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Bridgewater, Oneida, N.Y.



Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 PALMER Abner Randall  19 Nov 1831Bridgewater, Oneida, N.Y. I150986
2 PALMER Amos H  7 May 1838Bridgewater, Oneida, N.Y. I148943
3 PALMER Charles  13 Jun 1844Bridgewater, Oneida, N.Y. I151110
4 PALMER Jonathan  10 Oct 1800Bridgewater, Oneida, N.Y. I148914
5 PALMER Leila Belinda  19 Sep 1854Bridgewater, Oneida, N.Y. I150993
6 PALMER Phebe  7 Nov 1796Bridgewater, Oneida, N.Y. I148916
7 PALMER Phebe Randall  28 Aug 1808Bridgewater, Oneida, N.Y. I148921
8 RANDALL Hulda  9 Apr 1805Bridgewater, Oneida, N.Y. I149426
9 RANDALL Sarah Jane  11 Aug 1843Bridgewater, Oneida, N.Y. I152768
10 RAY George Randal  15 Sep 1798Bridgewater, Oneida, N.Y. I148649

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