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Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS Darwin Brown  4 Apr 1939Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I46462
2 ALLRED David Lee  8 Jan 1951Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I36126
3 ALLRED Paul Le Roy  12 May 1925Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I36114
4 ANDERSEN Ferris Duane  7 Jun 1942Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I48090
5 ANDERSON Lola Beatrice  24 Apr 1908Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I29880
6 ANDERSON Michael Ray  10 Mar 1952Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I53878
7 ANDERSON Scott  1 Aug 1911Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I29881
8 BARTON Leila Jane  15 Jul 1911Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I51959
9 BARTON Paul Luzon  21 Sep 1902Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I51960
10 BENNION Bruce Carver  2 Nov 1941Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I47523
11 BENNION Dawn  18 Feb 1961Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I47478
12 BENNION Douglas Noel  10 Mar 1935Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I47471
13 BLACKBURN Elda Lucille  10 Apr 1912Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I40876
14 BRAEGGER Richard Eugene  16 Jul 1926Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I25138
15 BRAITHWAITE Cindy  4 Sep 1960Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I24720
16 BRAITHWAITE Coralie  12 May 1926Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I20704
17 BROWN Ada  17 Oct 1911Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I46445
18 BROWN Ressa  8 Jan 1910Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I33506
19 BROWN Ruth Hannah  15 Oct 1912Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I46449
20 BROWNING Carrie  12 Dec 1887Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19661
21 CARVER James Henry  31 Mar 1902Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I51448
22 CHADWICK Carl Eugene  23 Feb 1932Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I16396
23 CHASE Clive Willis  24 Aug 1897Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I44979
24 CRIPPS Delores May  12 Mar 1933Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I52563
25 CRIPPS Walter Amber  23 Aug 1930Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I52561
26 DALTON Oral L  6 Nov 1905Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I42125
27 DAVIS Richard Kelly  10 Mar 1956Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I52024
28 DAVIS Zackery Lynn  16 Sep 1962Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I52026
29 DE YOUNG Carl Herman  25 Nov 1917Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I21176
30 DE YOUNG John  15 Nov 1910Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I21174
31 DE YOUNG Sarah  27 Feb 1912Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I21175
32 DRAPER Barbara Joyce  19 Oct 1942Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I52367
33 DRAPER David James  9 Sep 1947Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I41555
34 DRAPER Hart Marco  28 Feb 1917Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I41587
35 DRAPER Kathrine Nadine  4 Sep 1943Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I52368
36 DRAPER Marcia Jay  23 Jun 1952Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I40889
37 DRAPER Marsha Jay  23 Jun 1952Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I47109
38 EDGREN Dorothy Helen  21 Dec 1912Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I45270
39 EDGREN LaVon Miriam  15 Dec 1914Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I34215
40 EDMAN William Marion  14 Nov 1879Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I13848
41 ELLISON Clifford Cecil  12 Dec 1957Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I16513
42 FARLEY William Max  11 Nov 1921Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I48168
43 FARR Elizabeth  29 Feb 1924Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I24766
44 FINCHER Alton Blake  18 Aug 1954Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I47879
45 GIBSON Dorothy Louise  9 Aug 1924Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I25299
46 GOOCH Gerald Ross  10 Jan 1932Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I32265
47 GOOCH Lita May  22 Sep 1921Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I32266
48 GOOCH Maurice Fullmer  21 Oct 1929Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I32267
49 HANSON Moroni  5 Aug 1884Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I45299
50 HARAMES Eugenia  4 Sep 1923Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I47948
51 HAYES Arlo Rulon  21 Sep 1941Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I52140
52 HILL Marion Evelyn  10 Oct 1921Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I43407
53 HOGGAN Ernest Willoughby  13 Jun 1914Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I42286
54 HUNTER Leon William  30 Jun 1934Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I45716
55 JENSEN Carol Isabel  30 Dec 1911Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I47553
56 JOHNSON Fred O  7 Feb 1882Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I42778
57 JOHNSTON Joyce Pearl  17 Mar 1931Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I47528
58 KAMMEYER Bessie  2 Nov 1905Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I28624
59 KELLEY Florence Louise  25 Sep 1904Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19362
60 KNIGHT Robert Wayne  1 Jan 1931Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I25228
61 KNIGHTON Hazel Melvina  16 Oct 1910Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I22234
62 MAISEY Floyd Robert  9 Aug 1948Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I32998
63 MCBRIDE Doris May  24 Feb 1932Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I47408
64 MILLER Edward Louis  17 Apr 1944Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I41529
