIVEY  Abt 1906Illinois, United States F26871
35 LITTLE / CORKINGS  Abt 1877Illinois, United States F35173
36 LORING / KURR  Jan 1918Illinois, United States F37823
37 MADDOX / BUCKNER  27 Jul 1902Illinois, United States F29512
38 MCCOLLOM / KENT  1878Illinois, United States F59778
39 MILLER / POOL  Abt 1922Illinois, United States F29612
40 NICHOLS / CLEMENTS  16 Aug 1911Illinois, United States F29566
41 NIDEY / WHEELER  27 Dec 1893Illinois, United States F26884
42 ORR / HIGGINS  15 Nov 1928Illinois, United States F33021
43 SEAWEARD /   25 Mar 1849Illinois, United States F59248
44 SHERRILL / MILLER  Abt 1918Illinois, United States F49635
45 STEWART / WEBSTER  2 Mar 1876Illinois, United States F55987
46 STONE / SHEW  Aft 1935Illinois, United States F29538
47 TOMLINSON / CRUBAUGH  1906Illinois, United States F48495
48 WOODWORTH / DICKERSON  27 May 1956Illinois, United States F52587

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