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Iowa, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 539

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bertha L  1890Iowa, United States I129681
2 Carrie B  Mar 1863Iowa, United States I70505
3 Dessama  Abt 1872Iowa, United States I87419
4 Leone M  1905Iowa, United States I141358
5 Mary  7 May 1894Iowa, United States I92357
6 ABERNATHY Alta Elizabeth  14 Jul 1875Iowa, United States I60717
7 ABERNATHY Delmar T  1873Iowa, United States I60716
8 ABERNATHY Donald  25 Feb 1912Iowa, United States I147222
9 ABERNATHY Franklin Edward  17 Jul 1868Iowa, United States I60715
10 ADAMS Ida Belle  19 Oct 1883Iowa, United States I83330
11 ADAMS Leonard A.  6 Mar 1882Iowa, United States I135041
12 ADAMSON William J.  1856Iowa, United States I65066
13 ADY Oscar  1911Iowa, United States I99858
14 AGANS Roscoe Ashford  7 Nov 1912Iowa, United States I131555
15 AGEE William Ralph  7 Nov 1914Iowa, United States I137497
16 ALLEN Phylis Hortense  8 May 1921Iowa, United States I92584
17 AMES Josephine  6 Aug 1875Iowa, United States I76530
18 ARBUCKLE John William  18 Jan 1899Iowa, United States I136440
19 ARTHUR Charles Shirk  6 Aug 1885Iowa, United States I79927
20 AUSTIN David August  4 Jul 1868Iowa, United States I133601
21 BALDWIN Gailard Theadore  28 Jul 1906Iowa, United States I71317
22 BARBEE Gereorge Frederick  1875Iowa, United States I97920
23 BARDEN Freda M  7 Nov 1898Iowa, United States I92304
24 BARDEN Grace J  1900Iowa, United States I92302
25 BARDEN Ila T  1892Iowa, United States I92306
26 BARROW Gale J  15 Nov 1939Iowa, United States I92586
27 BARTLETT Annie  Sep 1880Iowa, United States I70682
28 BARTLETT Carrie  1909Iowa, United States I70706
29 BARTLETT Elmer C  Oct 1887Iowa, United States I70671
30 BARTLETT Harland  Jan 1897Iowa, United States I70707
31 BARTLETT Hattie  1903Iowa, United States I70709
32 BARTLETT Irene  Dec 1891Iowa, United States I70670
33 BARTLETT Leota  Oct 1886Iowa, United States I70687
34 BARTLETT LeRoy Milton  7 Jun 1878Iowa, United States I70681
35 BARTLETT Marcha  1906Iowa, United States I70708
36 BARTLETT Thelma G L  Abt 1903Iowa, United States I70685
37 BASS Raymond C  1918Iowa, United States I99668
38 BATESOLE Doris K  1925Iowa, United States I86317
39 BATESOLE Genevieve  15 Aug 1907Iowa, United States I83428
40 BATESOLE Kenneth L.  2 Feb 1915Iowa, United States I83429
41 BATESOLE Myron Edward  25 Oct 1911Iowa, United States I83430
42 BATTLES  13 Apr 1897Iowa, United States I65064
43 BATTLES Charles Franklin  May 1858Iowa, United States I60708
44 BATTLES Charlie Lacey  11 Dec 1907Iowa, United States I65074
45 BATTLES Claude R.  26 Dec 1905Iowa, United States I65047
46 BATTLES Doris  1907Iowa, United States I65048
47 BATTLES Earl W.  11 Apr 1912Iowa, United States I65058
48 BATTLES Ellen S  1872Iowa, United States I60343
49 BATTLES Frederick  16 Nov 1924Iowa, United States I65053
50 BATTLES Gerald  20 Oct 1911Iowa, United States I65050
51 BATTLES Grace Irene  7 May 1909Iowa, United States I65052
52 BATTLES Harold  20 Oct 1911Iowa, United States I65049
53 BATTLES Josh LeRoy  14 Nov 1909Iowa, United States I65060
54 BATTLES Kenneth H.  19 Feb 1916Iowa, United States I65051
55 BATTLES Lauretta  1865Iowa, United States I60338
56 BATTLES Leland  9 Mar 1913Iowa, United States I65038
