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Arkansas, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 370

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lola  Abt 1915Arkansas, United States I140032
2 ADAMS William H.  18 Mar 1879Arkansas, United States I110477
3 AKIN James F.  1877Arkansas, United States I130584
4 AKIN Rufus Chapman  20 Dec 1906Arkansas, United States I136103
5 AKIN Samuel C.  18 Jan 1817Arkansas, United States I126893
6 AKIN Thomas J  31 Oct 1871Arkansas, United States I130579
7 AKIN Walsie Lee  30 Jun 1894Arkansas, United States I136106
8 AKIN William V  1869Arkansas, United States I130582
9 ALLISON Edward Harvey  6 Jun 1867Arkansas, United States I135514
10 Dr. ALLISON Farris Peel  22 Jul 1905Arkansas, United States I135517
11 ANGEL James Ewart  19 Mar 1924Arkansas, United States I133902
12 APPLETON Floyed  14 Jun 1928Arkansas, United States I135692
13 APPLETON Lloyed  14 Jun 1928Arkansas, United States I135691
14 APPLETON Ruby Jewell  26 Sep 1912Arkansas, United States I135694
15 ARMOR Lemmie L  1900Arkansas, United States I119729
16 ASHFORD John Alford Effram  15 Oct 1897Arkansas, United States I121522
17 BAKER Anna Mae  1890Arkansas, United States I130270
18 BASHAM Frederick Fenton  25 Feb 1892Arkansas, United States I74918
19 BASHAM Nannie Bell  21 Feb 1874Arkansas, United States I74911
20 BASHAM Sam Hart  2 Jan 1869Arkansas, United States I74920
21 BEACH Bessie May  27 Nov 1895Arkansas, United States I94549
22 BENBROOK Frances Lillian  1897Arkansas, United States I133863
23 BLASSINGAME Sarah Alice  30 Apr 1864Arkansas, United States I126845
24 BLISS Leathel  Abt 1884Arkansas, United States I65939
25 BOURNS Wiley Martin  Nov 1876Arkansas, United States I130463
26 BOYETT Robert Edgar  14 Dec 1870Arkansas, United States I116836
27 BRADFORD Exie Lucille  1922Arkansas, United States I130631
28 BRADLEY James Dave  11 May 1875Arkansas, United States I135536
29 BRADLEY Sallie A  24 Sep 1886Arkansas, United States I129397
30 BRASUEL Erin  May 1900Arkansas, United States I74943
31 BROWN Martha A  5 Oct 1870Arkansas, United States I145658
32 BROWN Trudence Vera  27 Jun 1902Arkansas, United States I81665
33 BURCH Callie  1904Arkansas, United States I114911
34 BURCH Calvin  May 1897Arkansas, United States I114913
35 BURCH Emma  1906Arkansas, United States I114909
36 BURCH Mattie  1902Arkansas, United States I114912
37 BURCH Ruth C  Oct 1899Arkansas, United States I114910
38 BURGER Arthur  1906Arkansas, United States I119735
39 BUSH Alfred Floyd  15 Nov 1874Arkansas, United States I126367
40 BUSH Grover Cleveland  23 Oct 1884Arkansas, United States I126364
41 BUSH Irene  6 Mar 1911Arkansas, United States I129391
42 BUSH Louise T.  Dec 1878Arkansas, United States I126365
43 BYRNE Ann T.  14 May 1844Arkansas, United States I126765
44 BYRUM Mildred Agnes  26 Feb 1908Arkansas, United States I121476
45 CARMICHAEL Nora F  3 Aug 1885Arkansas, United States I135560
46 CARTER Gertrude  Sep 1899Arkansas, United States I110586
47 CARTER Sterman  21 Jul 1896Arkansas, United States I110587
48 CHANDLER Opal B  1927Arkansas, United States I141018
