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Florida, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 105

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ethel J  9 Apr 1905Florida, United States I112114
2 ALBRIGHT Barbara Louise  9 Jun 1921Florida, United States I157308
3 BAKER Carey Lee  20 Sep 1958Florida, United States I134383
4 BERRY Charles P  Jan 1859Florida, United States I104050
5 BERRY Mattie  23 Nov 1888Florida, United States I105939
6 BOONE Maude Sarah  1897Florida, United States I99543
7 BRANNING Josephine Olivia  7 Aug 1913Florida, United States I111328
8 BROOKS Adolphus  1849Florida, United States I104047
9 BROOKS Annie D  1871Florida, United States I105953
10 BROOKS Carl  May 1886Florida, United States I105956
11 BROOKS Edward  1875Florida, United States I105955
12 BROOKS Ethel A  1880Florida, United States I105959
13 BROOKS Frank  1877Florida, United States I105954
14 BROOKS J W  Nov 1881Florida, United States I105952
15 BROOKS Jacob Wilson  17 Aug 1845Florida, United States I104049
16 BROOKS Malinda B  2 Dec 1849Florida, United States I105950
17 BROOKS Robert W  1852Florida, United States I104048
18 BROOKS Robert W  1869Florida, United States I105958
19 BROOKS Stewart  Aug 1887Florida, United States I105957
20 BROWNING Louis Park  29 Oct 1909Florida, United States I124526
21 CAREY Annie Bromhall  1886Florida, United States I100182
22 CAREY Elizabeth  1872Florida, United States I100179
23 CHANDLER Beulah  17 Dec 1894Florida, United States I114312
24 COBB Hattie Mae  8 Oct 1885Florida, United States I109309
25 CONNANT Harry L  1931Florida, United States I154967
26 CONOVER Ethel B.  1881Florida, United States I68798
27 DODD Gertrude F  1892Florida, United States I114771
28 DREW J Graeme  1877Florida, United States I62434
29 DREW Rutledge D.  1882Florida, United States I62436
30 ELLIOT Florence  1877Florida, United States I153605
31 FERGUSON Fannie  26 Dec 1865Florida, United States I105932
32 FURMAN Gerald E.  22 Mar 1930Florida, United States I123258
33 GASKIN Bevelyn Pauline  18 Sep 1917Florida, United States I112155
34 GASKIN John M  1921Florida, United States I112156
35 GASKIN Leroy  1916Florida, United States I112157
36 GATLIN Martha Malinda  1 Nov 1912Florida, United States I120820
37 GOODBREAD Alice Fluella  5 Sep 1867Florida, United States I105919
38 GOODBREAD Orrie Hutchinson  18 Nov 1881Florida, United States I105929
39 HARVEY Rena B  1896Florida, United States I112160
40 HAYDEN Harry  Abt 1890Florida, United States I111375
41 HENDERSON Dan  1878Florida, United States I110263
42 HENDERSON Franklin Augustus "Gus"  31 May 1876Florida, United States I110259
43 HENDERSON James E.  1872Florida, United States I110264
44 HENDRIX Artamesia  1877Florida, United States I107402
45 HENDRIX Chloe  1873Florida, United States I107394
46 HENDRIX Lucy A.  1877Florida, United States I107396
47 HENDRIX Margaret  1874Florida, United States I107406
48 HENDRIX Nannie  Apr 1884Florida, United States I107403
49 HENDRIX Peggy  1876Florida, United States I107401
50 HOBBS America Maggie Lee  10 Aug 1895Florida, United States I124484
51 KITE Maggie Mae  1878Florida, United States I111333
52 KNIGHT Katherine Mary Elizabeth  12 May 1910Florida, United States I101799
