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Bell, Texas, United States



Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BELT Spicy Argailous  16 Nov 1882Bell, Texas, United States I107581
2 COX Carroll Ratliff  27 May 1940Bell, Texas, United States I141388
3 COX Mae Laverne  26 Nov 1924Bell, Texas, United States I134667
4 DENSON Laura Louise  18 Mar 1876Bell, Texas, United States I130482
5 DENSON Martha Ann " Mattie"  2 Jan 1869Bell, Texas, United States I130507
6 DOCKERY Dennie Lee  15 Jun 1911Bell, Texas, United States I129313
7 DOCKERY Ellis N  18 Jun 1913Bell, Texas, United States I129316
8 DOCKERY Violet Louise  1 Oct 1925Bell, Texas, United States I129314
9 FREEMAN John Martin  14 Dec 1874Bell, Texas, United States I118252
10 GRIGGS Birdie Alpha  13 Sep 1903Bell, Texas, United States I130512
11 GRIGGS Charles Amaziah  8 Feb 1910Bell, Texas, United States I130503
12 GRIGGS Charles Herman  31 Jul 1901Bell, Texas, United States I130513
13 GRIGGS Charles Hubbard  24 Jun 1881Bell, Texas, United States I126862
14 GRIGGS Jesse B.  5 Jun 1897Bell, Texas, United States I130515
15 GRIGGS John Clay  21 Jun 1893Bell, Texas, United States I130508
16 GRIGGS Joseph Miles  5 May 1895Bell, Texas, United States I130510
17 GRIGGS O. Clyde  27 Aug 1910Bell, Texas, United States I130518
18 GRIGGS Ralph Dean  28 Dec 1906Bell, Texas, United States I130488
19 GRIGGS William Shedrick  7 Dec 1889Bell, Texas, United States I130517
20 GRIGGS William Walter  10 Oct 1877Bell, Texas, United States I126864
21 GRIGGS Zachary Taylor  25 May 1900Bell, Texas, United States I130511
22 JENNIE BELT  1876Bell, Texas, United States I107586
23 MILLS Furman Clarence  15 Jul 1895Bell, Texas, United States I80645
24 NOBLE James Herman, Jr  5 Jun 1905Bell, Texas, United States I129304
25 NOBLES Cecil  1917Bell, Texas, United States I129299
26 SEARS Gladys  6 Aug 1906Bell, Texas, United States I115413
27 SIMONTON Gladis  8 Mar 1908Bell, Texas, United States I121438
28 SUMRALL Lester Loleate, Sr.  30 Jan 1883Bell, Texas, United States I107611
29 SUMRALL Norrell Nevada  25 Oct 1879Bell, Texas, United States I107613
30 TRIMMIER Sammie Etheline  13 Mar 1923Bell, Texas, United States I136058
31 TYLER Nellie F  1862Bell, Texas, United States I97140
32 WARRICK Gordon Udell  20 Oct 1915Bell, Texas, United States I84550


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASHABRANNER Julia Josephine  12 Dec 1970Bell, Texas, United States I130500
2 CAMERON Kenneth Hubert  17 Nov 1982Bell, Texas, United States I118843
3 COLLIER Eldonia Lucretia  9 Sep 1884Bell, Texas, United States I107614
4 COX Carl Randall  27 May 1940Bell, Texas, United States I141387
5 COX Carroll Ratliff  30 May 1940Bell, Texas, United States I141388
6 DAVIS John Taylor  16 Dec 1996Bell, Texas, United States I93804
7 DOCKERY Dennie Lee  19 Oct 1969Bell, Texas, United States I129313
8 GRIGGS Addison Cecil  13 Aug 1999Bell, Texas, United States I130504
9 GRIGGS Clarence Victor  26 Jan 1983Bell, Texas, United States I130505
10 GRIGGS Ralph Dean  13 Mar 1977Bell, Texas, United States I130488
11 GRIGGS Squire Shedrick  21 Apr 1910Bell, Texas, United States I125312
12 KEAHEY George Lonnie  29 Nov 1981Bell, Texas, United States I113003
13 NOBLE Nathan William  17 Aug 1916Bell, Texas, United States I126323
14 SUMRALL Horace House  29 Jun 1896Bell, Texas, United States I107612
15 SUMRALL Mary Mollie Ann  20 Sep 1876Bell, Texas, United States I104581
16 SUMRALL Norrell Nevada  25 Sep 1880Bell, Texas, United States I107613
17 SUMRALL Norvel R  1909Bell, Texas, United States I104579
18 THOMAS Elizabeth J  21 Nov 1899Bell, Texas, United States I107610


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLACKWELDER / NOBLES  4 Feb 1911Bell, Texas, United States F48323
2 COX / WRIGHT  1923Bell, Texas, United States F49885
3 DOCKRAY / NOBLES  15 Jun 1910Bell, Texas, United States F48319
4 GRIGGS / AUSTIN  16 Jul 1885Bell, Texas, United States F48607
5 GRIGGS / DENSON  28 Feb 1889Bell, Texas, United States F48610
6 MCLERRAN / GRIGGS  14 Dec 1942Bell, Texas, United States F50416
7 NOBLES / MASHBURN  2 Oct 1904Bell, Texas, United States F48313
8 SNELLINGS / MORRISON  6 Dec 1886Bell, Texas, United States F48601

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