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Indiana, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna  1855Indiana, United States I66831
2 Mamie  1909Indiana, United States I81113
3 Mary Ella  1884Indiana, United States I122954
4 Mary V.  Abt 1870Indiana, United States I133757
5 Pheba  1834Indiana, United States I141930
6 AGLER Cloyd Othel, Jr.  4 Apr 1924Indiana, United States I146274
7 ALLEN Vera May  5 Jun 1908Indiana, United States I77761
8 ASTRY Frances J  May 1877Indiana, United States I69138
9 ATWOOD Ira  1851Indiana, United States I70875
10 BAILEY Grace Gem  8 Jul 1895Indiana, United States I130906
11 BAILIFF Joseph  10 Jun 1947Indiana, United States I80065
12 BAILIFF Marcus E.  1909Indiana, United States I72673
13 Mrs. BAILIFF Wilma Jane  8 Oct 1915Indiana, United States I80064
14 BAKER George L  1885Indiana, United States I144463
15 BAKER Nannie  1886Indiana, United States I73117
16 BALLENGER Elizabeth  6 May 1826Indiana, United States I60973
17 BARBEE William  1844Indiana, United States I97919
18 BARKHIMER Polly  2 Sep 1860Indiana, United States I128646
19 BARNETT Helen Keefe  1903Indiana, United States I92531
20 BECK Blanche  13 Sep 1898Indiana, United States I74045
21 BECK Dorothea  1892Indiana, United States I74047
22 BECK Edna A. L.  1886Indiana, United States I74046
23 BECK George H  1859Indiana, United States I74044
24 BENNETT James  Est 1895Indiana, United States I84806
25 BENNETT Matilda May  19 Jan 1868Indiana, United States I140936
26 BIDDLE Stella G  1880Indiana, United States I71375
27 BISHOP Edgar Farrow  8 May 1873Indiana, United States I144313
28 BLESSING Elmer Leo  14 Aug 1899Indiana, United States I77760
29 BOBRINK Henry William, Jr.  4 Nov 1896Indiana, United States I121604
30 BOCKOVER Bertha Melva  Aug 1888Indiana, United States I132017
31 BONEWITZ Mary Elizabeth  24 Dec 1910Indiana, United States I84484
32 BOOTH Edwin R.  1922Indiana, United States I80968
33 BOOTH Elsie  24 Jul 1919Indiana, United States I80964
34 BOOTH Loren L  1916Indiana, United States I80967
35 BOOTH William  Mar 1855Indiana, United States I74069
36 BOOTH William Harrison  Aug 1885Indiana, United States I74070
37 BOOTH Wilma L.  10 May 1921Indiana, United States I80965
38 BRANDENBURG Emma  20 May 1876Indiana, United States I71978
39 BRANDT Minerva  1867Indiana, United States I144433
40 BRYANT Chauncey Byron  12 Jul 1877Indiana, United States I64364
41 BRYANT Eugene  1867Indiana, United States I64363
42 BRYANT James A  1853Indiana, United States I60150
43 BRYANT John B  Oct 1845Indiana, United States I60147
44 BRYANT Manton B  Nov 1883Indiana, United States I64365
45 BRYANT Nancy Almira  22 Aug 1902Indiana, United States I70780
46 BRYANT Sarah Josephine  Oct 1874Indiana, United States I64366
47 BUCKNER Florence E  Dec 1897Indiana, United States I79626
48 BURGESON Sarah Ann  1836Indiana, United States I127639
49 BURROWS Bernard Ross  26 Aug 1909Indiana, United States I81080
50 BURTON Addie Mae  27 Mar 1873Indiana, United States I131756
51 BURTON Alvadore  Dec 1870Indiana, United States I131758
52 BURTON Charlotte  1862Indiana, United States I127687
53 BURTON Edgar  1878Indiana, United States I131759
54 BURTON Elmer  Nov 1875Indiana, United States I131760
55 BURTON George  1905Indiana, United States I137305
56 BURTON Henry Elmer  7 May 1878Indiana, United States I127684
57 BURTON Hiram L.  Abt 1852Indiana, United States I127652
58 Mrs. BURTON Margaret  1876Indiana, United States I137300
59 Mrs. BURTON Mary E.  1860Indiana, United States I131733
60 BURTON Mary Etta  1874Indiana, United States I127683
61 BURTON Mary Jane  1859Indiana, United States I131777
62 BURTON Myrta J  1879Indiana, United States I131729
63 BURTON Roy  1911Indiana, United States I137294
64 BUTLER Charles E  Jun 1871Indiana, United States I72713
