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Oklahoma, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 260

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Nannie Jo "Nan"  9 Aug 1944Oklahoma, United States I144924
2 ABERNATHY Helen Fay  2 Oct 1908Oklahoma, United States I65224
3 AHRNSBRAK Lucielle E.  14 Feb 1905Oklahoma, United States I133677
4 AHRNSBRAK Vernon  4 Dec 1899Oklahoma, United States I133676
5 ALBERTSON Ann  1896Oklahoma, United States I74019
6 ALBERTSON Elva May  4 May 1894Oklahoma, United States I74018
7 ALBERTSON Ervin  1901Oklahoma, United States I74021
8 ALBERTSON Ralph  1900Oklahoma, United States I74022
9 ALBERTSON Wlliam  1898Oklahoma, United States I74017
10 ANAWALT Gladys Pearl  9 Feb 1894Oklahoma, United States I89751
11 ANDERSON Charley  1891Oklahoma, United States I101562
12 ANDERSON Pearl  1887Oklahoma, United States I101559
13 ANDERSON Sollie  24 Dec 1905Oklahoma, United States I102361
14 AYERSMAN Paul Everett  15 Mar 1907Oklahoma, United States I142969
15 BAKER Morris W  1908Oklahoma, United States I144466
16 BARBER Cora  25 Jul 1908Oklahoma, United States I133735
17 BARTLETT Alta Dolores  5 Dec 1912Oklahoma, United States I79261
18 BAUGUS Connie Marie  8 Sep 1954Oklahoma, United States I143816
19 BEELER Sibyl T  14 Jan 1902Oklahoma, United States I135342
20 BOCOX Susan Irene  1902Oklahoma, United States I139863
21 BOUQUET Violet Mae  24 Feb 1907Oklahoma, United States I110572
22 BOWEN Della B  1906Oklahoma, United States I101551
23 BOYETTE Emma Jane  16 Dec 1883Oklahoma, United States I130238
24 BROSS William James  17 Sep 1929Oklahoma, United States I102378
25 BROWN Audrie Viola  18 Oct 1909Oklahoma, United States I123558
26 BROWN Beatrice V  1 Dec 1918Oklahoma, United States I80756
27 BROWN David Ferrel  17 Dec 1960Oklahoma, United States I84944
28 BUCK John J  5 Dec 1900Oklahoma, United States I132917
29 BURROW James Forrest  18 Jun 1888Oklahoma, United States I66543
30 BURTON Gene Kenneth  1927Oklahoma, United States I86731
31 BURTON Lottie Alice  16 May 1909Oklahoma, United States I131829
32 BURTON Mary  1912Oklahoma, United States I131822
33 BUSSARD Arthur L  3 Dec 1918Oklahoma, United States I147017
34 BUTTERFIELD Anna Ruth  Sep 1897Oklahoma, United States I144458
35 CADWALDER Audrey M  1901Oklahoma, United States I135673
36 CANTRELL Edna Faye  27 Oct 1932Oklahoma, United States I141319
37 CANTRELL Jerry Lee  29 Mar 1938Oklahoma, United States I141320
38 CANTRELL Leroy J.  25 Dec 1929Oklahoma, United States I141317
39 CHITWOOD Robert Ellis  26 Jun 1896Oklahoma, United States I79454
40 CLAGG Bobby Gene  1948Oklahoma, United States I102645
41 CLARK Glen Mason  21 Sep 1902Oklahoma, United States I117412
42 CLARK John Simmon  14 Jul 1905Oklahoma, United States I117410
43 CLARK Mattie E  3 Dec 1897Oklahoma, United States I117413
44 COFFMAN Annie Louise May  20 Aug 1905Oklahoma, United States I135726
45 COLLINS Audrey Blanche  26 Jun 1904Oklahoma, United States I115515
46 COOK Birdie Trixie Lorene Lee  13 Aug 1915Oklahoma, United States I145633
47 COOK Jack Nelson  16 Aug 1913Oklahoma, United States I145635
48 COOK Jack R  1935Oklahoma, United States I146446
49 COOK Leroy R  1937Oklahoma, United States I146443
50 COX Myrle F  1924Oklahoma, United States I73337
51 CROXTON Alfred Grant  15 Jan 1903Oklahoma, United States I98958
52 CROXTON Alvin Opie  11 Jan 1908Oklahoma, United States I98959
53 CROXTON Barbara Virginia  20 Mar 1916Oklahoma, United States I98957
54 CROXTON Cara H.  Oct 1896Oklahoma, United States I98924