53 LANGFORD Alice Louise  29 Jul 1917Florida, United States I119276
54 LANGFORD Earline  1914Florida, United States I119279
55 LANGFORD Henry Preston  19 Jan 1913Florida, United States I119275
56 LANGFORD Willie  1923Florida, United States I119278
57 LECOUNT Anna  1902Florida, United States I70478
58 LECOUNT Clarence  Sep 1897Florida, United States I70476
59 LECOUNT Clementine  Aug 1894Florida, United States I70475
60 LECOUNT Helen Mae  12 Dec 1891Florida, United States I70474
61 LECOUNT Hugh  1899Florida, United States I70477
62 MALUCKSIANOFF DEBEGONY MACKSWITCH Mary  1878Florida, United States I111353
63 MARTIN Fitzhugh L  1899Florida, United States I88175
64 MASSEY Roy Lee  19 Jan 1899Florida, United States I121823
65 MATTHEWS Dola  1904Florida, United States I122512
66 MCDONALD Sarah Elizabeth  16 Jul 1903Florida, United States I117539
67 MCDONALD William Henry  17 Jan 1892Florida, United States I117641
68 MURPHY Elsie K  11 Oct 1905Florida, United States I90012
69 MURPHY Joe  Abt 1890Florida, United States I120455
70 NAIL Jane Ernestine  1908Florida, United States I111286
71 NORRIS Riley  4 Feb 1900Florida, United States I111453
72 OSTEEN Arthur Lee  4 Dec 1916Florida, United States I111367
73 OSTEEN Cecil Ernest  10 Oct 1912Florida, United States I111370
74 OSTEEN Myrtice Waneda  18 Dec 1906Florida, United States I111369
75 OSTEEN Ray Floyd  22 Oct 1914Florida, United States I111366
76 OSTEIN Annie Eula  Abt 1891Florida, United States I111364
77 PAGE Annie  1880Florida, United States I98168
78 PAGE Edwin  1869Florida, United States I98167
79 PAGE Emil  22 Jan 1907Florida, United States I100211
80 PAGE Howard W.  3 Oct 1908Florida, United States I100202
81 PAGE Thelma Louise  1906Florida, United States I100180
82 PARKER Paul Benson  6 Jun 1898Florida, United States I122288
83 PAYNE Sarah  Abt 1894Florida, United States I119222
84 RAYFIELD Willie  1884Florida, United States I121058
85 ROBBINS JoAnn  14 Oct 1939Florida, United States I86603
86 SIMCOX Steele R  23 Jul 1926Florida, United States I132093
87 SNELLINGS Lorraine  11 Aug 1918Florida, United States I136035
88 STARLING Marklee  26 Jun 1922Florida, United States I124104
89 STEVENS Clara Lue  1913Florida, United States I122241
90 Mrs. STRICKLAND Louise  1903Florida, United States I124361
91 SUMMERLIN Alva Delia  31 Jan 1877Florida, United States I104036
92 SUMMERLIN Dixie Amelia  6 Aug 1911Florida, United States I105915
93 SUMMERLIN Estell  Feb 1892Florida, United States I104041
94 SUMMERLIN Lemuel Wilson, lll  14 Jul 1926Florida, United States I112115
95 SUMMERLIN Martha  Feb 1898Florida, United States I104044
96 SUMMERLIN May Ann  Florida, United States I103551
97 SUMMERLIN Rebecca Branch  Sep 1835Florida, United States I103548
98 SUMRALL Naomi  14 Mar 1921Florida, United States I118525
99 TRAYLOR Charles Simcox  27 Jul 1908Florida, United States I132078
100 WEATHERFORD Ethel Louise  Apr 1889Florida, United States I100201

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Matches 1 to 78 of 78

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER Jacob Orlando  1 Oct 1976Florida, United States I105800
2 BABB Fred Earl  Apr 1965Florida, United States I120454
3 BAGLEY Nancy  15 Mar 1882Florida, United States I95327
