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Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont



Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHAMBERLIN Charolette  1803Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I59310
2 HESCOCK David  1785Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I59338
3 NEWELL Charlie E.  1874Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I63217
4 NEWELL Edward O  22 Jan 1863Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I63216
5 NEWELL Wales A.  1870Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I63215
6 PLIMPTON Alice Idella  1863Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I63241
7 PLIMPTON Arvilla  17 Apr 1829Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I59307
8 PLIMPTON Chandler  1809Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I57233
9 PLIMPTON Charles  16 May 1829Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I59317
10 PLIMPTON Charlott J  1859Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I63240
11 PLIMPTON Edward Dorr  11 Jun 1832Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I59315
12 PLIMPTON Electa  18 Oct 1792Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I57239
13 PLIMPTON Emmons  12 Sep 1796Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I57237
14 PLIMPTON Frank A.  1864Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I63239
15 PLIMPTON Henry Clay  27 May 1827Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I59316
16 PLIMPTON Mary  7 Sep 1831Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I59309
17 PLIMPTON Orrin  22 Feb 1790Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I57235
18 PLIMPTON Truman  1857Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I63238
19 PLYMPTON Haddssah  9 Dec 1803Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I57242
20 RICE Betsey Janette  1835Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I63237
21 SCOTT Fannie Angelia  30 Dec 1840Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I59340
22 SIMPSON Surlina  30 Jul 1787Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont I57243


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HESCOCK / SIMPSON  17 May 1807Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont F23039
2 KNOWLTON / PLIMPTON  18 Oct 1821Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont F23036
3 PLIMPTON / ALLEN  1848Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont F24070
4 PLIMPTON / CHAMBERLAIN  28 Apr 1828Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont F23033
5 PLIMPTON / CHAMBERLIN  1822Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont F23034
6 PLIMPTON / RICE  29 Sep 1856Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont F24067
7 PUTNAM / PLYMPTON  Dec 1868Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont F24061

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