55 CROXTON Kenneth Harold  14 Sep 1897Oklahoma, United States I98927
56 CROXTON Marion Elsworth  12 Oct 1897Oklahoma, United States I98925
57 CROXTON Marion Wilbur  12 Jun 1918Oklahoma, United States I98961
58 CROXTON Mary Marguerite  24 Aug 1910Oklahoma, United States I98960
59 CROXTON William Frank  9 Aug 1896Oklahoma, United States I98954
60 CYRUS Lorene M.  9 Aug 1923Oklahoma, United States I135686
61 DAVIS Daisy Marie  15 Feb 1913Oklahoma, United States I139641
62 DAWSON Danny  1936Oklahoma, United States I146504
63 DEEDS Roy Bob  Jul 1921Oklahoma, United States I135674
64 DEES Mary Ann  1914Oklahoma, United States I130266
65 DEWBRE Earl Junior  25 Sep 1906Oklahoma, United States I146458
66 DIMICK Cleo Christine  30 Dec 1909Oklahoma, United States I140788
67 DOLLARHIDE Denver Louis  12 Aug 1928Oklahoma, United States I144873
68 DORMAN Zelma Elizabeth  28 May 1913Oklahoma, United States I91005
69 DOUSE Alma Louise  25 Jun 1911Oklahoma, United States I132952
70 DOWD Dorothy Maye  26 Jan 1926Oklahoma, United States I144027
71 DRAPER Betty  1922Oklahoma, United States I79950
72 DRAPER Frank Cox  1913Oklahoma, United States I73320
73 DRAPER Martha Rose  1927Oklahoma, United States I73319
74 DRAPER Rena Marie  18 May 1907Oklahoma, United States I71851
75 DRAPER JR Stanley Carlyle  1923Oklahoma, United States I73318
76 DREW Dorothy  25 Oct 1903Oklahoma, United States I130649
77 DREW Lucile Pauline  14 Oct 1904Oklahoma, United States I130658
78 DUTCHER Samuel Laurance  27 May 1912Oklahoma, United States I137468
79 EBERHARDT Florence  16 Apr 1915Oklahoma, United States I82365
80 EBERHARDT Ima  1 Nov 1917Oklahoma, United States I82366
81 EKISS Edward Cunningham  Abt 1914Oklahoma, United States I137221
82 ELDER Charles Robert  30 Sep 1911Oklahoma, United States I145682
83 ELDER Jewell  13 Aug 1910Oklahoma, United States I145683
84 ELLIS Mildred  Abt 1907Oklahoma, United States I100975
85 EMBRY Theo  1927Oklahoma, United States I81623
86 FLETCHER Zoe  Oklahoma, United States I62830
87 FRANKS Doyle  1939Oklahoma, United States I144029
88 FRAZIER Elva Lavinia  7 Jun 1919Oklahoma, United States I85499
89 GATZ John  1908Oklahoma, United States I85223
90 GEIS Ralph E  6 Apr 1906Oklahoma, United States I94281
91 GEORGE Earl W  1913Oklahoma, United States I72459
92 GEREN Maxine Ewanna  13 Apr 1925Oklahoma, United States I141142
93 GIBSON William Hoot  28 Dec 1923Oklahoma, United States I143094
94 GLASS Bernice Caroline  1 Sep 1920Oklahoma, United States I79656
95 GRAGG Hollie B.  1908Oklahoma, United States I137185
96 GRAGG Homer E.  7 Mar 1900Oklahoma, United States I140028
97 GRAHAM Phyllis  23 May 1929Oklahoma, United States I71152
98 GRAY Hugh H.  6 Dec 1903Oklahoma, United States I139854
99 GRIGGS Bertha  Abt 1887Oklahoma, United States I131657
100 GRIGGS Beulah  3 Dec 1901Oklahoma, United States I131473

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Matches 1 to 94 of 94

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 F. Greta  1985Oklahoma, United States I71150
2 Viola  1942Oklahoma, United States I94575
3 AIKIN Lawrence Clifford  24 Dec 1972Oklahoma, United States I136159
4 ANDERSON Andel  15 Oct 1905Oklahoma, United States I101557
5 ARTER Lee Wesley  24 Aug 1972Oklahoma, United States I121724
6 BAKER Terry Kevin  21 Sep 1991Oklahoma, United States I144749
7 BAUGUS Connie Marie  10 Sep 1954Oklahoma, United States I143816
8 BROSS William James  19 Oct 2015Oklahoma, United States I102378
9 BROWN David Ferrel  23 Nov 1961Oklahoma, United States I84944