4 BARRINGTON Harriot Alexis Bridge  1939Florida, United States I58655
5 BARTLETT Robert Woodall  8 Apr 1982Florida, United States I156195
6 BEASLEY Janie Lucille  1976Florida, United States I119542
7 BILLINGS Samuel C.  24 Apr 1986Florida, United States I64085
8 BLIZNUK Anthony  20 Jul 1994Florida, United States I102137
9 BOESE Sara  29 Apr 1969Florida, United States I111330
10 BOUSQUET Merle Prouty  10 Aug 2003Florida, United States I100819
11 BOYETT David  1966Florida, United States I110525
12 BOYETT Ella  20 Apr 1985Florida, United States I111390
13 BOYETT Ella  20 Apr 1985Florida, United States I111392
14 BRANNING Mary Ellen  11 Aug 1881Florida, United States I104007
15 BRISTOL Laura Burr  1984Florida, United States I100884
16 BROCK William Leonard  21 May 1931Florida, United States I105913
17 BULLINGTON Mary Dee  9 Nov 1993Florida, United States I120814
18 BURNHAM Florence E  Jul 1981Florida, United States I92542
19 COLLINS Clinton Lee, Sr  23 Jun 1951Florida, United States I109047
20 CRANE Letha  1963Florida, United States I156592
21 DAVIDSON Reginald M  1954Florida, United States I121558
22 DAVIS David Jerry  Oct 1979Florida, United States I79639
23 DAVIS Edward Louis  6 Aug 1963Florida, United States I111361
24 DODD Thelma Christine  1964Florida, United States I114770
25 DUNN Jeanne  Florida, United States I90218
26 ENGLISH alice  8 Dec 2007Florida, United States I120378
27 EWING Reid  2 Feb 1995Florida, United States I71352
28 FINLAY Rosalie  26 Feb 1996Florida, United States I120394
29 FOUNTAIN Patsy Imogene  9 Sep 2003Florida, United States I112090
30 FOWLER Warren Bradford  Feb 1987Florida, United States I89394
31 FRANKLIN Jasper William  1 Mar 1978Florida, United States I119521
32 FROELICHER Florencz H.  16 Nov 1986Florida, United States I71215
33 GATES Talbert M  22 Sep 2000Florida, United States I156487
34 GEORGE Verna Ada  15 Dec 1983Florida, United States I157046
35 GILFILLEN Ruth Elaine  10 Aug 2002Florida, United States I102191
36 GOSS Arlan Rudolph  21 Mar 1990Florida, United States I83081
37 GREELISH Stephen LeRoy, Jr  9 Oct 2012Florida, United States I111587
38 HAMILTON Roy N  Abt 1973Florida, United States I156449
39 HAMLIN Shirley  1985Florida, United States I157082
40 HARDING Kenneth Belcher  Jun 1983Florida, United States I82712
41 HENDRICKS Dale Hadley  14 May 2008Florida, United States I159889
42 HENDRIX Neomia Gertrude  12 Feb 1931Florida, United States I107390
43 HOLLISTER Robert G  4 Nov 1998Florida, United States I157013
44 HOWLE William Amos  15 Jul 2004Florida, United States I91425
45 HUNTON Harold  4 Jun 2006Florida, United States I90202
46 LECOUNT John Clyde  1937Florida, United States I64178
47 LOGAN, BAKER Mary A  2005Florida, United States I128613
48 LUKE Janet  Florida, United States I156829
49 MARCY Edith  1958Florida, United States I87014
50 MILES Guy Simson  19 Nov 1988Florida, United States I134947
51 MOFFETT Mary  Florida, United States I107130
52 MUZZY William E  23 Apr 2014Florida, United States I101214
53 NAGLE Joseph Leo  17 Dec 1990Florida, United States I102672
54 OSTEEN Cecil Ernest  24 Apr 1920Florida, United States I111370
55 OXLEY Lloyd Clifford  23 May 1965Florida, United States I65758
56 PAINE Henry Warren  Jun 1976Florida, United States I90115
