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Walpole, Norfolk, Mass



Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DICKENSON Mary Jane  1822Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I58833
2 HARTSHORN Almira E. ( Elmira)  1844Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I58760
3 HARTSHORN Anna L.  1852Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I58762
4 HARTSHORN Ella A  1859Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I58765
5 HARTSHORN Frederick Paynn  1851Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I58752
6 HARTSHORN George  12 Feb 1814Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I56957
7 HARTSHORN George H.  1843Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I58733
8 HARTSHORN Louisa ( Laura)  1854Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I58763
9 HARTSHORN Newell  1821Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I56954
10 HARTSHORN Sylvia L.  1843Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I58757
11 HARTSHORN Warren  1816Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I56950
12 LAWRENCE Angelina W  1821Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I58732
13 LEWIS Rachel  6 Nov 1892Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I62616
14 LEWIS Willard Irving  4 Aug 1856Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I58832
15 PLIMPTON Calvin Gay  6 May 1816Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I56989
16 PLIMPTON Henry P.  1862Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I58835
17 PLIMPTON Thomas D.  1856Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I58834
18 PLUMPTON Priscilla  1855Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I58841
19 POND Mary  29 Aug 1755Walpole, Norfolk, Mass I56309


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HARTSHORN / PAYSON  31 May 1842Walpole, Norfolk, Mass F22897
2 PLIMPTON / BLACKBURN  22 Aug 1835Walpole, Norfolk, Mass F22911
3 PLIMPTON / DICKENSON  28 Nov 1849Walpole, Norfolk, Mass F22919
4 PLIMPTON / GUILD LEWIS  1840Walpole, Norfolk, Mass F22917

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