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Texas, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 834

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  1906Texas, United States I80743
2 Carrie  Abt 1879Texas, United States I115401
3 Eliza  1897Texas, United States I122813
4 Frieda  1915Texas, United States I124139
5 Linda  Abt 1945Texas, United States I144968
6 Rose  1885Texas, United States I121251
7 Thelma D  1910Texas, United States I86370
8 Winnie Y  14 Jun 1904Texas, United States I134528
9 ABSHIRE Lorene Vernell  19 Aug 1905Texas, United States I85670
10 ADAMAK Mabel  1928Texas, United States I142443
11 ADCOCK Mildred  4 Apr 1905Texas, United States I85674
12 AKIN Marvin Pierce  1 Jun 1885Texas, United States I121891
13 ALLEN Martha  1920Texas, United States I118588
14 ALLEN Norma  1890Texas, United States I68925
15 ALLEN Will W  1877Texas, United States I123981
16 ANDERSON Elbert  1880Texas, United States I101560
17 ANDERSON Oscar  1882Texas, United States I101561
18 ANDERSON Robert Paul  7 Nov 1909Texas, United States I137461
19 ARMSTRONG Beulah  1902Texas, United States I121437
20 ASH Inez  Jan 1884Texas, United States I73592
21 ASH John Addison  11 Jun 1893Texas, United States I66498
22 ASH Willard J  1918Texas, United States I73633
23 BAILEY Annie Mae  1896Texas, United States I73853
24 BAILEY Eva  1889Texas, United States I73850
25 BAILEY Hellen  1899Texas, United States I73854
26 BAILEY Ralph Edgar  11 May 1896Texas, United States I106453
27 BAILEY Talmage  1891Texas, United States I73851
28 BALLARD William  Abt 1880Texas, United States I112845
29 BALLEW Howard  21 Aug 1901Texas, United States I80717
30 BAREFOOT Anne Lou  22 Jan 1913Texas, United States I122633
31 BARFIELD Rebecca  25 Oct 1904Texas, United States I121701
32 BARNETT William "Bill" or "Willie" Monte  17 Nov 1903Texas, United States I122426
33 BARTON Johnnie E  1878Texas, United States I115705
34 BASHAM James Bernette  6 Oct 1906Texas, United States I81872
35 BELT Thomas J.  2 Feb 1918Texas, United States I115400
36 BELT Verbie O  1927Texas, United States I115391
37 BENSON Isabel  1892Texas, United States I113328
38 BENTLEY Bertha  Feb 1900Texas, United States I73676
39 BILES Ethel Mae  30 Sep 1915Texas, United States I142102
40 BISHOP Milton Barney  20 Aug 1922Texas, United States I122818
41 BLACK John H  1916Texas, United States I73550
42 BLACK Mozelle  1917Texas, United States I73552
43 BLACK Nilba  1920Texas, United States I73551
44 BLACKSHEAR Mildred Joyce  18 Aug 1934Texas, United States I141138
45 BLACKSTOCK Icy Rebel  Abt 1928Texas, United States I85176
46 BLACKWELDER Weldon  Abt 1924Texas, United States I134640
47 BLANKENSHIP Jewel Francis  27 Dec 1910Texas, United States I102082
48 BLANKENSHIP Lon  1895Texas, United States I100550
49 BLANKENSHIP Sylvia  29 Jul 1891Texas, United States I100551
50 BLANKENSHIP Zola  16 Aug 1884Texas, United States I100549
51 BLEILE Earl Melvin  30 Sep 1900Texas, United States I102260
52 BOUNDS Pershing M.  6 Oct 1917Texas, United States I80761
53 BOYETT Anna Laura  1922Texas, United States I116838
54 BOYETT Elisha O  3 Jan 1891Texas, United States I116994
55 BOYETT Evelyn M.  8 Jul 1916Texas, United States I116839
56 BOYETT James Burrell  9 Dec 1874Texas, United States I123303
57 BOYETT Mary L  1906Texas, United States I117001
58 BRABOY Laudys Belle  4 Jul 1912Texas, United States I134485
59 BRABOY Richard Travis  14 Aug 1916Texas, United States I134487
60 BRADFORD Andrew Leonard  25 Dec 1879Texas, United States I157587
61 BRADFORD Annie J  1898Texas, United States I157584
62 BRADFORD Charles A  1900Texas, United States I157583
63 BRADFORD Jewel Ethel  2 Jan 1887Texas, United States I112206
64 BRAMLETT Maston A  1897Texas, United States I80658
65 BRIDGES John Milton  4 Dec 1892Texas, United States I121788
66 BRIDGES Lottie L  17 Nov 1882Texas, United States I99726
67 BRILEY Jacqueline Yvonne  1928Texas, United States I80635
68 BROGAN Catherine Gertrude  Oct 1879Texas, United States I107188
69 BROGAN Nell O.  20 Jul 1912Texas, United States I114005
70 BROOKS Louise  1888Texas, United States I122922
71 BROWN Ada Matilda  1899Texas, United States I121889
72 BROWN Florence Barrett "Floye"  26 Mar 1889Texas, United States I115572
73 BROWN Susan  1879Texas, United States I115791
74 BROWNING Earl William  1 May 1891Texas, United States I110818
75 BURKHALTER Rosa Alice  10 May 1887Texas, United States I123296
76 BURLESON Ida Lucille  6 Nov 1911Texas, United States I85590
77 BURNETT John Everet  10 Jul 1898Texas, United States I135742
78 BURROW Willie Catherine  18 Dec 1880Texas, United States I66552
79 BUSSEY Ada Ruth  15 Feb 1896Texas, United States I117309
80 BUSSEY Earl Luther  21 Aug 1878Texas, United States I117312
81 BUSSEY Ida May  15 Feb 1896Texas, United States I117311
82 BUSSEY James Marion  8 Feb 1886Texas, United States I117314
83 BYRON Murl Lynn  4 Nov 1939Texas, United States I85208
84 CAIN Herman O  27 Jun 1921Texas, United States I102576
85 CAMPBELL Jenny Elizabeth Belle  1891Texas, United States I129040
86 CAPERTON William Wallace  26 Apr 1892Texas, United States I123501
87 CAPPS William Thomas  14 May 1889Texas, United States I90565
88 CAREY Ruby  21 Sep 1892Texas, United States I80722
89 CARPENTER Edna Mae  1914Texas, United States I122616
90 CARPENTER Katie  1894Texas, United States I126866
91 CARRICO Carl L  27 Jan 1871Texas, United States I73924
92 CARRICO Homer L  Feb 1898Texas, United States I73928
93 CARRICO James H  Oct 1894Texas, United States I73926
94 CARRICO Lillie Oneida  6 Dec 1926Texas, United States I80849
95 CARRICO Mary E  Oct 1892Texas, United States I73927
96 CARRICO Mattie A  Oct 1896Texas, United States I73925
97 CARRICO Ollie  1901Texas, United States I73933
98 CARRICO Roy  1917Texas, United States I73932
99 CARRICO Ruby  1911Texas, United States I73931
100 CARRICO Troy  1917Texas, United States I73934