57 BATTLES Percilla Dora  Dec 1865Iowa, United States I60345
58 BATTLES Peter  2 Jan 1895Iowa, United States I65062
59 BATTLES Peter J  3 Aug 1919Iowa, United States I71334
60 BATTLES Royal J.  20 Oct 1928Iowa, United States I71315
61 BATTLES Thelma  30 Sep 1907Iowa, United States I65039
62 BEEBE Jerry Lee  15 Nov 1942Iowa, United States I140143
63 BEEBE Sandra Joan  19 Nov 1940Iowa, United States I140144
64 BELL Benjamin J.  1872Iowa, United States I60704
65 BELL Cyrus Nelson  1860Iowa, United States I160764
66 BELL Daisy  1875Iowa, United States I60706
67 BELL Emma  Abt 1887Iowa, United States I89826
68 BELL James Monroe  Abt 1864Iowa, United States I65205
69 BELL John J.  May 1877Iowa, United States I60705
70 BELLOWS Barbara V  28 Nov 1905Iowa, United States I157241
71 BELLOWS Bime  8 Jan 1866Iowa, United States I157240
72 BELLOWS Ralph Cyrus  24 Dec 1898Iowa, United States I157242
73 BENT Charles Howard  21 Dec 1884Iowa, United States I62799
74 BILLINGTON Maud Laurabelle  May 1875Iowa, United States I65203
75 BISHOP Marquis  1885Iowa, United States I121162
76 BISHOP Nina E  1907Iowa, United States I74242
77 BLAKLEY Madelynn  6 Sep 1921Iowa, United States I139435
78 BLOCHER Ella May  17 Jun 1867Iowa, United States I75355
79 BOLTON Edward  1857Iowa, United States I68946
80 BONEBRAKE Cynthia  21 Jul 1889Iowa, United States I69255
81 BOSTWICK Eva Elaine  1925Iowa, United States I82494
82 BOSTWICK Shirley  1920Iowa, United States I82492
83 BOUCHER Agnes Grace  16 Nov 1888Iowa, United States I65046
84 BRADLEY James  10 Jul 1938Iowa, United States I139605
85 BRANDON Ada  May 1874Iowa, United States I60721
86 BRANDON Benjamin  13 Sep 1876Iowa, United States I60723
87 BRAY Helen Louise  8 Oct 1915Iowa, United States I80466
88 BRILES Helen Armilla  Apr 1894Iowa, United States I65199
89 BRILES Kenneth Ellsworth  22 Jun 1915Iowa, United States I71484
90 BRILES Mildred Daphene  24 Sep 1916Iowa, United States I71485
91 BROOKHOUSER Albert Leiter  20 Mar 1939Iowa, United States I92580
92 BROOKHOUSER Karen Jo  Abt 1938Iowa, United States I92579
93 BROWN Eliza A.  16 Dec 1856Iowa, United States I68964
94 BROWNSON Ellen  Oct 1851Iowa, United States I96175
95 BRUNDAGE Keene Newell  15 Sep 1903Iowa, United States I143902
96 BUCHANAN Orval Robert  25 Apr 1888Iowa, United States I135187
97 BUCK Frederick Henry  Abt 1875Iowa, United States I100112
98 BUCK Helen  1912Iowa, United States I100113
99 BURNHAM Charles Henry  18 Jan 1860Iowa, United States I89747
100 BURNHAM Loello May  30 Apr 1885Iowa, United States I89746

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Matches 1 to 95 of 95

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BASS Mary Ethel  27 Apr 1926Iowa, United States I99673
2 BATTLES Calista A.  18 Jan 1908Iowa, United States I57853
3 BATTLES Earl W.  1938Iowa, United States I65058
4 BATTLES Margaret Ann  10 Sep 1905Iowa, United States I57887
5 BISHOP Thornton Gurney  1906Iowa, United States I74241
6 BOYLAN Corliss D  Iowa, United States I78443
7 BOYLAN Robert M  26 Dec 1976Iowa, United States I78442
8 BOYLAN Ruth M  Iowa, United States I78441
9 BROOKHOUSER Karen Jo  13 Feb 1938Iowa, United States I92579
10 BROWN Dolores  12 Mar 1980Iowa, United States I91140
11 BROWN Eliza A.  1948Iowa, United States I68964
12 BUCK Frederick Henry  1923Iowa, United States I100112
