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Oregon, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 117

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Leona M  20 Jun 1912Oregon, United States I84126
2 ANDERSON Gerald J  1909Oregon, United States I69076
3 ANDERSON Robert A  1913Oregon, United States I69078
4 ANDERSON Vincent  1910Oregon, United States I69077
5 ANDERSON William H  1912Oregon, United States I69079
6 ANSON Floyd  Abt 1918Oregon, United States I133443
7 BEATTIE Ronald Hanna  5 Sep 1903Oregon, United States I81733
8 BIERCE Chester  Aug 1893Oregon, United States I70502
9 BIERCE Grace  Feb 1890Oregon, United States I70503
10 BILLINGS Steven J  Abt 1909Oregon, United States I71372
11 BOGER William  21 Apr 1919Oregon, United States I136288
12 BOSWORTH Evia B.  1916Oregon, United States I136354
13 BOSWORTH Phoebe Anna  15 Sep 1918Oregon, United States I136355
14 BROWN Gale William  21 Jul 1911Oregon, United States I120573
15 BURPEE Rhoda Failing  12 Mar 1905Oregon, United States I137837
16 CALKINS Greta Mary  5 Oct 1916Oregon, United States I85973
17 CAMPBELL Vernon  1905Oregon, United States I82340
18 CARMACK James Ellsworth  1 Jul 1907Oregon, United States I133348
19 CARMACK Maude  1877Oregon, United States I128267
20 COOLEY Margaret L  1918Oregon, United States I79491
21 COOLEY Vera Mary  23 Feb 1907Oregon, United States I79485
22 CORYELL George Dick  Dec 1863Oregon, United States I78206
23 CUTSFORTH Ivan Dale  30 Oct 1914Oregon, United States I88319
24 DAVIS Donald Ivan  8 Sep 1905Oregon, United States I129627
25 DAVIS Guy E.  9 Dec 1898Oregon, United States I129621
26 DAVIS Richard Gail  5 Sep 1937Oregon, United States I135014
27 DAVIS Robert Guy  11 Dec 1924Oregon, United States I135006
28 DAVIS Sandra Diana  2 Sep 1938Oregon, United States I135002
29 DEAN CARROLL  1906Oregon, United States I156424
30 DOWNEY John Samuel  27 Mar 1880Oregon, United States I145268
31 DRAPER Edgar E  22 Feb 1918Oregon, United States I72827
32 DRAPER Edith L.  9 Jan 1891Oregon, United States I98257
33 DRAPER Keith  1904Oregon, United States I87806
34 DRAPER Leonard  1879Oregon, United States I98253
35 DRAPER Lotta Mae  5 Aug 1882Oregon, United States I98254
36 DRAPER Oscar Harold  27 Sep 1903Oregon, United States I97906
37 DUMBECK Earl C  1913Oregon, United States I75737
38 DUMBECK Helen E  1912Oregon, United States I75739
39 DUMBECK Ruth L  1916Oregon, United States I75738
40 DURHAM George C.  27 May 1874Oregon, United States I127976
41 DURHAM Gilbert Harold  28 Jan 1883Oregon, United States I127982
42 ERNST Charles Harrison  7 Nov 1883Oregon, United States I89681
43 ERNST Helen Frances  10 Aug 1902Oregon, United States I90358
44 ESTES Leola  1896Oregon, United States I65042
45 FAWVER Frank  1890Oregon, United States I80726
46 FELT Catherine L.  6 May 1912Oregon, United States I82316
47 FIELDS Lois Evelyn  1914Oregon, United States I73499
48 FOSTER Ruby Faltel  Apr 1889Oregon, United States I71365
49 FRASER Guy Cli  1906Oregon, United States I143943
50 FRASER Lexie P.  1908Oregon, United States I143942
51 FRASIEUR Andy Maurice  14 Jan 1919Oregon, United States I78205