65 BUTLER Manlove Giles  14 Dec 1828Indiana, United States I71866
66 BUTTS Charles F.  15 Jun 1881Indiana, United States I137415
67 CALHOUN Ethel  1905Indiana, United States I86043
68 CAMERON Clare George  Sep 1874Indiana, United States I62228
69 CAMPBELL Cynthia Bell  29 Sep 1866Indiana, United States I144449
70 CAMPBELL Cynthia Belle  29 Oct 1881Indiana, United States I144403
71 CAMPBELL Hazel A.  15 Feb 1897Indiana, United States I144407
72 CAMPBELL Lacceetta May  28 May 1906Indiana, United States I86910
73 CANODE Howard F  1918Indiana, United States I79400
74 CANODE Ida F  1913Indiana, United States I79401
75 CAREY Almira  1870Indiana, United States I65587
76 CAREY Mark Ryan  12 Aug 1898Indiana, United States I84771
77 CARMON Minnie  Jan 1870Indiana, United States I144138
78 CARPENTER Roy Eugene, Jr.  3 Nov 1917Indiana, United States I158476
79 CARR Carrie L  22 Aug 1892Indiana, United States I66059
80 CARR Julia  26 Jan 1818Indiana, United States I158450
81 CARR Mattie M  Mar 1888Indiana, United States I66054
82 CARSON Ida M.  1876Indiana, United States I65621
83 CARSON Sumner C.  1874Indiana, United States I65620
84 CHARLES Alice  24 Apr 1858Indiana, United States I128281
85 CHASE John Izek  May 1854Indiana, United States I79787
86 CHAUDOIN Mary Alice  1858Indiana, United States I153587
87 CHILCOTE Audra  11 Jul 1892Indiana, United States I144523
88 CHILCOTE Donald  1910Indiana, United States I144456
89 CHILCOTE George W  Aug 1860Indiana, United States I136928
90 CHILCOTE Robert  1921Indiana, United States I144455
91 CHILCOTE William True  Jul 1898Indiana, United States I144377
92 CHRISTIAN Alice May  13 Apr 1924Indiana, United States I133855
93 CLARKSON Jennings Byrant  1889Indiana, United States I81078
94 CLEMENTS Henry  Jul 1885Indiana, United States I131809
95 CLIFFORD Augustus Edward  19 Mar 1845Indiana, United States I152355
96 CLIFFORD Charlie C  1856Indiana, United States I152362
97 CLIFFORD John Wesley  1844Indiana, United States I152359
98 CLIFFORD John Wesley  May 1858Indiana, United States I152354
99 CLIFFORD Laura Priscilla  4 Sep 1840Indiana, United States I152356
100 CLIFFORD Leonidas Hamilton  1848Indiana, United States I152360

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Matches 1 to 100 of 110

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ida B  1958Indiana, United States I73130
2 Mamie  Indiana, United States I81113
3 (GUSTINE) CRUBAUGH Mary Ann  1850/1860Indiana, United States I91847
4 ALLEN A J B  1910Indiana, United States I78492
5 ALLEN Vera May  Aug 1992Indiana, United States I77761
6 ANGEL Roy Dennis  22 Sep 1982Indiana, United States I84988
7 ANGEL Wilma Doreen  23 Feb 1981Indiana, United States I85000
8 ARNETT Luria D.  26 Apr 1954Indiana, United States I79090
9 BANTA David Roy  4 Mar 2012Indiana, United States I81037
10 BOOTH Edwin R.  1937Indiana, United States I80968
11 BRADY Clifford  1932Indiana, United States I137409
12 CLEM Jacob  1971Indiana, United States I145393
13 CORNLIEUS Joan May  23 Oct 2012Indiana, United States I86532
14 DARR Clara  1956Indiana, United States I145349
15 DAVIS Herman L.  11 Dec 1949Indiana, United States I72190
16 DRAPER Elizabeth  12 Jul 1854Indiana, United States I65471
17 DRAPER Eugene Owen  1925Indiana, United States I79947
18 DRAPER Florence W  1 Apr 1971Indiana, United States I87347
19 DRAPER Jesse W.  5 Jan 1863Indiana, United States I57974
20 DRAPER John  1857Indiana, United States I65451
21 DRAPER Martha W  22 Aug 1852Indiana, United States I60901
22 DRAPER Peter  Indiana, United States I56650
23 DRIVER Ida Leudema  1954Indiana, United States I131780
24 DRUCKEMILLER Merrill  1910Indiana, United States I79403
25 DUKE Naomi  Aug 1959Indiana, United States I71778
26 DWENGER Clarence John  17 May 1997Indiana, United States I85024
27 FARROW Susan Ellen  18 Octber 1927Indiana, United States I141829