13 BURGUS Ralph Chester  Oct 1957Iowa, United States I137055
14 CARDIN James Patrick  7 Apr 2015Iowa, United States I143697
15 CARLSON Augusta June  10 Mar 1949Iowa, United States I87167
16 CASS Harley Verne  Feb 1985Iowa, United States I99753
17 CASSIDAY Vernon Omar  29 Jun 2000Iowa, United States I134998
18 CLEVELAND Sarah M  1979Iowa, United States I100085
19 CONNER Oliver Scott  1917Iowa, United States I72266
20 CRAIG Alice E.  28 Aug 1875Iowa, United States I130908
21 CRAIG Carrie Elsie  1944Iowa, United States I130910
22 DRAPER  21 Jun 1918Iowa, United States I99850
23 DRAPER Frank  1956Iowa, United States I87170
24 DRAPER Nathan  8 Apr 1866Iowa, United States I57914
25 DRAPER Olive C .  1 May 1851Iowa, United States I96197
26 EAST Nancy Elizabeth  1929Iowa, United States I66816
27 EAST William Anderson  20 Oct 1902Iowa, United States I66810
28 EDGAR Dessa Florence  7 Jun 1967Iowa, United States I77374
29 ESSICK Marvel Lee  18 Mar 2001Iowa, United States I102461
30 FISH Benita M  1993Iowa, United States I99959
31 FISH Velmer Bernel  7 Aug 1968Iowa, United States I99960
32 FLOYD Allen  25 Feb 1951Iowa, United States I130805
33 GATES Margaret Inez  7 Jul 2007Iowa, United States I80168
34 GAZAWAY William Henry  1962Iowa, United States I86298
35 GIGL Joanne R  9 Apr 2010Iowa, United States I86341
36 GUILES George B.  14 Feb 1913Iowa, United States I150799
37 HARBACH George Raymond  15 Sep 1935Iowa, United States I98614
38 HARBACH Susan Ann  9 Feb 1981Iowa, United States I98616
39 HARTZELL Susan Abbie  1946Iowa, United States I89768
40 HASTINGS Mary Dow  Iowa, United States I57562
41 HATCH Bazzelle  30 Mar 1967Iowa, United States I96749
42 HOCKETT Lester Wayne  Mar 1967Iowa, United States I79444
43 HUNT Eva Jane  8 Feb 1930Iowa, United States I72445
44 KOLARICH Kathlyn Georgia  12 Nov 1997Iowa, United States I101678
45 KUHNS Baby  9 Jan 1903Iowa, United States I64657
46 KUHNS Mary  1873Iowa, United States I60362
47 KUHNS Son  9 Jan 1903Iowa, United States I64656
48 LEE Harriet  1953Iowa, United States I87183
49 LYDON Thomas Hubert  5 Mar 1999Iowa, United States I102180
50 MASON Clarissa M.  14 Dec 1876Iowa, United States I58898
51 MCCULLOUGH Gene Vernon or Vernon C  1 Jan 1928Iowa, United States I87442
52 MCCULLOUGH Milan C  12 May 1914Iowa, United States I87444
53 MCCULLOUGH Olivene Lucille  2000Iowa, United States I87447
54 MCFARLAND George Wright  25 Feb 1932Iowa, United States I79142
55 MCINTOSH Chelsey  Bef 1895Iowa, United States I127395
56 MCINTOSH Edward James  10 Dec 1926Iowa, United States I125552
57 MERITHEW Susannah  30 Sep 1898Iowa, United States I151527
58 MILLER Bonnie Bonnair  8 Mar 1971Iowa, United States I143865
59 MOFFITT Harold Frances  2001Iowa, United States I137124
60 MORRIS Mary Margaret  24 Jul 1906Iowa, United States I61291
61 MORRISON Tilghman H.  1950Iowa, United States I102698
62 MORSE Alice Dresser  1936Iowa, United States I62677
63 MORSE Carrie E.  1928Iowa, United States I68962
64 MORSE George E  1934Iowa, United States I62714
65 MORSE Henry Albert  26 Sep 1901Iowa, United States I58875
66 MORSE Herbert Carpenter  1952Iowa, United States I62683
67 MORSE Leighton Brown  Feb 1977Iowa, United States I68963
68 MUSGRAVE Bonnie Glee  6 Aug 1982Iowa, United States I92574
69 MYERS Eliza Jane  1882Iowa, United States I60707
70 NELSON Glenn Fayette  31 May 1991Iowa, United States I91254