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Matches 1 to 100 of 203

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Linda  Texas, United States I144968
2 Susie P  Texas, United States I122825
3 ADAMS Harry B.  30 Jan 1970Texas, United States I102088
4 AIKMAN Julia Nell  11 Mar 2001Texas, United States I140904
5 ALDERETTE Joseph J  1972Texas, United States I123876
6 ALLEN Martha  1920Texas, United States I118588
7 BARFIELD Rebecca  21 Mar 1995Texas, United States I121701
8 BISHOP Milton Barney  6 Jan 1960Texas, United States I122818
9 BLACKWELDER James Leroy  17 Aug 2005Texas, United States I134639
10 BLANKENSHIP Johnnie Vesta  26 Nov 1998Texas, United States I102086
11 BOWMAN Donald Stephen  27 Jul 2005Texas, United States I132545
12 BOYETT Robert Goodrich  4 Jul 1902Texas, United States I116843
13 BRABOY Laudys Belle  19 Nov 2001Texas, United States I134485
14 BRILEY Jacqueline Yvonne  Texas, United States I80635
15 BROWN Florence Barrett "Floye"  15 May 1962Texas, United States I115572
16 BROWN Gene Charltan  31 Dec 2003Texas, United States I141348
17 BROWNSON John Lewis  1901Texas, United States I96168
18 BURLESON Ida Lucille  Apr 1978Texas, United States I85590
19 BUSH Kermit Harold  25 Sep 2013Texas, United States I102591
20 CAIN Herman O  25 Apr 1988Texas, United States I102576
21 CARRICO Carmen  20 Jun 1995Texas, United States I85210
22 CARRICO Carrie Lee  29 Oct 2003Texas, United States I80847
23 CARRICO Lillie Oneida  16 Aug 1996Texas, United States I80849
24 CHAMBLESS Mammon  1997Texas, United States I81739
25 COFFMAN John Milton  21 Mar 1985Texas, United States I135728
26 COFFMAN Mary Florence  23 Apr 1892Texas, United States I130296
27 COLLINS Mary Estelle  1 May 2014Texas, United States I99729
28 COOK Jack Nelson  20 Feb 1972Texas, United States I145635
29 CRANK Florence Irene  14 Apr 1996Texas, United States I135967
30 CRIBBS George W.  22 Nov 1967Texas, United States I123739
31 CROWLEY Mollie  10 May 1870Texas, United States I74657
32 DICKEY Ethel Floy  15 Jan 1979Texas, United States I121783
33 DISON Hobart  20 Oct 1981Texas, United States I80830
34 DOVE Daniel Campbell, Jr  26 Feb 1948Texas, United States I115560
35 DOVE Daniel Carroll  9 Sep 1895Texas, United States I115563
36 DUCKWORTH Joice  Abt 1990Texas, United States I129069
37 ELDER William Isaac  16 Nov 1950Texas, United States I144567
38 FERGUSON Eva Ramell  2 Jun 1979Texas, United States I141131
39 FIELDS Homer Leon  Texas, United States I143789
40 FIELDS Larry Joe  Abt 1968Texas, United States I143787
41 FLOWERS Virgie T  2 Nov 1959Texas, United States I66525
42 FORD John Q.  1873Texas, United States I110184
43 FOXWORTH Paul Alexander  27 May 1906Texas, United States I117433
44 FREEMAN Bernice  Aug 1899Texas, United States I70275
45 FULLEN Lena  28 Jun 1914Texas, United States I116823
46 FURGESON William Samuel  1967Texas, United States I130538
47 GANDY Nicholes D.  19 Jan 1977Texas, United States I122638
48 GARNER Sophronia Catherine  17 Oct 1917Texas, United States I66529
