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Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA



Matches 1 to 72 of 72

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLACK Eva Almeda  6 Apr 1891Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I31628
2 BLACK Homer "P"  2 Oct 1895Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I31633
3 BRADLEY Elloise  30 Nov 1892Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30329
4 BRADLEY George Washington  8 May 1898Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30336
5 BRADLEY Ivern Mckinley  13 Sep 1899Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30328
6 BRADLEY Ruel Manley  3 Dec 1893Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30349
7 BRADLEY William Ellis  29 Dec 1895Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30311
8 BRAITHWAITE Rebecca  29 Jan 1888Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I21233
9 BRAITHWAITE Sarah Ellen (Nell)  2 Aug 1891Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I21229
10 CHRISTENSEN Irene Johansen  28 Aug 1910Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I42075
11 COLLARD Robena Ann  8 Apr 1911Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I31778
12 COX Ora M  11 Aug 1920Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I42424
13 CURTIS William Guy  21 Apr 1915Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30516
14 DRAPER Ted  30 Jun 1935Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I37682
15 GRANGE Ferris Ralph  7 Apr 1924Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I47744
16 GREEN Lloyd Lavon  13 May 1909Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I44933
17 JENSEN Charles Rodney  18 Aug 1895Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I19722
18 JOHNSON Vernon Cloyd  15 Jun 1903Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30481
19 JOHNSON Vernon Edgar  27 May 1881Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30466
20 KILLPACK Alma  26 Apr 1905Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30369
21 KILLPACK Don Barney  12 Dec 1931Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I47836
22 KILLPACK Eliza Launa  14 Oct 1895Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30365
23 KILLPACK Elliott Reeve  25 Nov 1914Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I47861
24 KILLPACK Emma Pauline  4 Sep 1913Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30723
25 KILLPACK Gay Nell  20 Feb 1930Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30724
26 KILLPACK Grover Cleveland  31 Mar 1893Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30375
27 KILLPACK James Herrick  16 Sep 1908Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30371
28 KILLPACK Jethro C  10 May 1920Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I47873
29 KILLPACK Jonathan Movell  14 Jan 1900Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30350
30 KILLPACK Kenner Whitney  18 Sep 1914Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30374
31 KILLPACK Kenneth Glow  12 Oct 1897Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30366
32 KILLPACK Larry Movell  9 Nov 1925Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30379
33 KILLPACK Mary Adelaide  25 Aug 1902Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30368
34 KILLPACK Moroni  7 Aug 1912Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30373
35 KILLPACK Patsy Ruth  15 Jul 1928Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I47867
36 KILLPACK Ramona Eveline  27 Jun 1906Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30370
37 KILLPACK Scott Douglas  24 Aug 1910Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30372
38 KIRBY Orilda  20 Feb 1894Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30725
39 LEAMASTER Arlene  14 Apr 1935Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I33859
40 LEONARD Emma Elverda  14 Mar 1900Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I33862
41 LEONARD Flora Catherine  17 Dec 1897Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30376
42 LEONARD Ronald John  16 Jun 1906Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I47841
43 MARSHALL Christian Rue  19 Jun 1920Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I36451
44 MAXWELL Myrtle Calista  17 Jul 1900Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I27011
45 MILLS Chester  19 Jul 1917Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30499
46 MILLS Eugene Sheldon  23 Oct 1915Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30501
47 MILLS Homer Clell  22 Dec 1913Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30503
48 NIELSEN Doris Lyle  27 Sep 1913Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I45218
49 OVESEN Clarence Donaven  9 Mar 1890Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I19716
50 PALMER Iva Alazada  30 Jun 1898Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I34022
51 PIERCE Albert Boyd  18 Jan 1904Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I44711
52 PIERCE Byron George  27 Jun 1905Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I44892
53 PIERCE Dora Almina  8 May 1905Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I44877
54 PIERCE Francis Murray  18 Feb 1899Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I44886
55 PIERCE Jennie Melvina  21 Mar 1906Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I44709
56 PIERCE Murry Elton  12 Apr 1900Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I44710
57 PIERCE Syrilda  30 May 1896Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I44880
58 PIERCE Tressie Ann  26 Aug 1900Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I44878
59 PIERCE Vena May  1 Dec 1902Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I44885
60 SMITH Michael Nolen  25 Feb 1890Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I38348
61 SWEET John Reuel  21 Mar 1903Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I44815
62 SWEET Joseph Bryant  21 Feb 1898Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I44819
63 TRUMAN Ralph Phil  4 Nov 1916Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I47724
64 WAKEFIELD Laura Idona  22 Jun 1905Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30492
65 WALKER Arthur Henry  20 Mar 1888Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I22609
66 WALKER John Clyde  4 Nov 1890Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I22610
67 WALKER Margaret Ella  2 Jan 1899Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I31579
68 WALKER Mary Agnes  17 Dec 1896Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I22612
69 WALKER Rebecca  19 Nov 1896Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I31580
70 WILSON Wesley Kirby  24 Sep 1901Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30394
71 YOUNG Lee Erastus  12 Jun 1901Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30339
72 YOUNG Mayo Balle  14 Aug 1912Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I22249


