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Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA



Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLRED Iva Maryann  4 Nov 1882Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22232
2 AMBROSE Beth Inez  31 Dec 1921Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I47874
3 ANDERSON Morris Earl  3 Oct 1920Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I42625
4 BENNION Lynn B  14 May 1921Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I47227
5 BENNION Virginia  15 Jun 1917Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I47270
6 BRAITHWAITE Kent  20 Apr 1956Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I23595
7 BRIGGS Lloyd Comer  5 Jan 1914Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I40995
8 BROADBENT John Shaw  1 Feb 1917Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I42622
9 CLARK Arlie Ray  15 Mar 1901Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I41301
10 DARLING Vietta May  22 Sep 1903Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I38854
11 DAVIS Harry  8 Feb 1923Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I23809
12 DRAPER Grant L  22 Mar 1952Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I35600
13 DRAPER Marjorie Monita  6 Apr 1903Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I41295
14 EDNEY Vera La Rue  23 Mar 1904Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I28329
15 FOX Baby  3 Jan 1914Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22102
16 FOX Baby  23 Jul 1924Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22103
17 FOX Darrel Wilson  7 Apr 1908Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22100
18 FOX Earnest Sterling  14 Mar 1910Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22082
19 FOX Eli  28 Dec 1876Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I21995
20 FOX Forest  8 Oct 1898Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I20527
21 FOX Ida Lois  19 Jan 1913Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22096
22 FOX Nellie La Pearl  23 Feb 1904Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22098
23 FOX Thelma Juliette  14 Mar 1902Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22099
24 GOATES Joseph Blaine  30 Mar 1903Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I38471
25 GURNEY Francis Eugene  10 Oct 1881Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I35604
26 HALSEY Sharon Kaye  4 Mar 1941Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I51907
27 HANSEN Don Torval  26 Jun 1926Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I55092
28 JENSEN Annie Albina  5 Nov 1890Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I26031
29 JONES Nile Douglas  15 Feb 1919Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I55093
30 KIRKHAM Adah  3 Sep 1912Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I37605
31 KIRKHAM Edward Douglas  1 Jan 1911Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I37593
32 KIRKHAM Orla George  3 Sep 1912Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I37602
33 LEE Glen Wilson  23 Apr 1928Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I30711
34 LITTLEFORD Nelda Susan  18 Oct 1937Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I55232
35 MAKIN Bertha Elizabeth,  21 Sep 1912Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I23077
36 MERRILL Frederick Leland  21 Nov 1901Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I47450
37 PRESTWICH (William) Newell  18 Dec 1893Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22063
38 PRESTWICH Clarence  26 Feb 1892Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22074
39 PRESTWICH Elva May  3 Mar 1905Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22065
40 PRESTWICH LaVarr Erwin  21 Jan 1915Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I37873
41 PRESTWICH Leslie Lloyd  23 Dec 1896Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22069
42 PRESTWICH Osmer Leroy  17 Feb 1901Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22075
43 ROBERTS Leonard  5 Sep 1898Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22110
44 ROYLE Uvonna  21 Feb 1914Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I45456
45 SHEPHERD Madge Janet  27 Jun 1928Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I40150
46 STEWART Martha Lydia  12 Apr 1886Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22148
47 TATE Donald Blaine  14 Sep 1919Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I21587
48 THOMAS Elva Delena  13 Dec 1930Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I46904
49 THOMAS Lilith Della  12 Aug 1900Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I29016
50 WALKER Vern Merrill  6 Apr 1925Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I42309
51 WEBB Vernett Clara  6 May 1902Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I45760
52 WESTENSKOW John Lynn  8 Sep 1933Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I23993
53 WHIMPEY Rachel  6 Oct 1905Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I31297
54 WOODHOUSE Florence Betty  21 Nov 1918Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22133
55 WOODHOUSE Morgan Thomas  31 Mar 1855Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22122
56 WRIGLEY Edward Menta  23 Jan 1901Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I147
57 WRIGLEY Nona May  13 Sep 1898Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I14378
58 WRIGLEY William Henry  29 Jul 1896Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I14456


