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Wisconsin, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 207

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Helen M  1892Wisconsin, United States I78384
2 Leora  1858Wisconsin, United States I62645
3 Rita  1902Wisconsin, United States I79135
4 ABBS Adna C.  6 Nov 1878Wisconsin, United States I84563
5 ADY Adolphus Whisten  Abt 1869Wisconsin, United States I99856
6 ANDERSON Mabel L  22 Jun 1884Wisconsin, United States I79342
7 BAIRD Douglass  Oct 1899Wisconsin, United States I69686
8 BAIRD Hugh M.  Nov 1870Wisconsin, United States I69682
9 BEHRING Elta Elizabeth  1887Wisconsin, United States I137166
10 BENT Charles  31 Oct 1927Wisconsin, United States I77424
11 BETTS Charles H  1863Wisconsin, United States I152977
12 BLUMER Helen June  29 Sep 1911Wisconsin, United States I101490
13 BOVEE Carol Geraldine  26 Apr 1912Wisconsin, United States I139946
14 BOVEE Merle  1909Wisconsin, United States I139948
15 BOVEE Ned Allen  4 Jul 1916Wisconsin, United States I139947
16 BRIDGMAN Della Maud  4 Jun 1870Wisconsin, United States I72444
17 BRIGGS Ada I  Jan 1881Wisconsin, United States I62644
18 BRIGGS Elizabeth H  1887Wisconsin, United States I62646
19 BUCKLEY Addie Bell  1887Wisconsin, United States I137156
20 BURMESTER Harry C  26 Jul 1908Wisconsin, United States I77593
21 BURMESTER LaVerne  1906Wisconsin, United States I77594
22 CAMP Harry E  22 Mar 1890Wisconsin, United States I158037
23 CAMPBELL Avery Patrick  1917Wisconsin, United States I137157
24 CAMPBELL Constance B  1924Wisconsin, United States I128375
25 CAMPBELL Daniel C  1923Wisconsin, United States I137161
26 CAMPBELL Fern Loraine  1921Wisconsin, United States I137162
27 CAMPBELL Iris Jane  1909Wisconsin, United States I137159
28 CAMPBELL Lavinia  1879Wisconsin, United States I131622
29 CAMPBELL Lorretta J  1919Wisconsin, United States I137164
30 CAMPBELL William J  1907Wisconsin, United States I137160
31 CANNON Earl  Oct 1897Wisconsin, United States I79295
32 CANNON Emma  1902Wisconsin, United States I79296
33 CANNON Eva  1905Wisconsin, United States I79301
34 CANNON Florence  1903Wisconsin, United States I79299
35 CANNON Mabel  Oct 1895Wisconsin, United States I79297
36 CANNON William  1907Wisconsin, United States I79300
37 CASEY Mary M  1940Wisconsin, United States I83958
38 CLARK Louis Webster  11 Apr 1878Wisconsin, United States I77918
39 CLEVELAND Ross  Aug 1897Wisconsin, United States I130787
40 CONNER Oliver Scott  2 Jan 1848Wisconsin, United States I72266
41 COOPER Willard Julius  13 Aug 1921Wisconsin, United States I156566
42 CRONK Cora Belle  1858Wisconsin, United States I62648
43 CUNNINGHAM Vivian M.  Jul 1861Wisconsin, United States I157552
44 DAVIS Laura  May 1859Wisconsin, United States I71916
45 DOUGLAS David  3 Jun 1920Wisconsin, United States I143201
46 DRAPER Edgar  Nov 1867Wisconsin, United States I89371
47 DREW David Theron  21 Feb 1953Wisconsin, United States I141467
48 DUBRUCQ John Stephen  14 Aug 1941Wisconsin, United States I143764
49 ELIOT Annetta Estelle  26 Aug 1857Wisconsin, United States I153563
