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Missouri, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 428

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bonnie  Abt 1902Missouri, United States I78888
2 Dora M  17 Sep 1900Missouri, United States I78910
3 Gail Mary  1894Missouri, United States I80955
4 Mary Ann  1813Missouri, United States I126784
5 Minerva L  1898Missouri, United States I148079
6 Ruth L  1921Missouri, United States I84361
7 Vesta  1901Missouri, United States I78909
8 - Dohl K.  1900Missouri, United States I156802
9 ABERNATHY Donald Fielding  17 Jul 1902Missouri, United States I147223
10 ADAMS Nancy  1922Missouri, United States I78179
11 AFFLECK Gladys Perrine  14 Dec 1894Missouri, United States I88211
12 ALLISON Detmer Hugh  9 Feb 1903Missouri, United States I77907
13 ALLMAN Marie  1916Missouri, United States I71781
14 ANDERSON Helen M  1916Missouri, United States I138981
15 BALL Emma  8 Sep 1869Missouri, United States I150904
16 BALL H. Fay  Jul 1893Missouri, United States I129727
17 BALL William J.  28 Feb 1867Missouri, United States I150901
18 BASSETT Minnie Lee  1884Missouri, United States I127442
19 BAYLESS James David  Sep 1894Missouri, United States I137171
20 BEATY Jasper  30 Jul 1913Missouri, United States I71647
21 BELCHER Fanny Bell  9 May 1917Missouri, United States I84351
22 BELL Jessie Lelia  1887Missouri, United States I131707
23 BERGNER ethel estele  Missouri, United States I137663
24 BILLINGSLEY Alice  1877Missouri, United States I71591
25 BILLINGSLY Leona  1896Missouri, United States I71592
26 BISHOP Sylvester C  4 Dec 1841Missouri, United States I144310
27 BITTING Suzanne  19 Dec 1916Missouri, United States I99538
28 BOLM Maria Emma May  10 Nov 1908Missouri, United States I146629
29 BOWLER George W  Aug 1860Missouri, United States I89822
30 BOYD Eliza  Dec 1857Missouri, United States I126196
31 BOYER Barton Hayes  26 Jun 1912Missouri, United States I84952
32 BRADLEY James Ray  25 Feb 1902Missouri, United States I133357
33 BRADLEY Janet Fay  30 May 1951Missouri, United States I143491
34 BRADLEY Jerry Lee  10 Oct 1939Missouri, United States I143489
35 BRADLEY Pearl William  4 May 1924Missouri, United States I139600
36 BRADLEY Vernon  1934Missouri, United States I139602
37 BRASSE Beatrice Helen  19 Sep 1908Missouri, United States I25261
38 BRASUEL William Fillomore  15 Jul 1859Missouri, United States I74940
39 BROUNDRANT Mildred Ellen  1912Missouri, United States I139608
40 BROWN Erastus Root  9 Jun 1879Missouri, United States I120644
41 BRUNDAGE Gertrude  1866Missouri, United States I60606
42 BUFORD Mary Thelma  24 Sep 1903Missouri, United States I139614
43 BUFORD Virginia Irene  1899Missouri, United States I113357
44 BUMPAS Helen  1911Missouri, United States I120607
45 BURGER Phillipp  29 Nov 1878Missouri, United States I119732
46 BUTLER Mary Etta  6 Jan 1892Missouri, United States I71914
47 CAFFEY DeVern  4 Sep 1922Missouri, United States I147150
48 CAMPBELL Elsie  1920Missouri, United States I78906
49 CAMPBELL Ray Thomas  19 Jun 1922Missouri, United States I78904
50 CAMPBELL Wesley  3 Dec 1917Missouri, United States I78908
51 CARMACK James Elsworth  1 Apr 1875Missouri, United States I128265
52 CARMACK Mettie L  1871Missouri, United States I128266
53 CARPENTER Ida May  7 Feb 1904Missouri, United States I133858
54 CARPENTER Roy C  1908Missouri, United States I159202
55 CARPENTER Sarah Louise  14 Dec 1856Missouri, United States I89246
56 CARR Alma Faye  1 Jan 1914Missouri, United States I143714
57 CARTER Carl Virgile  17 Sep 1899Missouri, United States I135908
58 CARTER Harlan W  1905Missouri, United States I135906
59 CHANEY William B  1885Missouri, United States I78896
60 CHRISTMAS Bertie  1880Missouri, United States I89848
61 CHRISTMAS Elden M.  21 Mar 1902Missouri, United States I90617
62 CHRISTMAS Floyd Franklin  7 Jan 1906Missouri, United States I90619
63 CHRISTMAS Ross  22 Sep 1877Missouri, United States I89849
64 CLINTON Phidela Elizabeth  1 Mar 1872Missouri, United States I72424
65 COALE Dovie V  Sep 1899Missouri, United States I130200
66 COALE Kathryn Elizabeth  10 Dec 1902Missouri, United States I130202
67 COALE William Maddox  3 Mar 1905Missouri, United States I130201
68 COMMONS Margaret Luise  15 May 1852Missouri, United States I72126
69 CONNOR Guy Russell  1882Missouri, United States I78954
70 COOK Myrtle Mae  14 Apr 1882Missouri, United States I131291
71 COOPER Dinah  1858Missouri, United States I127739
72 COUNTERMAN Syble Venita  26 Feb 1903Missouri, United States I84418
73 CROCKETT Doshia Pearl  10 Mar 1883Missouri, United States I89771
74 CROUCH Beulah Ruth  5 Nov 1911Missouri, United States I81341
75 CROUCH Jesse Marion  25 Oct 1906Missouri, United States I81339
76 CUMMINGS Charles L.  6 Jul 1902Missouri, United States I100972
77 DANDRIDGE Corinne  23 Dec 1877Missouri, United States I73262
78 DEAN Michael Jefferson  Oct 1873Missouri, United States I129811
79 DEFFENBAUGH Helia Pinkney  26 Nov 1895Missouri, United States I137532
80 DERAAD Joseph J.  10 Feb 1913Missouri, United States I101505
81 DEVENTER William Elmer Van  23 Jan 1883Missouri, United States I135862
82 DOWNING James Paris  1860Missouri, United States I127811
83 DRAPER Addie M.  1873Missouri, United States I87187
84 DRAPER Anna B.  23 Nov 1876Missouri, United States I87186
85 DRAPER Jesse S.  Apr 1880Missouri, United States I60994
86 DRAPER John S. R.  1863Missouri, United States I87136
87 DRAPER Julia H.  1866Missouri, United States I87139
88 DRAPER Katherine L  1902Missouri, United States I79257
89 DRAPER Martha  1872Missouri, United States I87137
90 DRAPER Nathan Lyman  17 Jun 1872Missouri, United States I65455
91 DRYDEN Cyrus E  Mar 1893Missouri, United States I122531
92 DUDLEY Nove  4 Sep 1884Missouri, United States I79128
93 EKISS Dorothy Patricia  Abt 1920Missouri, United States I137224
94 EKISS Frances Margaret  Abt 1918Missouri, United States I137223
95 EKISS Helen Sarah  Abt 1922Missouri, United States I137220
96 EKISS Thomas Estin  Abt 1916Missouri, United States I137222
97 ELLIOTT Mary Gertrude  26 Nov 1921Missouri, United States I84542
98 ELSEL Ethel  Oct 1889Missouri, United States I89732
99 ENDICOTT James Harvey  27 Feb 1891Missouri, United States I94550
100 FAWKS Elwood  1921Missouri, United States I79207

