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Michigan, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ella M  1864Michigan, United States I82921
2 ABSALOM Mary Justina  12 Dec 1883Michigan, United States I130680
3 ALGER Hugh Cole  1862Michigan, United States I155107
4 ARNOLD Ellsworth  From 1862 to 1863Michigan, United States I141781
5 AVERY Carrie Elizabeth  30 Jan 1897Michigan, United States I157379
6 BABCOCK Cora  7 Aug 1868Michigan, United States I128261
7 BABCOCK Mary Louise  Aug 1878Michigan, United States I62409
8 BAILEY Alta J  24 May 1898Michigan, United States I50251
9 BAKER Cleo C  1907Michigan, United States I144465
10 BAKER Elmer O  Abt 1880Michigan, United States I155385
11 BAKER Lehman F  1904Michigan, United States I144464
12 BALL Ida May  1861Michigan, United States I156766
13 BANCROFT Esther Deborah  25 May 1867Michigan, United States I153185
14 BARNES Mary L  1918Michigan, United States I146572
15 BEAM John Milton  28 Jan 1904Michigan, United States I157214
16 BEEBE Adrianna  20 May 1852Michigan, United States I148181
17 BEEBE Irene  1841Michigan, United States I154535
18 BOUGHTON Judy Thelma  7 May 1938Michigan, United States I92756
19 BOUGHTON Mertie Inez  5 Oct 1871Michigan, United States I92238
20 BOYLE Frances  1913Michigan, United States I147614
21 BRADLEY Edwin  24 Jan 1846Michigan, United States I55346
22 BRETT Mable B  17 Sep 1880Michigan, United States I70428
23 BRINKER Edwin Lee  12 Nov 1938Michigan, United States I78126
24 BROTHERTON Clifford Otto  Sep 1887Michigan, United States I78053
25 BRYAN William Mckinley  1901Michigan, United States I55013
26 BULLOCK Francis Louise  Sep 1886Michigan, United States I156785
27 BULLOCK Fredrick Dickerson  Jun 1891Michigan, United States I156783
28 BULLOCK Robert  1916Michigan, United States I157262
29 BURNETT Roy R.  29 Apr 1901Michigan, United States I133434
30 BUSHREE Mary  17 Nov 1887Michigan, United States I145457
31 CAMERON John F  1909Michigan, United States I139833
32 CASE Nancy G  1837Michigan, United States I150869
33 CASE Percilla Octava  1841Michigan, United States I150867
34 CHAMBERS Infant  1933Michigan, United States I135108
35 CHAPMAN Laura L  28 Jun 1885Michigan, United States I71280
36 CHRISTENSEN Thomas H.  22 Aug 1906Michigan, United States I143604
37 CLOUGH Frank  Apr 1869Michigan, United States I153620
38 CLOUGH George  Abt 1852Michigan, United States I153623
39 CLOUGH John Adams  1857Michigan, United States I153624
40 CLOUGH Lester  1859Michigan, United States I153625
41 CLOUGH Lincoln  1865Michigan, United States I153621
42 CLOUGH Lizzie  Abt 1854Michigan, United States I153622
43 CLOUGH Russell A.  May 1898Michigan, United States I139829
44 COGSWELL Leeman C.  1908Michigan, United States I70188
45 COLE Charles Ford  1859Michigan, United States I155024
46 COLE Edward  1851Michigan, United States I155022
47 COLE Joseph Sterling  Dec 1849Michigan, United States I155021
48 COLE Katherine L.  1836Michigan, United States I155101
49 COLLINS Richard E  Michigan, United States I89889
