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Ohio, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 772

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agnes H  1895Ohio, United States I122542
2 Anna Louisa  May 1835Ohio, United States I155936
3 Clara  Jan 1845Ohio, United States I87214
4 Clara A  Oct 1859Ohio, United States I160499
5 Elizabeth W  1913Ohio, United States I85988
6 Lida E  1881Ohio, United States I121879
7 ADAMS Iva Lucille  28 Feb 1910Ohio, United States I144696
8 ADAMS Ruth Desire  1910Ohio, United States I71242
9 ALBAUGH Viginia  1914Ohio, United States I70910
10 ALBRO Mary A J  14 Apr 1834Ohio, United States I151228
11 ALLISON Abner C  Dec 1842Ohio, United States I60726
12 ALLISON Amos J.  1869Ohio, United States I60729
13 ALLISON Francis Marion  31 Mar 1855Ohio, United States I142040
14 ALLISON James Michael  17 Jan 1948Ohio, United States I145853
15 ALLISON James W.  May 1876Ohio, United States I60728
16 ALLISON John Judson  Nov 1860Ohio, United States I144533
17 ALLISON Laura  Sep 1871Ohio, United States I60730
18 ALLISON Mable  Nov 1877Ohio, United States I60731
19 ALLISON Silva  Nov 1831Ohio, United States I142036
20 APPLEMAN Clyde E  19 Mar 1916Ohio, United States I147380
21 APPLEMAN Lillian M  30 Mar 1911Ohio, United States I147287
22 AREHART Ruth Thelma  30 Jun 1901Ohio, United States I146609
23 ARMESY Ruth  1927Ohio, United States I101347
24 ARMONTRANT Sarah  1871Ohio, United States I144640
25 ARMSTRONG Scott  1860Ohio, United States I64885
26 AUSTIN Raymond A  1918Ohio, United States I86062
27 AVERILLE Adella C.  Jul 1851Ohio, United States I65105
28 BADGLEY Farrell Warner  29 Aug 1898Ohio, United States I147297
29 BAILEY Francis Wilson  30 Apr 1911Ohio, United States I160389
30 BAILEY Ralph Clinton  8 Nov 1917Ohio, United States I147220
31 BAILEY Susan  25 Nov 1816Ohio, United States I157544
32 BAKER Cyntha  Abt 1812Ohio, United States I151860
33 BAKER Elizabeth  1816Ohio, United States I151863
34 BAKER Helen Minerva  14 Feb 1844Ohio, United States I68571
35 BAKER Israel  1810Ohio, United States I151861
36 BAKER Willard H.  15 Sep 1905Ohio, United States I146373
37 DL BALDWIN Brainard  1869Ohio, United States I64464
38 BALDWIN Charles Alva  15 Dec 1878Ohio, United States I64466
39 BALDWIN Elizabeth May  18 May 1842Ohio, United States I92146
40 BALDWIN Nina Kent  19 Dec 1881Ohio, United States I64456
41 BALDWIN William S.  1879Ohio, United States I64482
42 BALL Flamen  1912Ohio, United States I98908
43 BALL William H  Feb 1852Ohio, United States I129726
44 BALYEAT Lambert Wellington  4 Sep 1850Ohio, United States I144389
45 BARBER Edward Albert  13 Jul 1904Ohio, United States I133734
46 BARNES Angie M.  Oct 1870Ohio, United States I156395
47 BARRIS William Byron  5 Jul 1834Ohio, United States I158001
48 BARRON Sarah E  1855Ohio, United States I144647
49 BASCOM Ellen Mary  Sep 1844Ohio, United States I59059
50 BATTELS Minerva Jane  1834Ohio, United States I57888
51 BATTLES Almira  1843Ohio, United States I57840
52 BATTLES Amanda C.  1843Ohio, United States I57890
53 BATTLES Andrew L.  14 Oct 1875Ohio, United States I60554
54 BATTLES Archy D.  Oct 1875Ohio, United States I60549
55 BATTLES Arlene S  1910Ohio, United States I64898
56 BATTLES Charlotte  1839Ohio, United States I57844
57 BATTLES Clifford F  1 May 1910Ohio, United States I64897
58 BATTLES Elizabeth  22 Jan 1838Ohio, United States I57843
59 BATTLES Emery E.  1847Ohio, United States I57842
60 BATTLES Frank  1853Ohio, United States I57900
