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Worcester, Worcester, Mass.



Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BELKNAP Minnie Inez  24 Mar 1857Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I59084
2 CHAPIN Eunice  7 Feb 1759Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I153910
3 CLEMENT Moses  10 Sep 1828Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I154074
4 CLEMENT Sarah  3 Sep 1819Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I154069
5 CLEMENT William A  20 Mar 1834Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I154072
6 CLEMENTS Harriet  11 May 1830Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I154079
7 CLEVELAND Charles William  2 Jun 1850Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I97419
8 CLEVELAND Frank Samuel  11 Aug 1853Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I97414
9 COES Estella  24 Sep 1859Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I153151
10 COES Mary  24 Mar 1861Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I153152
11 CURTIS Caroline Eliza  Abt 1845Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I154371
12 CURTIS Jane Maria  Abt 1847Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I154373
13 DRAPER James  31 Aug 1842Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I95495
14 DRAPER Lizzie Jane  17 Aug 1851Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I95492
15 DRAPER Sophia Amelia  18 Jan 1840Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I95493
16 DRAPER Sophia Caroline  21 Oct 1847Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I95494
17 GATES Nancy  1807Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I154034
18 HARRINGTON Charlott  15 Nov 1823Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I95714
19 HARRINGTON Elizabeth  26 Nov 1821Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I95711
20 HARRINGTON Habby  18 Jul 1784Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I94672
21 HARRINGTON Jane  21 May 1832Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I154106
22 HARRINGTON Leonard  3 Jan 1815Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I95014
23 HARRINGTON Mehitable  24 May 1770Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I94665
24 HARRINGTON Rebecca  20 Nov 1825Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I95712
25 HARRINGTON Samuel  9 Apr 1817/18Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I95009
26 HARRINGTON William Draper  8 Dec 1803Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I95015
27 HOUGHTON, LOUISE MARION  14 May 1887Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I63346
28 HOWE Mary Abbie  30 Jun 1884Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I97404
29 LYON Sarah Ann  2 Feb 1838Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I96878
30 SLATER Benjamin  2 Jul 1810Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I153969
31 SLATER Eunice  Bef 20 Jul 1800Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I153961
32 SLATER Peter  5 Oct 1786Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I153966
33 SLATER Samuel  20 May 1788Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I153959
34 SLATER Seth  Abt 1808Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I153956
35 SLATER William  29 Aug 1797Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I153967
36 WARD Climena  Abt 1844Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I154366
37 WARD David Goddard  Abt 1846Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I154368
38 WARD Jason Giles  4 Nov 1874Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I154964
39 WHITE Augustus  Abt 1838Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I154025
40 WHITE Benjamin  9 May 1788Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I153943
41 WHITE Charles Augustus  8 Jan 1846Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I154021
42 WHITE Lois  Bef 2 Jan 1790Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I153940
43 WHITE Mary Ann  30 Apr 1825Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I154057
44 WHITE Nancy  Bef 22 Mar 1786Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I153944
45 WHITE Peter  9 Mar 1784Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I153937
46 WHITE Sarah Jane  26 Sep 1841Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I154024


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 WATERS Sarah Ann  10 Sep 1857Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I95718
2 WHITE Lucy Draper  23 Jul 1937Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I95730
3 WHITE Nathan  21 Jan 1828Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I153932
4 YOUNG Sarah Ann  12 Oct 1902Worcester, Worcester, Mass. I154947


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROWN / CURTIS  22 Nov 1871Worcester, Worcester, Mass. F59616
2 GATES / WHITE  1800Worcester, Worcester, Mass. F59397

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