10 CLAGG Bobby Gene  1 Jul 1948Oklahoma, United States I102645
11 CLARK Lula Victoria  10 Sep 1985Oklahoma, United States I117407
12 COALE John Marmaduke  11 Jun 1935Oklahoma, United States I130199
13 COATE Edith Ruth  31 Dec 1918Oklahoma, United States I74263
14 COLLUMS Daniel B  5 Sep 1961Oklahoma, United States I126902
15 CONDREN Robert Warren  10 Dec 2013Oklahoma, United States I141381
16 COOK Albert David  20 Dec 1950Oklahoma, United States I145634
17 COOK Birdie Trixie Lorene Lee  11 Jul 1967Oklahoma, United States I145633
18 COOK Florence Dean  9 Jan 1956Oklahoma, United States I145630
19 CROXTON Marion Wilbur  Jan 1976Oklahoma, United States I98961
20 CUMMINGS Charlotte Fay  2 Feb 2010Oklahoma, United States I100974
21 CUMMINGS Jackie Lee  6 Oct 1995Oklahoma, United States I100973
22 DRAPER Joseph Finley  10 Nov 1932Oklahoma, United States I65458
23 DRAPER Mardis H  23 Feb 1989Oklahoma, United States I87455
24 EARL Lorene  22 Sep 1997Oklahoma, United States I134520
25 EBERHARDT Jesse Alberta  19 Feb 1970Oklahoma, United States I75358
26 EDDINGFIELD Donald Ray  2002Oklahoma, United States I142090
27 FAULKNER Blake Dewey  2 Jun 1960Oklahoma, United States I137288
28 FOREMAN Patsy Jean  Oct 2016Oklahoma, United States I140477
29 GOULD Fay Etta  21 Feb 1920Oklahoma, United States I131724
30 GRAHAM Harvey  1942Oklahoma, United States I64825
31 GRAY Abraham Burr  19 Jul 1938Oklahoma, United States I130299
32 GRIGGS Louis A.  26 Dec 1937Oklahoma, United States I121766
33 GRIGGS Viola  3 Feb 1901Oklahoma, United States I131471
34 HALL Helen Frances  2 Feb 1988Oklahoma, United States I139905
35 HAND Rhoda Jane  Aug 1901Oklahoma, United States I60916
36 HARRIS Aubrey  Apr 1960Oklahoma, United States I131897
37 HARRIS Shirley Ann  22 Dec 2007Oklahoma, United States I137537
38 HEDGES Mozell  28 Jan 1944Oklahoma, United States I90581
39 HESKETT Charles Wesley, Jr  Abt 1932Oklahoma, United States I102650
40 HESKETT Charles Wesley  28 Aug 1961Oklahoma, United States I102649
41 HIATT Hester A.  1898Oklahoma, United States I72235
42 HICKS Shirley Patricia  2010Oklahoma, United States I157301
43 HILL Jeanne Louise  15 Nov 2013Oklahoma, United States I101438
44 HILL Shirley  6 Nov 2006Oklahoma, United States I101437
45 HOWARD Eleanor Elizabeth  Jun 1990Oklahoma, United States I92690
46 HOYT Zoe  Jun 1987Oklahoma, United States I62832
47 KANEHL Edward E, Jr  10 Jan 2009Oklahoma, United States I139864
48 KEMP Bessie June  5 Mar 1988Oklahoma, United States I141052
49 KING Stephen Thomas  14 Dec 1920Oklahoma, United States I130356
50 KNOTTS Florence Mary  11 Dec 1979Oklahoma, United States I134302
51 LEGRAND Alva  21 Oct 2004Oklahoma, United States I134565
52 MADDOX Elisabeth Ann  4 Feb 1933Oklahoma, United States I126748
53 MCDOWELL John C  1911Oklahoma, United States I126345
54 MCKOY Albert Montgomery  28 Aug 1921Oklahoma, United States I112957
55 MILLER Bette Jo  27 May 1980Oklahoma, United States I87953
56 MITCHELL Cora Ellen  1943Oklahoma, United States I87453
57 MOON Hazel E  22 Apr 1914Oklahoma, United States I102090
58 MOREHOUSE Eldon  24 Feb 1993Oklahoma, United States I90562
59 MORRISON Elizabeth A.  23 Jan 1918Oklahoma, United States I130343
60 MORTON Pearly May  11 Apr 1986Oklahoma, United States I82370
61 MYRICK Charley Acil  28 Apr 1966Oklahoma, United States I146444
62 ODELL Anna Bell  21 Oct 1991Oklahoma, United States I140383
63 OLSON Vickie Louise  6 Jun 2000Oklahoma, United States I137003
64 OWENS Viola  22 Oct 1990Oklahoma, United States I102413
