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Tennessee, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 398

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Claudia Lee  13 Jun 1886Tennessee, United States I130121
2 Eliza  Jan 1835Tennessee, United States I126807
3 Floye H  1 May 1886Tennessee, United States I122925
4 Maggie S.  1879Tennessee, United States I114468
5 ADAMS Clatye Lee  30 May 1893Tennessee, United States I121395
6 ADKISSON Mabel Claire  Nov 1877Tennessee, United States I129048
7 ALEXANDER James Franklin  1 Mar 1879Tennessee, United States I77322
8 ALEXANDER Vera Vardell  15 Dec 1891Tennessee, United States I129927
9 ALLISON Mary Roberta  23 Jan 1918Tennessee, United States I140640
10 ALSOBROOK George C.  Abt 1922Tennessee, United States I135458
11 ALSOBROOK Oarline  1899Tennessee, United States I130076
12 ALSOBROOK Sysel  25 Dec 1903Tennessee, United States I130078
13 AUTRY William "Bud"  22 Oct 1870Tennessee, United States I141164
14 BAILEY Malinda A  1859Tennessee, United States I59073
15 BAKER Lela  1887Tennessee, United States I129639
16 BANKS Nancy  Abt 1795Tennessee, United States I104740
17 BARNES Bertha  1902Tennessee, United States I134923
18 BARNETT Homer M  4 Jul 1899Tennessee, United States I140882
19 BARNETT James Marion  1924Tennessee, United States I140883
20 BARNETT Laverne  1927Tennessee, United States I140885
21 BARNETT Milton Lovell  23 Feb 1925Tennessee, United States I140884
22 BATEY James Lafayette  1892Tennessee, United States I130125
23 BISHOP Hudy  29 Feb 1912Tennessee, United States I129924
24 BISHOP Locie B  1902Tennessee, United States I129922
25 BISHOP Richard Paton  1 Nov 1874Tennessee, United States I129920
26 BOYLE Sarah Elizabeth  1845Tennessee, United States I126630
27 BRAZELTON Lula May  29 Jul 1878Tennessee, United States I71697
28 BRIDGES James Monroe  1842Tennessee, United States I125248
29 BRIDGES Joel W  7 Aug 1840Tennessee, United States I125250
30 BRIDGES Wesley C  24 Jul 1838Tennessee, United States I125249
31 BRIDGES William Alexander  1816Tennessee, United States I125247
32 BROCK Aubrey Otho  1 May 1907Tennessee, United States I134628
33 BROGAN William Patrick  7 Apr 1871Tennessee, United States I107189
34 BROWN Alice T  1872Tennessee, United States I126406
35 BROWN Benjamin  1866Tennessee, United States I126405
36 BROWN Bertha Jane  28 Feb 1897Tennessee, United States I129514
37 BROWN Bettie Novell  29 Mar 1875Tennessee, United States I72891
38 BROWN Carrie  14 Sep 1896Tennessee, United States I129507
39 BROWN Clarence Andrew  28 May 1893Tennessee, United States I129516
40 BROWN Doyle  13 Oct 1900Tennessee, United States I140886
41 BROWN Laura E  5 Dec 1864Tennessee, United States I129527
42 BROWN Mae  20 Feb 1901Tennessee, United States I129510
43 BROWN William Otis  5 Mar 1889Tennessee, United States I129515
44 BULLINGTON Mary Dee  11 Aug 1911Tennessee, United States I120814
45 BURGER Nannie  Nov 1863Tennessee, United States I126690
46 BURTON Ludie May  5 Apr 1896Tennessee, United States I135402
47 CARLTON Lucy Dannie  8 Sep 1867Tennessee, United States I129476
48 Mrs. CARMACK Ethel M.  1890Tennessee, United States I133372
49 CARTER Granville Jackson  1814Tennessee, United States I117939