49 CHASE E Pearl  Sep 1895Arkansas, United States I79790
50 COALE Jessie  1889Arkansas, United States I130205
51 COALE Mary H  Jun 1892Arkansas, United States I130203
52 COLLINSWORTH Elza  19 Jun 1892Arkansas, United States I80653
53 COLLUMS Wilma  20 Mar 1908Arkansas, United States I160626
54 COMBS Rosa A  1887Arkansas, United States I129996
55 CONN Mary Elizabeth "Mollie"  13 Sep 1859Arkansas, United States I108122
56 CONNERLY Jessie May  27 Dec 1908Arkansas, United States I124083
57 COOK Albert David  19 Jan 1893Arkansas, United States I145634
58 COOK James D  1897Arkansas, United States I145628
59 COOK Thomas F  16 Jun 1895Arkansas, United States I145632
60 COX Earl J  9 Mar 1926Arkansas, United States I143990
61 CROSBY Joanna  1870Arkansas, United States I81904
62 DANIEL Martha Jane  Dec 1850Arkansas, United States I126789
63 DEES Laura C  1903Arkansas, United States I130261
64 DEES Lois Lodema  19 Sep 1919Arkansas, United States I135675
65 DEES Shirley Low  1932Arkansas, United States I135676
66 DEES William Ross  2 Aug 1876Arkansas, United States I130256
67 DEMPSEY George W  18 Oct 1883Arkansas, United States I135605
68 DEMPSEY Lonnie D.  29 Nov 1903Arkansas, United States I135610
69 DRAPER Florence  22 Jul 1905Arkansas, United States I87772
70 DRAPER Floyd Wilson  12 Sep 1926Arkansas, United States I87788
71 DRAPER Myrtle M.  1903Arkansas, United States I87779
72 DRAPER Percy A.  1901Arkansas, United States I87780
73 DUNLAP Charles W.  Nov 1866Arkansas, United States I60737
74 DUNN Scott Thompson  2 Oct 1915Arkansas, United States I140063
75 ECHOLS Jewell Irene  27 Dec 1898Arkansas, United States I74613
76 ELDER Adel  1911Arkansas, United States I144570
77 ELDER Albert  Nov 1899Arkansas, United States I144583
78 ELDER Estella  1914Arkansas, United States I144571
79 ELDER Eva  Jun 1895Arkansas, United States I144580
80 ELDER Frank Edward  21 Sep 1884Arkansas, United States I144582
81 ELDER J. H. J.  Abt 1868Arkansas, United States I144569
82 ELDER James  Oct 1885Arkansas, United States I144581
83 ELDER James B  Dec 1879Arkansas, United States I144596
84 ELDER Jennie  Sep 1887Arkansas, United States I144587
85 ELDER Martha J  Jul 1882Arkansas, United States I144585
86 ELDER May  Sep 1897Arkansas, United States I144588
87 ELDER Nannie Bell  Nov 1889Arkansas, United States I144584
88 ELDER Rebecca  Aug 1898Arkansas, United States I145688
89 ELDER Walter  Nov 1891Arkansas, United States I145684
90 ELDER Walter H  Sep 1893Arkansas, United States I144586
91 ERVIN Melba Lois  30 Sep 1933Arkansas, United States I141126
92 ESTES Waleetka  31 Jan 1914Arkansas, United States I82368
93 EUBANKS Fay  5 Dec 1915Arkansas, United States I141175
94 FRENCH Robert Zelphia  3 Sep 1875Arkansas, United States I130234
95 GARDNER James  1874Arkansas, United States I126780
96 GIBSON Margaret  1858Arkansas, United States I104822
97 GOOCH Elizabeth E  27 Oct 1904Arkansas, United States I78103
98 GOURLEY William F  19 Jun 1892Arkansas, United States I123332
99 GRAY Ancil Talmage  4 Feb 1915Arkansas, United States I130306
100 GRAY Carmon Bruston  24 Jun 1910Arkansas, United States I130303