65 MILLER Jason Edward  17 Apr 1944Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I41552
66 MORLEY Carol Jean  25 Dec 1935Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I14615
67 MUNSEE Ruth  6 Jul 1890Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19915
68 OLSEN John Browning  12 May 1922Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19664
69 OLSEN Joseph Elden  13 Aug 1920Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19665
70 OWEN Vera Marie  19 Nov 1915Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I24108
71 PETERSON Bruce Martin  12 Feb 1952Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I38186
72 PETERSON Dale Edward  20 Aug 1949Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I38187
73 PETERSON Martha Ann  15 Jul 1953Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I38188
74 PIERCE Marian Elaine  8 Oct 1930Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I44942
75 POULTER George Raymond  3 Apr 1904Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I45256
76 RICHARDSON Ruthi Ann  14 Nov 1969Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I51330
77 RITCHIE Martha Ann  11 Feb 1882Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I26788
78 RIVES Lorna Joyce  12 Nov 1934Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I16376
79 SANDERS Eldra June  31 Dec 1918Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I28489
80 SAUNDERS Shirley Rae  3 Jul 1932Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I24116
81 SEBER Douglas Roy  26 Aug 1965Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I23411
82 SHOMAKER Roger Merrill  3 Mar 1969Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I55370
83 SHUPE Donald Louis  2 Jul 1923Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I25621
84 SPILSBURY Roaul James  29 Apr 1915Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I20041
85 STOWELL William Earl  9 Jun 1906Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I43466
86 STRICKLAND Katharina Beatrice  7 Nov 2001Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I45709
87 TERRY Elias Adolphus ( Dolph )  2 Mar 1856Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I44618
88 THURSTON Fay Ann  1 Aug 1923Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I16344
89 TILLOTSON Laura LaGene  24 Nov 1933Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I53880
90 TONKS Colleen  17 Sep 1928Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I47880
91 TURNER Evelyn Joyce  10 Apr 1927Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I46367
92 TUTTLE Michael E.  15 Jun 1943Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I16345
93 TUTTLE Norma Jean  10 Feb 1935Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I16407
94 WEBB A Jay  12 Jan 1927Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I55196
95 WEST Edwin C  21 Nov 1907Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I53605
96 WIECHMAN Dennis Jay  2 Jun 1948Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I47665
97 WIECHMAN Katherine Alice  28 Sep 1946Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I47663
98 WILLIAMS Edith Beverly  16 Apr 1932Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I33920
99 WILLIAMS Max Braithwaite  21 Nov 1929Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I51586
100 WILSON Charles Terry  16 Feb 1948Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I51714

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 EDGREN LaVon Miriam  7 Mar 1915Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I34215


Matches 1 to 100 of 100

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLRED Bessie  11 Jan 2016Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I28775
2 ALLRED Edsil Byrum  22 Feb 1960Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I28571
3 ALLRED Purl Leroy  26 Jul 1957Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I28577
4 ANDERSON Parley Lauander  27 Oct 1954Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I29851
5 AVERETT Charles Floyd  28 Jul 1939Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19918
6 BAXTER Glen Junior  30 Dec 2010Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I14197
7 BOYCHUCK Claire Maurine  26 Oct 2009Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I40406
8 BOYINGTON Layfe Thomas  30 Nov 2007Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I15898
9 BRADLEY Emma Lucile  7 Mar 1986Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I20319
10 BRAITHWAITE Florence  25 Sep 1962Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I2673
11 BRAITHWAITE Joseph Lewis  1 Jun 1950Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I20710
12 BRAITHWAITE Maxine  26 Sep 2011Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I2948
13 BRAITHWAITE Neil Lott  12 Sep 1997Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I23655
14 BRAITHWAITE Neldon H.  3 Jan 2006Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I20967
15 BROWN Rhoda Lapreal  18 Aug 1936Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I26065
16 BUSH James Clifford  6 Oct 1970Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I20926
17 BUTTARS Lois  13 Sep 2007Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I20970
18 CAMPKIN Devern Facer  27 Jan 2004Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I53295
19 CHAPMAN Lucille  11 Jul 1990Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I24241
20 CHILD Roscoe Edward  14 Jun 1998Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I52054
21 CHRISTENSEN Mercer  27 May 1976Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I38255
22 CHRISTENSEN Moyle Newel  2 Feb 1990Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I20711
23 COOK Marion W  24 Aug 1994Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I28308
24 DE YOUNG Johannes  6 Apr 1977Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I2755
25 DE YOUNG Sarah  15 Mar 1976Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I21175
26 DRAPER Alkie Maxine  18 Dec 2007Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I53294
