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North Carolina



Matches 1 to 100 of 231

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clara M  1895North Carolina I129169
2 ALPHIN Leonard  1909North Carolina I110248
3 ALPHIN Madeline  1920North Carolina I110247
4 ARNOLD Eugene Sim  2 Sep 1892North Carolina I66169
5 ARNOLD Isaac  1877North Carolina I66170
6 ARNOLD Naomi  1922North Carolina I73148
7 ARNOLD Ruth  15 Apr 1922North Carolina I73149
8 BAREFOOT Bertha U.  Nov 1882North Carolina I111246
9 BAREFOOT Esther O.  Aug 1888North Carolina I111218
10 BAREFOOT James, Sr.  20 May 1894North Carolina I120736
11 BAREFOOT Marion R.  11 Oct 1892North Carolina I111222
12 BAREFOOT Verdia K.  11 Dec 1896North Carolina I111224
13 BAREFOOT William F  1922North Carolina I110238
14 BARFIELD Marvin  1925North Carolina I119903
15 BARWICK  1931North Carolina I109359
16 BARWICK  1933North Carolina I109356
17 BARWICK Annie  Abt 1863North Carolina I105034
18 BARWICK David J  1865North Carolina I105032
19 BARWICK Effie  Sep 1891North Carolina I109435
20 BARWICK George L  1910North Carolina I109490
21 BARWICK John  Aug 1885North Carolina I109436
22 BARWICK Susan E  1861North Carolina I105035
23 BARWICK William "Billy" Alexander  20 May 1859North Carolina I105036
24 BELL Emma Agnes  1902North Carolina I110647
25 BESCHER Nancy  28 Mar 1840North Carolina I66933
26 BLACKWELL Claude J  1903North Carolina I134750
27 BLALOCK Alma  1920North Carolina I109766
28 BLALOCK Charlie Clarence  Abt 1906North Carolina I109774
29 BLALOCK Doris  1913North Carolina I109767
30 BLALOCK John  1915North Carolina I109765
31 BLALOCK Mable  1918North Carolina I109764
32 BLALOCK William M  Abt 1909North Carolina I109773
33 BROCK Isaac Bryan  1876North Carolina I109824
34 BROWN Bessie  11 Aug 1895North Carolina I119921
35 BUDD Susan  Aug 1837North Carolina I105030
36 CHAMBERS Olive Grace  17 Apr 1930North Carolina I111764
37 CLARK Edna  1916North Carolina I129172
38 CLARK Elizabeth M  1918North Carolina I129173
39 CLARK James G  1910North Carolina I129171
40 CLARK John E, Jr.  1914North Carolina I129170
41 CRANFORD Colon  1912North Carolina I81447
42 CRANFORD Raymond  Sep 1885North Carolina I81450
43 CRANFORD Wade  Dec 1892North Carolina I81448
44 DEATON Viola  1906North Carolina I120705
45 DORSETT Felbert Monroe  26 Jan 1889North Carolina I85442
46 DOUGLASS Wilma J  North Carolina I121272
47 DRAPER Elizabeth  1819North Carolina I58018
48 DRAPER Simon C.  1871North Carolina I61148
49 DRAPER William S  1909North Carolina I97630
50 DUFF Madeline  1921North Carolina I120257
51 EDWARDS Lucy  1912North Carolina I129870
52 ETHRIDGE Hannah  1915North Carolina I109348
53 GALLIMORE Palline  1909North Carolina I74515
54 GENTRY Boyd  1915North Carolina I136779
55 HARDY Roland F  1911North Carolina I119957
56 HARGRAVE Paulina  Abt 1818North Carolina I61211
57 HATCH Edny Y  Dec 1887North Carolina I110195
58 HATCH Ethel L  Feb 1890North Carolina I110198
59 HATCH Ira W  Jun 1851North Carolina I110194
60 HATCH Ira W  Nov 1895North Carolina I110199
61 HATCH Lola M  22 May 1896North Carolina I110196
62 HATCH Mabel C  Jan 1899North Carolina I110197
63 HAYES Dorothy  1924North Carolina I111151
64 HAYES Hyacinth  1921North Carolina I111152
65 HAYES Nora "Patti" Patterson  1930North Carolina I111149
66 HEAD Lois Ophelia  12 Jul 1924North Carolina I119976
67 HEDGECOCK Delphina  1837 OR 1838North Carolina I65898
68 HERRING Billy Ray  1936North Carolina I109383
69 HERRING Emma  26 Jul 1889North Carolina I109420
70 HERRING Fannie  6 Nov 1900North Carolina I106194
71 HERRING George William  27 Mar 1900North Carolina I109909
72 HERRING Sam  1891North Carolina I120177
73 HICKS Eldridge  1819 (ae 31)North Carolina I61104
74 HICKS Robert Agusta  1890North Carolina I82046
75 HIGGINS Clarence Edward  11 Dec 1918North Carolina I111260
76 HINSON Walter Lee  20 Sep 1902North Carolina I120135
77 HOLLINGSWORTH Linda  1904North Carolina I110750
78 HOLLOMAN Sallie E  Oct 1889North Carolina I110206
79 HOLMES Ella  5 Mar 1872North Carolina I109400
80 HOOVER Louise Elizabeth  26 Feb 1920North Carolina I120594
81 JONES Ada  1919North Carolina I109352
82 JONES Carlton  1915North Carolina I109625
83 JONES Gladis  1908North Carolina I109637
84 JONES Harriett Eva  1867North Carolina I105066
85 JONES James C  1906North Carolina I109636
86 JONES Kirl  1910North Carolina I109628
87 JONES Marie  1912North Carolina I109624
88 JONES Mazie S  1912North Carolina I109483
89 JONES Melba Loise  1923North Carolina I109367
90 JONES Mildred  1920North Carolina I109368
91 JONES Paul  1910North Carolina I109626
92 JONES Ruby  1913North Carolina I109697
93 JONES Willie  1904North Carolina I109635
94 LANIER Ada  1893North Carolina I74410
95 LANIER Birch  1912North Carolina I74411
96 LANIER James O  1908North Carolina I81401
97 LANIER Lester V  14 Oct 1900North Carolina I81399
98 LANIER Maness Ray  4 Aug 1908North Carolina I74409
99 LEE Sarah Elizabeth  15 Feb 1858North Carolina I105014
100 LOFLIN Bettie M  15 Apr 1887North Carolina I81406