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Matches 1 to 68 of 68

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BECKMAN George A  Arkansas, United States I115784
2 BRADLEY Sallie A  26 May 1931Arkansas, United States I129397
3 BROWN John Wesley  1947Arkansas, United States I131839
4 BROWN Quentin Griggs  13 Nov 1972Arkansas, United States I131847
5 BURTON William Ernest  16 Feb 1949Arkansas, United States I131732
6 BUSH Fannie  Abt 1955Arkansas, United States I126361
7 CHANDLER Wendell C.  Jun 1993Arkansas, United States I141017
8 CHRISTMAS Floyd Franklin  4 Apr 1980Arkansas, United States I90619
9 CONNERLY Jessie May  29 Oct 1972Arkansas, United States I124083
10 CORN John Peter  24 Feb 2012Arkansas, United States I112191
11 ELDER Esther  Arkansas, United States I142001
12 ELDER Isaac Rains  1880Arkansas, United States I141998
13 GENTRY James Earl  30 Jan 2002Arkansas, United States I141384
14 GRIGGS Agnes Summer  21 Aug 1969Arkansas, United States I126753
15 GRIGGS Atlantic Adaline  Abt 1871Arkansas, United States I125287
16 GRIGGS Daniel Boone  1867Arkansas, United States I126742
17 GRIGGS Ethel E.  20 Sep 1938Arkansas, United States I126756
18 GRIGGS James Franklin  1987Arkansas, United States I130172
19 GRIGGS Jennie P.  7 Jul 1968Arkansas, United States I126751
20 GRIGGS John Talton  7 Dec 1976Arkansas, United States I126755
21 GRIGGS M. M.  19 Aug 1886Arkansas, United States I126792
22 GRIGGS Ruby  Jan 1975Arkansas, United States I135556
23 GRIGGS S. C.  27 Aug 1886Arkansas, United States I126793
24 GRIGGS Thomas Jefferson  30 Apr 1887Arkansas, United States I125288
25 GRIGGS William Franklin  1913Arkansas, United States I126736
26 HARE Mary Belle  1971Arkansas, United States I135552
27 HARRINGTON Martha  10 Jun 1959Arkansas, United States I141178
28 HARRIS Jessie Lefette  Aug 1989Arkansas, United States I86858
29 HITCHINGS Wilda Maxine  14 Sep 2007Arkansas, United States I78037
30 HOLLADAY Moses Joshua  16 Nov 1960Arkansas, United States I128654
31 HOLLOWAY Arch W  3 Mar 1940Arkansas, United States I134732
32 HOLMES Annie Lydia  10 Feb 1983Arkansas, United States I116478
33 HUTTO Ray Riley  2001Arkansas, United States I141450
34 JAY Lee  15 Jun 1948Arkansas, United States I136115
35 JOHNSON Hugh  29 Jun 1919Arkansas, United States I129386
36 KRAUS Albert  10 Jan 1974Arkansas, United States I129396
37 LAYNE Nancy H  12 Jan 1909Arkansas, United States I66507
38 LEE Ora  19 Jul 1933Arkansas, United States I79115
39 LESLEY Arthur Maude  7 Nov 1976Arkansas, United States I136155
40 LEWIS Martha Jane  7 Oct 1954Arkansas, United States I74894
41 LINN Andrew Jackson  9 Dec 1936Arkansas, United States I130619
42 MARTIN Harry L.  4 Jan 1962Arkansas, United States I130250
43 MARTIN James Buford  8 Mar 2004Arkansas, United States I113358
44 MAYS Dettitia "Letitia"  Arkansas, United States I124792
45 MC FANN Rachel Eva  27 Aug 1986Arkansas, United States I157040
46 MCPHERSON Montee Earline  3 Sep 1999Arkansas, United States I129149
47 MEARS Gladys Sue  8 Jun 1998Arkansas, United States I140043
48 MUMFORD Bessie Pearl  6 Feb 1963Arkansas, United States I127692
49 Reverend PARKER Floyd Wilson  19 May 1980Arkansas, United States I156432
50 PEARSON Mollie P.  1959Arkansas, United States I129414
51 RIDINGS Moody A  10 Feb 1918Arkansas, United States I130007
52 RUBLE Myrtle Eula  17 Dec 1965Arkansas, United States I135929
53 SANDEFER George Linton, twin  Arkansas, United States I113798
54 SCALLION Herschel LaDoyle  30 Jan 2011Arkansas, United States I146484
55 SCALLION John Robert  26 Apr 1966Arkansas, United States I144560
56 SHERRON Mattie  8 Feb 1945Arkansas, United States I124181
57 SLAY David Thomas  1870Arkansas, United States I104279
58 SLAY Julius Cornelius  26 Apr 1963Arkansas, United States I112299
59 SMITH Noah O'Neal  20 Dec 1979Arkansas, United States I73509
60 SPRINKLE Milton Robert  1991Arkansas, United States I115209
61 STAFFORD John R. Lafayette  Apr 1965Arkansas, United States I112003
62 SULLIVENT Euel Festus  24 Jan 1934Arkansas, United States I118737
63 SUMMERLIN Sarah Ada  1888Arkansas, United States I105466
64 WATTS Robert Drakeford  26 Oct 1967Arkansas, United States I112036
65 WILLIAMS Leota  9 Mar 1984Arkansas, United States I141078
66 WILLIAMS Vergia  1880Arkansas, United States I130425
67 WYATT George Evans  Arkansas, United States I80665
68 WYATT Kenneth Alan  Arkansas, United States I80666


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRASUEL / MORRIS  Abt 1878Arkansas, United States F27483
2 JOHNSON / HOLDMAN  Abt 1958Arkansas, United States F53643
3 MCCALL / BARHAM  9 Apr 1944Arkansas, United States F47276
4 SCALLIONS / BAILEY  18 Jan 1897Arkansas, United States F55040
5 SMITH / JOSLIN  15 Aug 1855Arkansas, United States F47739
6 SUMRALL / BRIGGS  1913Arkansas, United States F44292

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