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Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dora M  1 Mar 1983Missouri, United States I78910
2 ALFORD Sarah Elizabeth  1872Missouri, United States I127613
3 BARKER Eva Myrtle  17 Jan 1952Missouri, United States I130853
4 BATTLES Peter J  Feb 1980Missouri, United States I71334
5 BEATY Mary  1910Missouri, United States I71648
6 BLAIR Milo Gilbert  Jul 1963Missouri, United States I77149
7 BRADLEY Nellie Mae  27 Feb 1988Missouri, United States I133354
8 BUFORD Mary Thelma  25 Oct 1996Missouri, United States I139614
9 CARR Thomas Jefferson  2 Sep 1897Missouri, United States I158451
10 CHANEY Floyd R.  1965Missouri, United States I78846
11 COLTON Milton  21 Jun 1890Missouri, United States I65835
12 CROCKETT Robert Andreau  1932Missouri, United States I89770
13 DRAPER Lewis Wesley  11 Mar 1990Missouri, United States I160447
14 DRAPER Phineas Brigham  12 Mar 1907Missouri, United States I87095
15 DRYDEN Cyrus E  12 Feb 1958Missouri, United States I122531
16 ECHOLS joseph  2003Missouri, United States I81558
17 FIELDS Daniel Frances  16 Aug 2014Missouri, United States I135197
18 GANNAWAY Violet Mae  6 Dec 2013Missouri, United States I84353
19 GENTRY Mary Ann  1 Oct 1907Missouri, United States I89251
20 GOODSON John N.  1875Missouri, United States I65338
21 HARTZELL Edwin  1870Missouri, United States I89767
22 HEDGES Charles Ely  1903Missouri, United States I89276
23 HOLIDAY Maude Manda  1905Missouri, United States I128634
24 HOLMES Elmer James  5 May 1945Missouri, United States I116252
25 HULL Abigail  Missouri, United States I88830
26 JENNINGS Aisley Jane  11 Aug 1914Missouri, United States I89240
27 KENNEDY Thomas  11 Jan 2017Missouri, United States I88404
28 KILPATRICK Minnie Margaret  26 Feb 1949Missouri, United States I131904
29 KUYKENDALL Ivy O  Sep 1964Missouri, United States I84877
30 MCCANN Priscilla  Missouri, United States I88388
31 MCGOWEN Ida A.  1 Jul 1946Missouri, United States I90616
32 MORSE Israel P.  22 Jan 1911Missouri, United States I62145
33 NIDEY Elizabeth June  6 Jan 2003Missouri, United States I80109
34 PRETTYMAN Charles Harry  23 Jan 2005Missouri, United States I140152
35 RANEY Douglas  1885Missouri, United States I65340
36 RIDINGS Charles T  Abt 1906Missouri, United States I126484
37 SMITH Audra I.  22 May 2006Missouri, United States I78915
38 SMITH Clinton Calvin  Jan 1986Missouri, United States I87917
39 SORRELLS James Knox  24 Dec 1897Missouri, United States I129759
40 SPEER Hazel E.  15 Mar 1973Missouri, United States I80934
41 STAKER Leonard Myron  May 1984Missouri, United States I137134
42 TAWNEY Warren Woods  Feb 1964Missouri, United States I127434
43 TAYLOR Lonnie L, Sr  30 May 2014Missouri, United States I136831
44 TOLLISON Omalen  May 2006Missouri, United States I148074
45 TONNIES Dorothy  Aft 2012Missouri, United States I144933
46 WARNER George W.  1872Missouri, United States I127596
47 WHEELER Dalton Eldridge  7 Dec 1962Missouri, United States I134816
48 YURKA Ralph  15 May 1966Missouri, United States I139019