52 GAULT Hannah T.  15 May 1854Oregon, United States I127978
53 GOULD Ronald Garson  16 Dec 1902Oregon, United States I81761
54 GOWING Lois R  9 Jul 1916Oregon, United States I134980
55 GRIGGS Ella M.  Sep 1883Oregon, United States I127543
56 GUNDERSON Andrew Earl  10 Nov 1942Oregon, United States I144989
57 GUNTER Cleo Wanda  4 Mar 1914Oregon, United States I140745
58 HAINES Goldie J.  Jul 1890Oregon, United States I83525
59 HENDRICKSON Daniel Elmo  18 Nov 1929Oregon, United States I84160
60 HENDRICKSON George E  19 Sep 1918Oregon, United States I84155
61 HENDRICKSON Thelma Mae  18 May 1924Oregon, United States I84159
62 HINKSON Lyndon Everett  23 Aug 1912Oregon, United States I78218
63 HUNTER Oatis Luvern  13 May 1915Oregon, United States I124548
64 JEFFERSON Echo Merle  Jun 1899Oregon, United States I131441
65 JOHNSON Addie  May 1892Oregon, United States I70516
66 JOHNSON Claude  Aug 1896Oregon, United States I70517
67 JOHNSON Keith Severy  4 Jun 1917Oregon, United States I78200
68 JOHNSON Lou D  1919Oregon, United States I78201
69 JOHNSON Marvile Leona  15 Jun 1899Oregon, United States I78259
70 LUNDSTROM Louella Betty  25 Nov 1912Oregon, United States I84131
71 MARTIN Flora Louise  23 Feb 1923Oregon, United States I71532
72 MATTOON Alfred  11 Aug 1913Oregon, United States I143948
73 MCFARLIN Kenneth  1926Oregon, United States I156533
74 MINNIS Matt Alonzo  May 1895Oregon, United States I117827
75 MINNIS Wayne  Aug 1897Oregon, United States I117826
76 MOON Mae Etta  27 Aug 1922Oregon, United States I134976
77 OXFORD Edna  1908Oregon, United States I78265
78 OXFORD Ivan Edward  5 Nov 1909Oregon, United States I78261
79 PAGUE Alice M  1924Oregon, United States I101570
80 PAGUE John H  Abt 1899Oregon, United States I101569
81 PARKE Alva C  1909Oregon, United States I136279
82 PARKE Martha Angeline  1908Oregon, United States I136280
83 PEARSON Ethel  1926Oregon, United States I79937
84 PEARSON Roy  1923Oregon, United States I79936
85 PHILLIPS Joyce L.  1924Oregon, United States I78211
86 PLATT James Mcloughlin  29 May 1942Oregon, United States I137831
87 PLATT Martha  10 Jun 1904Oregon, United States I137830
88 PLATT Robert T  24 Mar 1907Oregon, United States I132245
89 PLATT William Brewster  27 Sep 1928Oregon, United States I137839
90 PRESCOTT Neiland Pat  19 May 1901Oregon, United States I78235
91 PRESCOTT Perrie Neiland  3 Aug 1924Oregon, United States I84146
92 RICHARDSON Charles Franklin  25 Apr 1909Oregon, United States I71857
93 SAWDON John Edward  10 May 1926Oregon, United States I86800
94 SAXTON Donald E.  1923Oregon, United States I136323
95 SHIELDS Frederick Cameron  12 Oct 1915Oregon, United States I94382
96 SHIELDS Thomas Earl  27 Jul 1917Oregon, United States I94381
97 SMILEY Lois Amy  12 Mar 1921Oregon, United States I77879
98 SPRINGER Earllean Bell  18 Jun 1911Oregon, United States I143879
99 STEHMAN Charles Christian  2 Apr 1898Oregon, United States I89684
100 STEHMAN Cora V.  27 Feb 1896Oregon, United States I89683

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Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Viola H Lee  25 Dec 2001Oregon, United States I140806