27 DRAPER Arthur Brent  30 Jan 2008Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I53293
28 DRAPER Arthur Burrows  30 Jan 2008Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I53292
29 DRAPER Arthur Ray  17 Oct 1984Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I26136
30 DRAPER Barbara Joyce  24 Apr 1943Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I52367
31 DRAPER Emma Viola  15 Jul 1971Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I20380
32 DRAPER Florence Josephine  28 Oct 2006Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I20521
33 DRAPER Hal Veon  23 Jan 2006Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I41937
34 DRAPER Kathrine Nadine  4 Sep 1943Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I52368
35 DRAPER LaDonna  3 Apr 2009Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I37425
36 DRAPER Rendall Kemp  28 Dec 1972Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I21924
37 DRAPER Rulon Parnell  31 Jan 1997Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I20531
38 DRAPER Stella Elnora  6 Sep 1971Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I26206
39 FORBUSH Don Albert  8 Dec 1987Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I23152
40 FOWLER Michael Higham  3 Oct 1997Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I25306
41 FULLMER Olive  18 Oct 1964Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I32244
42 GILLESPIE Emma Lucinda  22 Jul 1966Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I20256
43 GITTINS James Floyd  30 Jul 1981Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I28034
44 GIVEN Albert James  9 Mar 1918Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I44086
45 GRAHAM Paul Verdell  16 Jul 2008Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I47722
46 GREAVES Gescul James  2 Jul 1952Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19656
47 GRITTON Verl William  16 Oct 1983Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I43340
48 GUNDERSON Ada Christine  10 Aug 1983Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I37483
49 HALL Flora Katherine  23 Jun 2005Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I37622
50 HART Jane  9 Apr 1856Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I44570
51 JAMES Lu Ann  10 Jul 1991Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I23036
52 JEPSEN Ivad Maurinus  25 Oct 1971Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I42939
53 JOHANSON Alva Joseph  4 Jun 1979Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I47319
54 JOHNSON Edna June  8 Feb 1990Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I23664
55 JOLLEY Legrand  14 Jun 1954Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I21161
56 JOSEPHSON Carl Dee  15 Dec 1969Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I23291
57 KILLPACK Elliott Reeve  28 Jun 1982Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I47861
58 LAMBSON Arva Lottie  1 Nov 1947Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I41619
59 LEWIS Mary Jane  20 Jul 1950Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I46917
60 LITTLE Phineas Vivian  13 May 1936Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I37818
61 LONG Charlotte Muriel  23 Apr 1975Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I34319
62 MAYLETT Dell C  20 Oct 1994Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I2837
63 MERRIAM Orissa  24 Jul 1962Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I25967
64 MILLS Orvella  16 Jan 2017Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I24777
65 MITCHELL Gus  26 Apr 1954Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I52927
66 MORLEY Carol Jean  30 Dec 1935Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I14615
67 MORTENSEN Bennie Edgel  20 Aug 2013Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I41316
68 MORTENSEN Lynden Darrel  30 Aug 1949Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I41111
69 MULKEY Lois Elaine  24 Feb 2002Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I43685
70 NIELSEN Eunice Marie  11 Nov 2011Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I9960
71 NIELSEN Mary Christina  14 May 1950Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I39557
72 NORRIS Iola  25 Jun 1979Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I51831
73 OLSEN Emma Katherine  13 Feb 1985Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19655
74 PALFREYMAN Ivan Gibson  5 Oct 1969Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I32262
75 PALMER Cecil Wayne  31 Aug 1973Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I31477
76 PALMER Cora  28 Feb 1965Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I34025
77 PETERSON Afton Braithwaite  4 Dec 1978Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I24234
78 PETERSON Dale Edward  24 Aug 1949Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I38187
79 PIERCE Ada Elvera  27 Jul 2002Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I44875
80 RASMUSSEN Blanche Yvonne  1 May 1980Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I7657
81 REED Harvard Huggins  20 Jan 2008Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I28724
82 RICHARDSON Lynn Arvil  21 Jun 2008Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I37196
83 RICHARDSON Ruthi Ann  14 Nov 1969Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I51330
84 RIVES Lorna Joyce  6 Nov 2005Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I16376
85 ROBERTS Arda  30 Apr 2002Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I43272
86 ROBERTS Clifford  10 Aug 1990Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I14789
87 SAUNDERS Arthur Pearl  2 Sep 1972Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I24110
88 SKEEN Ada Myrtle  9 Mar 1977Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I28610
89 SMITH Daryl J  8 Sep 1968Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I23601
90 SMITH Rhoda Luann Bird  15 Jun 1945Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I28551
91 STALLING Ann Laurie  7 Jul 1996Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I53291