61 BATTLES Frank  1863Ohio, United States I60528
62 BATTLES J. L. H.  1845Ohio, United States I57896
63 BATTLES Jane  1832Ohio, United States I57839
64 BATTLES Lou Leverne  Dec 1866Ohio, United States I60540
65 BATTLES Lydia A.  1846Ohio, United States I57889
66 BATTLES Mary  1841Ohio, United States I57891
67 BATTLES Mary A.  1835Ohio, United States I57845
68 BATTLES Muriel Ann  31 Aug 1925Ohio, United States I64889
69 BATTLES Nathan C.  1873Ohio, United States I60551
70 BATTLES Pearl  May 1885Ohio, United States I60548
71 BATTLES Pricilla  1845Ohio, United States I57841
72 BATTLES Rhoda A.  Apr 1849Ohio, United States I57895
73 BATTLES Sarah J.  1841Ohio, United States I57894
74 BATTLES William A.  1871Ohio, United States I60552
75 BATTLES Willie  1855Ohio, United States I57901
76 BAY Francis B  2 Jul 1868Ohio, United States I75528
77 BECK Edward  1821Ohio, United States I97082
78 BEERY Justine  23 Sep 1922Ohio, United States I71538
79 BEHLEN Phyllis M.  1922Ohio, United States I157018
80 BELL Mary  Feb 1898Ohio, United States I144363
81 BEMAM Emerson  1913Ohio, United States I147598
82 BENJAMIN Mary J  1919Ohio, United States I75500
83 BENNETT Elizabeth F  15 Dec 1823Ohio, United States I126509
84 BERGMOSER Laura  Abt 1913Ohio, United States I146281
85 BETHEL Bessie F  Jan 1893Ohio, United States I146727
86 BIBLER Betty Lou  1935Ohio, United States I147315
87 BIBLER Norma Lee  1933Ohio, United States I147316
88 BIBLER Norman E  13 Mar 1905Ohio, United States I147314
89 BIEDERMAN Glen E.  1924Ohio, United States I71448
90 BISHOP Lois E  1913Ohio, United States I82169
91 BISHOP Milton C  1911Ohio, United States I82168
92 BLACK Ada  1888Ohio, United States I65098
93 BLAUSER Esther Lucille  2 Apr 1910Ohio, United States I146624
94 BOEDICKER Hazel May  17 May 1890Ohio, United States I147943
95 BORLAND Homer L  20 Mar 1912Ohio, United States I147230
96 BOROFF Lovicia  9 Jul 1829Ohio, United States I141920
97 BRADWAY Margaret Ethel  5 Jul 1912Ohio, United States I140015
98 BREDEHOEFT William  3 Dec 1879Ohio, United States I81964
99 BREDEL Norman  1909Ohio, United States I147013
100 BROCKMEYER John C  11 Feb 1896Ohio, United States I147402

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Matches 1 to 100 of 139

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLISON Rutha Belle  24 Nov 1948Ohio, United States I142038
2 ATKINSON Williard Dewey  30 Aug 1958Ohio, United States I146842
3 ATKISON Blanchard Howard  10 Aug 1955Ohio, United States I146841
4 BAKER Helen Minerva  5 Apr 1900Ohio, United States I68571
5 BARLEW Winona Walden  4 Feb 1994Ohio, United States I124207
6 BARNES Forest  11 Aug 1951Ohio, United States I146570
7 BARRON Joseph Ellsworth  29 Nov 1952Ohio, United States I144649
8 BASCOM Frances Jane  20 Feb 1837Ohio, United States I59052
9 BEATTIE Thomas Aloysious  16 Jul 2005Ohio, United States I145215
10 BOLLES Caroline Matilda  24 Mar 1894Ohio, United States I152050
11 BOWMAN Ruth Fern  4 Sep 1998Ohio, United States I147362
12 BRITTON Lillian Ann  24 Jan 1948Ohio, United States I83421
13 BROCKWAY Archie L.  16 Feb 1907Ohio, United States I156397
14 BROCKWAY Edith A.  29 Oct 1908Ohio, United States I156396
15 BROWN Lucius Sheperd  4 Jan 1880Ohio, United States I150062
16 BUTLER Alonzo Haschel  1851Ohio, United States I150113
17 BUTLER Harlow  24 Apr 1881Ohio, United States I150109
18 CAREY Pleasant Ernest  Oct 1963Ohio, United States I72175
19 CARPENTER Lawrence Arthur  25 Sep 2016Ohio, United States I147190
