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Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA



Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN Peter George  25 Feb 1949Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I51182
2 BRECKON John Oswald  11 Dec 1910Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I50830
3 BRUNO Audrey Lois  14 Mar 1900Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35892
4 BRUNO Chester Carson  5 Apr 1898Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35897
5 BRUNO Emmett Lee  15 Sep 1893Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35896
6 BRUNO Fannie Irene  12 Dec 1895Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35889
7 BRUNO Florence Helen  15 Nov 1903Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35893
8 BRUNO Scott Ruel  24 Jan 1902Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35898
9 CHAFFIN Linda Louise  15 May 1950Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I48319
10 DAVISON Hamilton Green  8 Apr 1884Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I22389
11 DRAPER Howard Erwin  11 Mar 1934Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I22041
12 DRAPER Rex Erwin  2 Oct 1936Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I22042
13 FACKERELL Florence Elaine  29 Jan 1913Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I43516
14 FACKRELL (Infant)  18 Jun 1932Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I43521
15 FACKRELL Alvin Rex  29 Jun 1921Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I27043
16 FACKRELL Anthony Laverne  22 Jan 1955Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35936
17 FACKRELL Carl Elbert  20 Jan 1923Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35890
18 FACKRELL Carole Gwendolyn  12 Dec 1934Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35943
19 FACKRELL Donald La Vern  31 Jul 1929Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35928
20 FACKRELL Edgar Lyman  30 Jul 1927Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35930
21 FACKRELL Eugene Mosiah  10 Aug 1919Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35916
22 FACKRELL Gerald Erwin  10 Dec 1916Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I43523
23 FACKRELL Inez Evelyn  17 Mar 1921Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I43522
24 FACKRELL Joseph Richard  23 Aug 1932Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35931
25 FACKRELL Madelyn Eloise  4 Sep 1923Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35914
26 FACKRELL Vivian Lucille  2 Sep 1925Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35913
27 FELL John Thomas  30 Aug 1933Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I53729
28 FELL Mary Louise  28 Apr 1938Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I53727
29 FRACKRELL Cleo Althera  15 Dec 1914Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I43515
30 IRELAND David William  28 Jul 1946Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I22563
31 JOHNSON Steven Harold  18 Jun 1947Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I53828
32 LEE Steven Brent  28 Apr 1957Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I22419
33 MACKLEY Susan Racine  15 Nov 1956Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I18687
34 MARKER Jerry Thomas  9 Dec 1942Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I40996
35 MATHEWS Charles Edward  3 Feb 1919Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I40818
36 MATHEWS Earl Freeman  18 May 1900Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I40809
37 MATHEWS Ella May  2 May 1920Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I40816
38 MATHEWS Ethel Elaine  16 Apr 1922Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I40810
39 MILLER Alma  2 Jul 1904Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35888
40 PRUETT Earle Frederick  14 Jul 1928Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I48315
41 PRUETT Florence Louise  9 May 1926Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I48313
42 PRUETT Velna Lorraine  22 May 1922Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I48314
43 PRUETT Zella Arlene  15 Mar 1924Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35912
44 RIDENOUR Marvin Allen  18 Nov 1949Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I48322
45 RIDENOUR Virgil Leroy  23 May 1920Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I48321
46 SNYDER Harold Preston  21 Jul 1914Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35924
47 WICKER Frank Juel  23 Mar 1953Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I19755
48 YOUREN Donald Eugene  14 May 1964Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35951
49 YOUREN James Richard  26 Dec 1954Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35952


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BRUNO Florence Helen  Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35893