28 FREEMAN Hattie  Jan 1945Indiana, United States I71805
29 GARD Dollie Rosella  20 Jun 1969Indiana, United States I92693
30 GLIDDEN Norris Ola  23 Dec 1989Indiana, United States I77757
31 GOODWIN Merle  1980Indiana, United States I137398
32 HALL Sanford F  1 May 1910Indiana, United States I59147
33 HALSEY Charles C  26 Feb 1987Indiana, United States I90378
34 HALSEY Henry Frank  7 Jan 1963Indiana, United States I89703
35 HALSEY Warren Eldridge  27 Aug 1928Indiana, United States I89222
36 HALSEY William  1933Indiana, United States I89704
37 HEMMEN Rosa  12 Nov 1937Indiana, United States I89702
38 HILES George  2 Sep 2009Indiana, United States I86539
39 HILES James  Jun 1987Indiana, United States I86540
40 HINSHAW Richard Philip  Nov 1960Indiana, United States I84874
41 HOLLINGSWORTH Sarah Caroline  15 Dec 1938Indiana, United States I79668
42 HUTTON Roy Ellsworth  Jul 1999Indiana, United States I137399
43 JACKSON Elsie  1 May 1929Indiana, United States I79681
44 JOHNSON Lucinda  1850Indiana, United States I125959
45 KELSO Rose Zella  1959Indiana, United States I71779
46 LACEY Wilmina Caroline  Jun 1943Indiana, United States I72218
47 LAFFERTY John W  Sep 1914Indiana, United States I79646
48 LEWIS Frances  1941Indiana, United States I90376
49 LITTLE Earl Emery  21 Oct 1961Indiana, United States I92453
50 MAXSON Wilbur W  19 Dec 1976Indiana, United States I147468
51 MITCHELL Doris Marie  23 Jan 1909Indiana, United States I74201
52 MITCHELL Herman  12 Mar 1906Indiana, United States I74202
53 MITCHELL Herman Peter  12 Mar 1927Indiana, United States I66798
54 MITCHELL Kenneth M  15 Apr 2014Indiana, United States I103282
55 MITTEN Emery M.  1900Indiana, United States I65134
56 MIX Lydia B  1892Indiana, United States I141912
57 MODLIN Lydia J  Feb 1845Indiana, United States I65670
58 MORRIS Joseph Draper  Aft 1870Indiana, United States I58003
59 MORRIS Warder O  1941Indiana, United States I66125
60 MULLINIX Alvin G.  27 Dec 1967Indiana, United States I69886
61 MULLINIX Clarence Morton  Indiana, United States I69884
62 MULLINIX Ivy Leotta  15 Jul 1913Indiana, United States I69885
63 MYERS Cleo Marie  5 May 1994Indiana, United States I84801
64 NEIDIFFER Larry Lee  1939Indiana, United States I80233
65 NELSON Oma  1944Indiana, United States I77755
66 NEWELL Caroline  28 Feb 1874Indiana, United States I125925
67 NICHOLS Dean Clements  6 Dec 1987Indiana, United States I80129
68 NUNN Annie Elizabeth  Indiana, United States I109444
69 OWEN Julia Ann  1925Indiana, United States I79949
70 PARTLOW Hobart  7 Apr 1922Indiana, United States I131806
71 PARTLOW Seth Burgis  1951Indiana, United States I127677
72 PASKO Dorothy Belle  20 Feb 2005Indiana, United States I91038
73 PERSHING Nettie J.  Indiana, United States I133769
74 PITCHER Jerry Albert  1957Indiana, United States I77756
75 PLANK Arthur C  8 Feb 1886Indiana, United States I64944
76 PLANK George  23 Feb 1913Indiana, United States I64941
77 POPE Patricia Lou  14 Dec 1996Indiana, United States I141560
78 POTTER Jane Ann  Abt 1838Indiana, United States I157483
79 PRENTISS Earl R. K.  Oct 1899Indiana, United States I86895
80 PRENTISS Lois  1980Indiana, United States I86893
81 PRENTISS Lorabelle  15 Dec 1984Indiana, United States I86896
82 PRITCHARD Clarence Raymond  18 Jul 2003Indiana, United States I142340
83 RICE Ralph Emerson  11 Mar 1996Indiana, United States I69904
84 RUDDICK Georgia Anna  1895Indiana, United States I73980
85 SHEFFIELD Etta Etha  16 Oct 1900Indiana, United States I71970
86 SHEFFIELD Warren Fenner  4 Nov 1989Indiana, United States I71972
87 SIRK Jennie Junie  5 Oct 1960Indiana, United States I79692
88 SLUSHER Wilbur  Aug 1982Indiana, United States I136433
89 SMITH Oliver Randall  18 May 1975Indiana, United States I79643
90 SMITHSON Frank Charles  7 Jul 2005Indiana, United States I84488