57 PATRICK Linda M.  Florida, United States I100768
58 PHELPS Clara Sybil  27 Feb 2004Florida, United States I100317
59 PHELPS Windsor Houghton  5 Apr 2012Florida, United States I63347
60 PITTMAN Ina Amanda  2 Dec 1969Florida, United States I117325
61 POLLARD Robert Joseph  13 Feb 2000Florida, United States I140905
62 PRESCOTT Virginia Rose  12 Sep 2003Florida, United States I77774
63 RIDINGS Marguerite  8 Aug 1998Florida, United States I130011
64 RIDINGS Mary Louise  Mar 1978Florida, United States I130010
65 RUSSLELL Donald Dewey  12 Feb 2000Florida, United States I136489
66 SATTERFIELD Walter M.  25 Sep 1952Florida, United States I112125
67 SIKES Annie Mae  15 Dec 1993Florida, United States I106029
68 SOMERVILLE William J  1966Florida, United States I141541
69 STOCKWELL Mabel Alice  29 Apr 1976Florida, United States I89594
70 SUMMERLIN Kathleen  28 Apr 2004Florida, United States I106382
71 SUMRALL Francis  Florida, United States I104537
72 SUMRALL John F  1949Florida, United States I108640
73 TRACY Emma Pearl  10 Aug 1930Florida, United States I66223
74 WALD Mike  Florida, United States I86845
75 WELLS Ray  21 Nov 1972Florida, United States I118995
76 WIGGINS Frank  20 May 1974Florida, United States I111472
77 WIGHT George Richards  1894 OR 1895Florida, United States I56905
78 WILSON Hurbert Rupert  26 Nov 2001Florida, United States I103243


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 JOHNSON Winona Luree  Florida, United States I134712
2 PATE Charles Raymond  Florida, United States I140572
3 TRACY Emma Pearl  11 Aug 1930Florida, United States I66223
4 WALTERS George Clifton  Florida, United States I121156


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BISHOP / SUMMERLIN  6 Sep 1935Florida, United States F40968
2 BREWER / LANGFORD  4 Jan 1931Florida, United States F47137
3 BROOKS / BROOKS  Abt 1868Florida, United States F39659
4 BUSH / KAUFFMAN  30 Dec 1944Florida, United States F37939
5 CORBETT / CLEMENT  20 Feb 1937Florida, United States F40978
6 EATMAN / LANGFORD  18 Jun 1935Florida, United States F47135
7 FOSS / GRAVES  1831Florida, United States F47045
8 HUTTO / CARSON  10 Sep 1939Florida, United States F44508
9 KNIGHT / SNELLINGS  31 Dec 1934Florida, United States F52877
10 LITTLE / ALVAREZ  27 Nov 1958Florida, United States F52519
11 MARTIN / PAGE  17 Nov 1936Florida, United States F38426
12 MAYLOTT / LANE  7 Aug 1939Florida, United States F22273
13 NORRIS / SUMMERLIN  24 Sep 1934Florida, United States F40754
14 OWEN / BENNETT  28 Feb 1930Florida, United States F43335
15 PAGE / COFFIN  1927Florida, United States F38419
16 POLLARD / KING  22 Jun 1941Florida, United States F52632
17 SATTERFIELD / ROBERTS  11 Jan 1930Florida, United States F40975
18 SILSBY / DEVANE  6 Jul 1942Florida, United States F60148
19 SUMMERLIN / BOESE  10 Dec 1927Florida, United States F40711
20 SUMMERLIN / RANSOM  17 Sep 1945Florida, United States F43511
21 WALLACE / READ  4 Feb 1939Florida, United States F60477
22 WEEKS / SUMMERLIN  9 Jun 1937Florida, United States F42563
23 WILSON / SANAKER  31 May 1941Florida, United States F39190
24 WOLCOTT / ATKINS  21 Jun 1943Florida, United States F32537

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