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Kansas, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 411

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AIKENS Mable E  24 Dec 1904Kansas, United States I145307
2 ALBERTSON Albert E  30 Mar 1870Kansas, United States I66704
3 ALSENZ Charles Wilbur  13 Aug 1878Kansas, United States I79618
4 ALSENZ Edith Theoline  29 Aug 1901Kansas, United States I79620
5 ALSENZ Milford Cecil  11 Mar 1903Kansas, United States I79619
6 ANDERSON Betty J  10 Dec 1926Kansas, United States I84657
7 ANDERSON James W  1883Kansas, United States I69075
8 ANDREWS Addie Gertrude  1879Kansas, United States I74016
9 APPLING Julotta V.  16 Aug 1870Kansas, United States I89797
10 BARRETT Elizabeth Ruth  25 Mar 1883Kansas, United States I135381
11 BARRETT Thomas Morris  11 Apr 1916Kansas, United States I139632
12 BASSETT Jimmy  20 Jan 1890Kansas, United States I127423
13 BAUGUS Billie Dean  24 Jan 1932Kansas, United States I143814
14 BENSON Doris Lee  1925Kansas, United States I85382
15 BENSON Eldon D  1924Kansas, United States I85381
16 BING Charles Arthur  Feb 1883Kansas, United States I74443
17 BING Chester Lloyd  4 Jan 1918Kansas, United States I81323
18 BING Edith Lucille  20 Jul 1896Kansas, United States I74441
19 BING Elsie Ann  14 Nov 1904Kansas, United States I81316
20 BING Gladys Marjorie  10 Sep 1902Kansas, United States I81317
21 BING Grace Elizabeth  Oct 1921Kansas, United States I85379
22 BING Jessie Irene  2 Apr 1888Kansas, United States I74440
23 BING Keith Ward  30 Jan 1922Kansas, United States I81327
24 BING Laurence Leonard  31 Mar 1890Kansas, United States I74442
25 BING Nellie O  1880Kansas, United States I74437
26 BING Samuel Melvin  9 Oct 1879Kansas, United States I74439
27 BING Wilbur G  1926Kansas, United States I85377
28 BISHOP George M  1893Kansas, United States I98584
29 BLAND Ruth Irene  1912Kansas, United States I146134
30 BLUE Mary E  21 Dec 1896Kansas, United States I135134
31 BOLACK Claude Ambrose  26 Nov 1880Kansas, United States I81282
32 BOLACK Donna  1908Kansas, United States I81284
33 BOLACK Gladys  1909Kansas, United States I81285
34 BOLACK Ross  1910Kansas, United States I81287
35 BOLLINGER Glen  1902Kansas, United States I136456
36 BRANDON Charles Clyde  6 Mar 1883Kansas, United States I60724
37 BRANDON Margaret A.  1893Kansas, United States I60725
38 BRAZELTON Emma Mariam  14 Jun 1895Kansas, United States I71691
39 BRAZELTON Thelma M.  Abt 1907Kansas, United States I84422
40 BREDEHOEFT Evadna Agnes  15 Aug 1911Kansas, United States I81965
41 BROOKS Hazel Ruth  7 Jul 1910Kansas, United States I84729
42 BROWN Claude Osmer  2 Nov 1898Kansas, United States I87931
43 BROWN Evea B  1908Kansas, United States I79724
44 BUCKLEY Gilbert Raymond  18 Mar 1903Kansas, United States I135656
45 BURCH Mary Matilda  28 Feb 1894Kansas, United States I101566
46 BURTON Ivan Leroy  29 Jul 1927Kansas, United States I137447
47 BURTON Opal Marie  Nov 1898Kansas, United States I131824
48 BURTON William  Mar 1900Kansas, United States I131823
49 CALLAHAN Jack  1911Kansas, United States I90485
50 CARR B. Bruce  1912Kansas, United States I77917
51 CASSEL Ralph E  1916Kansas, United States I83534
52 CASSELLE Eva  1921Kansas, United States I90532
53 CASSIDAY Roy M.  28 Aug 1912Kansas, United States I134994
54 CECIL Blanche  1898Kansas, United States I80490
55 CECIL Charlie H  6 Sep 1894Kansas, United States I73363
56 CECIL Clara A  Sep 1898Kansas, United States I73355
57 CECIL Ettie E  1913Kansas, United States I73361
58 CECIL Ettie Francis  1914Kansas, United States I73368
59 CECIL Geneva  1923Kansas, United States I80491
60 CECIL Josie M  1905Kansas, United States I73366
61 CECIL Mary A  Dec 1890Kansas, United States I73360
62 CECIL Rodrick Leo  25 Jan 1899Kansas, United States I73364
63 CECIL Rosa B  1894Kansas, United States I80489
64 CECIL Russell E  4 Feb 1908Kansas, United States I73367
65 CECIL Verla M  1902Kansas, United States I73365
66 CECIL Walter Leroy  1909Kansas, United States I73359
67 CHAMBERS Oliver W  1876Kansas, United States I126461
68 CHAMBERS Sarah Elizabeth  16 Aug 1871Kansas, United States I126462
69 CHAMP Bertha E.  1901Kansas, United States I65237
70 CHAMP Ralph  1919Kansas, United States I65235
71 CHANEY William George  11 May 1923Kansas, United States I142294
72 CHASE Maude A  1891Kansas, United States I79792
73 CLAMPETT Gladys Mae  8 Nov 1903Kansas, United States I136158
74 CLEMENT Frank  7 Jan 1890Kansas, United States I123504
75 CLOUD Frank James  11 Oct 1883Kansas, United States I146091
76 COTTON Leona M  14 Feb 1920Kansas, United States I102406
77 COX Bertha Delia  4 Sep 1901Kansas, United States I66326
78 COX Pauline  1916Kansas, United States I73344
79 CROCKETT Alice A.  1887Kansas, United States I89774
80 CROCKETT Alice L.  Dec 1888Kansas, United States I89773
81 CROUCH Hiter Leonard  11 Feb 1909Kansas, United States I81342
82 CROXTON Helen  3 Sep 1893Kansas, United States I100947
83 CURTIS Melba L  16 Sep 1905Kansas, United States I81217
84 DALY Olive I.  Feb 1874Kansas, United States I65208
85 DANIEL Lilian M  1907Kansas, United States I83768
86 DANIELS Margaret Blanche  Abt 1908Kansas, United States I83767
87 DARBY Helen  6 Mar 1902Kansas, United States I68813
88 DAVIS Glenn Otho  26 Jul 1900Kansas, United States I139797
89 DAVIS Sarah Mable  21 Apr 1897Kansas, United States I85375
90 DAY Earl  Jun 1890Kansas, United States I135140
91 DEACON Winnie  1892Kansas, United States I76633
92 DEAN George C  May 1884Kansas, United States I76314
93 DEAN John H  Jan 1891Kansas, United States I76318
94 DEAN William F  Dec 1888Kansas, United States I76317
95 DEMOURE Wendell Harrington  1 Apr 1925Kansas, United States I143822
96 DEVORE Faye  18 May 1894Kansas, United States I137436
97 DICUS Nellie Nadine  19 Oct 1922Kansas, United States I142965
98 DRAPER Maude E  Aug 1881Kansas, United States I96501
99 DRAPER Ressie  Feb 1887Kansas, United States I96500
100 DRUCKEMILLER Grace A.  1881Kansas, United States I79397