91 SMITHSON Jimmie Lee  17 Nov 1998Indiana, United States I84489
92 SMITHSON Robert  25 May 2005Indiana, United States I84491
93 SMITHSON Ruth Ann  23 Jul 2006Indiana, United States I84487
94 SMITHSON William  11 Nov 2007Indiana, United States I84490
95 STANBROUGH Ezra  Abt 1908Indiana, United States I65393
96 STANBROUGH Iza Elma  21 May 1960Indiana, United States I71744
97 STEPHENSON Mary Jemima  11 Aug 1882Indiana, United States I63021
98 STOVER Phyllis Jean  1948Indiana, United States I147461
99 SWICK Beulah Miriam  25 Apr 1984Indiana, United States I94583
100 TATMAN Marie Ella  30 Apr 2001Indiana, United States I146937

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 PROCTOR Cassius M.  19 Oct 1933Indiana, United States I128424


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / PALMER  1828Indiana, United States F57478
2 ALLEN / HALDERMAN  1895Indiana, United States F28864
3 BAILIFF / ROGERS  10 Dec 1907Indiana, United States F26865
4 BISHOP / FARROW  29 Jun 1868Indiana, United States F54484
5 BOSSON / FARROW  20 Oct 1886Indiana, United States F54479
6 BOUGHTON / BRANCH  3 Jul 1944Indiana, United States F35188
7 BRUNTON / HITCHINGS  20 Jun 1920Indiana, United States F28645
8 BRYEN / GRIGGS  13 Jul 1866Indiana, United States F47918
9 BURRIER / SMALL  1893Indiana, United States F26687
10 BURTON / BURTON  Bef 1880Indiana, United States F49009
11 BURTON / MCKELVIE  1889Indiana, United States F49032
12 CROXTON / FOSTER  17 Feb 1859Indiana, United States F36591
13 DOUGLASS / BENTLEY  29 Nov 1929Indiana, United States F56092
14 DOUGLASS / HOWARD  1898Indiana, United States F36009
15 DOWLING / MCDONALD  17 Feb 1915Indiana, United States F30039
16 DRAPER / SPURLOCK  Abt 1879Indiana, United States F24683
17 DUKE / KELSO  1898Indiana, United States F26639
18 ENDICOTT / KINNETT  1923Indiana, United States F53285
19 GRANT / BRICKER  31 Jul 1944Indiana, United States F31697
20 GRINER / KOONTZ  1925Indiana, United States F28849
21 GUILE /   30 Sep 1897Indiana, United States F59169
22 HARDIN / WURSTER  May 1939Indiana, United States F31931
23 HARPSTER / WILLIAMS  1921Indiana, United States F26525
24 JENKINS / BEISEN  1929Indiana, United States F53288
25 JENKINS / MARSHINO  1893Indiana, United States F50914
26 JENKINS / MONTGOMERY  1904Indiana, United States F50906
27 KELLEY / GODOWN  16 Jun 1913Indiana, United States F23723
28 KINNETT / JENKINS  Abt 1898Indiana, United States F50905
29 KLECKNER / NEWELL  12 Dec 1928Indiana, United States F52129
30 MACHLEDT / HENDRIX  25 Jun 1913Indiana, United States F54885
31 MALOTT / WALKER  Abt 1924Indiana, United States F29188
32 MC KNIGHT / BAKER  18 Sep 1904Indiana, United States F27000
33 MEADIMBER / HERVEY  7 Mar 1910Indiana, United States F28299
34 MORRIS / STANDISH  7 Oct 1939Indiana, United States F29617
35 NEELEY / DAWALT  18 Oct 1918Indiana, United States F29718
36 NEELY / BATT  15 Jun 1941Indiana, United States F32019
37 NEWELL / JOHNSON  1837Indiana, United States F47571
38 PARTLOW / CAMPFIELD  15 Feb 1911Indiana, United States F49024
39 PHILLIPS / SHUPP  23 Aug 1938Indiana, United States F55673
40 POTTS / CAMBLIN  28 Nov 1934Indiana, United States F31392
41 PRENTISS / CAMPBELL  15 May 1923Indiana, United States F33166
42 SECAUR / LINIGER  29 Aug 1936Indiana, United States F55308
43 SMALL / BARTLETT  1891Indiana, United States F26700
44 STANBROUGH / COLYAR  25 Oct 1885Indiana, United States F26627
45 SUTER / DOWELL  24 Aug 1938Indiana, United States F50521
46 THOMAS / DAVIDSON  Abt 1923Indiana, United States F31854
47 THOMAS / JACKSON  Abt 1900Indiana, United States F29389
48 THOMAS / OVERMAN  Abt 1865Indiana, United States F24725
49 THOMAS / STACKHOUSE  5 Sep 1925Indiana, United States F31857
50 WILSON / STINSON  10 Sep 1921Indiana, United States F55419

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