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Idaho, United States



Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON  27 Jun 1949Idaho, United States I159632
2 ANDERSON Donna  1931Idaho, United States I159120
3 ANDERSON Dwain T  1927Idaho, United States I159119
4 ANDERSON Robin Dawn  Aft 1946Idaho, United States I159631
5 ASHLEY Viola Allifield  1918Idaho, United States I139530
6 ATKINSON William Javis  1942Idaho, United States I143159
7 BARNETT Taugch C  1921Idaho, United States I136257
8 BENSON Donna Marie  6 Dec 1932Idaho, United States I157094
9 BLACKWELL Alice  Apr 1899Idaho, United States I75336
10 BLAIR Thomas B.  1918Idaho, United States I77912
11 BOLTZ Augustine J  Abt 1903Idaho, United States I159233
12 BRADSHAW William  Abt 1909Idaho, United States I157676
13 CECIL Alice E  7 Jun 1911Idaho, United States I80511
14 CECIL Lucile I  1911Idaho, United States I80494
15 DRAPER Flossie Ann  19 Nov 1890Idaho, United States I71833
16 DRAPER Paul C  13 Feb 1922Idaho, United States I87480
17 DRAPER Roger James  1 Jan 1913Idaho, United States I87479
18 DRAPER Veleta Rae  16 Nov 1947Idaho, United States I148124
19 EVANS Bonnie Jean  1 Nov 1937Idaho, United States I160194
20 FALEN Bernadine G  1920Idaho, United States I90390
21 FALEN Vera  16 Aug 1910Idaho, United States I90392
22 GIBBONS James Burton  13 Oct 1897Idaho, United States I79185
23 HADLEY David Ira  1879Idaho, United States I158677
24 HAGGARDT Robert F  1919Idaho, United States I86581
25 HALL Hial Lawrence  9 Jul 1919Idaho, United States I159140
26 HALL Hial Lester  27 Feb 1901Idaho, United States I159139
27 HARVEY Gary Dwain  11 May 1940Idaho, United States I84745
28 HARWELL Shirley Rae  1932Idaho, United States I157895
29 HELSLEY Ruben Ralph  7 Apr 1906Idaho, United States I79175
30 HEMENWAY Gerald Ward  30 Nov 1942Idaho, United States I87967
31 HEMENWAY Joseph  31 Oct 1929Idaho, United States I87966
32 HILLIER Sadie Althea  1890Idaho, United States I87477
33 HOLM Shirley Ann  Abt 1935Idaho, United States I143341
34 HOWELL Cecila Mae  14 Jan 1912Idaho, United States I84630
35 HUNT Louise M  29 Nov 1924Idaho, United States I147665
36 JARMAN Beatrice Lela  3 Sep 1914Idaho, United States I139421
37 JARMAN Elwood Evans  22 Mar 1916Idaho, United States I139422
38 JOHNSON M Evangeline  1916Idaho, United States I157354
39 KELLEY Olive Irene  Nov 1883Idaho, United States I75344
40 KELSO Keith K  9 Mar 1961Idaho, United States I144915
41 KNOWLTON Dallas  1921Idaho, United States I28659
42 LARSEN Glen Lyvere  2 Jan 1929Idaho, United States I139485
43 MAN Frank  1900Idaho, United States I159203
44 MARKER Betty  1927Idaho, United States I94561
45 MORGENSTERN Guy F.  1914Idaho, United States I87854
46 MORGENSTERN Vera  1912Idaho, United States I87853
47 PERKINS George Thomas  2 Dec 1930Idaho, United States I85851
48 RICKETT Maurice Austin  1912Idaho, United States I132965
49 RIMBEY Clarence  1931Idaho, United States I159591
50 SLACK Guy  31 Oct 1904Idaho, United States I101615
51 SMALL Alpha Rose  23 Jan 1926Idaho, United States I84663
52 SPIKING James  May 1880Idaho, United States I158808
53 STEVENS Philip G  1917Idaho, United States I83492
54 STITZEL Irene Bell  19 Aug 1909Idaho, United States I91055
55 STORER Ada Elizabeth  17 Dec 1883Idaho, United States I72825
56 WATTS Norman Lawrence  13 Mar 1925Idaho, United States I160027
57 WESTON Betty Jane  29 May 1919Idaho, United States I79186
58 WHEELER Charles L  1929Idaho, United States I160560


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON Ted Lou  10 Apr 2017Idaho, United States I159112
2 BARROW Anne  4 Apr 1991Idaho, United States I138834
3 BOLTZ Augustine J  1995Idaho, United States I159233
4 CECIL Rodrick Leo  6 Mar 1989Idaho, United States I73364
5 CECIL Russell E  10 Jul 1986Idaho, United States I73367
6 DAVIS Richard Gail  11 Aug 1991Idaho, United States I135014
7 GILMAN Lavon C  24 Feb 1973Idaho, United States I139170
8 HADLEY Eva June  19 Feb 2011Idaho, United States I158965
9 HADLEY Theodore Rich  27 Sep 1980Idaho, United States I158944
10 HARVEY Nettie E  28 Oct 1958Idaho, United States I72128
11 HAWKINS Jerald Thomas  8 Sep 1968Idaho, United States I143248
12 HOLM DelRay  21 Feb 2017Idaho, United States I139312
13 KELLER DUNN MARSH Loretta  Idaho, United States I91436
14 LINFORD Myrtle Viola  24 Mar 1894Idaho, United States I128226
15 QUINT Ora A.  2008Idaho, United States I82347
16 REED Eleanor  20 Oct 2003Idaho, United States I148095
17 SMALL Gilbert Clare  Idaho, United States I84669
18 SUMMERS Elsie Elaine  11 Sep 2014Idaho, United States I160090
19 WHITE Frances Amelia  1921Idaho, United States I128175
20 WHITE Keith Alma  4 May 1924Idaho, United States I132687


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CLIFFORD Teresa Joyce  2018Idaho, United States I159943
2 MORRIS Brian Kay  Mar 2019Idaho, United States I160105
3 SCOTT Jacki Lyn  2009Idaho, United States I159646


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ANDERSON / HEYREND  30 Oct 1953Idaho, United States F61291
2 GIBBS / GILGEN  5 Nov 1956Idaho, United States F61168
3 JACKSON / BETTY  20 Mar 1950Idaho, United States F13892
4 MORRIS / CLIFFORD  1971Idaho, United States F61549
5 WALDON / FARNLUND  28 Jul 1946Idaho, United States F52538

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