50 COSAND Arthur L  4 Jan 1913Michigan, United States I79412
51 COUNTERMAN Dorothy Irene  23 Aug 1931Michigan, United States I146288
52 COVEY Viola Elizabeth  7 Mar 1909Michigan, United States I157425
53 CRARY Byron Howe  Mar 1842Michigan, United States I151077
54 CRITTENDEN Jack R  1928Michigan, United States I94094
55 CRITTENDEN Monagene J  1927Michigan, United States I94093
56 CRITTENDEN Vern R  28 Apr 1901Michigan, United States I94036
57 CROFOOT Marion Elizabeth  14 Nov 1906Michigan, United States I121372
58 DANCER Ione Ruth  1905Michigan, United States I145452
59 DEHOFF Blanche  Aug 1881Michigan, United States I144482
60 Mrs. DENNETT Vera S  1886Michigan, United States I70427
61 DENNIS Norris F  9 Nov 1905Michigan, United States I146278
62 DIAMOND Thema  28 Dec 1913Michigan, United States I77952
63 DICK Denia  18 Dec 1885Michigan, United States I133633
64 DICKERSON Charles  Feb 1873Michigan, United States I83645
65 DOCKER David B  29 Apr 1940Michigan, United States I86855
66 DOHM Elma F  30 Sep 1895Michigan, United States I156068
67 DOLL Violet Jewell  1 Apr 1918Michigan, United States I84629
68 DOUGLAS Alberta  1885Michigan, United States I75709
69 DRAPER Lydia  Abt 1857Michigan, United States I96489
70 DURBIN Edward L  23 Jan 1911Michigan, United States I139813
71 DURHAM Gertrude Imogene  2 Jul 1944Michigan, United States I140689
72 DUTT Clyde Hull  23 Dec 1882Michigan, United States I136195
73 DUTT Norman Charles  1 Sep 1905Michigan, United States I136196
74 DUTT Saint Clair  1907Michigan, United States I136197
75 EDIE Ella J  Abt 1917Michigan, United States I145776
76 EDIE Harry Christian  20 Mar 1914Michigan, United States I145777
77 ELIOTT Emily  1843Michigan, United States I149821
78 ELLICOTT Sarah A.  14 Feb 1860Michigan, United States I156779
79 ELLIOTT Addie E.  1858Michigan, United States I153709
80 EMMONS Halmer Hull  Abt 1855Michigan, United States I155924
81 FAIRFIELD Leila Louise  1917Michigan, United States I157415
82 FAY Georgia I.  1879Michigan, United States I97956
83 FIELD Charles Kellogg, III  28 Jul 1927Michigan, United States I102352
84 FISHER Homer Amos  1887Michigan, United States I101755
85 FLOWER Mary Louise  8 Dec 1850Michigan, United States I98424
86 FLOWER Theron Morris  31 Oct 1860Michigan, United States I98423
87 FOLEY Elaine H  1922Michigan, United States I147843
88 FRASER Aileen  1882Michigan, United States I75504
89 FROST Delia Angeline  26 Sep 1851Michigan, United States I92236
90 GAGLIARDE Santo J.  29 Nov 1950Michigan, United States I157477
91 GAREY George L, jr  1939Michigan, United States I157423
92 GASKINS Willard J  12 Nov 1918Michigan, United States I147541
93 GETTEN Maurice  1894Michigan, United States I147616
94 GORDON Elinor  1916Michigan, United States I157265
95 GORDON Frances  1922Michigan, United States I157268
96 GORDON Harry B  1920Michigan, United States I157267
97 GORDON Mary  1914Michigan, United States I157266
98 GRAY David  22 Jun 1878Michigan, United States I110897
99 GROVES Enid M  Michigan, United States I156165
100 GROVES Mary Irene  1904Michigan, United States I156166