49 GIBSON James A  From 1880 to 1900Texas, United States I104825
50 GINN Anna Monett  10 Oct 1977Texas, United States I117050
51 GLOVER Martha Louise  12 Dec 1971Texas, United States I122823
52 GRAFA Aldred  11 Sep 1968Texas, United States I141393
53 GRIFFETH Wyatt Marion  1928Texas, United States I73554
54 GRIFFIN Barbara  25 Sep 1946Texas, United States I122735
55 GRIGGS Charles Hubbard  14 Feb 1929Texas, United States I126862
56 GRIGGS Cintha Ann  Texas, United States I125692
57 GRIGGS Zachary Taylor  24 Sep 1900Texas, United States I130511
58 GROGAN Effa  Texas, United States I134492
59 HARTSON Allie  11 Feb 1908Texas, United States I150955
60 HARTSON Francile  1985Texas, United States I157577
61 HARTSON John Morgan  Abt 1878Texas, United States I150944
62 HARTSON William Robert  7 Dec 1985Texas, United States I157578
63 HAVARD Anson Richard  Texas, United States I115827
64 HAVARD Hilda  Texas, United States I115828
65 HELTON Prince Henry  3 Mar 1990Texas, United States I134706
66 HERNDON Lela Pauline  12 Oct 1955Texas, United States I90311
67 HERRINGTON Ollie Stone  1961Texas, United States I112670
68 HILL Hartwell Challacombe  17 Aug 1964Texas, United States I101436
69 HILL Odis Lee  7 Aug 1991Texas, United States I102590
70 HINES Martha  1873Texas, United States I105285
71 HOLLIDAY Elger  1967Texas, United States I121938
72 HOLMES Emily Levicia  25 Nov 1967Texas, United States I108055
73 HOLTON Floy  19 Jun 1991Texas, United States I129421
74 HOLTON Laura  1 Jul 1989Texas, United States I129423
75 HOLTON Stephen H  23 Mar 1921Texas, United States I129415
76 HOPPER Steven Rachal  2003Texas, United States I143819
77 HUDSON Ruby  1930Texas, United States I80848
78 JACKSON Newt V.  15 Apr 2003Texas, United States I80659
79 JANCA Emil John, Jr.  2 Jan 1992Texas, United States I134631
80 JOHNSON Willard  1956Texas, United States I115825
81 JOHNSON William Wren  3 Dec 1880Texas, United States I107041
82 JONES William E  1902Texas, United States I111887
83 KEAHEY Evelyn Eunice  22 Aug 1999Texas, United States I112998
84 KING Charles Morrison  28 Jan 1972Texas, United States I141229
85 KING Oran Thomas  19 Nov 1886Texas, United States I135824
86 KING Vivian Inez  7 Feb 1960Texas, United States I141226
87 KINYON George Francis  17 Dec 1981Texas, United States I102089
88 KUFFEL Norbert Daniel  25 Feb 1993Texas, United States I94198
89 LAIRD Seleta  Texas, United States I108577
90 LAMB Mary Etter  21 Mar 1996Texas, United States I119823
91 LANGFORD Ethel  19 Aug 2000Texas, United States I80792
92 LAUDENSLAGER Meredith Jane  23 Nov 2018Texas, United States I123099
93 LEMAY Arvis Belton  27 Dec 2015Texas, United States I158142
94 LESLEY Ima Lee  6 Aug 2002Texas, United States I136156
95 LEWIS Willie Leath  8 Dec 1964Texas, United States I116535
96 LINN Edwin  30 Jun 1988Texas, United States I80742
97 LOVEN Morris  Texas, United States I74869
98 LOVEN JR Paul Lamar  18 Feb 2000Texas, United States I81828
99 LUTHER Hazel Ghent  1980Texas, United States I123624
100 MAJORS Samuel Collier  1955Texas, United States I137194