50 ELLEFSON Alvin  31 Dec 1898Wisconsin, United States I156055
51 ELLIS Eva  5 May 1876Wisconsin, United States I89792
52 ENGLISH Laura Ann  1858Wisconsin, United States I97380
53 FRENCH Emma Jane  1851Wisconsin, United States I64206
54 FULLER Carrie M  1859Wisconsin, United States I93335
55 GATHRIGHT George  15 Jul 1851Wisconsin, United States I130764
56 GILE Eva Mary  Jul 1873Wisconsin, United States I153539
57 GODDARD Alden  24 Feb 1909Wisconsin, United States I89867
58 GODDARD Elinor J.  1870Wisconsin, United States I89315
59 GODDARD Elmer J.  Oct 1869Wisconsin, United States I89321
60 GODDARD Kenneth W  2 Jul 1901Wisconsin, United States I89865
61 GODDARD Vera Katherine  1900Wisconsin, United States I89866
62 GREEN Bessie  1888Wisconsin, United States I76741
63 GRIMM Elizabeth P  1918Wisconsin, United States I77638
64 GRIMM Henry G  1920Wisconsin, United States I77641
65 GROTH Fred A  1872Wisconsin, United States I77634
66 GUILE Nellie  1866Wisconsin, United States I150585
67 GUYON Charles Francis  4 Nov 1857Wisconsin, United States I134164
68 HALL Phyllis Claire  1894Wisconsin, United States I63002
69 HALL Phyllis Claire  1894Wisconsin, United States I147708
70 HANZEL Lydia A  1894Wisconsin, United States I79292
71 HARDER Roger Wehe  26 May 1917Wisconsin, United States I93965
72 HARMON John H  Nov 1867Wisconsin, United States I99742
73 HASKINS Harley J  1855Wisconsin, United States I97877
74 HAVEN Reide Meeker  Feb 1870Wisconsin, United States I93083
75 HAWES Charles  Jun 1850Wisconsin, United States I68451
76 HAWES Ruth Ernestine  21 Jul 1900Wisconsin, United States I76876
77 HAYES Ida  1869Wisconsin, United States I127394
78 HENDERSON Lee Daniel  11 Sep 1875Wisconsin, United States I84561
79 HOFFMAN Amy I  Abt 1918Wisconsin, United States I76459
80 HOFFMAN Fred A  Abt 1905Wisconsin, United States I76458
81 HOFFMAN Hazel  Abt 1900Wisconsin, United States I76454
82 HOFFMAN Nellie R  1907Wisconsin, United States I76460
83 HOFFMAN Philip L  Abt 1902Wisconsin, United States I76457
84 HOFFMAN Sylvia F  Abt 1901Wisconsin, United States I76456
85 HOLMES Alice  Aug 1879Wisconsin, United States I116255
86 HOLMES Edna  1877Wisconsin, United States I116258
87 JACOBSON Nettie Josephine  1888Wisconsin, United States I89995
88 JOHNS Lewis V D  22 Nov 1856Wisconsin, United States I151991
89 JOHNSON Amanda  1849Wisconsin, United States I64190
90 JONES Alice  25 May 1865Wisconsin, United States I71958
91 JONES Anna Frances  14 Feb 1861Wisconsin, United States I71952
92 JONES Ansel Rodger  10 Jan 1863Wisconsin, United States I71959
93 JONES Arthur  4 Jul 1879Wisconsin, United States I71951
94 JONES Ella  20 Jul 1876Wisconsin, United States I71954
95 JONES Ida Mae  11 Oct 1870Wisconsin, United States I71955
96 JONES Laura  1 Nov 1867Wisconsin, United States I71956
97 JONES Mary  15 Sep 1857Wisconsin, United States I71953
98 JONES Rhoda  25 Jul 1855Wisconsin, United States I71957
99 KLABUNDE John  1906Wisconsin, United States I84580
100 KOCH Ervin Frederick  14 Mar 1924Wisconsin, United States I93810