Matches 1 to 65 of 65

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALDRICH George William  13 Jun 1983Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I34556
2 ALLEN Clara Wanda  29 Aug 1996Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I51073
3 ALLEY Sterling Baber  15 Aug 2000Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I38197
4 ALLRED Edna Annett  11 Aug 1987Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I28594
5 BASSETT Verna May  23 Jul 1938Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I22038
6 BENEDICT Forrest Thad  24 Jun 1985Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I31399
7 BILLINGS Edward Mervin  22 Aug 2003Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I19372
8 BRUNO Fannie Irene  18 Jun 1932Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35889
9 BRUNO Robert Dan  20 Mar 1948Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I19934
10 CATTRON Glen Markwood  3 Mar 1956Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I22559
11 CHAFFIN Linda Louise  15 Apr 1991Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I48319
12 CRAWFORD Eugene R  Oct 1976Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I23703
13 DILWORTH Illa May  30 May 1973Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I51392
14 DRAPER A Jay  10 Jan 1991Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I25792
15 DRAPER Elizabeth Ethel  20 May 1930Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I610
16 DRAPER Fannie Louisa  30 May 1951Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I19829
17 DRAPER Howard Erwin  12 Mar 1934Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I22041
18 DRAPER Kenneth Louis  11 Feb 1985Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I22033
19 DRAPER Lois  30 Oct 1934Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I19825
20 DRAPER Rex Erwin  4 Mar 2005Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I22042
21 EDDINS Harriet  20 Nov 1966Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I53471
22 EDDINS John Boulter  16 Apr 1961Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I53466
23 EDDINS Lucy Hannah  6 Dec 1982Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I53569
24 FACKRELL Joseph Hancock  15 Mar 1943Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35901
25 FACKRELL Lyman Mosiah  13 Oct 1969Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35919
26 FACKRELL Robert Kenneth  9 Oct 2003Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I43524
27 FELL Alfred Stephen  6 Oct 1970Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I53725
28 FLICK Orpha Pearl  9 Jun 2002Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I84743
29 GIBSON Floyd Charles  12 Jul 1987Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I51222
30 GOUGH Sarah Elizabeth  17 Mar 1997Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I14015
31 GRAY Lilla Viola  19 Jul 1945Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I38793
32 HARDCASTLE Wanda May  12 Mar 1986Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I53607
33 HASTINGS Louis William  19 Aug 1986Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I158993
34 HOUSLEY Calvin Allen  5 Feb 2000Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I54952
35 HUGGINS Louise Maude  8 May 2012Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I28730
36 JENSEN Pearl Angeline  17 Feb 1997Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I28906
37 JOHNSON Alma Eugene  20 Nov 1936Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I31771
38 JOHNSON Elizabeth Irene  14 Oct 1982Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I22392
39 KANYID Lillian  Apr 1987Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I45656
40 KELLEY John Steele  14 Jul 1977Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I26742
41 MACKLEY Carrie June  30 Nov 2004Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I23202
42 MACKLEY Thomas James  25 Apr 2009Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I22203
43 MARKER Eloise  3 Nov 1960Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I20842
44 MARKER GeorgeThomas  Dec 1976Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I22442
45 MARKER Isabell  29 Nov 1951Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I20843
46 MARKER James Elmer  15 Oct 1976Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I20841
47 MARKER James Peter  5 Jan 1927Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I11734
48 MCKENZIE Ella Mary Ann  11 Jan 2013Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I21911
49 MINK Florace Hattie  20 Apr 2006Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I135261
50 MOSS Gary Ronald  29 Jul 1996Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I29673
51 NELSON Robert L  12 Oct 1957Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I24586
52 NIELSEN Olivia  19 Jan 1991Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I26633
53 PALMER Lydia Elizabeth  13 Jul 1911Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I20056
54 PATTEN John  3 Jul 1967Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I20844
55 PETERSON Don Robert  8 Nov 1984Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I41148
56 PRUETT Barzilla White  25 Jun 1958Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35917
57 PRUETT Florence Louise  4 Apr 2009Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I48313
58 RIDENOUR Virgil Leroy  16 Jun 1993Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I48321
59 ROCKWOOD Elaine  6 Dec 1989Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I26795
60 ROWE Paul Brockbank  1 Jun 1999Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I25659
61 SMITH Harriett Amelia  30 May 1967Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I53568
62 SNYDER Harold Preston  31 Jul 2007Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35924
63 STODDARD Myron Crawford  6 Aug 1973Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I32070
64 VAN LEUVEN Fannie Rosella  6 Mar 1921Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I32009
65 WHITLOCK Thurza Elnora  4 Apr 1968Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I30281


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BALLENGER Stephen Samuel  14 Mar 1947Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I1791
2 BISHOP John David  7 Jan 2009Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I43526
3 BRUNO Florence Helen  Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35893
4 BRUNO Robert Dan  24 Mar 1948Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I19934
5 CHAFFIN Evan Wendell  2 Nov 2009Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I48318
6 CHAFFIN Linda Louise  17 Apr 1991Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I48319
7 DAVISON Hamilton Green  Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I22389
8 DECKARD Eugene Victor Debs  22 Oct 1959Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I53700
9 DILWORTH Illa May  Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I51392
10 DRAPER A Jay  13 Jan 1991Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I25792
11 DRAPER Elizabeth Ethel  23 May 1930Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I610
12 DRAPER Fannie Louisa  5 Jun 1951Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I19829
13 EDDINS Edith Ronella  15 May 1957Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I53571
14 EDDINS Lucy Hannah  Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I53569
15 FACKRELL Donald La Vern  Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35928
16 FACKRELL Lyman Mosiah  16 Oct 1969Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35919
17 FLICK Orpha Pearl  13 Jun 2002Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I84743
18 GIBSON Floyd Charles  15 Jul 1987Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I51222
19 HUGGINS Louise Maude  Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I28730
20 MACKLEY Thomas James  4 May 2009Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I22203
21 MADSEN Eva Rae  Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I30325
22 MARKER Isabell  Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I20843
23 MCKENZIE Ella Mary Ann  17 Jan 2013Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I21911
24 MOSS Gary Ronald  1 Aug 1996Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I29673
25 PATTEN John  Jul 1967Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I20844
26 PRUETT Barzilla White  28 Jun 1958Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I35917
27 PRUETT Florence Louise  7 Apr 2009Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I48313
28 RIDENOUR Virgil Leroy  19 Jun 1993Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I48321
29 STODDARD Myron Crawford  Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA I32070


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CATTRON / IRELAND  18 Oct 1943Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA F10726
2 CRAWFORD / BRAITHWAITE  25 May 1954Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA F11049
3 DECKARD / EDDINS  7 Jun 1936Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA F21552
4 FACKRELL / BRUNO  3 Feb 1917Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA F12292
5 MARKER / HULTZ  16 Aug 1941Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA F10689
6 MARKER / WEST  17 May 1947Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA F10737
7 MATHEWS / BALLENGER  18 Sep 1918Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA F10608
8 NEIDER / HALLIDAY  14 Sep 1942Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA F17807
9 RHODES / BALLENGER  16 Jan 1923Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA F17082
10 ROBINSON / MARKER  16 Nov 1939Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA F10692

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