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Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA



Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLRED Doris  3 Mar 1917Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I41889
2 BUCHANAN La Ray  31 Dec 1921Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I20650
3 BUCHANAN Twyla  27 Oct 1919Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I20669
4 CHILDS James Rodney  29 Aug 1917Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I24351
5 CHRISTENSEN Elda  2 Feb 1915Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I40802
6 DESPAIN Rolin Wessel  19 Dec 1938Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I41890
7 DRAPER Clair Vermile  7 Nov 1932Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I48266
8 DRAPER Ila Vea  28 Nov 1907Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I15099
9 DRAPER John Orval  9 Feb 1905Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I51350
10 DRAPER LaBerda  16 Sep 1920Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I40783
11 DRAPER Max Leland  3 Apr 1938Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I40792
12 DRAPER Vermile  19 Jul 1910Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I40789
13 FOLETT Nina Matilda  26 Jan 1892Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I44940
14 FOLLETT Nina Matilda  26 Jan 1892Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I13947
15 HANSEN Harold Clarence  6 Mar 1896Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I31162
16 HENDRICKSON Donald Boyington  2 Jun 1921Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I15882
17 HIGHAM Edmond William  5 Sep 1908Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I22796
18 JENSEN Bobby Elial  12 Aug 1925Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I14218
19 JENSEN Gay  21 May 1921Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I14216
20 JENSEN Grant Bertram  28 Nov 1907Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I15098
21 JENSEN Lou Jean  6 Nov 1934Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I11147
22 JENSEN R Lynn  15 Aug 1940Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I20639
23 JENSEN Rignel A.  17 Sep 1916Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I20668
24 MADSEN Arvel H  17 Oct 1908Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I53585
25 MICKELSON Henrietta  11 Oct 1907Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I40293
26 NIELSEN Glen Sern  22 Feb 1912Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I25335
27 SORENSEN Alva Lowell  9 Mar 1904Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I15104
28 SORENSEN Elda  18 Nov 1912Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I15101
29 SORENSEN Fannie  26 Oct 1921Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I15108
30 SORENSEN Ivan J  14 Oct 1918Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I15111
31 SORENSEN VaMar  20 Aug 1910Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I15110
32 SORENSEN Void  29 Jun 1915Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I15107
33 TUFT Beverly Rae  7 Jul 1928Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I21681


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ALLRED Doris  5 May 1917Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I41889
2 DRAPER Ila Vea  1 Mar 1908Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I15099
3 DRAPER LaBerda  6 Mar 1921Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I40783
4 JENSEN Grant Bertram  1 Mar 1908Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I15098
5 JENSEN Rignel A.  5 Nov 1916Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I20668
6 SORENSEN Elda  2 Feb 1913Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I15101
7 SORENSEN Ivan J  15 Dec 1918Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I15111
8 SORENSEN Void  1 Aug 1915Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I15107


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON Clara  4 Nov 2011Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I40477
2 BAGLEY Dortha Dean  11 Aug 2013Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I21288
3 BARNEY George Henry  11 Apr 1925Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I44887
4 BRAITHWAITE Elizabeth  26 May 2010Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I21305
5 BUCHANAN Raphiel Sims  28 Dec 1948Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I14714
6 ELLIKER Margret Ann  8 Jul 1936Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I15096
7 LARSEN Kristine Martine  6 Jan 1950Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I40807
8 PETERSON Sena Bach  18 Mar 2012Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I21669
9 ROBERTS Richard Erwin  13 Nov 1978Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I24664
10 SORENSEN Erastus Severn  10 Mar 1922Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I1794


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BUCHANAN Twyla  10 Dec 2005Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I20669
2 CHRISTENSEN Elda  Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I40802
3 CHRISTOFFERSON Bessie  9 Aug 2001Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I40791
4 DRAPER Amy Zoe  19 Jul 1956Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I614
5 DRAPER Clair Vermile  9 Oct 2010Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I48266
6 DRAPER Ila Vea  Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I15099
7 DRAPER Max Leland  20 Dec 2012Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I40792
8 DRAPER Vermile  5 Jun 1993Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I40789
9 DRAPER Wilmot Leigh  2 Nov 1960Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I613
10 ELLIKER Margret Ann  12 Jul 1936Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I15096
11 HOYT William Stanley  Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I1795
12 JENSEN Grant Bertram  18 Feb 1989Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I15098
13 JENSEN Rignel A.  Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I20668
14 MORLEY George Franklin  30 Apr 1958Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I30275
15 NIELSEN Max Glade  27 Apr 1984Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I28853
16 NIELSEN Oral Lavon  Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I28850
17 NIELSEN William Hans  15 Dec 1932Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I28839
18 SORENSEN Erastus Severn  13 Mar 1922Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I1794
19 SPAINHOWER Pearl Elmina  27 Sep 1982Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA I28844


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HOYT / DRAPER  6 Oct 1926Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA F553
2 PETTY / MORLEY  25 Oct 1938Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA F11745
3 WILLIAMS / SORENSEN  18 Feb 1931Centerfield, Sanpete, Utah, USA F8001

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