92 STEELE Abigail  24 Feb 1975Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I22126
93 STRICKLAND Katharina Beatrice  7 Nov 2001Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I45709
94 TANNER Verda Ruth  4 Jul 2007Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I43384
95 THOMAS Raymond Robert Hustler  5 Mar 1975Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I51387
96 TIDWELL Lynn Waldo  15 Feb 1981Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I20768
97 TUTTLE Michael E.  17 Feb 1944Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I16345
98 WAGNER Lloyd Raymond  18 Feb 1988Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I24111
99 WARD Marguerite  16 Sep 1999Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I43071
100 ZABRISKIE Jesse Wilson  5 Nov 1946Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I39616


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BOYINGTON Delbert LaVon  6 Apr 2017Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I21870
2 BRAITHWAITE Florence  28 Sep 1962Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I2673
3 BRAITHWAITE Maxine  1 Oct 2011Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I2948
4 BRAITHWAITE Wayne Lester  2 Nov 2005Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I22246
5 DE YOUNG Johannes  9 Apr 1977Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I2755
6 DRAPER Stella Lavon  14 Oct 2000Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I55234
7 GARNER Ada Eliza  8 Apr 1993Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I28614
8 GOOCH Frank Leslie  27 Jan 1976Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I32259
9 GREAVES Gescul James  14 Jul 1952Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19656
10 JOHNSON Diane  Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I47527
11 JOHNSON Edna June  Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I23664
12 KELLOGG Dona Mae  16 Jun 2010Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I48245
13 LITTLE Phineas Vivian  17 May 1936Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I37818
14 MAYLETT Dell C  25 Oct 1994Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I2837
15 MITCHELL Gus  29 Apr 1954Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I52927
16 MONSON Leland Hans  Aug 1987Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I47317
17 MORLEY Carol Jean  Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I14615
18 NEUBERT Erhard Max  9 May 1992Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I45008
19 NEUBERT Harvey LaMon  10 Jun 1971Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I45009
20 OLSEN Emma Katherine  Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I19655
21 PIERCE Ada Elvera  1 Aug 2002Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I44875
22 PORTER Winona  Apr 1976Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I44804
23 POULTER George Raymond  Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I45256
24 RICHARDSON Lynn Arvil  Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I37196
25 SAUNDERS Arthur Pearl  4 Sep 1972Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I24110
26 SHANNON Roberta Ann  Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I34339
27 SMITH Gayla Larue  8 May 1985Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I33955
28 SMITH Rhoda Luann Bird  Jun 1945Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I28551
29 STAKER John  12 Feb 1910Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I55988
30 TIDWELL Lynn Waldo  Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I20768
31 WHITNEY Mozelle  13 Apr 2011Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I23658
32 WRIGHT David Eccles  Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA I39029


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARTON / REDD  8 Mar 1974Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F10160
2 BLACKBURN / GRAMES  12 May 1978Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F18276
3 BRADLEY / WARD  26 Jun 1907Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F13350
4 BRAEGGER / BRAITHWAITE  1 Jul 1953Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F10141
5 BURNS / WEECH  21 Jul 1967Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F14345
6 CAMPBELL / RIVES  18 Jul 1946Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F8446
7 DRAPER / BUSENBARK  20 Mar 1930Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F15746
8 GREGORY / ELSTER  12 Dec 1981Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F19880
9 HAGAN / ROBB  14 Aug 1929Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F14528
10 HANNAH / CORRIGEN  Dec 1961Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F21905
11 HANSEN / JOHNSON  3 Jul 1952Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F17696
12 LEMONS / NOBLE  30 Sep 1908Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F14717
13 MAYLETT / DAVIES  4 Aug 1905Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F18973
14 MILLIGAN / DRAPER  28 Jun 1911Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F9693
15 MORSE / BLISS  12 Jul 1948Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F22766
16 MYERS /   11 Nov 1919Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F9272
17 PERRY / JENSEN  11 Jan 1948Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F18026
18 SORENSEN / GILLESPIE  16 Dec 1912Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F14131
19 SWALLOW / KREBS  18 Jun 1977Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F19060
20 TAYLOR / THURSTON  11 Nov 1961Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F18756
21 TILLOTSON / BAGULEY  14 Nov 1953Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F22164
22 TRUMBLE / ALEXANDER  26 Jun 1985Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F12017
23 VAN LEUVAN / ROBERDS  3 Aug 1928Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F11814
24 WELD / LUTHER  22 Nov 1947Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA F22583

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