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Woodstock, Windham, Cn



Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HARRIS  Abt 1754Woodstock, Windham, Cn I33221
2 HARRIS Deborah  27 Aug 1752Woodstock, Windham, Cn I33208
3 HARRIS Elizabeth  5 Aug 1739Woodstock, Windham, Cn I33212
4 HARRIS Esther  21 Mar 1746Woodstock, Windham, Cn I33214
5 HARRIS Experience  19 Apr 1744Woodstock, Windham, Cn I33213
6 HARRIS John  21 Oct 1755Woodstock, Windham, Cn I33217
7 HARRIS Lydia  10 Mar 1762Woodstock, Windham, Cn I33220
8 HARRIS Mercy Or Mary  15 Aug 1766Woodstock, Windham, Cn I33209
9 HARRIS Perley  8 May 1760Woodstock, Windham, Cn I33219
10 HARRIS Sarah  5 Mar 1758Woodstock, Windham, Cn I33218
11 HARRIS Tamar  29 Mar 1750Woodstock, Windham, Cn I33216
12 HARRIS Thomas  20 Aug 1737Woodstock, Windham, Cn I33211
13 HARRIS Thomas  24 Apr 1748Woodstock, Windham, Cn I33215

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