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GOLEMON Harry W  Texas, United States I118374


Matches 1 to 57 of 57

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALDERETTE / SUMRALL  4 Feb 1967Texas, United States F46626
2 ANDERSON / SKINNER  1954Texas, United States F52430
3 ARMITAGE / WALTERS  1902Texas, United States F44765
4 BARNARD / MAGEE  1928Texas, United States F31801
5 BARRETT / MENDENHALL  1941Texas, United States F55603
6 BASHAM / MCCOLLUM  Abt 1905Texas, United States F30400
7 BLACKWELDER / NOBLES  15 Jan 1922Texas, United States F49872
8 CAMP / SUMMERLIN  2 Feb 1938Texas, United States F43132
9 CHILDS / PARKER  Abt 1900Texas, United States F27133
10 CONNOR / PHELPS  1931Texas, United States F43794
11 DEWOLFE / COLLINS  Abt 2000Texas, United States F38242
12 DIXON / KING  28 Jul 1938Texas, United States F54342
13 DIXON / SUMMERLIN  1926Texas, United States F43291
14 DOVE / SUMRALL  15 Apr 1894Texas, United States F41661
15 DRAPER / DEAVER  1940Texas, United States F27068
16 DURHAM / GIBSON  13 May 1927Texas, United States F46922
17 HARPER / BLANKENSHIP  1 Aug 1930Texas, United States F38913
18 HENNINGTON / TURNBOW  27 May 1921Texas, United States F44004
19 HUDSON / BEARD  14 Dec 1907Texas, United States F44566
20 HULL / MILLSAPS  20 Jul 1892Texas, United States F34050
21 JETER / VOIGTS  Abt 1943Texas, United States F28551
22 KEAHEY / MEEK  Abt 1941Texas, United States F44140
23 KINSLOW / KEY  Bef 1928Texas, United States F29923
24 KINSTLEY / SLAY  1926Texas, United States F44214
25 LEE / SUMRALL  1922Texas, United States F44810
26 LUDDEN / SUITER  Bef 1920Texas, United States F28839
27 MAYER / HALL  13 Mar 1916Texas, United States F41813
28 MCDOWELL / PHILLIPS  9 Sep 1933Texas, United States F49893
29 MILFORD / PERRY  22 Aug 1948Texas, United States F52891
30 MORGAN / RAY  1913Texas, United States F44620
31 MORGAN / SUMMERLIN  1920Texas, United States F43323
32 MORRIS / BEENE  5 Dec 1928Texas, United States F30352
33 MORRISON / BIGGER  4 Jul 1933Texas, United States F52767
34 MORRISON / BOOTH  1874Texas, United States F48579
35 MORRISON / FERGUSON  Abt 1947Texas, United States F52740
36 NEAL / MORRIS  1909Texas, United States F30368
37 PATE / BOWLIN  29 Sep 1914Texas, United States F46676
38 PIARCE / WARE  1897Texas, United States F48285
39 RED / SKINNER  1939Texas, United States F52427
40 RIDINGS / ADKISSON  1895Texas, United States F48258
41 RIDINGS / CAMPBELL  1919Texas, United States F48255
42 RIGGLE / GOOTCH  1897Texas, United States F46607
43 ROBISON / MOORE  Abt 1912Texas, United States F46584
44 SANDIFER / REYNOLDS  29 Sep 1917Texas, United States F41345
45 SANDIFER / ROBINSON  Aft 1904Texas, United States F41335
46 SKINNER / MCDOWELL  18 Oct 1914Texas, United States F49894
47 SLAY / GRAY  1917Texas, United States F41013
48 SLAY / WELLS  1884Texas, United States F41012
49 SLAY / WILSON  Abt 1928Texas, United States F43964
50 SMITH / KING  1907Texas, United States F44136
51 SUMRALL / JOHNSON  1908Texas, United States F46684
52 SUMRALL / JONES  Abt 1931Texas, United States F45417
53 SUMRALL / WILSON  1924Texas, United States F45690
54 THOMPSON / RITTER  Abt 1910Texas, United States F29963
55 WAINSCOTT / HOLSTEIN  1930Texas, United States F38403
56 WARD / BUSSEY  Abt 1911Texas, United States F46253
57 WRIGHT / SEARS  1957Texas, United States F45362

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