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Springville, Utah, Utah, USA



Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEARDALL Leola  30 Mar 1920Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I52038
2 BIRD Karl Phillips  10 Jan 1919Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I45567
3 BROWN Richard Lamont  5 Nov 1927Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I41382
4 BULKLEY Anna Giles  3 Jul 1899Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33594
5 CURTIS Irwin J  16 Oct 1942Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I40842
6 DIAMOND Mark Irvin  22 Aug 1884Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I53510
7 DRAPER Sarah Ellen  6 Jan 1876Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I26191
8 FULLMER Bertha  22 Aug 1913Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32039
9 FULLMER Elsie  5 Jun 1920Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32061
10 FULLMER Laprele  22 Oct 1923Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32057
11 FULLMER Maurice Cannon  2 Oct 1898Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32241
12 FULLMER Winnie Marel  25 Feb 1922Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32047
13 GAMMELL Melva  28 Jul 1906Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33632
14 GILES Audra La Rae  12 Jun 1927Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I24969
15 GOTTFREDSON Elden  30 Oct 1898Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33608
16 GOTTFREDSON Helen Amelia  4 Jul 1908Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33616
17 GOTTFREDSON Merrill Edward  11 Dec 1905Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33611
18 GOTTFREDSON Samuel Kenneth  7 Nov 1900Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I15696
19 GOTTFREDSON Wilford "J"  6 Jul 1903Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33609
20 HARMER Alga Alace  4 May 1900Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I23064
21 HARRINGTON Cyrus B  6 Oct 1894Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I53553
22 HARRISON Vivian Lavaun  3 Jun 1905Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I47426
23 HATFIELD Kenneth Frederick  26 Jul 1906Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I14202
24 HATT Don Milton  20 Jul 1920Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I51676
25 HOLLEY Robert Sterling  3 May 1934Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I52284
26 JOHNSON Randall Athos  22 May 1929Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I48359
27 KELLY Alice Gibbons  29 Jun 1898Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I26766
28 LATIMER Elizabeth Anne  26 Mar 1921Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I45268
29 MCKENZIE Odessa  12 Apr 1919Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I52246
30 MERRILL Reeta Aurilla  20 Sep 1926Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I47099
31 OSTLER Ione Elaine  24 Aug 1922Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20898
32 OSTLER Kenneth  8 Feb 1919Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I23536
33 OSTLER Leonard Daniel  4 Feb 1906Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I21817
34 PIERCE Berniece  4 Oct 1917Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I45027
35 ROYLANCE Dwain Evans  29 Jun 1931Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I44440
36 SARIS Georgia  20 Oct 1925Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I55856
37 SIMPSON Louis Arvil  9 Apr 1935Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I25017
38 SMITH Alberta  19 Nov 1928Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I35693
39 SMITH Drucella  31 May 1935Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I35695
40 SNELSON Leah Dianne  12 Mar 1945Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I40853
41 TAYLOR Chrispin Ellias  2 Mar 1867Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I44591
42 VAN LEUVEN Armond L  29 Jun 1899Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32599
43 VAN LEUVEN Hannah Matilda  6 Jan 1878Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32008
44 VAN LEUVEN Ralph Cornelious  29 Dec 1887Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32011
45 VANLEUVEN Burton Leo  10 Feb 1904Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32581
46 WHITBECK William  24 Nov 1861Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I15560


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BIRD Karl Phillips  13 Feb 1919Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I45567
2 BRAILSFORD James Albert  24 Jul 1895Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32040
3 DRAPER Sabrina Eliza  1878Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I26192
4 GOTTFREDSON Elden  1 Jan 1899Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33608
5 GOTTFREDSON Wilford "J"  27 Sep 1903Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33609


