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Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA



Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARTER Howard Charles  18 Jan 1898Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I37829
2 CHRISTIANSEN Maureen  18 Dec 1923Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I25550
3 DEDRICKSON Donald Royall  4 Apr 1927Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I22303
4 DUBOIS James Adrian  25 Mar 1873Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I41202
5 GEE James Merrill  30 Sep 1935Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I55655
6 GEE Sherwin Boyd  26 Jan 1934Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I55656
7 GREENHALGH Karl Daniel  11 Feb 1931Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I44606
8 HANSEN Kenneth Draper  4 Dec 1933Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I40674
9 HANSEN Shirley Dee  28 Nov 1925Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I40699
10 HORROCKS Richard Christian  22 Dec 1935Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I40119
11 JOHNSON Wilhelm Anstrum  26 Apr 1902Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I33513
12 KEELE Laverl  3 Feb 1910Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I45145
13 LARSON Na Vieve  28 Jun 1919Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I26615
14 OCKANDER Aleda Marie  8 Apr 1922Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I36932
15 PAINTER Marilyn Louise  9 Sep 1942Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I45718
16 PAY James William  21 Jun 1942Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I54642
17 PIERCE Beverly Ann  9 Jul 1939Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I45381
18 PIERCE George Leonard  15 Aug 1935Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I45380
19 PIERCE Jack Carlos  21 Aug 1936Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I45382
20 SPAINHOWER Myles Edwin  7 May 1924Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I28905
21 TAYLOR Ernest Leroy  19 Apr 1931Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I56024
22 TAYLOR Eva Helen  1 Jan 1929Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I51652
23 TAYLOR James George  2 Aug 1935Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I51675
24 TAYLOR James George  2 Aug 1935Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I56028
25 TAYLOR Louise  10 Mar 1933Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I51674
26 TAYLOR Louise  10 Mar 1933Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I56027
27 TAYLOR Orson Edward  7 Jan 1927Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I51660
28 TAYLOR Orson Edward  7 Jan 1927Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I56022
29 YORK Eldora Alice  21 Oct 1912Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I23458


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ELTON Irma Ruth  6 Aug 1921Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I44199
2 EWELL James Elmer  6 Aug 1916Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I45417
3 SPAINHOWER Myles Edwin  3 Aug 1924Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I28905


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARTHOLOMEW Eva  31 Dec 1976Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I21279
2 BARTHOLOMEW Mary Ellis  28 Sep 1992Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I21261
3 GREENHALGH Karl Daniel  16 Sep 2002Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I44606
4 PIERCE Beverly Ann  22 Jun 1941Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I45381
5 PIERCE George Leonard  15 Aug 1935Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I45380
6 PIERCE Jack Carlos  26 Aug 1936Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I45382
7 TAYLOR James George  3 May 1937Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I56028
8 TAYLOR Louise  20 Mar 1933Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I56027
9 TAYLOR Orson Edward  13 Jun 1948Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I56022
10 TAYLOR Orson Elmer  22 May 1970Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I21237
11 WHITEAR Lizzie Drucilla  Apr 1981Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I28891


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 AUGUSTUS Carla Jane  30 Mar 1970Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I45759
2 BARTHOLOMEW Eva  Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I21279
3 BLACKHAM Lorena Matilda  29 Dec 1952Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I30831
4 BURRASTON Martha Winifred  1 Aug 1989Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I55653
5 DODDS Ervin  Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I51653
6 DRAPER Burke Jay  31 Oct 1979Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I30837
7 DRAPER Glade Blackham  21 May 1975Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I30841
8 DRAPER Grandon LuRay  18 Nov 2002Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I30839
9 DRAPER Isaac Morley  26 Apr 1935Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I26599
10 DRAPER James Arthur  19 Feb 1966Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I26594
11 ELTON Irma Ruth  Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I44199
12 ERICKSON Ruth Elaine  Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I51800
13 GEE Lester Joseph  1 Oct 1983Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I55648
14 GREENHALGH Karl Daniel  Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I44606
15 JACOBSON Leona LaPriel  1 Jul 1987Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I45379
16 JEFFERSON Barbara  30 Apr 2009Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I40967
17 JENSEN Wanda Christine  5 Feb 1991Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I39843
18 LARSON Augusta Manetta  6 May 1971Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I26621
19 PIERCE Beverly Ann  Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I45381
20 PIERCE Elda La Verne  9 Feb 2006Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I44882
21 PIERCE George Leonard  Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I45380
22 PIERCE Jack Carlos  Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I45382
23 SORENSEN Byron Hilton  Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I40956
24 TAYLOR Eva Helen  12 Jan 2006Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I51652
25 TAYLOR Infant  5 Jul 1959Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I45719
26 TAYLOR Louise  Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I56027
27 TAYLOR Orson Edward  Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I56022
28 TAYLOR Orson Elmer  Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I21237
29 THROCKMORTON Ammon Dee  20 Nov 1971Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I44947
30 WILKEY John Kendall  1 Jul 1983Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I52479
31 YORK Eldora Alice  19 May 2005Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I23458
32 YOUD Isabell  2 May 1996Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA I30849


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BUCHANAN / COONS  1931Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA F10198
2 MORGAN / BENNION  17 Jan 1969Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA F19207
3 RHINEER / DICKINSON  27 May 1935Santaquin, Utah, Utah, USA F19055

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