20 CASTLE Clarence Melvin  Jul 1899Ohio, United States I75112
21 CHAPMAN John Sherman  1962Ohio, United States I145842
22 CHILCOTE Carl J  1980Ohio, United States I144525
23 CHILCOTE Mary Grace  1888Ohio, United States I141957
24 CHILCOTE Peter Fremont  6 Oct 1877Ohio, United States I144372
25 COLE Homer Eugene  1 Mar 2007Ohio, United States I145405
26 COLE Wilbur Duane  23 Oct 1962Ohio, United States I102624
27 COLQUHOUN Virginia  10 Nov 2006Ohio, United States I157005
28 CONGROVE Albert Stanley  22 May 1971Ohio, United States I146623
29 DARROW Mariah  Ohio, United States I149083
30 DILLE Florence Edna  26 Oct 1969Ohio, United States I147361
31 DILTZ Dale Lee  2010Ohio, United States I146714
32 DILTZ James F  21 Apr 2014Ohio, United States I146718
33 DILTZ Mabel Marie  8 Apr 1963Ohio, United States I145881
34 DILTZ Retha B  2008Ohio, United States I146715
35 DRAPER Martha Jane  6 Mar 1931Ohio, United States I94509
36 DRAY Edith E  26 Feb 1969Ohio, United States I64803
37 ELZEY Alice Luella  8 Jun 1895Ohio, United States I144422
38 ERWIN Thomas Hale  13 Aug 1950Ohio, United States I157026
39 Mr. EWING  Bef 1910Ohio, United States I65032
40 EWING Helen Margaret  17 Dec 2001Ohio, United States I65030
41 EWING Sarah E.  27 Apr 1860Ohio, United States I60639
42 EXLINE Eugene  2015Ohio, United States I146334
43 FORST David Leon  15 Aug 1959Ohio, United States I146621
44 FORST Jean Frances  17 Oct 1975Ohio, United States I146619
45 FORST John Loren  28 Sep 1959Ohio, United States I146613
46 FOXON Fern Iola  1992Ohio, United States I98094
47 FULLER Esby Jane  1905Ohio, United States I145735
48 GLAZIER Pauline Louise  7 Oct 2004Ohio, United States I147387
49 GREEN Jessie Mitchell  6 Jun 1958Ohio, United States I119127
50 HALL Charlene Fay  2011Ohio, United States I71140
51 HAMLIN Willa May  26 Dec 1963Ohio, United States I145825
52 HAMMARY James Sherman  17 Jan 2011Ohio, United States I145319
53 HARRINGTON Helen  15 Nov 1988Ohio, United States I146586
54 HARTSON Alonzo G  1863Ohio, United States I150970
55 HAYWARD Max Earl  10 Jul 1999Ohio, United States I84081
56 HEATH Harriet  3 Oct 1861Ohio, United States I58130
57 HELBER William E  29 Oct 2006Ohio, United States I146431
58 HELBER Willis William  21 Apr 2003Ohio, United States I146430
59 HENRY Carl Virgil  10 May 2004Ohio, United States I71462
60 HEWITT James M  5 Jul 2018Ohio, United States I147582
61 HOYT Charles Fremont  29 Jan 1936Ohio, United States I58982
62 HOYT William Julius  26 Jan 1925Ohio, United States I58981
63 HULL Frances Mary  1933Ohio, United States I71236
64 HULS Bertha  30 Oct 1898Ohio, United States I145807
65 HUNT Walter George  8 Jul 1891Ohio, United States I62927
66 ILES ella may  1937Ohio, United States I144695
67 JONES Benjamin B.  1888Ohio, United States I152552
68 JUSTICE William  1951Ohio, United States I145719
69 KANE Helen  1975Ohio, United States I82251
70 KAUFMAN Dorothy  18 Feb 2007Ohio, United States I71231
71 KLINE Pearl L.  1970Ohio, United States I145290
72 LEWIS Danny Eugene  23 Nov 2006Ohio, United States I146418
73 LOGSDON Dorothy C.  4 Jun 2009Ohio, United States I78809
74 MARIETHOMPSON elva  9 Apr 1997Ohio, United States I120205
75 MARSHALL Minta V.  28 Mar 1889Ohio, United States I65036
76 MCKARNS Grace  Ohio, United States I143551
77 MERRIMAN Lauretta M.  3 Mar 1949Ohio, United States I65254
78 MILLER David Franklin, Jr.  Jul 1962Ohio, United States I144393
79 MILLER Jacob  25 Aug 1850Ohio, United States I141929
80 MILLER Margaret Nina  2 Jan 1954Ohio, United States I71139