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Matches 1 to 71 of 71

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABERNATHY Edna Lavine  23 Nov 1993Kansas, United States I65223
2 APITZ Bary Bryce  30 Dec 1988Kansas, United States I102395
3 BASSETT Jimmy  22 Aug 1890Kansas, United States I127423
4 BATTLES Sarah Ellen  19 Aug 1936Kansas, United States I57892
5 BAUGUS Billie Dean  1 Oct 1990Kansas, United States I143814
6 BAUM Ida  DEADKansas, United States I79481
7 BECKER Leora Irene  16 May 1975Kansas, United States I74320
8 BING Charles Franklin  1931Kansas, United States I81314
9 BING Chester Lloyd  1 Jun 1955Kansas, United States I81323
10 BING Elsie Ann  25 May 1996Kansas, United States I81316
11 BING Grace Elizabeth  Oct 1921Kansas, United States I85379
12 BURCH Mary Matilda  13 Jun 1963Kansas, United States I101566
13 BURTON Walter Gordon  20 Apr 1970Kansas, United States I131820
14 CHAPIN George Robert  3 Mar 1909Kansas, United States I155839
15 CHAPIN William Francis  23 Oct 1925Kansas, United States I154991
16 COMBS Rolvin David  1915Kansas, United States I59936
17 COOK Mona Sue  6 Aug 1930Kansas, United States I145631
18 COX Olie  18 Apr 1901Kansas, United States I66317
19 DANIELS Thomas Corwin  4 Feb 1983Kansas, United States I83747
20 DAVIS Sarah Mable  12 May 1961Kansas, United States I85375
21 DERINGTON Cynthia Jo  1963Kansas, United States I84344
22 DERUSSEAU Fred  3 Jul 1948Kansas, United States I101567
23 DIAL Alonzo Edgar  Nov 1963Kansas, United States I140506
24 DRAPER Albert Guile  20 Jun 1908Kansas, United States I95306
25 DUNN Jimmy Allen  1952Kansas, United States I91155
26 DUNN Lloyd  Kansas, United States I91154
27 EDOM Charles B.  12 Apr 1945Kansas, United States I87110
28 EDOM Glen  Jul 1894Kansas, United States I87247
29 FIELDER Evalena  30 May 1987Kansas, United States I81279
30 FOLSOM Dayton Orra  12 Sep 1957Kansas, United States I97883
31 FOLSOM Mabel  28 May 1959Kansas, United States I99834
32 GARRISON Mildred Lorraine  3 Oct 2008Kansas, United States I83576
33 GEORGE Clyde Omer  9 Sep 1956Kansas, United States I65694
34 GRIFFIN Horace  13 Feb 1907Kansas, United States I150419
35 GRIGGS Mary Jane  16 Apr 1915Kansas, United States I125667
36 HEARNE Mary Louise  23 Dec 2013Kansas, United States I85400
37 HIBNER Frank E.  17 Jun 1949Kansas, United States I66866
38 HOY A J  27 Jan 1988Kansas, United States I136993
39 HUNT Sarah Frances  30 Mar 1929Kansas, United States I155837
40 KASTL Calvin Curtis  18 May 1983Kansas, United States I146437
41 LANIER Dorothy  1927Kansas, United States I81276
42 LANIER Emery O  1987Kansas, United States I74416
43 LILLIBRIDGE Mary E  Aft 1881Kansas, United States I150200
44 MAXWELL Ettie Monita  18 Nov 2000Kansas, United States I141254
45 MEYER Frank E.  2 May 1968Kansas, United States I70106
46 MITCHELL Lizzie Mae  DEADKansas, United States I79464
47 MOLDER Randall Lee  15 Sep 2007Kansas, United States I84368
48 MORRIS Donald  Kansas, United States I80349
49 MORRIS Lillian A  20 Sep 1903Kansas, United States I66694
50 MURREY Hazel Blanche  16 Jul 1996Kansas, United States I81324
51 NEUKIRCH William Keith  12 Dec 1997Kansas, United States I136981