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BRADLEY Elloise  Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30329
2 CHRISTENSEN Irene Johansen  2 Oct 1910Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I42075
3 LEONARD Emma Elverda  Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I33862
4 LEONARD Flora Catherine  Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30376
5 PIERCE Tressie Ann  7 Oct 1900Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I44878
6 PIERCE Vena May  4 Jan 1903Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I44885


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARMSTRONG Effie Olivia  6 Oct 1928Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I19589
2 BRADLEY James Washington  16 Nov 1926Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I26086
3 GRANGE Gary Michael  28 Sep 2003Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I47745
4 JOHNSON Charles Melvin  26 Jul 1950Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I37437
5 KILLPACK Jonathan H  26 Dec 1918Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I27048
6 LEAMASTER John Martin  13 Dec 1944Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I33810
7 LEONARD Flora Catherine  Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30376
8 MCARTHUR Thelma  2 Jul 2003Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I31809
9 PALMER George Edwin  29 Oct 1902Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I31450
10 PIERCE Francis Murray  1 May 1899Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I44886
11 PULLI Daniel Peter  15 Jun 2006Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I41018


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BRADLEY Irene  4 Aug 1962Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30361
2 BRADLEY James Draper  10 Mar 1964Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30362
3 BRADLEY James Washington  19 Nov 1926Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I26086
4 BRADLEY Mary Adelaide  4 Jan 1959Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30360
5 DRAPER Launa Adelaide  20 Jun 1912Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I21568
6 GRANGE Ferris Ralph  15 Jan 1972Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I47744
7 JONES Durane William  6 Oct 1983Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I47728
8 JONES Mary Bea  25 Nov 2002Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I47729
9 KILLPACK Grover Cleveland  10 Nov 1972Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30375
10 KILLPACK Jonathan H  28 Dec 1918Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I27048
11 KILLPACK Jonathan Movell  9 Mar 1973Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30350
12 KIRBY Orilda  18 Jun 1979Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30725
13 LEAMASTER Delbert  Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I33833
14 LEAMASTER John Martin  16 Dec 1944Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I33810
15 LEAMASTER Lucius Alfonso  Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I33831
16 LEONARD Flora Catherine  Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30376
17 MCARTHUR Thelma  5 Jul 2003Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I31809
18 PALMER George Edwin  30 Oct 1902Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I31450
19 PULLI Daniel Peter  19 Jun 2006Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I41018
20 WAKEFIELD Don Angus  12 Jun 1965Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30475
21 WAKEFIELD Laura Idona  Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I30492
22 WHITING Millie  16 Feb 1956Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA I33768


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLACKHAM / LARSON  1 Mar 1921Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA F13510
2 DRAPER / YOUD  17 Nov 1922Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA F13516
3 FERGUSON / TAYLOR  25 Dec 1895Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA F13873
4 HANSEN /   24 Aug 1963Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA F17202
5 IRVING / COLVIN  12 Sep 1904Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA F18715
6 JOHANSEN / BARNEY  21 Jan 1921Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA F11926
7 JUNGVIG / CASPER  2 Nov 1935Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA F19066
8 KNAPP / DRAPER  13 Apr 1939Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA F19976
9 PETERSON / ARMSTRONG  20 Aug 1903Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA F13525
10 PETERSON / ROSS  10 Jul 1923Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA F13530
11 SCENTER / BECKWITH  26 May 1906Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA F18831
12 WOODBURY / EVANS  30 Sep 1912Huntington, Emery, Utah, USA F13533

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