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Canandaigua, Ontario, New York



Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS Elbridge Lapham  17 Sep 1866Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I96857
2 ANTES Katherine Bemis  6 Sep 1848Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I95409
3 BEMIS Anne  1 Jul 1817Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I94638
4 BEMIS Eliza Clark  18 Mar 1815Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I94640
5 BEMIS Emily Adams  9 Jan 1851Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I95389
6 BEMIS James Draper  30 Jul 1853Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I95391
7 BEMIS John Adams  25 May 1856Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I95390
8 BEMIS Martha Ward  22 May 1822Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I94632
9 BEMIS Rosamond Draper  5 Oct 1825Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I94636
10 CHAPIN Anna  <1791>Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I154065
11 CHAPIN Anson  11 Apr 1789Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I154063
12 CHAPIN Eliza  <1793>Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I154066
13 CLEVELAND  14 Sep 1869Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I156381
14 CLEVELAND Gertrude  8 Apr 1872Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I156378
15 GREIG John  Abt 1785Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I154683
16 HUBBELL Henry Seymour  19 Jan 1856Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I155568
17 HUBBELL Mary Chapin  8 Nov 1859Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I155569
18 HUBBELL Walter Seymour  18 Jul 1823Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I155566
19 MORSE Elizabeth  15 Oct 1759Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I154079
20 MUNSON Charles Chapin  4 Nov 1868Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I96775
21 MUNSON Walter Chapin  1 Oct 1876Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I96774
22 PHELPS Eliza H.  15 Apr 1833Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I154621
23 PHELPS Ellsworth Hart  17 Nov 1862Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I155477
24 ROBINSON Forrest Clayton  19 Oct 1960Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I77002
25 SMITH Alice Laura  9 Nov 1853Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I96871
26 SMITH Edmund Hamilton  27 Aug 1848Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I96869
27 SMITH Kate Adams  26 Jun 1847Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I96870
28 WARNER Arthur Shekell  28 Aug 1886Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I156905
29 WEIGHTMAN Charles Franklin  14 Oct 1835Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I163113
30 WELLS Alexander Howell  Abt 1833Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I154658
31 WELLS Anna  Abt 1804Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I154051
32 WELLS Jane  Abt 1802Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I154050
33 WELLS Lucinda  Abt 1795Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I154045
34 WELLS Nancy Ann  Abt 1793Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I154044
35 WELLS Spencer Clement  Abt 1800Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I154048
36 WELLS Thomas Morris  Abt 1836Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I154657
37 WIGHTMAN Babe  Abt 1852Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I163119
38 WIGHTMAN Clara  Abt 1856Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I163118
39 WIGHTMAN Marion Eliza  25 Jul 1833Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I163114


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABBEY Nellie  Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I62577
2 ADAMS John  13 Jun 1862Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I95436
3 CHAPIN Anna  9 Jan 1846Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I153705
4 HUBBELL Mary Chapin  9 Oct 1906Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I155569
5 HUBBELL Stewart Brooks  23 Jul 1944Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I156412
6 HUBBELL Walter Seymour  29 Dec 1909Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I155566
7 MORSE Elizabeth  21 Jul 1854Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I154079
8 ROBINSON Forrest Clayton  2 Nov 1960Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I77002
9 WELLS Benjamin  4 Jun 1828Canandaigua, Ontario, New York I154042


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / HAMILTON  20 Feb 1819Canandaigua, Ontario, New York F36112
2 CHAPIN / BEMIS  1832Canandaigua, Ontario, New York F36105
3 CHASE / ANTES  2 Dec 1873Canandaigua, Ontario, New York F36490
4 HUBBELL / SEYMOUR CHAPIN  6 Nov 1847Canandaigua, Ontario, New York F59679
5 SCHOLEY / GRANGER PHELPS  11 Feb 1878Canandaigua, Ontario, New York F59681
6 WARNER / HUBBELL  26 Apr 1916Canandaigua, Ontario, New York F60333

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