52 PARRY Ray E  Nov 1968Kansas, United States I81261
53 POTTER Mollie  19 Feb 1941Kansas, United States I87246
54 POWELL Ethel M  8 Sep 1924Kansas, United States I145264
55 RANDALL Norman Melvin  9 Jul 1928Kansas, United States I152839
56 ROSS Olive  1957Kansas, United States I156225
57 SAYLES Richard Alba  13 Jun 1985Kansas, United States I146514
58 SHERRILL Alexander M  15 Apr 1921Kansas, United States I126118
59 SHIELDS Carl Ray  7 Feb 1977Kansas, United States I81288
60 SHIELDS Delbert  23 Jan 1978Kansas, United States I74422
61 SHIELDS Nora Marian  10 Jun 1968Kansas, United States I74426
62 SHIELDS Sidney C  17 Jan 1968Kansas, United States I74427
63 SHIELDS Wesley  6 Jul 1888Kansas, United States I74424
64 SMITH Selena Jennie  1920Kansas, United States I63953
65 SOWARD Edward Farrow  21 Aug 1950Kansas, United States I144351
66 STINNET Thelma  1999Kansas, United States I129772
67 STRONG Anna Maud  4 Apr 1974Kansas, United States I71464
68 TICE Arthur T.  24 Jul 1983Kansas, United States I81163
69 TICE James M.  Aug 1982Kansas, United States I81164
70 TREDWAY Carroll Gillbert  30 Jan 2006Kansas, United States I85429
71 WOLFE Eliza Belle  3 Mar 1937Kansas, United States I74461


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MCKEE Lucille Evelyn  29 Jul 2015Kansas, United States I142179


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARKER / BING  1955Kansas, United States F32201
2 BARNARD / HARVEY  24 Jun 1903Kansas, United States F29328
3 BING / DAVIS  4 Jun 1919Kansas, United States F32194
4 BING / SANDERS  4 Sep 1943Kansas, United States F32206
5 CORNWELL / MASSENDER  24 Jul 1937Kansas, United States F29584
6 EBERHARDT / BLOCHER  Abt 1887Kansas, United States F27601
7 EDMUNDSON / TROXEL  1919Kansas, United States F52336
8 FOUNTAIN / MORRIS  5 Oct 1909Kansas, United States F28044
9 HALSEY / PRUITT  1917Kansas, United States F50987
10 HAMMOND / ZOLLINGER  CALC 1901Kansas, United States F50594
11 HARVEY / LIEVSAY  Abt 1904Kansas, United States F29329
12 HILLMAN / HARVEY  Abt 1910Kansas, United States F29330
13 HULL / APPLING  Abt 1886Kansas, United States F34077
14 KASTL / COOK  Abt 1921Kansas, United States F55364
15 KINCAID / TURNER  1918Kansas, United States F33430
16 MORSE / AYERS  7 Aug 1937Kansas, United States F31049
17 MORSE / BRIGGS  24 Feb 1903Kansas, United States F28018
18 MORSE / GARRISON  Bef 1937Kansas, United States F31117
19 NICHOLS / TURNER  Abt 1918Kansas, United States F33434
20 POLAND / BELKNAP  1923Kansas, United States F25628
21 POLAND / PLYMPTON  1887Kansas, United States F23947
22 RANEY / TREXLER  1927Kansas, United States F29099
23 SHEARER / FOLSOM  9 Nov 1919Kansas, United States F38273
24 SHIELDS / FIELDER  9 Nov 1911Kansas, United States F30163
25 SMALL / SMALL  1899Kansas, United States F26705
26 STOVER / RIDGWAY  1942Kansas, United States F29042
27 TURNER / GROVER  Abt 1916Kansas, United States F33429
28 TYLER / HAXTON  1905Kansas, United States F27120
29 WEBER / ROGERS  25 Dec 1943Kansas, United States F30597
30 WHOMANS / MEYER  1930Kansas, United States F28580

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