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California, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 221

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anne  California, United States I78088
2 Eva  Feb 1872California, United States I155987
3 Lillian A  1914California, United States I82499
4 Lori  Abt 1930California, United States I156823
5 ALGER Victor Hugo  5 Sep 1904California, United States I155990
6 ALLISON Dora  Jul 1883California, United States I60888
7 ALLISON Nora  Jul 1883California, United States I60889
8 ALSENZ Jay Wyman  26 Jun 1912California, United States I79621
9 AMES Ardella  10 Nov 1890California, United States I75297
10 AMES Joseph Charles  1921California, United States I71057
11 BAILEY Bennett P  1904California, United States I101084
12 BAILEY Clayton Prebb  1904California, United States I101086
13 BATT Bonnie Pearl  7 Oct 1916California, United States I159265
14 BEARD Catherine  26 May 1900California, United States I101098
15 BENNETT Samual Milton  28 Dec 1908California, United States I135882
16 BLAKE Gladys W  25 Jan 1892California, United States I156020
17 BRANDON Anna C  1893California, United States I65250
18 BRIDGES Beatrice  1 Jul 1920California, United States I98685
19 BROWN Grant Walker  3 Sep 1915California, United States I85975
20 BROWN Mary Carol  28 Jun 1905California, United States I78021
21 BUELL Orrin R  4 Aug 1902California, United States I139789
22 BUTTERS Charles Clifford  6 Sep 1939California, United States I137582
23 CARLISLE John Kenneth  19 Sep 1924California, United States I141365
24 CASE Edith E  1911California, United States I157950
25 CASEY Claude Leroy  2 Dec 1896California, United States I79945
26 CASTER Catherine  1911California, United States I75295
27 CHILDS George William  Jan 1884California, United States I131434
28 CORBETT Adalaide E  1920California, United States I75300
29 CORBETT Catherine  7 Sep 1884California, United States I67333
30 CORBETT Eva  Dec 1893California, United States I67328
31 CORBETT Ida May  4 Sep 1878California, United States I67325
32 CORBETT Ithiel  1874California, United States I67329
33 CORBETT Iva  1890California, United States I67327
34 CORBETT Julia B.  10 Apr 1871California, United States I67323
35 CORBETT Louisa  1869California, United States I67318
36 CORBETT Maud Ledora  8 Sep 1885California, United States I67324
37 CORBETT Robert  Feb 1888California, United States I67326
38 CORBETT Spencer  1881California, United States I67330
39 CRUZ Edna Mercedes  24 Sep 1891California, United States I123294
40 CUNNINGHAM Harry Lowry  14 Jul 1914California, United States I84723
41 DALTON James Charles  22 Aug 1924California, United States I86714
42 DELIGNE Clara Augusta  Oct 1893California, United States I137512
43 DEVILLE Earle O  14 May 1900California, United States I84158
44 DIOS Evalyn E  23 Jul 1910California, United States I141294
45 DODGE Henry  22 Mar 1888California, United States I84643
46 DOTERRER Jewell Roberta  2 Nov 1923California, United States I142894
47 DRAPER Ida Reta  28 Jun 1884California, United States I72296
48 DRYER Mary A  Feb 1873California, United States I63685
49 EDWARDS Anthony  Abt 1940California, United States I144830
50 ELLIS Carol Ann  18 Sep 1942California, United States I91429
51 FALKENBURG William Francis  26 Jan 1890California, United States I160452
52 FERRIS Preston A  7 Feb 1915California, United States I86833
53 FLOWER M  Oct 1889California, United States I100590
54 FOGAL Bert Everett  23 Oct 1888California, United States I99478
55 FOLEY William J  16 Sep 1906California, United States I127489
56 FORTH Richard  Apr 1876California, United States I72517
57 GEIGER Viola Loretta  11 Oct 1911California, United States I72518
58 GERLISKY Stuart Albert  22 Oct 1948California, United States I100784
59 GESSELMAN William James  7 Nov 1918California, United States I143258
60 GOMON Celester L.  10 Mar 1910California, United States I160702