2 ALLEN Raymond John  21 Sep 1993Oregon, United States I79902
3 BAUGHMAN Edmund Leigh  Oregon, United States I84122
4 BILLINGS Nelson Jay  27 Feb 1942Oregon, United States I71371
5 BRADLEY John David  16 Oct 2016Oregon, United States I140999
6 CADY John Henry  14 Jun 1964Oregon, United States I127755
7 CAMPBELL Vernon  2007Oregon, United States I82340
8 CHAMBERS Loren E.  Oregon, United States I129597
9 CRAVEN Vida Virginia  11 Nov 1996Oregon, United States I82429
10 DAVIS Sandra Diana  8 Apr 1999Oregon, United States I135002
11 DURHAM George C.  Dec 1962Oregon, United States I127976
12 ELLIS Carol Ann  15 Sep 2008Oregon, United States I91429
13 EWING Ethel Claire  3 Sep 1957Oregon, United States I65107
14 HALSEY Robert Jackson  1956Oregon, United States I86359
15 HENDRICKSON George E  Apr 1922Oregon, United States I84155
16 HYDEN Steve M.  2 Feb 2007Oregon, United States I144922
17 JOHNSON Beulah Chrystine  17 Feb 1985Oregon, United States I78216
18 JOHNSON Ethel Mae  6 Mar 2013Oregon, United States I78252
19 KEELE Geneva Luella  13 Dec 2013Oregon, United States I137091
20 LAMBRIX Frances K  2 Jan 2003Oregon, United States I145027
21 LEHMAN Joe Richard  3 Nov 2005Oregon, United States I144461
22 MORRISON Verna Lucille  2014Oregon, United States I135987
23 MUSSER Laura 'Nancy Joan'  28 Mar 2016Oregon, United States I138084
24 OZIAS Coutann  Oregon, United States I90712
25 PALMER Maud Alice  24 Sep 1915Oregon, United States I152373
26 PARKER Francis Bertha  22 Jun 2006Oregon, United States I86723
27 PERRIN Etta Mae  1979Oregon, United States I140924
28 PETERSON Herbert Oscar  30 Aug 1986Oregon, United States I140741
29 PHILLIPS Delores  Oregon, United States I78212
30 PHILLIPS Joyce L.  Oregon, United States I78211
31 RAWSON Haywood Benjamin  12 Mar 1991Oregon, United States I86502
32 RAZEE DeLois Irene  5 Sep 2008Oregon, United States I92610
33 SMALLEN Lewis William  6 Aug 1995Oregon, United States I84137
34 STARR Benny Ray  1993Oregon, United States I135046
35 SUMNER Avanelle Jane  21 Oct 1991Oregon, United States I143881
36 SUMNER Earline B.  Oregon, United States I143872
37 TUCKER Ralph Martin  21 Dec 1961Oregon, United States I144987
38 WARNER Aimee or Amy Belle  9 Sep 1882Oregon, United States I97860
39 WELD Eben  Oregon, United States I57170
40 WILKINSON Art  1991Oregon, United States I143386
41 YETTER Glesner Louise  10 Feb 2004Oregon, United States I140090


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ANDERSON / STONE  12 Feb 1907Oregon, United States F25597
2 DRAPER / DOYLE  10 Mar 1901Oregon, United States F36849
3 DURHAM / MCNEAL  1903Oregon, United States F48018
4 GOODNIGHT / WEBSTER  1924Oregon, United States F26545
5 HINKSON / JOHNSON  1906Oregon, United States F28748
6 JONES / BELL  1925Oregon, United States F24650
7 MILES / SPONG  3 Aug 1904Oregon, United States F52660
8 OXFORD / JOHNSON  7 Dec 1906Oregon, United States F28760
9 SPRINGER / PERRIN  1909Oregon, United States F54277
10 YODER / JOHNSON  From 1927 to 1930Oregon, United States F31435

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