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLACK James Acel  1 Feb 1955Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I31617
2 BLACKBURN Elda Lucille  1 Oct 1990Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I40863
3 BLANCHARD Juliette Charlotte  21 Dec 1899Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I26797
4 BRAITHWAITE Clyde  29 Jun 1993Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20891
5 BULKLEY Emma  3 Jul 1942Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33584
6 BULKLEY George Albert  19 Apr 1936Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33590
7 BULKLEY Ina Jane  14 May 1952Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33585
8 BULKLEY Samuel  25 Jul 1932Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33565
9 CROMBIE Vela Velma  8 Nov 1939Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33835
10 DRAPER Arthur Zemira  26 Nov 2009Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32509
11 DRAPER Susan Clarissa  25 Feb 1948Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I2305
12 DYE Olive Harriet  27 Jul 1960Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20211
13 FULLMER Laprele  14 Jan 1924Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32057
14 FULLMER Milton  14 Jun 1925Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32054
15 GABBITAS Thomas  24 Aug 1939Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33614
16 GEE Hettie Elizabeth  14 Mar 1972Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32783
17 GEE Sherwin Boyd  6 Mar 2006Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I55598
18 GILES Louisa  30 Sep 1939Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33581
19 GOTTFREDSON James Edward  5 Dec 1945Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33596
20 GOTTFREDSON Wilford "J"  11 Mar 1987Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33609
21 HANSEN Aaron Albertus  8 Feb 1967Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I43180
22 HEMINGWAY Kenneth Paul  25 Jan 2009Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I51196
23 HENDRICKSEN Mary Maxine  23 Jul 2015Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I15883
24 HIATT Laverne  4 Nov 2006Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I42321
25 JENSEN Johannah Marie  23 Feb 1968Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I39573
26 JOHNSON Melvin Lamar  4 Dec 1984Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I46382
27 LUNDELL Floyd Alva  26 Apr 1997Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I21653
28 MILLER Arleen Margaret  12 Jan 1977Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I53365
29 MORGAN Hazel Darle  2 Mar 2009Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I45324
30 PAXMAN Dean Elwood  5 Mar 1959Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I45465
31 PERRY Lucy Viola  27 May 1939Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32566
32 PETERSEN Jens Kristian  3 Jun 1974Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I13429
33 PIERCE Berniece  6 Sep 1948Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I45027
34 RASMUSSEN Karma  15 Jul 2000Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I24617
35 STARK Ada Eva  20 Apr 1996Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I40840
36 TANNER Steven Layne  19 Jul 2009Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I43453
37 VAN LEUVEN Calvin  7 Jun 1906Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I26173
38 WALKER Nellie  12 Jul 1973Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I22604
39 WHITMORE Franklin Perry  15 Feb 1902Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I37890
40 WITBECK Olive Euzell  28 Jan 1999Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I19336
41 WOODHOUSE Ervin  29 Apr 1998Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I22130


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BABCOCK Constance Kate  Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I26489
2 BALDWIN Lela  10 Sep 1992Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I22174
3 BRADLEY Adele  2 Dec 2004Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I30081
4 BRAITHWAITE Shirlene  1 Jul 2010Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I23555
5 BRYAN Jessie Eva  21 Apr 1935Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I51748
6 BULKLEY Emma Leona  27 Dec 1941Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33569
7 CALDER Glen Hacking  21 May 2004Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I43484
8 CROMBIE Vela Velma  Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33835
9 CURTIS Ricky Don  Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I40839
10 DAVIS Dennis Clyde  2 Mar 1995Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I42592
11 DIAMOND Mark Irvin  1959Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I53510
12 DRAPER Albert James  27 May 2005Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I25882
13 DRAPER Karen Jane  Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32844
14 DRAPER Susan Clarissa  28 Feb 1948Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I2305
15 DYE Florence Myrtle  10 Jan 1968Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I20172
16 FLETCHER Mary Leah  Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I44308
17 FULLMER Milton  17 Jun 1925Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32054
18 GAMMELL Melva  24 Mar 1989Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33632
19 GOTTFREDSON James Edward  9 Dec 1945Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33596
20 GOTTFREDSON Samuel Kenneth  20 Aug 1982Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I15696
21 GOTTFREDSON Wilford "J"  11 Mar 1987Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33609
22 HAWKINS Shirley Valentine  29 Mar 2014Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I14224
23 HEMINGWAY Kenneth Paul  28 Jan 2009Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I51196
24 HEMINGWAY Linda Frances  Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I51258
25 JENSEN Dora  Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I37431
26 JOHNSON Randall Athos  Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I48359
27 LAMBSON Arva Lottie  Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I41606
28 MACKLEY Ronald James  14 Sep 1995Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I23093
29 MILLER Arleen Margaret  Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I53365
30 OTTOSEN Hans Peder  14 Dec 1949Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I36964
31 PACKARD Fay  26 Oct 1988Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33610
32 PAXMAN Dean Elwood  7 Mar 1959Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I45465
33 PETERSEN Anker Hyrum  12 Apr 1983Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I25475
34 PETERSEN Dennis William  31 Aug 1981Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I38588
35 PETERSEN Gertrude Elizabeth  26 Sep 1974Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I38799
36 PETERSEN Hedevig Marie  4 Aug 1978Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I14201
37 PETERSEN Marvin George  Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I14221
38 PIERCE Berniece  9 Sep 1948Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I45027
39 RASMUSSEN Karma  Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I24617
40 ROBBINS Lyman LaVan  Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I38117
41 SMITH Shirley Marie  1 Mar 1993Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I43476
42 STARK Joseph  21 Jun 1961Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I26060
43 TANNER Steven Layne  Jul 2009Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I43453
44 THOMAS John Howard  27 Jan 1978Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I38800
45 VAN LEUVEN Caroline Luveria  26 Apr 1908Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I32014
46 WARR Maxine Edna  16 May 1985Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I38579
47 WHITING Elizabeth  8 Aug 1928Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I33766
48 WITBECK Olive Euzell  1 Feb 1999Springville, Utah, Utah, USA I19336


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 JACKSON / OLLERTON  4 Nov 1972Springville, Utah, Utah, USA F13662
2 JENSEN / FULLMER  28 Dec 1948Springville, Utah, Utah, USA F7637
3 JENSEN / PALMER  17 Apr 1890Springville, Utah, Utah, USA F13208

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