61 GOULD Barbara  1925California, United States I81762
62 GOULD Douglas  1924California, United States I81760
63 GRAY Phyllis  1931California, United States I139855
64 GRAY Virginia Mae  26 May 1926California, United States I110898
65 HAFFNER Donald P  Abt 1921California, United States I79285
66 HAFFNER Dorothy J  Abt 1916California, United States I79283
67 HAFFNER Florence E  Abt 1912California, United States I79282
68 HAFFNER Glen E  Abt 1918California, United States I79284
69 HAFFNER James L  Abt 1924California, United States I79286
70 HALL Esther M  Abt 1910California, United States I101860
71 HALL Norman Lester  27 Jul 1925California, United States I159142
72 HALLOCK Glen Vincent  9 Sep 1904California, United States I160726
73 HALLOCK Lloyd Lionel  8 Dec 1894California, United States I50645
74 HAMPHERE Grace Turner  1896California, United States I121536
75 HARDING Emily Foster  9 Nov 1869California, United States I125609
76 HARVEY Ernest F  1909California, United States I79547
77 HARVEY Louis B  7 Mar 1903California, United States I79549
78 HARVEY Mamie L  1911California, United States I79545
79 HASKELL Albert Wisner  19 Oct 1909California, United States I41102
80 HICHINGS Mary E  1918California, United States I78015
81 HIGBY Carolyn Mabel  1 Sep 1904California, United States I127484
82 HILL Drusilla Celestia  31 Mar 1889California, United States I123977
83 HILL Francis B  22 Sep 1908California, United States I110938
84 HITCHINGS Lisle D.  Oct 1894California, United States I70253
85 HOLLING Clara  1872California, United States I155111
86 INGHAM Alice H  1906California, United States I127498
87 JACKSON Wellington  1916California, United States I94212
88 JACOBY Evelyn  1912California, United States I140019
89 JENKINS Sidney Roswell  24 Feb 1916California, United States I99635
90 JOHNSON Ruth L  1900California, United States I63714
91 KELLER DUNN MARSH Loretta  5 Nov 1935California, United States I91436
92 KLEIN John Lavelle  24 Nov 1909California, United States I102280
93 KNUTZEN Dorothy  2 Jul 1912California, United States I102307
94 LACKEY A Vernard  1921California, United States I141525
95 LACKEY Elizabeth J  1926California, United States I141526
96 LEDBETTER Stanley Kenneth  1 Nov 1930California, United States I83966
97 LEE Helen E.  30 Sep 1894California, United States I90151
98 LEE Jack H.  1924California, United States I90155
99 LEIVAS Frank  1887California, United States I160564
100 LILL Margaret  Abt 1915California, United States I87704

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Matches 1 to 100 of 189

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Charles  California, United States I80400
2 Mr. ANDERSON  California, United States I137313
3 ASH James R  Sep 1952California, United States I73629
4 BAILEY Jack  California, United States I136429
5 BAILEY James Clark  22 Dec 1891California, United States I99063
6 BAILEY James William  8 May 1987California, United States I101080
7 BAILEY Jean  California, United States I136430
8 BAILEY Lloyd Henry  Abt 1980California, United States I135444
9 BAILEY Robert Watson  22 Dec 2012California, United States I102279
10 BAILEY Roberta  2 Aug 1967California, United States I101076
11 BALDWIN William Ives  California, United States I64462
12 BASSETT Minnie Lee  1964California, United States I127442
13 BATTLES Charlie Lacey  11 Oct 1992California, United States I65074
14 BATTLES Rae Lee  17 Oct 2008California, United States I71329
15 BELKNAP Leon Wesley  1 Sep 1968California, United States I62893
16 BELTRAN Jose Peter  18 Jul 2003California, United States I143183
17 BELTRAN Raymond F  California, United States I103252
18 BENA Mary Louise  1960California, United States I123509
19 BLACK Felicia E.  Jan 1975California, United States I86780
20 BLAKE Samuel Leonard  1923California, United States I154478
21 BLANKENSHIP Jewel Francis  25 Nov 2003California, United States I102082
