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Washington, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 102

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Laura  22 Sep 1907Washington, United States I65293
2 sandralee  21 Dec 1940Washington, United States I86487
3 ALDERMAN David Donald  21 Mar 1920Washington, United States I85088
4 ANDERSON Laura Mae  Jul 1920Washington, United States I86076
5 ATTEBERY Effie May  5 Dec 1884Washington, United States I136278
6 AVEY Marjorie Jean  Oct 1899Washington, United States I136016
7 BALL Dorothy  1919Washington, United States I135123
8 BALL Ferol  1917Washington, United States I135122
9 BAUTHUES Robert Chester  13 Aug 1926Washington, United States I86575
10 BELL Edith Mabel  10 Jan 1886Washington, United States I65206
11 BIRMINGHAM Ardella Ann  5 Oct 1920Washington, United States I135899
12 BIRMINGHAM Mary E  8 Jul 1923Washington, United States I135897
13 BOGER Dorothy Geraldine  26 Feb 1930Washington, United States I136287
14 BOGER Goldie R  12 Oct 1921Washington, United States I136286
15 BOLTON Caroline  Washington, United States I77154
16 BOSWORTH Dorothy L  1906Washington, United States I136351
17 CADY Joseph  12 Aug 1949Washington, United States I137588
18 COOLEY Vera M  1923Washington, United States I84687
19 CORRY Phyllis Harriet  1908Washington, United States I155331
20 COWLING Harry  1917Washington, United States I102431
21 DALY Eunice Anna  Nov 1892Washington, United States I71496
22 DAVIS Helen May  16 May 1908Washington, United States I129637
23 DICKEY Harold H  1916Washington, United States I83740
24 DOPPS Nellie Belle  7 Jun 1911Washington, United States I73498
25 DOPPS Walter Cecil  1931Washington, United States I73491
26 DUDLEY William A  1912Washington, United States I100540
27 DUSKIN Joe Fred  23 Feb 1919Washington, United States I79931
28 FAIRBANK Banks Walter  5 Feb 1891Washington, United States I62232
29 FIELDS Elsie Francis  1913Washington, United States I73495
30 FLOYD Benjamin E.  1922Washington, United States I73504
31 FOWLER Kermit R  6 Mar 1910Washington, United States I90353
32 FOWLER Vernon L  24 Feb 1919Washington, United States I90354
33 FUNK Delilah Olivia  1912Washington, United States I83570
34 FUQUA Edna  1914Washington, United States I91025
35 GOODNIGHT Daisy Marie  Dec 1896Washington, United States I65214
36 GRANGER Grace Marie  19 Aug 1903Washington, United States I155169
37 GRANGER Guy  Abt 1939Washington, United States I156039
38 GRANGER Lela Ida  6 Mar 1906Washington, United States I155172
39 HALE Alfred  1908Washington, United States I99866
40 HALE Mattie Helen  27 Jun 1904Washington, United States I99865
41 HAVEN Edna Fern  1913Washington, United States I130655
42 HOLE Leah Urretta  9 Jan 1870Washington, United States I71867
43 HOMAN Danny  Abt 1946Washington, United States I84202
44 HOOKER Betty C.  1917Washington, United States I69125
45 HYLTON David Reid  13 Apr 1949Washington, United States I86483
46 JOHNSON Florence Dorothy  Feb 1899Washington, United States I70519
47 JOSLIN Angeline L  7 Nov 1894Washington, United States I130383
48 JOSLIN Cecil Edward  4 Nov 1891Washington, United States I130384
49 JOSLIN Mary Ella  Nov 1899Washington, United States I130386