81 MILLER Mary E  22 Jun 1880Ohio, United States I141901
82 MILLER Robert  Ohio, United States I145380
83 MILLER Ruth Elaine  3 Oct 2006Ohio, United States I144411
84 MILLER Sadie E.  25 Sep 1962Ohio, United States I144395
85 MOORE Katie Alice  3 Aug 1938Ohio, United States I145855
86 MORRIS Janey Loucinda  Jan 1903Ohio, United States I67074
87 NEWELL Caroline Elizabeth  20 Dec 1892Ohio, United States I57115
88 NORTON Harry Dale  27 Aug 1952Ohio, United States I82224
89 ORMSBY Levi A  17 Feb 1926Ohio, United States I60622
90 PACKARD Esther  7 Jul 1954Ohio, United States I133721
91 PALMER Fanny A.  1871Ohio, United States I149354
92 PENTY Ruth Eleanora  14 Sep 1980Ohio, United States I103272
93 PRICE warren winslow  12 Jun 2006Ohio, United States I109966
94 PROSSER Edna Marie  1974Ohio, United States I145536
95 REID Mary Etta  1970Ohio, United States I146713
96 REYNOLDS Jack David  7 Dec 1971Ohio, United States I147011
97 RIDER Bertha Edna  16 Jul 1937Ohio, United States I145802
98 RILEY Richard O  deceasedOhio, United States I144679
99 RUDDICK Jay Leon  11 Feb 1950Ohio, United States I73946
100 RUDOLPH Richard P  2012Ohio, United States I147476

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Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HOOVER  19 Nov 1934Ohio, United States I146584
2 HOOVER Richard Allen  13 Dec 1932Ohio, United States I146583
3 TURNER Lena Faye  22 Jul 1950Ohio, United States I146643
4 WILLIAMSON John Gordon  11 Oct 1935Ohio, United States I144590


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLISON / WILLIAMSON  6 Jun 1900Ohio, United States F55104
2 BATTLES / PALMER  25 Apr 1928Ohio, United States F26413
3 BEERY / LOGSDON  8 Nov 1951Ohio, United States F29060
4 BEERY / WHITE  27 Jul 1921Ohio, United States F26565
5 BURKHOLDER / FOX  Abt 1950Ohio, United States F32450
6 BURTON / BURTON  From 1931 to 1939Ohio, United States F50924
7 CHAPIN / SWARTWOOD  1 Aug 1918Ohio, United States F60255
8 DOWNING / WELKER  Abt 1936Ohio, United States F31566
9 EWING / FAUSNAUGH  21 Feb 1920Ohio, United States F26490
10 EWING / MCCLAIN  1899Ohio, United States F26519
11 EWING / PARK  1868Ohio, United States F23370
12 FISHER / ANJAL  Abt 1942Ohio, United States F26030
13 HILLS / WRIGHT  27 Apr 1929Ohio, United States F28471
14 KITCHEN / SOWARDS  1926Ohio, United States F55236
15 KREITLER / PIERCE  1886Ohio, United States F24581
16 MARTZ / STONEHILL  20 Oct 1946Ohio, United States F29040
17 MCCALL / DUNLAP  11 Jun 1927Ohio, United States F60223
18 MILLER / DUPREY  16 Jul 1929Ohio, United States F54999
19 MIZER / MORRIS  18 Jul 1942Ohio, United States F55233
20 MORRIS / WENTZ  1889Ohio, United States F54490
21 NORTON / GREINER  21 Mar 1936Ohio, United States F32451
22 RHODES /   5 Sep 1886Ohio, United States F58693
23 ROBINSON / WYNE  15 May 1944Ohio, United States F55755
24 RUDDICK / HAMILTON  1923Ohio, United States F29975
25 SHAW / BLACKWELL  3 Dec 1924Ohio, United States F55084
26 SNOKE / MATTOX  Abt 1935Ohio, United States F55557
27 STITLE / HULL  1900Ohio, United States F26417
28 STONEHILL / CRITTEN  1 Apr 1952Ohio, United States F29039
29 STOUGHTON / CHRISTIAN  1901Ohio, United States F55094
30 STOUGHTON / WHORTON  1893Ohio, United States F55093
31 TROWBRIDGE / ROBERTSON  13 Mar 1869Ohio, United States F58307
32 WHITNEY / HATCH  Ohio, United States F36476
33 WINE / JEWELL  Abt 1887Ohio, United States F55134
34 WINE / VANDAGRIFF  Abt 1920Ohio, United States F55517

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