22 BLANKENSHIP William  8 Oct 2006California, United States I102084
23 BOWMAN Sterling White  20 Sep 2003California, United States I132547
24 BRADY Earl Hix  2011California, United States I137410
25 BROWER Samuel  California, United States I81902
26 BROWN Donovan Valentine  1990California, United States I84204
27 BRUMLEY Nora Ethel  28 Mar 2005California, United States I120482
28 BUTLER Virgil Wayne  17 Mar 1973California, United States I71911
29 BUZZARD Mary Alice  12 Jul 1960California, United States I79704
30 CADY Willis Alden  16 Sep 1956California, United States I132020
31 CANNING Delbert Paul  8 Jan 1985California, United States I142932
32 CARSON Irene A  19 Mar 2002California, United States I159704
33 CLARK Ray Delbert, 2nd  California, United States I144982
34 COALE Beverly Clyde  California, United States I79987
35 COLEMAN Jay Clyde  17 May 2014California, United States I88399
36 CONNALLY Walton Lewellen  17 Feb 1998California, United States I102581
37 COOK Ella Eva  27 Sep 1925California, United States I79706
38 CORBETT Eva  1909California, United States I67328
39 CORBETT Leslie Daley  22 Dec 1980California, United States I67335
40 CORBETT Maud Ledora  26 Sep 1949California, United States I67324
41 CORBETT Spencer  1895California, United States I67330
42 CROBETT John B.  1876California, United States I61528
43 CUNNINGHAM Harry Lowry  22 Jul 1995California, United States I84723
44 CUTLER Herbert Holley  7 Mar 1969California, United States I155959
45 DANDRIDGE Corinne  22 Dec 1949California, United States I73262
46 DANHAUSER Frank Samuel  25 Jul 1972California, United States I142469
47 DOUGALL Arthur Henry  1954California, United States I93790
48 DOVE Ruth Carolyn  5 Oct 1973California, United States I115570
49 DRAPER Florence  30 Mar 1968California, United States I66213
50 DRAPER Harriet Eliza  Aug 1968California, United States I98502
51 DRAPER Robert  California, United States I147696
52 DUMBECK Dale  California, United States I94353
53 EDWARDS Anthony  Abt 1980California, United States I144830
54 ELLIOTT Helen M  1943California, United States I153632
55 EWING Hannah Permella  29 Mar 1994California, United States I65031
56 EWOLDT Leland Willard  11 Oct 1984California, United States I83532
57 FARNSWORTH Philo Coleman  23 Dec 2012California, United States I132333
58 FELMLEY Dawn Independence  1939California, United States I142368
59 FISHER George Andreas  1991California, United States I139648
60 FUNKHOUSER Elvy  1992California, United States I137406
61 GEELAN Margaret A  1948California, United States I129666
62 GEER Ezra Bennoni  29 Jan 1929California, United States I136332
63 GEORGE Mary Ellen  1994California, United States I82496
64 GERLISKY Stuart Albert  16 Jul 2000California, United States I100784
65 GESSELMAN William James  2 Mar 2010California, United States I143258
66 GILMORE Martha Mae Marion  California, United States I84950
67 GOODMAN Finettie Frances  14 Aug 1940California, United States I66212
68 GOULD Roger  10 May 2019California, United States I146029
69 GRAHAM Marvin John  Jan 1963California, United States I108301
70 GREENFELDER Catherine Mary  27 Aug 2017California, United States I146224
71 GRIGGS Daniel Wesley  4 Nov 1913California, United States I135500
72 GULICK Philip Frederick  1930California, United States I157695
73 HALL Hial Lawrence  7 Feb 1999California, United States I159140
74 HAMILTON Charles Fremont  22 Dec 1951California, United States I113442
75 HARDIN Paul Gerald  31 May 1995California, United States I90310
76 HAVEN Jan  California, United States I92941
77 HAWES Willard Leroy  4 Feb 1967California, United States I83619
78 HAYES Vincent Paul  1974California, United States I85580
79 HEIBERG Harry Albert  6 Feb 1998California, United States I142308
80 HILDERBRAND Donald William  5 Jan 2012California, United States I139515
81 HINES Edward McCall  1982California, United States I113109