65 PATE Albert William  22 Feb 1971Oklahoma, United States I135680
66 PERKINS Carol Maxine  17 Feb 1978Oklahoma, United States I143567
67 PERRY Henry C.  10 May 1899Oklahoma, United States I117962
68 PHELPS Mildred  30 Jun 1996Oklahoma, United States I157370
69 QUIN Madge  18 Apr 1983Oklahoma, United States I116061
70 REMINGTON George J  20 Mar 1981Oklahoma, United States I120470
71 RIKARD Ralph  6 Apr 1968Oklahoma, United States I140795
72 ROPER Minnie Lee  11 Feb 1998Oklahoma, United States I117395
73 SAMPLES Ernest Calvin  12 Sep 1984Oklahoma, United States I122005
74 SCHWANTES Cora C  26 Feb 1995Oklahoma, United States I135154
75 SHERRILL Frank J  20 Jan 1966Oklahoma, United States I128825
76 STANDIFER Freddie Lee  7 Jul 2005Oklahoma, United States I140995
77 STANFORD Ardelia Canzada  28 Jan 1925Oklahoma, United States I135731
78 STANSELL Ronald L.  14 Jan 1953Oklahoma, United States I92834
79 STARR  1907Oklahoma, United States I129670
80 SUMMERLIN Ady Gordon  8 Feb 1973Oklahoma, United States I105472
81 SUMMERLIN Andrew Jackson  26 Apr 1971Oklahoma, United States I105467
82 SUMMERLIN Carey Walter  14 May 1924Oklahoma, United States I105470
83 SUMMERLIN Jeremiah Jerry  Oklahoma, United States I105473
84 THOMAS Blanche J  1969Oklahoma, United States I72237
85 THOMAS Ellis R.  1917Oklahoma, United States I65616
86 THOMAS Henry Clayton  1957Oklahoma, United States I72236
87 TRUEBLOOD Doris Jean  7 Aug 1989Oklahoma, United States I85041
88 WALKER David Parham, Jr  Abt 1976Oklahoma, United States I116520
89 WHITE William Albert  1944Oklahoma, United States I129078
90 WILKS James Silas  1921Oklahoma, United States I128284
91 WILSON Letha  27 Mar 2003Oklahoma, United States I122445
92 ZINN Ester C.  7 Oct 1922Oklahoma, United States I73772
93 ZINN Hazel Ann  Bef 2006Oklahoma, United States I80757
94 ZINN William Harris  29 Jul 1948Oklahoma, United States I73771


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GRIGGS Pearl Raye  Oklahoma, United States I141065


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 EDDINGFIELD / OLSON  31 Oct 1968Oklahoma, United States F53184
2 GRAGG / EVANS  6 Mar 1913Oklahoma, United States F50873
3 HARDEMAN / EVANS  13 Mar 1914Oklahoma, United States F52813
4 HEDGES / DELOACH  Abt 1910Oklahoma, United States F34367
5 HENSLEY / RIDINGS  1902Oklahoma, United States F48273
6 HESKETT / REED  23 Dec 1931Oklahoma, United States F38958
7 HOWELL / CLARK  1915Oklahoma, United States F46295
8 JONES / GOODSON  23 May 1940Oklahoma, United States F29092
9 KANEHL / PERKINS  4 Apr 1974Oklahoma, United States F54076
10 KILBY /   24 Jun 1963Oklahoma, United States F54734
11 LEHMAN / COWLE  30 Jun 1910Oklahoma, United States F54526
12 MAXWELL / DOWD  20 Oct 1946Oklahoma, United States F54351
13 MILLER / WILLARD  21 Feb 1948Oklahoma, United States F34340
14 REED / ANDERSON  Abt 1910Oklahoma, United States F38798
15 SHERRILL / KNOTTS  19 Nov 1905Oklahoma, United States F49709
16 SMALL / SHAW  1932Oklahoma, United States F29301
17 STARR / WALTER  17 Nov 1929Oklahoma, United States F50029
18 STINNETT / TRAYNOR  16 Jan 1926Oklahoma, United States F52561
19 SUMMERLIN / MOBLEY  20 Mar 1899Oklahoma, United States F40525
20 SUMRALL / NORRIS  4 Sep 1926Oklahoma, United States F44751
21 THOMAS / NORRIS  Abt 1903Oklahoma, United States F26749
22 WRIGHT / DEES  21 Jul 1925Oklahoma, United States F50285
23 ZINN / BROWN  23 Jun 1934Oklahoma, United States F29925

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