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BROADBENT John Shaw  1 Apr 1917Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I42622
2 DRAPER Grant L  4 May 1952Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I35600
3 FOX Thelma Juliette  Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22099
4 KIRKHAM Adah  3 Nov 1912Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I37605
5 KIRKHAM Edward Douglas  5 Feb 1911Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I37593
6 KIRKHAM Orla George  3 Nov 1912Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I37602
7 THOMAS Lilith Della  30 Sep 1900Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I29016


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS Silas Elmer  28 Aug 1956Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I53702
2 ALLRED Elmina  14 Dec 1958Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I26843
3 BOYINGTON Erma May  4 Jun 1973Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I24983
4 BROADBENT John Shaw  9 Nov 2003Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I42622
5 DAVIS Rual Dennis  2 Apr 1965Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I29022
6 DENISON Rowland La Var  16 Aug 1970Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I24304
7 DRAPER Jenniel Elaine  3 Dec 1990Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I41622
8 ELIASON Orson David  24 Nov 1923Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I20093
9 FOX Darrel Wilson  4 Oct 1988Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22100
10 FOX Earnest Sterling  1 Apr 1976Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22082
11 FOX Eli  28 Dec 1965Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I21995
12 GEE James  26 Mar 1931Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I13910
13 HOWES Matilda Jane  7 Mar 1904Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I29739
14 KEMPTON Donna Earlene  5 Aug 2011Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I23296
15 KINDER Margary Ann  8 Jul 1959Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I35605
16 KITCHEN Mary Louisa  22 May 1969Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I42589
17 LITTLEFORD Nelda Susan  28 Mar 2013Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I55232
18 LYMAN Laura May  5 Feb 2008Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I42775
19 OLDHAM Ned Charles  3 Jan 2005Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I26579
20 PRESTWICH Juliette  22 Mar 1956Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22070
21 RUSSELL Regina  14 Sep 2009Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I28480
22 THOMAS Julia May  22 Jul 1917Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22061
23 WOODHOUSE Morgan Thomas  10 Oct 1922Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22122


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ALLRED Iva Maryann  Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22232
2 BROADBENT John Shaw  14 Nov 2003Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I42622
3 COX Grant Le Roy  2 Mar 1998Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I41623
4 DAVIS Alice Meirl  25 Jan 2010Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I42616
5 DAVIS Harry  1 Oct 2004Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I23809
6 DRAPER Fern Marie  9 Oct 2008Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I40895
7 DRAPER Grant L  26 Nov 2007Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I35600
8 DRAPER Jenniel Elaine  6 Dec 1990Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I41622
9 DRAPER Lisa Mariah  8 Jan 1981Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I41625
10 DRAPER Paul Clive  3 Dec 1977Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I26155
11 EARL Kenneth C  28 Sep 2012Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I40898
12 FOX Darrel Wilson  7 Oct 1988Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22100
13 FOX Eli  31 Dec 1965Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I21995
14 HESS Blaine Warner  Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I55231
15 HITCHCOCK John DeLyle  7 Oct 1964Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I41047
16 HOWES Matilda Jane  Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I29739
17 JONES Nile Douglas  Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I55093
18 KINDER Margary Ann  12 Jul 1959Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I35605
19 LITTLEFORD Nelda Susan  4 Apr 2013Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I55232
20 MACKLEY Elmer Holmes  20 Nov 1993Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I23060
21 MAKIN Bertha Elizabeth,  Oct 1980Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I23077
22 PRESTWICH Juliette  25 Mar 1956Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22070
23 ROBINSON Sarah Ann  16 Nov 1925Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I7748
24 RUDD Bernard Eugene  16 Feb 2002Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I25764
25 SMITH Albert Grant  23 Aug 1974Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I43480
26 THOMAS Elva Delena  20 Jul 2011Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I46904
27 THOMAS Julia May  25 Jul 1917Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22061
28 TIDWELL Delbert Cleon  25 Jan 1990Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I45400
29 WEBB Vernett Clara  25 Jun 1992Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I45760
30 WOODHOUSE Ervin  4 May 1998Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA I22137


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BATTEL / WASHBURN  1973Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA F22643
2 HAYES / DRAPER  29 Mar 1907Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA F8139
3 ROGERS / GRAY  16 Mar 1914Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA F12026
4 STALEY / DRAPER  30 Nov 1899Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA F10568
5 VAN LEUVEN /   21 Aug 1964Lehi, Utah, Utah, USA F17156

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