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Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARWICK  1931North Carolina I109359
2 BARWICK Annie Laura  1980North Carolina I105025
3 BARWICK Clara F.  24 Jun 1984North Carolina I105018
4 BARWICK Lizzie Ethel  20 Oct 1918North Carolina I105023
5 BARWICK Mary C  1870North Carolina I103778
6 BARWICK Walter Jones  7 Feb 1976North Carolina I105015
7 BARWICK William Sutton  20 Apr 1920North Carolina I105017
8 BARWICK Woodard  22 Oct 1948North Carolina I105049
9 BESCHER Nancy  30 Sep 1924North Carolina I66933
10 BIZZELL George Leonidus  22 Feb 1912North Carolina I109371
11 BROCK Isaac Bryan  North Carolina I109824
12 DORSETT Felbert Monroe  24 Sep 1955North Carolina I85442
13 GRADY Nancy Adelle  27 Jul 1957North Carolina I119922
14 HERRING Emma  16 Oct 1934North Carolina I109420
15 HOLMES Martha W. ( Mattie)  22 Jun 1944North Carolina I109408
16 JONES Nannie D  27 Aug 1972North Carolina I105008
17 LEE Rosa Violet  7 Jun 1903North Carolina I105175
18 MC CULLEN Roy Lee  1 Jan 1973North Carolina I109350
19 OUTLAW Luther  20 Dec 1959North Carolina I105200
20 SUMEREL Thomas, Jr  Aft 1785North Carolina I103465
21 WARD James Woodrow  18 Jan 1969North Carolina I109344


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BLIZZARD Rhoda  North Carolina I110009
2 SUMMERLIN Needham Eldon  23 Apr 1987North Carolina I110743
3 SUTTON Maggie  1 Mar 1984North Carolina I110662


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARWICK / HOLMES  4 May 1893North Carolina F40278
2 BROCK / FORDHAM  Abt 1896North Carolina F40346
3 BYRNE / SUMRALL  1779North Carolina F39306
4 CAYTON / TRUEBLOOD  Abt 1940North Carolina F31905
5 GIBSON / SUMERALL  1793North Carolina F39302
6 HERRING / BLANTON  7 Mar 1931North Carolina F40873
7 HERRING / SUMMERLIN PATE  31 Jul 1924North Carolina F40871
8 JONES / ROUSE  Abt 1897North Carolina F40309
9 OUTLAW / DAVIS  Abt 1909North Carolina F39712
10 SUMRALL / GIBSON  1789North Carolina F39299
11 THAYER / PENDERGRAFT  1925North Carolina F32231

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