50 CHAMBERS Emily  13 Jan 1830Tennessee, United States I125209
51 CHAMBERS Henry C.  1822Tennessee, United States I126463
52 CHAMBERS John May  31 Dec 1833Tennessee, United States I125208
53 CHAMBERS Louisa (Luce)  26 Mar 1828Tennessee, United States I125203
54 CHAMBERS Martha Jane  7 Jul 1826Tennessee, United States I125205
55 CHAMBERS Mary Elizabeth  24 Sep 1840Tennessee, United States I125207
56 CHANDLER Mary Angeline  Feb 1867Tennessee, United States I130283
57 CHILDS Walter Hale  24 Aug 1906Tennessee, United States I111593
58 CLABORN Antha E  12 Jul 1886Tennessee, United States I81874
59 CLEMENTS O'Neal  19 Nov 1923Tennessee, United States I143851
60 COATES Maude  Jun 1882Tennessee, United States I130009
61 COLSTON Jewel  1920Tennessee, United States I81643
62 CONDUITT Eliza A.  21 Jun 1810Tennessee, United States I60899
63 COUGHLIN Alexander  1913Tennessee, United States I114022
64 COUGHLIN Catherine  1 Feb 1920Tennessee, United States I114019
65 COUGHLIN Cornelius "Con" Patrick  22 Aug 1881Tennessee, United States I107194
66 COUGHLIN Daniel James  25 Jul 1878Tennessee, United States I107197
67 COUGHLIN Edward Cornelius  1917Tennessee, United States I114023
68 COUGHLIN John Elvis  1909Tennessee, United States I114020
69 COUGHLIN Joseph  1915Tennessee, United States I114018
70 COUGHLIN Katharine A  1910Tennessee, United States I114024
71 COUGHLIN Winifred  21 Sep 1921Tennessee, United States I114021
72 COUGHLIN, JR Cornelius "Con"  29 Feb 1912Tennessee, United States I114009
73 COWAN Mildred Carolyn  11 Sep 1898Tennessee, United States I129526
74 COWEN Elizabeth  1859Tennessee, United States I126410
75 CURTIS Emmett  11 Jul 1923Tennessee, United States I134866
76 CURTIS Lillie Pearl  1 Feb 1920Tennessee, United States I134865
77 CURTIS Thedocia Beulah  31 Mar 1895Tennessee, United States I134882
78 CUSICK Sophia May  19 Dec 1895Tennessee, United States I136282
79 DAMESWORTH Alice Estell  26 Nov 1911Tennessee, United States I134783
80 DAVIS Annie Louise  7 Nov 1926Tennessee, United States I140591
81 DAVIS Eather  26 Apr 1916Tennessee, United States I134766
82 DAVIS Edith  26 Apr 1916Tennessee, United States I134765
83 DAVIS Eva Elizabeth  31 May 1925Tennessee, United States I140589
84 DAVIS Lannie Taylor  8 Apr 1924Tennessee, United States I140592
85 DAVIS Perry Arnold  11 Aug 1911Tennessee, United States I134763
86 DAVIS Ruby Carmen  25 Oct 1902Tennessee, United States I134760
87 DAVIS Vernon  1906Tennessee, United States I134764
88 DAVIS Virginia Margaret  15 Aug 1920Tennessee, United States I140590
89 DAVIS William Horace  1 Oct 1899Tennessee, United States I134761
90 DAVIS William James  14 Nov 1921Tennessee, United States I140593
91 DAVIS William Joseph  21 Feb 1875Tennessee, United States I134759
92 DAVIS Wilton Deward  1 Jun 1929Tennessee, United States I140596
93 DAWSON Emma B  8 Dec 1855Tennessee, United States I129450
94 DAY George Herbert  19 Jun 1879Tennessee, United States I148019
95 DENSON Nancy M  May 1858Tennessee, United States I129915
96 DILLON Nellie Pearl  Sep 1898Tennessee, United States I134880
97 DISMUKE Birdie Bell  1894Tennessee, United States I135324
98 DOTY Marion  1930Tennessee, United States I134877
