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Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FARRINGTON Robert  1902Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32237
2 FULLMER Dora  31 May 1908Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32048
3 FULLMER Emmet Heber  24 Jan 1905Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32063
4 FULLMER Irene Artemis  14 Mar 1917Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32055
5 FULLMER Iva  27 Aug 1911Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32060
6 FULLMER Leslie Smith  9 Apr 1908Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32249
7 FULLMER Lewis Lawrence  27 Apr 1904Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32244
8 FULLMER Margaret  17 May 1919Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32059
9 FULLMER Nellie  7 Jan 1906Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32239
10 FULLMER Rhoda  5 Oct 1902Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32235
11 HALES Raymon Draper  13 Feb 1942Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I51401
12 JACKSON Clarence Van Leuven  3 Dec 1898Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32017
13 JOHNSON Silas Earl  30 Nov 1897Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I28640
14 KENDALL Larana  13 Oct 1901Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32228
15 LARSEN Alberta  26 Dec 1898Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I22287
16 MACKLEY Evelyn Alga  21 Oct 1922Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I23090
17 MACKLEY Ronald James  3 Mar 1934Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I23093
18 MACKLEY Yvonne  5 May 1925Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I23091
19 PALFREYMAN Ivan Richard  22 Mar 1915Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32265
20 PERRY Edward Harvey  23 Jan 1901Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I26139
21 VAN LEUVEN Delilah Estella  16 Feb 1902Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32180
22 VAN LEUVEN Ira Alonzo  31 Oct 1898Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32156
23 VAN LEUVEN Lewis Jackson  3 Jul 1897Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32177
24 VAN LEUVEN Rhoda Lucinda  30 May 1883Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32010
25 VAN LEUVEN Seth Alvin  19 Oct 1889Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32012
26 VAN LEUVEN Silas Emil  3 Nov 1895Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I52067
27 VAN LEUVEN Stanley Washington  30 Jun 1900Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32179
28 WHITING Clarence Armon  29 Dec 1911Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I33875
29 WHITNEY Aaron Glen  20 Mar 1906Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I23649
30 WHITNEY Keith Lynn  27 Oct 1926Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I88477
31 WHITNEY Mozelle  29 Apr 1924Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I23651


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 FULLMER Rhoda  13 Oct 1902Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32235
2 JOHNSON Silas Earl  6 Mar 1898Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I28640


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRAITHWAITE Catherine  30 Apr 1949Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I17111
2 BULKLEY Anna Mary  10 Jun 1929Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I33575
3 CAKA John Earl  28 Jul 2010Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I20941
4 DRAPER Isaac Morley  22 Apr 1935Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I26592
5 FULLMER Leslie Smith  27 Apr 1908Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32249
6 FULLMER Margaret  26 Jul 1919Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32059
7 HALES Reid Mendenhall  19 Aug 1970Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I51400
8 HAWKINS Shirley Valentine  20 Mar 2014Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I14224
9 PETERSEN Hedevig Marie  1 Aug 1978Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I14201
10 PETERSEN Marvin George  13 Jun 2013Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I14221
11 SMITH Doris Janette  2 Apr 2002Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I21096
12 SMITH Shirley Marie  25 Feb 1993Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I43476
13 VAN LEUVEN Caroline Luveria  24 Apr 1908Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32014
14 VAN LEUVEN Delilah Estella  29 Aug 1903Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32180
15 VAN LEUVEN Lewis Jackson  23 Jul 1897Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32177
16 VAN LEUVEN Ralph Cornelious  22 Feb 1888Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I32011
17 WHITING Elizabeth  5 Aug 1928Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA I33766


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLOXHAM / VAN LEUVEN  13 Jun 1921Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA F13916
2 BRAITHWAITE / WHITNEY  9 Dec 1945Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA F10596
3 CURTIS / TORRENCE  13 Oct 1984Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA F16845
4 FARRINGTON / FULLMER  Abt 1920Mapleton, Utah, Utah, USA F13959

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