71 OSWALT Floyd A  28 Jan 1966Iowa, United States I72535
72 OZMUN Myra L.  1953Iowa, United States I60897
73 OZMUN Philip Draper  1946Iowa, United States I60898
74 PAINE Betty  Iowa, United States I91288
75 PAINE George Francis Draper  Oct 1965Iowa, United States I90109
76 PLIMPTON Louisa B.  18 May 1880Iowa, United States I57133
77 POOLER William Ervin  Mar 1965Iowa, United States I97917
78 QUILLEN Elmer Ellsworth  19 Nov 1949Iowa, United States I131863
79 RAZEE Richard, Jr.  2 Mar 1895Iowa, United States I92022
80 REHMANN Theodor W  21 Jan 1956Iowa, United States I100757
81 RIDINGS Amanda  27 Dec 1911Iowa, United States I126514
82 ROBERTSON Edith Azalia  3 Jan 1982Iowa, United States I127383
83 ROUNDY Lloyd Russell  21 Apr 2001Iowa, United States I92329
84 SCHRUM Malinda  18 May 1981Iowa, United States I101750
85 SHELDON George  1900Iowa, United States I97867
86 SMITH Bessie 'Marie'  1996Iowa, United States I142142
87 SMITH Hiram M.  8 May 1899Iowa, United States I57854
88 STONE Rachel Alzina "Ellen"  17 Nov 1878Iowa, United States I151622
89 SUTCLIFFE Elmo  11 Nov 1918Iowa, United States I77387
90 TOWNSEND Robert Paul  14 Jan 1990Iowa, United States I137118
91 VINCENT Helen Marilyn  2 May 1967Iowa, United States I71325
92 WESTCOTT Ada S  Jun 1975Iowa, United States I65774
93 WHEELER Laura M.  Iowa, United States I87354
94 WHITE  1846Iowa, United States I125817
95 WRIGHT James Claude  19 Jul 1979Iowa, United States I101494


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DANNATT Burthel Faye  Iowa, United States I98074
2 LAMB Huldah Josephine  27 Feb 1910Iowa, United States I65634
3 PARKER Katherine Celo  Iowa, United States I137326
4 RIDINGS Amanda  30 Dec 1911Iowa, United States I126514


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAILIFF / BAILIFF  Abt 1945Iowa, United States F29545
2 BASS / FEHLHAFER  1918Iowa, United States F37477
3 BOLTON / MORSE  Bef 1880Iowa, United States F25548
4 BRADLEY / PROFFITT  1925Iowa, United States F51947
5 CASS / DRAPER  1927Iowa, United States F37508
6 CLARK / HARBACK  31 Dec 1901Iowa, United States F37626
7 CULVER / FOUTS  17 Aug 1927Iowa, United States F35220
8 CUNNINGHAM / WHYTE  31 May 1917Iowa, United States F28335
9 DRAPER / BAILEY  Abt 1876Iowa, United States F24758
10 EDMONDS / LYNCH  10 Nov 1917Iowa, United States F38265
11 GRAFTON / OMER  19 Nov 1929Iowa, United States F52214
12 HAWES / STURMAN  6 Jul 1922Iowa, United States F28079
13 KUHNS / WINEGAR  1883Iowa, United States F23319
14 LAWRENCE / HINSHAW  25 Nov 1924Iowa, United States F31830
15 MCGEE / WALTER  29 Aug 1921Iowa, United States F52971
16 MOFFITT / TOWNSEND  8 Feb 1878Iowa, United States F48974
17 MORSE / GREEN  1905Iowa, United States F28041
18 NELSON / HANSEN  2 Jan 1929Iowa, United States F34731
19 PAINE / COMER  Abt 1934Iowa, United States F34490
20 PAINE / HILLYARD  2 Jun 1927Iowa, United States F34488
21 RAUER / DRAPER  Jun 1903Iowa, United States F36837
22 RAZEE /   1926Iowa, United States F35135
23 ROBSON /   28 Nov 1878Iowa, United States F58683
24 SCHUTTER / HASTINGS  6 Apr 1910Iowa, United States F29468
25 TINSLEY / SHOCKEY  1918Iowa, United States F38358
26 WESCOTT / OZMUN  4 Sep 1883Iowa, United States F24765
27 WILLIS / DRAPER  5 Oct 1859Iowa, United States F23474

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