99 DOUGHTEN Dorothy Christine  25 Aug 1923Tennessee, United States I143838
100 DOUGHTEN James Albert Lannie  13 Sep 1944Tennessee, United States I143836

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Matches 1 to 82 of 82

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALSOBROOK Sysel  16 Jun 1993Tennessee, United States I130078
2 ALSOBROOK Ted Corbett  17 Mar 1970Tennessee, United States I130072
3 BARNES Bertha  1929Tennessee, United States I134923
4 BARNETT Lila  28 Jan 1931Tennessee, United States I118393
5 BATEY James Lafayette  1981Tennessee, United States I130125
6 BECKWITH George Rainsford Fairbanks  10 Sep 1886Tennessee, United States I62439
7 BISHOP Hudy  7 Aug 1912Tennessee, United States I129924
8 BISHOP Richard Paton  31 Jan 1942Tennessee, United States I129920
9 BROWN Georgia Mary  21 Dec 1995Tennessee, United States I134935
10 BROWN Lois LaVerne  8 Nov 2014Tennessee, United States I140671
11 BURGER Nannie  22 Jun 1926Tennessee, United States I126690
12 CALDWELL Irene Edythe  2016Tennessee, United States I89996
13 CARUTHERS Dollie  14 Apr 1922Tennessee, United States I135287
14 CHAVERS Fay Opal  30 Nov 2011Tennessee, United States I120424
15 COBLE Elizabeth Ann  15 Oct 1880Tennessee, United States I126589
16 COLGROVE John Mitchell  17 Oct 1887Tennessee, United States I153325
17 COUGHLIN Cornelius P  13 Sep 1901Tennessee, United States I107193
18 COUGHLIN Daniel James  6 Jun 1964Tennessee, United States I107197
19 CURTIS Emmett  Mar 1992Tennessee, United States I134866
20 DAVIS Annie Louise  27 May 2014Tennessee, United States I140591
21 DAVIS Deward Belmont  3 Jul 1964Tennessee, United States I134768
22 DAVIS Eather  1916Tennessee, United States I134766
23 DAVIS Edith  1916Tennessee, United States I134765
24 DAVIS Eva Elizabeth  27 Jan 2007Tennessee, United States I140589
25 DAVIS Perry Arnold  25 Jul 1988Tennessee, United States I134763
26 DAVIS Vernon  1906Tennessee, United States I134764
27 DAVIS William James  30 Dec 2002Tennessee, United States I140593
28 DAVIS William Joseph  28 Dec 1962Tennessee, United States I134759
29 DEATHERAGE Hubert Taylor  27 Aug 1979Tennessee, United States I141510
30 DOUGHTEN Dorothy Christine  28 Mar 2015Tennessee, United States I143838
31 DRAPER Thomas  12 Mar 1819Tennessee, United States I56214
32 DURHAM George Washington  5 Jan 1968Tennessee, United States I134883
33 FRENCH Roy T  22 Feb 1994Tennessee, United States I140724
34 FRENCH Sylvia  18 Sep 2017Tennessee, United States I140725
35 FUQUA Millard Cleveland  25 Feb 1970Tennessee, United States I143837
36 GOLDEN Sam Hellon  15 May 1992Tennessee, United States I118354
37 GRIGGS George  5 Nov 1940Tennessee, United States I126749
38 HARPER Charles Ernest Jr.  Tennessee, United States I102586
39 HARRINGTON clarence  Tennessee, United States I100720
40 HARRINGTON ricky  Tennessee, United States I102171
41 HEDGE Avele Virgil  1980Tennessee, United States I135343
42 HUFF Boyd M  1949Tennessee, United States I134916
43 HURLEY Leonard F  3 Jan 1990Tennessee, United States I134948
44 IRWIN Gayle Elizabeth  7 Feb 2001Tennessee, United States I140729
45 JONES George Berry  10 Feb 1954Tennessee, United States I129498
46 LOVELL Grace  21 Jan 1985Tennessee, United States I135353