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Matches 1 to 66 of 66

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALSOBROOK Ronald Ted  17 Nov 2014Michigan, United States I135453
2 BAILEY Alta J  Jan 1987Michigan, United States I50251
3 BECKER John  1844Michigan, United States I67849
4 BOVEE George Louis  Jul 1963Michigan, United States I139942
5 CAMPBELL James D.  1968Michigan, United States I144408
6 CHAMBERS Amanda E M  Aft 1900Michigan, United States I67488
7 CHAPIN Elola M.  29 Jun 1901Michigan, United States I155885
8 CHAPIN Ralph Pratt  Abt 1904Michigan, United States I155007
9 CLARK Sharyl  Michigan, United States I147119
10 CLEMENT Olive Fletcher  3 Dec 1852Michigan, United States I152765
11 COLE Charles Ford  7 Mar 1862Michigan, United States I155024
12 COLLINS Amos Gilbert  8 Sep 1862Michigan, United States I151044
13 CURTH Mary Ann  Michigan, United States I143549
14 DARROW Russel, Jr.  4 Nov 1900Michigan, United States I149108
15 DURHAM Barbara Joan  17 May 2014Michigan, United States I140681
16 DURHAM Earl Junior  17 Oct 2007Michigan, United States I140687
17 DURHAM Gertrude Imogene  2017Michigan, United States I140689
18 ELLIOTT Ella Grace  9 Nov 1935Michigan, United States I153702
19 FUNKHOUSER Edward  2000Michigan, United States I137407
20 GAREY George L, jr  18 May 2016Michigan, United States I157423
21 HARDMAN Howard  3 Nov 1975Michigan, United States I157345
22 HARPER Thomas  21 Dec 1863Michigan, United States I150610
23 HODGES Harriet A "Hattie"  1 Feb 1885Michigan, United States I154324
24 HOLMES Jane "Jennie"  1925Michigan, United States I156698
25 IDE Clarence A.  Bef 1860Michigan, United States I152875
26 JONES Alice  1 Jun 1940Michigan, United States I71958
27 KORMAN Frank  18 Sep 1985Michigan, United States I79419
28 LEMON Jennie  28 Nov 1949Michigan, United States I94527
29 LINDSEY Hubert H.  13 Jun 2000Michigan, United States I145743
30 MARSHALL Maybelle Caroline  27 Apr 2008Michigan, United States I157272
31 MASON Claude Archibald  Dec 1964Michigan, United States I155179
32 MCINTOSH Charles C.  1917Michigan, United States I125569
33 MCINTOSH David  5 Dec 1991Michigan, United States I127418
34 MERIAM Lemay  13 May 2010Michigan, United States I103268
35 MITCHELL Diana H  30 Aug 1859Michigan, United States I152759
36 MOORE Lilly Esther  1954Michigan, United States I145472
37 MORRIS Orville Cook  17 Apr 1881Michigan, United States I96563
38 MORRIS Zeolide B  26 Dec 1882Michigan, United States I96564
39 MULLENIX Bertha  13 Sep 1973Michigan, United States I145402
40 NEWELL Hattie Mae  8 Nov 1953Michigan, United States I125931
41 NORTH Oscar F  2 Aug 1860Michigan, United States I98416
42 OVERMAAT Geraldine  1962Michigan, United States I156046
43 PALMER Enos  1922Michigan, United States I152923
44 PALMER Gertrude  10 Jan 1865Michigan, United States I151092
45 PALMER Hannah E  15 Feb 1848Michigan, United States I151094
46 PALMER Nelson Horatio  6 Mar 1863Michigan, United States I149605
47 PENOYER Martha Liona  1 Jul 1988Michigan, United States I157454
48 PERKINS Christopher  21 Feb 1876Michigan, United States I148767
49 PERKINS Hiram O.  27 Jun 1862Michigan, United States I150533
50 PERKINS Samuel  8 Nov 1813Michigan, United States I150523
51 PORTER Calvin  17 Mar 1910Michigan, United States I151475
52 SHOEMAKER Warren  21 Mar 1986Michigan, United States I84781
53 SLATER Ephriam D.  20 Dec 1934Michigan, United States I154527
54 SMALL Arleita Ruth  16 Dec 1987Michigan, United States I72017
55 SMALL Lola  1919Michigan, United States I72014
56 STREETER Morris Newton  27 Feb 1917Michigan, United States I153194
57 SWAIM Ernest Walter  Aug 1980Michigan, United States I77166
58 THOMAS Forest Delight  1958Michigan, United States I72225
59 WALE Carrie O.  20 Feb 2009Michigan, United States I145462
60 WALE Clifford  May 1973Michigan, United States I145494
61 WALE Rhoda Belle  7 Oct 1967Michigan, United States I144447
62 WALE Thomas  Michigan, United States I146332
63 WESTON Addie Viola  1989Michigan, United States I91816
64 WILLIAMS Florence M.  27 Dec 1943Michigan, United States I155197
65 WILLIAMS John H.  29 Apr 1972Michigan, United States I155931
66 WRIGHT George Page  10 Jun 1845Michigan, United States I153213


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 WOOD Percy C.  1923Michigan, United States I152696


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / RANDALL  1875Michigan, United States F59016
2 ATWOOD / FRASER  10 Jan 1920Michigan, United States F27649
3 BABCOCK / BLAKE  Abt 1876Michigan, United States F23789
4 BUMSTEAD /   1883Michigan, United States F58347
5 CORNELIUS / MANN  1 Jan 1855Michigan, United States F37018
6 DAVIS / PARTRIDGE  1899Michigan, United States F37765
7 DENNETT / DENNETT  Abt 1925Michigan, United States F26114
8 GUDENBURR / WALE  1917Michigan, United States F54991
9 GUILE /   1 Jan 1878Michigan, United States F57583
10 LOOS / REYNOLDS  26 Apr 1954Michigan, United States F31982
11 SIPPLE / ROBINSON  14 Jul 1924Michigan, United States F60672
12 SMITH / HARGROW  1896Michigan, United States F59731
13 ST JOHN / SLATER  22 Jun 1856Michigan, United States F59505
14 WATSON /   14 Mar 1859Michigan, United States F59009
15 WOOLWITCH / PAINE  Nov 1964Michigan, United States F34755

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