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Lenox, Madison, New York



Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 MITCHELL Deloys ( Delois)  27 Dec 1831Lenox, Madison, New York I152760
2 PALMER Andrew Jackson  12 Apr 1829Lenox, Madison, New York I149444
3 PALMER Caroline Donaldson  25 Aug 1837Lenox, Madison, New York I153117
4 PALMER Elizabeth Ann Smith  29 May 1843Lenox, Madison, New York I153118
5 PALMER Elton Lamont  1 May 1863Lenox, Madison, New York I152609
6 PALMER Frances Marian  30 Dec 1829Lenox, Madison, New York I153033
7 PALMER Harry Miner  22 Nov 1813Lenox, Madison, New York I149575
8 PALMER James Gillespie B.  27 Jun 1841Lenox, Madison, New York I153113
9 PALMER Mary Rosabelle  22 Apr 1849Lenox, Madison, New York I153114
10 PALMER William Leander  8 Sep 1865Lenox, Madison, New York I152611
11 RANDALL Albert  7 Apr 1849Lenox, Madison, New York I153233
12 RANDALL Angeline Almira  13 Jul 1833Lenox, Madison, New York I149673
13 RANDALL Elmer Eugene  21 Apr 1847Lenox, Madison, New York I153230
14 RANDALL Flavius Jonathan  14 May 1828Lenox, Madison, New York I148952
15 RANDALL Frank L.  27 Apr 1851Lenox, Madison, New York I153229
16 RANDALL Leonard Avery  28 Mar 1817Lenox, Madison, New York I149474
17 RANDALL Orville Delmer  6 Nov 1845Lenox, Madison, New York I153232
18 RANDALL Russell Morgan  5 Jan 1806Lenox, Madison, New York I149705
19 RANDALL William  7 Sep 1855Lenox, Madison, New York I153231


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MERRILL / MORSE  22 Jan 1852Lenox, Madison, New York F25329
2 PALMER / DAVIS  1857Lenox, Madison, New York F56290
3 WOOD / RANDALL  27 Jun 1830Lenox, Madison, New York F56906

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