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 COLTON Milton  Missouri, United States I65835
2 PATE Charles William  Missouri, United States I140571
3 YOUNG Margaret  Missouri, United States I142235


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADKINS / HEINE  29 Oct 1913Missouri, United States F25456
2 APOLLONIO / DARBY  Abt 1919Missouri, United States F25484
3 BASCOM / CORNELIUS  1897Missouri, United States F25619
4 BEATY / MOLDER  22 Feb 1893Missouri, United States F26594
5 CARMACK / BROOKING  30 Jan 1895Missouri, United States F49392
6 CHAPPELL / CARMACK  17 Dec 1902Missouri, United States F49396
7 COLLINS / RAZEE  1920Missouri, United States F35236
8 GOODSON / DRAPER  1871Missouri, United States F24684
9 GRIGGS / VEANES  Abt 1927Missouri, United States F51032
10 HAYDEN / BARRETT  28 Apr 1932Missouri, United States F52088
11 HOLMES / MURPHY  Abt 1904Missouri, United States F45754
12 MARTIN / BELLE  4 Dec 1942Missouri, United States F31598
13 MICHEL / TONNIES  9 Aug 1937Missouri, United States F54024
14 MILLER / MOLDER  5 Nov 1914Missouri, United States F29081
15 VAN LEUVEN / AKINS  1866Missouri, United States F1475
16 WARNER / GRIGGS  1860Missouri, United States F47930
17 WILLIAMS / MORGAN  6 Oct 1907Missouri, United States F44615


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 POLSON / HOLIDAY  1908Missouri, United States F49569

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