50 KELLEY Bruce Draper  1902Washington, United States I147959
51 KELLEY Daysie Winston  10 Jan 1910Washington, United States I147960
52 KELLEY John Ellis  11 Jun 1903Washington, United States I147958
53 LAMBERT Helen Maxine  1932Washington, United States I83571
54 LAPLANT Hellen May  1909Washington, United States I75745
55 LAWRENCE Bertie A  Jun 1897Washington, United States I64604
56 LAWRENCE Emery J  24 May 1895Washington, United States I64608
57 LEE Earl  1904Washington, United States I147856
58 LEGG Ethel Minnie  17 Aug 1889Washington, United States I89336
59 MAGEE Roberta  5 Jul 1906Washington, United States I123421
60 MANN Myra E  Jul 1882Washington, United States I98436
61 MCDANIEL Lois Lorena  7 Jul 1921Washington, United States I102462
62 MCDONALD Irene H  1915Washington, United States I121032
63 MCDOWELL Mary G  1903Washington, United States I83607
64 MCQUEEN Bert LaVerne  14 Jan 1909Washington, United States I136306
65 MILES, JR Robert Francis  1949Washington, United States I102659
66 MORRIS Elmo  1910Washington, United States I73024
67 NEALEY Darwin Ralph  5 Jul 1919Washington, United States I141502
68 NELSON Bernice  1920Washington, United States I71524
69 PAGUE Jacqueline  1927Washington, United States I101571
70 PARKE Eugene W.  29 Oct 1907Washington, United States I136300
71 PARKE Hazel Bell  2 Jul 1921Washington, United States I136283
72 PARKE Merwin Clement  13 Sep 1910Washington, United States I136301
73 PETERSON Millard Theodore  11 Jun 1913Washington, United States I135902
74 PLOUF James Russell  24 Apr 1917Washington, United States I102432
75 POTTER Lorna A  9 Jun 1918Washington, United States I84742
76 PRATT Maude Ethel  Dec 1892Washington, United States I77878
77 PRICE Joan Jeanette  3 Jun 1931Washington, United States I91261
78 PRITCHARD James J.  15 Nov 1932Washington, United States I101645
79 ROBINSON Minnie Viola  1 Mar 1935Washington, United States I84694
80 SAVAGE Paul King  3 Aug 1900Washington, United States I135900
81 SCHRADER Ruth Alice  1918Washington, United States I80525
82 SMALL Violet Lucille  16 Nov 1909Washington, United States I79343
83 SPARKS Gordon Ray  29 Jun 1918Washington, United States I86144
84 TENIO Lillian  24 Nov 1908Washington, United States I133439
85 TINKER Joseph Winston  18 Mar 1917Washington, United States I124529
86 TORGERSON Brian Lewis  2 Feb 1961Washington, United States I147521
87 TUTTLE Clark, Jr  Abt 1930Washington, United States I136311
88 VAN SLYKE Elston Lloyd  25 Feb 1923Washington, United States I71493
89 VINSON Ethel F  1890Washington, United States I100948
90 WARD Georgia Ellen  23 Dec 1928Washington, United States I155797
91 WARE Genevieve  11 Apr 1911Washington, United States I69037
92 WATOWA Phyllis P  17 Nov 1923Washington, United States I141590
93 WEEKS Genevia A  1926Washington, United States I80287
94 WEEKS Grace Alice  20 Feb 1911Washington, United States I72989
95 WIDNER Donald  1921Washington, United States I133425
96 WIDNER Gladys M  1920Washington, United States I133422
97 WIDNER Shirley Ann  1936Washington, United States I133436
98 WIESTLING Annette  28 Mar 1898Washington, United States I137833
99 WILSON Lesley M  1908Washington, United States I81240
100 WILTSIE David Hastings  9 Jun 1923Washington, United States I101016