82 HOGUE Emmett E.  11 May 1976California, United States I119693
83 HOLMAN Nellie A  22 Apr 1956California, United States I68954
84 HOLMES Jewel W  1925California, United States I124456
85 HOPKINS larry dee  11 Nov 2001California, United States I85034
86 HOUCHIN Myrtle Della  11 Jan 1978California, United States I137694
87 HULL Marinda  1920California, United States I88975
88 HUNT Karen Sue  12 Jan 2007California, United States I142782
89 JELLINGS LaVerna Mae  2 Oct 2006California, United States I144779
90 JOHANSON Donald Allen  23 Aug 1937California, United States I139043
91 JOHNSON Eva Hope  4 Aug 1978California, United States I70518
92 KAIN Leona Pearl  21 Jan 1999California, United States I136034
93 KANEHL Winnie Ruth  27 Jun 1963California, United States I133681
94 KAR Franklin Alcott Van Der  27 Dec 2001California, United States I157136
95 KELLOGG Helen Ione  2 Apr 2010California, United States I136412
96 KNOWLES Kent W  California, United States I140815
97 KOSTY Graham Jack  3 Apr 2006California, United States I146186
98 LACAZE Harold S  1972California, United States I102436
99 LAWRENCE Julie Hart  29 Jun 2012California, United States I137942
100 LAYBOURN Glenn Russell  5 Nov 1970California, United States I99947

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Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DIMICK Lorraine  California, United States I160218
2 ROPER Cora  Jul 1934California, United States I83759


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / ST. JOHN  13 Mar 1875California, United States F57681
2 / TROWBRIDGE  30 May 1867California, United States F58360
3 ALLING / WALKER  Abt 1938California, United States F38557
4 BLAKE / HOLLING  1889California, United States F59662
5 BRAME / CUNNINGHAM  5 Jun 1925California, United States F44238
6 BUTLER / BOSCHEE  1930California, United States F29245
7 CABLE / PARISH  8 Mar 1945California, United States F33117
8 EARHART / DRAPER  5 Apr 1913California, United States F35867
9 EDENS / CLAUSEN  1941California, United States F28537
10 EDWARDS / HUNT  22 Oct 1964California, United States F54666
11 FISKIN / HUNTER  21 Jan 1946California, United States F43398
12 FORTH / DRAPER  Abt 1897California, United States F26819
13 GEORGE / MARSH  1927California, United States F30645
14 GERLISKY / BRIDGES  1947 xCalifornia, United States F37869
15 HITCHINGS / DUTTON  1891California, United States F26049
16 HUDGINS / LOVEJOY  1934California, United States F25929
17 HULL /   1891California, United States F33918
18 JENKINS / GREESON  1948California, United States F52670
19 KIRBY / LEE  1942California, United States F38255
20 KOSTY / SMITH  1 Jun 1946California, United States F55217
21 LEWIS / CLAUSEN  Abt 1939California, United States F28536
22 LINFORD / FELTEN  27 Jul 1946California, United States F51863
23 MILLER / WHITEHEAD  1908California, United States F30559
24 NICHOLS / BUTT  2 Dec 1947California, United States F33064
25 OLIVER / OLIVER  16 Jan 1928California, United States F32656
26 PYLE / MASONER  20 Jun 1934California, United States F52145
27 REESE / LOVEJOY  1911California, United States F25931
28 ROUT / KANEHL  1946California, United States F52084
29 SCHOLESSER / MOWRY  1925California, United States F33376
30 SMITH / LINDSAY  1950California, United States F60351
31 STOCKWELL / WRIGHT  4 Sep 1906California, United States F26184
32 SUMRALL / GILMORE  16 Aug 1953California, United States F47031
33 SUMRALL / HAW  1927California, United States F41641
34 VANDERFORD / SRACK  5 Jul 1942California, United States F38923
35 WHEELOCK / CHAPMAN  10 Feb 1847California, United States F59570
36 WHEELOCK / O'GARA  Abt 1919California, United States F60187
37 WHITE / HOLBROOK  1903California, United States F37347
38 WHITE / OSBORN  1 Feb 1929California, United States F49317
39 WHITE / THOMAS  Dec 1945California, United States F31319

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