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New Hampshire



Matches 1 to 86 of 86

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREW Russell E  1927New Hampshire I136294
2 ATKINS Ruth Leah  Abt 1903New Hampshire I82364
3 BAKER Clifton G  1879New Hampshire I91877
4 BELLOWS Henry Frank  26 Aug 1861New Hampshire I91885
5 BOYCE Elvira M  1835New Hampshire I67818
6 BURNELL Virginia Inez  11 Sep 1927New Hampshire I92454
7 BURNHAM Fannie  Apr 1882New Hampshire I62074
8 BURNHAM Hazel I  Dec 1894New Hampshire I62075
9 BURNHAM Rayworth  May 1884New Hampshire I62076
10 CAMPBELL Donald E  1931New Hampshire I92443
11 CAMPBELL Martha J.  1933New Hampshire I92444
12 CAMPBELL Ruth L  1932New Hampshire I92446
13 CARPENTER Charles  Abt 1841New Hampshire I68295
14 CHASE Newell P.  Abt 1833New Hampshire I91527
15 CLARK Sabrina F  6 Jun 1876New Hampshire I155971
16 DAGGETT Shirley Ruth  20 Apr 1925New Hampshire I156532
17 DOCKHAM Mary Elizabeth  1825New Hampshire I124764
18 DOWNING Martha J.  Aug 1856New Hampshire I62104
19 DUSTON Donald Levi  1923New Hampshire I77538
20 DUSTON Gene T  1928New Hampshire I77539
21 DUSTON Harold E  1914New Hampshire I77535
22 DUSTON Leslie W  1916New Hampshire I77537
23 EMERY William K  1915New Hampshire I92463
24 FELLOWS Hazel  New Hampshire I136348
25 FOGG Louisa  Abt 1805New Hampshire I61780
26 FRENCH Robert W  1910New Hampshire I69664
27 FULLER James G.  1840New Hampshire I153874
28 FULLER John  1803New Hampshire I57020
29 FULLER Sarah Gilman  15 Apr 1839New Hampshire I153876
30 GERALD Henry F.  Apr 1881New Hampshire I155115
31 HALL Anna May  1908New Hampshire I92197
32 HALL Avis Mildred  1907New Hampshire I92198
33 HALL Mariah L.  1902New Hampshire I92195
34 HILDRITH Denison T.  1837/8New Hampshire I151582
35 HOBSON William Lorenzo  Mar 1867New Hampshire I91116
36 HOOPER Hattie E.  1853New Hampshire I91780
37 HOOPER John  1844New Hampshire I91781
38 HUDSON Margaret A J  1903New Hampshire I155869
39 JOHNSON Dayton  6 May 1904New Hampshire I69231
40 JOHNSON Lorraine F  1922New Hampshire I161030
41 JORDAN Adeline  Abt 1831New Hampshire I68332
42 KNIGHT Clifford Fred  1924New Hampshire I92437
43 LITTLE Charles William  1851New Hampshire I91972
44 LORING Elmer Linwood  Aug 1861New Hampshire I124283
45 LUFKIN Almon Burge  1875New Hampshire I92184
46 MACIVER Clifton John  16 Jun 1935New Hampshire I142208
47 MACIVER Kenneth  16 Jul 1934New Hampshire I142211
48 METCALF Solon S.  1843New Hampshire I91773
49 MITCHELL Francis Wise  15 Nov 1857New Hampshire I58309
50 MOONEY Ina M  Mar 1886New Hampshire I76725
51 MOORE Charlotte L  1921New Hampshire I70006
52 MOORE F Summer  1913New Hampshire I70002
53 MOORE Lelia E  1919New Hampshire I70005
54 MOORE Maude M  1915New Hampshire I70003
55 MOORE William W  1917New Hampshire I70004
56 NEWELL Gladys  1906New Hampshire I77071
57 ORCUTT Daniel  16 Jun 1800New Hampshire I153861
58 PARTRIDGE Charles W.  1848New Hampshire I154343
59 PARTRIDGE Verna  1917New Hampshire I68467
60 PERKINS Jeanette  1903New Hampshire I83488
61 PHINNEY John A  1916New Hampshire I164865
62 PHINNEY Mary L  1914New Hampshire I164864
63 PITKIN Marion Evelyn  1911New Hampshire I156515
64 PLYMPTON Viola  1869New Hampshire I62977
65 PRAY Frederick Shenstone  2 Jun 1867New Hampshire I58618
66 PROCTOR William  Abt 1873New Hampshire I127613
67 PROUTY Emeline  25 Nov 1806New Hampshire I59035
68 PUTNAM Dorothy J  Dec 1897New Hampshire I91103
69 PUTNAM Ralph E  1903New Hampshire I91101
70 PUTNUM Pearl  Abt 1881New Hampshire I76013
71 ROBERTS Marlene Elsie  19 Dec 1932New Hampshire I158041
72 ROBINSON Samuel  Abt 1789New Hampshire I91823
73 ROGERS Dorothy Elene  1910New Hampshire I155974
74 SAWYER George Carleton  1884New Hampshire I155342
75 SEELEY Georgiana  1898New Hampshire I82548
76 SPRAGUE Sarah Burns  1796New Hampshire I88651
77 STURGIS Raymond  1919New Hampshire I70018
78 SWEENEY Valeda  1928New Hampshire I86260
79 TERRY John Franklin  Nov 1862New Hampshire I155345
80 THEREAU Dorothy L  1920New Hampshire I101914
81 WARCUP Charlotte  20 Apr 1930New Hampshire I91324
82 WARDWELL Idella M.  Jul 1867New Hampshire I94120
83 WHEELER William F.  1877New Hampshire I92182
84 WHEELOCK Howard Ellis  Abt 1908New Hampshire I130764
85 WHITE Herbert Joseph  14 Jun 1893New Hampshire I128564
86 WIGGINS Myron E  1902New Hampshire I102813