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Matches 1 to 52 of 52

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARTLETT Linna Rose  5 Oct 1986Washington, United States I70675
2 BOGER Goldie R  Washington, United States I136286
3 BROWN John Freeman, Jr.  19 Oct 2015Washington, United States I89964
4 CLARK Thomas Hadley  2014Washington, United States I85023
5 COLVIN Hilbert Edwin  Nov 1982Washington, United States I147899
6 DRAPER Frederick Royal  May 1963Washington, United States I97853
7 DREW Elizabeth Woods  29 May 1971Washington, United States I136003
8 DREW William L  1983Washington, United States I136183
9 DUBOIS Paul Francis  11 Jan 1973Washington, United States I136338
10 FOWLER Vernon L  14 Sep 1991Washington, United States I90354
11 GOODNIGHT Arla Roy  2 Oct 1943Washington, United States I65215
12 GRANGER Lela Ida  30 Jul 2008Washington, United States I155172
13 GREEN Almeda Fay  19 Jun 1964Washington, United States I86363
14 GRIGGS Charles M  4 Jun 1936Washington, United States I127550
15 GRIGGS Eugene Butler  16 Jun 1922Washington, United States I127548
16 GUY Alfred E.  15 Jan 1899Washington, United States I105479
17 HAILE Mildred  1 Mar 2005Washington, United States I131258
18 HALSEY Gladys  1971Washington, United States I86361
19 HARTSHORN Sarah  2 Oct 1873Washington, United States I150945
20 HARTSHORN Susan Kathryn  17 Feb 2005Washington, United States I131196
21 HAVEN james h  1954Washington, United States I93561
22 HAVEN james william  1975Washington, United States I93827
23 HEPLER Ella  Washington, United States I75791
24 HOBBS Thomas Lynn  24 Sep 1991Washington, United States I142663
25 HOGUE Eula Evelyn  24 Jul 2001Washington, United States I119697
26 HOMAN Danny  1946Washington, United States I84202
27 HOWARD Bert Roy  1957Washington, United States I71495
28 HUNTER Oatis Luvern  29 Aug 1983Washington, United States I124548
29 KEELE Marjorie Geraldine  19 Nov 2014Washington, United States I137088
30 KELLY Vivia Ethel  1945Washington, United States I131512
31 MANSELLE Ruby Fern  11 Jun 2003Washington, United States I132013
32 MARTIN Helen J.  2000Washington, United States I85086
33 MCCARREL Brent Merrill  14 Nov 2018Washington, United States I138178
34 MCDOWELL Walter Henry  4 Jul 1993Washington, United States I83610
35 MCNEESE Bessie  Apr 1984Washington, United States I123729
36 MUMMEY Katie Mildred  3 Nov 1959Washington, United States I99839
37 NEILL DUNCAN Margery Jean  2004Washington, United States I141686
38 NEWBY Mary  12 Nov 1838Washington, United States I56654
39 NEWMAN Martha Luella  11 Jan 1930Washington, United States I131548
40 OLESON Ralph Alvin  27 Sep 1991Washington, United States I141295
41 PAINTER Verna L.  30 Jun 2005Washington, United States I85027
42 PISTORIUS Elsie Albina  23 Sep 2010Washington, United States I147638
43 PITTMAN Robert  10 Mar 1971Washington, United States I136734
44 SIMONDS Harry  1962Washington, United States I63862
45 SIMONDS Herbert Smiley  25 Jul 1941Washington, United States I63859
46 ST. JOHN Joseph H.  25 Oct 1904Washington, United States I150816
47 TENIO Lillian  10 Nov 2006Washington, United States I133439
48 THOMPSON Ardell Margaret  1 May 2008Washington, United States I135871
49 WALKER Gail B  1989Washington, United States I136006
50 WEBER Arthur Frederick  18 May 1993Washington, United States I137736
51 WHEELER Judith Hope  24 Sep 1999Washington, United States I78101
52 WOLCOTT William Alonzo  19 May 1894Washington, United States I127066


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BYRD Janis Louise  29 Jun 2013Washington, United States I135478
2 SMALL Gordon H.  1987Washington, United States I84571


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BALL / HANGER  5 Jun 1937Washington, United States F50061
2 BELL / DALY  1895Washington, United States F24652
3 CHAMBERS / BONDURANT  16 Nov 1972Washington, United States F52549
4 DAVIDSON / HAVEN  30 Jun 1934Washington, United States F50461
5 DUKE / ROCK  11 Mar 1934Washington, United States F29613
6 DUSKIN / PRESTON  Abt 1935Washington, United States F31921
7 GOODNIGHT / DALY  1912Washington, United States F26547
8 MCCORKLE / HULL  Bef 1920Washington, United States F34365
9 PARKE / CUSICK  13 Jul 1920Washington, United States F50525
10 PETERSON / LEAKE  20 Feb 1934Washington, United States F52313
11 SMALL / RANCORE  3 Nov 1930Washington, United States F32927
12 WIDNER / TENIO  18 Jun 1945Washington, United States F49420
13 WOOD / BIGSBY  Abt 1870Washington, United States F22784

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