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Michigan, USA



Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arthur Adams  17 Jul 1895Michigan, USA I46262
2 Chester Roberts  16 Jun 1888Michigan, USA I46263
3 Mariah  Apr 1856Michigan, USA I43784
4 AMES Violet  16 Jan 1896Michigan, USA I50587
5 BAILEY Alta  Abt May 1898Michigan, USA I50299
6 Mrs. CRABB Hazel Moffatt  24 Sep 1901Michigan, USA I50994
7 CRABB Wm Ab .  Michigan, USA I50691
8 CRANE Geo . Henry  Michigan, USA I51188
9 DRAPER Alice Margarete  May 1886Michigan, USA I50200
10 DRAPER Bessie  1879Michigan, USA I50203
11 DRAPER Emma Jane  Sep 1884Michigan, USA I50199
12 DRAPER Helen Irene  4 Aug 1901Michigan, USA I49947
13 DRAPER Lillie  1867Michigan, USA I49024
14 DRAPER Vina  Abt May 1880Michigan, USA I49885
15 DRAPER Willie  1867Michigan, USA I49025
16 EGGLESTON Ralph  Abt 1888Michigan, USA I50321
17 ELLIS Katherine  Abt Apr 1872Michigan, USA I50718
18 ELLIS Raymond  Abt 1875Michigan, USA I50713
19 ELLIS Viva  Dec 1880Michigan, USA I50714
20 FOSTER Albert V .  Michigan, USA I51176
21 GORDON Stella  Michigan, USA I50988
22 HALLOCK Elizabeth  Abt 1845Michigan, USA I49419
23 HALLOCK Francis  1847Michigan, USA I49426
24 HALLOCK Francis M .  Abt 1839Michigan, USA I49418
25 HALLOCK Henry Flaved  Abt 1838Michigan, USA I49422
26 HALLOCK Martin  1841Michigan, USA I49413
27 HAROLD Maud  Abt 1882Michigan, USA I50249
28 HAYES Harriett  1882Michigan, USA I49755
29 HICKS Lovey  May 1926Michigan, USA I51066
30 HOUSEMAN Glen Leland  14 Jan 1890Michigan, USA I50379
31 KNAPP Marion J .  1864Michigan, USA I49508
32 MCDONALD Vernita May  21 Feb 1903Michigan, USA I49966
33 MITCHELL Robert J .  1892Michigan, USA I50583
34 O'HARA Anna  Abt 1877Michigan, USA I51209
35 PERKINS Melissa  1845Michigan, USA I50212
36 QUIBELL John William  16 Feb 1901Michigan, USA I50382
37 SHILLING Patti Sue  27 Jun 0061Michigan, USA I51080
38 WILSON George S .  Abt Oct 1870Michigan, USA I51143


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chester Roberts  21 Nov 1956Michigan, USA I46263
2 ALLEN Diane Lynn  Mar 1947Michigan, USA I51256
3 ALLEN William Mc Kinley  1970Michigan, USA I51120
4 BRENNAN Hubert  Jul 1985Michigan, USA I51001
5 DELONG Lucinda A  1914Michigan, USA I50194
6 HICKS Lovey  May 1926Michigan, USA I51066
7 MARSH Alice  13 Sep 1939Michigan, USA I46151
8 QUIBELL Lillian Viola  1953Michigan, USA I50383
9 RORICK Cosper  23 Apr 1910Michigan, USA I50776
10 WILMORE Clara  4 May 1904Michigan, USA I46261
11 WING Hannah Alvary  1925Michigan, USA I49342


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 THOMAS Elizabeth Jane  Michigan, USA I49930
2 WING Hannah Alvary  Michigan, USA I49342


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BATT / JEWETT  Abt 1930Michigan, USA F20913
2 CARTER / ROWE  1907Michigan, USA F20850
3 FREIBERG / WORRELL  1875Michigan, USA F20675
4 HALES / DRAPER  1873Michigan, USA F20792
5 KELLY / DRAPER  Abt 1897Michigan, USA F20543
6 LITTLEFIELD / WINN  24 Mar 1911Michigan, USA F20888
7 MERRITT / ATTWOOD  1873Michigan, USA F20417
8 MITOLA / BATT  1940Michigan, USA F20914
9 MONK / MUNROE  1918Michigan, USA F21028
10 NEWTON / DENSMORE  Abt 1800Michigan, USA F20361
11 SIDWELL / SAUNDERS  1873Michigan, USA F20416
12 SISTRUNK / LUMBERT  1842Michigan, USA F18699
13 SORENSEN / PRATT  Abt 1925Michigan, USA F21027

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