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BURNELL Virginia Inez  16 Dec 2014New Hampshire I92454
2 FANCY Elsie Lavinia  Jun 1964New Hampshire I136332
3 FISHER Nellie Sylvina  13 Jan 1946New Hampshire I154353
4 PADDLEFORD Elijah  1816New Hampshire I33151
5 RICHARDSON Fred G  10 Apr 1940New Hampshire I76731
6 SIMPSON Charles R.  8 Sep 1919New Hampshire I63618


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 WALTERS Raymond Earl  New Hampshire I137441


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATKINS / WILSON  6 Jun 1934New Hampshire F32601
2 BARRETT / MCCOY  29 Jun 1864New Hampshire F35060
3 BATTLES / CLOUD  9 Jun 1878New Hampshire F24239
4 BATTLES / PARKHURST  4 Nov 1863New Hampshire F23138
5 BURNHAM / SHELDON  28 Nov 1895New Hampshire F23635
6 CLARK / FARRAR  1848New Hampshire F47364
7 DYKE / CARPENTER  Aug 1830New Hampshire F25296
8 FULLER / CARTER  26 Apr 1862New Hampshire F23913
9 HARDY / WILSON  28 Nov 1881New Hampshire F36449
10 HOLMES / WASHBURN  3 Jul 1861New Hampshire F22985
11 LYFORD / FOGG  Abt 1825New Hampshire F23554
12 MORRISON / WELD  26 Nov 1837New Hampshire F22914
13 MORSE / HALL  1 Jun 1842New Hampshire F23577
14 RAWSON / WHITE  8 Jan 1834New Hampshire F34305
15 RUGG / TARBOX  29 Nov 1888New Hampshire F25719
16 SIMPSON / GOULD  5 Jul 1884New Hampshire F25918
17 STEVENS / MORSE  2 Mar 1849New Hampshire F25283
18 WESTGATE / JACKSON  19 May 1840New Hampshire F22902
19 WOODBURY / SABEN  9 Mar 1864New Hampshire F27863

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