47 PARKINSON Lucille P  18 Jun 1998Tennessee, United States I135393
48 PHIPPS Charles William  7 Jul 2006Tennessee, United States I130126
49 PRIDGEN Newton Allen  10 Feb 1988Tennessee, United States I114239
50 RIDENS Ida Frances  8 Feb 1919Tennessee, United States I126591
51 RIDENS James Wiley  9 May 1903Tennessee, United States I126595
52 RIDENS Thomas J  12 Nov 1881Tennessee, United States I126599
53 RIDENS William J.  9 Mar 1886Tennessee, United States I125237
54 RIDINGS Doris Ann  26 Nov 2002Tennessee, United States I135394
55 RIDINGS Elisha Carmon  25 Nov 1914Tennessee, United States I129533
56 RIDINGS Elisha Turner  16 Jul 1900Tennessee, United States I125198
57 RIDINGS Euzell  1956Tennessee, United States I126635
58 RIDINGS Gracie  1989Tennessee, United States I129537
59 RIDINGS Joel Austin  25 Aug 1882Tennessee, United States I126384
60 RIDINGS John Stafill  27 Jun 1903Tennessee, United States I126701
61 RIDINGS Lena Alice  Tennessee, United States I129455
62 RIDINGS Malcolm Issac  5 Jan 1986Tennessee, United States I130096
63 RIDINGS Mary Jane  24 May 1968Tennessee, United States I135395
64 RIDINGS Mary Marion  13 Nov 1980Tennessee, United States I130020
65 RIDINGS Mildred Paulene  5 Feb 2007Tennessee, United States I134925
66 RIDINGS Naomia sue  12 Jul 1931Tennessee, United States I134849
67 RIDINGS Rubie L  18 Jul 1983Tennessee, United States I126698
68 RIDINGS Thelma Louise  13 Mar 1930Tennessee, United States I129454
69 ROBINETTE Della Mae  1977Tennessee, United States I147318
70 ROSS Truman Dewitt  7 Apr 1998Tennessee, United States I143835
71 RUSHING Elishah  22 Aug 1918Tennessee, United States I129558
72 SCALLION Dale Robert  Feb 2017Tennessee, United States I147160
73 SELLS Esther Jane  Dec 1964Tennessee, United States I114017
74 SLAY Edith Carolyn  Feb 1976Tennessee, United States I113449
75 SLAY M Irene  30 Jul 1998Tennessee, United States I113450
76 SMALL Margaret Ann  6 Aug 1886Tennessee, United States I129986
77 SMITH Biddie Lee  10 Dec 1960Tennessee, United States I129522
78 STORY Berban  Tennessee, United States I140656
79 TAYLOR Nancy  1877Tennessee, United States I126632
80 TRIPLETT Norman Davis  11 Sep 1976Tennessee, United States I140637
81 TROTTER Susan Amanda  11 May 1963Tennessee, United States I129478
82 WALKER S Emma  Abt 1880Tennessee, United States I129935


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRIDGES / RIDINGS  1834Tennessee, United States F47443
2 BURT / WATSON  Abt 1918Tennessee, United States F46804
3 DAVIS / EDWARDS  28 Feb 1894Tennessee, United States F49929
4 DAVIS / PEACH  9 May 1926Tennessee, United States F52447
5 FERGUSON /   15 Jul 1914Tennessee, United States F45668
6 HARRINGTON / MCCULLOCH  Tennessee, United States F37833
7 HARVILL / FUQUA  1 Mar 1941Tennessee, United States F50017
8 LOVELL / LINDSEY  1884Tennessee, United States F48483
9 LOVELL / RIDDINGS  1848Tennessee, United States F47696
10 RICHARDSON / CAMPBELL  21 Aug 1932Tennessee, United States F46939
11 RIDINGS / TURNER  1828Tennessee, United States F47438
12 ROSS / DAVIS  9 Mar 1939Tennessee, United States F54251
13 SMALL / LOVELL  8 Mar 1870Tennessee, United States F48485

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