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Kentucky, United States



Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna F  Jul 1876Kentucky, United States I144974
2 APPLEGATE Ida Florence  1 Jan 1872Kentucky, United States I144017
3 ARMSTRONG Gertrude  16 Dec 1883Kentucky, United States I144975
4 BEVORD Maggie Lynn  29 Apr 1905Kentucky, United States I145873
5 BLAIR Hobart  30 Jun 1918Kentucky, United States I146836
6 BROWN Pearl  13 Apr 1904Kentucky, United States I145080
7 CHURCH Bertha  12 Sep 1914Kentucky, United States I147150
8 COOPER Ida  Abt 1862Kentucky, United States I141535
9 COOPER Isaac Newton  Abt 1823Kentucky, United States I141526
10 COOPER James  Abt 1867Kentucky, United States I141534
11 COOPER Robert  Abt 1865Kentucky, United States I141536
12 DUNN John G.  Abt 1875Kentucky, United States I139737
13 ELIOT Emily  1822Kentucky, United States I149491
14 HARRIS Connie Ogden  18 May 1922Kentucky, United States I140173
15 HORD Bill William S  1923Kentucky, United States I145024
16 HORD Roy D  Abt 1909Kentucky, United States I145026
17 HORD Willard Hampton  6 Jun 1915Kentucky, United States I145023
18 HORD-RYAN Rosa F  1912Kentucky, United States I145025
19 HULL Benjaman  Oct 1887Kentucky, United States I143988
20 HULL Robert Davis  30 Dec 1900Kentucky, United States I144945
21 HULL Walter R  Dec 1884Kentucky, United States I143987
22 KITCHEN Leonard Nelson  10 Dec 1902Kentucky, United States I145887
23 LEE Betty C  1865Kentucky, United States I141523
24 LEE Graham P  1870Kentucky, United States I141516
25 LEE Jesse F  1868Kentucky, United States I141520
26 LEE Richard Henry  8 Jun 1866Kentucky, United States I141522
27 LEE Samuel Hull  28 Jan 1892Kentucky, United States I143993
28 LEE Steven B  1860Kentucky, United States I141524
29 LEWIS Emily B  1873Kentucky, United States I155203
30 MANAHAN Margaret  23 Feb 1918Kentucky, United States I145020
31 MCARDLE Richard E  Feb 1899Kentucky, United States I141293
32 MILLER James D.  15 Sep 1925Kentucky, United States I145036
33 SPENCE Lillard Frederick  26 Aug 1892Kentucky, United States I146823
34 TURNIPSEED Lutie  Jan 1894Kentucky, United States I144951
35 WHITE Viola  22 Dec 1922Kentucky, United States I147099
36 WILSON Dewey  20 Apr 1905Kentucky, United States I145934
37 WINE Carol Ann  8 Mar 1946Kentucky, United States I146989


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   1859Kentucky, United States F24198
2 /   23 Jul 1916Kentucky, United States F45540
3 /   31 Jul 1919Kentucky, United States F44240
4 DOUGHTEN / DAVIS  31 Dec 1943Kentucky, United States F54146

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