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Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER Wendell Wells  23 May 1982Wisconsin, United States I78719
2 BETTS Platt  29 Dec 1861Wisconsin, United States I148404
3 BIGELOW Earle Fred  4 Mar 1963Wisconsin, United States I93540
4 CLEVELAND Fossett  4 Mar 1895Wisconsin, United States I125388
5 DRAPER George Fay  Aft 1940Wisconsin, United States I89391
6 DREW David Theron  15 Jul 1954Wisconsin, United States I141467
7 EOFF Fred Bolte  May 1975Wisconsin, United States I76653
8 GILBEAUT Norma C  Oct 1987Wisconsin, United States I86559
9 GILBERT Eugene Pomeroy  30 Mar 1946Wisconsin, United States I69342
10 GODDARD Alden  28 Aug 1964Wisconsin, United States I89867
11 GRAVES Charles Leslie  17 Oct 1957Wisconsin, United States I131396
12 HACKBARTH William A  18 Aug 1965Wisconsin, United States I142186
13 HAWKS Merwin Nelson  19 Mar 1966Wisconsin, United States I139996
14 HOFFMAN Fred A  1989Wisconsin, United States I76458
15 JONES Rhoda  15 Apr 1867Wisconsin, United States I71957
16 LABRENZ Ione "Esther"  9 Jun 2013Wisconsin, United States I83954
17 LARRABEE Willard  17 Jan 1966Wisconsin, United States I78789
18 LEONARD Jemima  3 Mar 1891Wisconsin, United States I124826
19 MCINTOSH Isabella Frances  21 Dec 1869Wisconsin, United States I125581
20 MUELLER Ida Ann  20 Feb 1993Wisconsin, United States I77047
21 PALMER Clementine  1919Wisconsin, United States I152501
22 PALMER Jacob  8 Oct 1882Wisconsin, United States I148716
23 PALMER joel h  1876Wisconsin, United States I150311
24 PALMER Parin P  12 Feb 1919Wisconsin, United States I152507
25 PALMER Perrin m  1867Wisconsin, United States I150323
26 PARSONS Joseph  1849Wisconsin, United States I57656
27 POOLE Dorothy M.  5 Jul 1961Wisconsin, United States I84562
28 PORTER Almon  21 Apr 2007Wisconsin, United States I137153
29 PORTER Iola  7 Nov 1992Wisconsin, United States I137155
30 SALLADAY Elizabeth  Mar 1921Wisconsin, United States I76868
31 SHARER Alburton Harold  22 Nov 1981Wisconsin, United States I77631
32 SHARER Truman Earnest  9 Sep 1977Wisconsin, United States I77624
33 SIMCOCK George Henry  24 Jun 1894Wisconsin, United States I67966
34 SMALL Diza Elma  18 Jun 1929Wisconsin, United States I71932
35 SMALL George  1889Wisconsin, United States I72016
36 SMALL Laura  17 May 1981Wisconsin, United States I72010
37 SMALL Pherbia  15 Jun 1997Wisconsin, United States I79320
38 SMALL Pheriba  14 Jun 1997Wisconsin, United States I79321
39 SMOTHERS Benjamin H.  16 Jun 1962Wisconsin, United States I84573
40 STOWE Millie Ann  11 Dec 1963Wisconsin, United States I84590
41 TAYLOR Almira  18 Dec 1850Wisconsin, United States I153120
42 TENNISON Helen  18 Nov 1986Wisconsin, United States I136823
43 WAGNER Clayton L.  12 Aug 1980Wisconsin, United States I78658
44 WARREN Jane Wheeler  2 Dec 1990Wisconsin, United States I156586
45 WENDEL Curtis John  27 Aug 1971Wisconsin, United States I101457
46 WHITE Martha Jane  15 Oct 1929Wisconsin, United States I59361
47 WILLARD Norma E  12 Mar 1958Wisconsin, United States I137137


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 INGRAM Charles Royal  1874Wisconsin, United States I96324
2 SATTERTHWAITE Vernon Kellett  Wisconsin, United States I140288


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / BETTS  Abt 1858Wisconsin, United States F58270
2 BASCOM / PEASLEY  1895Wisconsin, United States F25625
3 CAMPBELL / GRIGGS  3 Jul 1844Wisconsin, United States F47916
4 CANNON / POOLE  1930Wisconsin, United States F31721
5 HARDER / KOCH  Apr 1946Wisconsin, United States F35777
6 HENSHUE / CLEMANS  Abt 1928Wisconsin, United States F48914
7 LEMON / GRIGGS  25 Aug 1850Wisconsin, United States F47917
8 WHITE / PROUD  1868Wisconsin, United States F25806
9 WHITING / CLINTON  Wisconsin, United States F37665

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