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Arkansas, United States



Matches 1 to 74 of 74

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lola  Abt 1915Arkansas, United States I139707
2 BROWN Martha A  5 Oct 1870Arkansas, United States I145328
3 CHANDLER Opal B  1927Arkansas, United States I140693
4 COLLUMS Wilma  20 Mar 1908Arkansas, United States I160171
5 COOK Albert David  19 Jan 1893Arkansas, United States I145304
6 COOK James D  1897Arkansas, United States I145298
7 COOK Thomas F  16 Jun 1895Arkansas, United States I145302
8 COX Earl J  9 Mar 1926Arkansas, United States I143661
9 DEREUISSEAUX Frank  31 Aug 1901Arkansas, United States I140777
10 DODGE Pollie Ann  1883Arkansas, United States I144239
11 DUNN Scott Thompson  2 Oct 1915Arkansas, United States I139738
12 ELDER Adel  1911Arkansas, United States I144241
13 ELDER Albert  Nov 1899Arkansas, United States I144254
14 ELDER Estella  1914Arkansas, United States I144242
15 ELDER Eva  Jun 1895Arkansas, United States I144251
16 ELDER Frank Edward  21 Sep 1884Arkansas, United States I144253
17 ELDER J. H. J.  Abt 1868Arkansas, United States I144240
18 ELDER James  Oct 1885Arkansas, United States I144252
19 ELDER James B  Dec 1879Arkansas, United States I144267
20 ELDER Jennie  Sep 1887Arkansas, United States I144258
21 ELDER Martha J  Jul 1882Arkansas, United States I144256
22 ELDER May  Sep 1897Arkansas, United States I144259
23 ELDER Nannie Bell  Nov 1889Arkansas, United States I144255
24 ELDER Rebecca  Aug 1898Arkansas, United States I145358
25 ELDER Walter  Nov 1891Arkansas, United States I145354
26 ELDER Walter H  Sep 1893Arkansas, United States I144257
27 ERVIN Melba Lois  30 Sep 1933Arkansas, United States I140801
28 EUBANKS Fay  5 Dec 1915Arkansas, United States I140850
29 GREEN B F  1930Arkansas, United States I140141
30 GREEN Emma Clarence  May 1870Arkansas, United States I145350
31 GREEN Truman  1932Arkansas, United States I140144
32 HARDIN Arabelle Vertula  1902Arkansas, United States I140729
33 HARDIN Arrabel V  1902Arkansas, United States I140732
34 HARDIN Nellie Gertrude  15 Apr 1904Arkansas, United States I141123
35 HERRON Lennie  14 Aug 1921Arkansas, United States I143639
36 HUTTO Ray Riley  1917Arkansas, United States I141125
37 JOHNSON Minnie Belle  22 Feb 1908Arkansas, United States I140696
38 KEMP Essie E  5 Oct 1893Arkansas, United States I140739
39 LEE Martha M  1919Arkansas, United States I141147
40 LEFLER Dickie Virgil  1 Sep 1928Arkansas, United States I140702
41 LEWIS Richard Sherman  Feb 1869Arkansas, United States I145261
42 LILES Dewey  5 Jan 1930Arkansas, United States I141358
43 LIVELY Harlan Earl  18 Mar 1915Arkansas, United States I143637
44 LOVE William R.  1907Arkansas, United States I145339
45 MACKEY Christopher Columbus  11 Oct 1912Arkansas, United States I143654
46 MCALLISTER Hermis Edwin  29 Dec 1920Arkansas, United States I143492
47 MCKNIGHT Lonnie Wayne  4 Mar 1928Arkansas, United States I141126
48 MEARS Gladys Sue  3 Jun 1932Arkansas, United States I139718
49 ODOM John D  24 Jan 1904Arkansas, United States I153493
50 PACK Hays Columbus  20 Dec 1921Arkansas, United States I143722
51 PHILLIPS Otha Fines  1895Arkansas, United States I146175
52 SANDAGE Floy  1908Arkansas, United States I140789
53 SCALLION Charles Granville  1907Arkansas, United States I145329
54 SCALLION Ethel Lucille  25 Aug 1937Arkansas, United States I146142
55 SCALLION Herschel LaDoyle  11 Nov 1927Arkansas, United States I146153
56 SCALLION James B  1880Arkansas, United States I144233
57 SCALLION John Robert  28 Nov 1879Arkansas, United States I144231
58 SCALLION Maysel Eldean  17 Apr 1928Arkansas, United States I146154
59 SCALLION Thelma E  1904Arkansas, United States I145333
60 SCALLIONS Mary Elizabeth  1 Jan 1874Arkansas, United States I144235
61 SCALLIONS William  1872Arkansas, United States I144232
62 SCARBOROUGH William Irwin Stone  17 Jun 1901Arkansas, United States I140773
63 SMITH Rufus H  1927Arkansas, United States I140730
64 TAYLOR Grace Lillian  30 Aug 1901Arkansas, United States I145344
65 THOMPSON Berdelle  1927Arkansas, United States I140131
66 THURMAN Roy  19 Sep 1900Arkansas, United States I139600
67 TOLLISON Geraldine  1928Arkansas, United States I147730
68 TOLLISON Omalen  11 May 1930Arkansas, United States I147729
69 VINCENT Almedia Lorene "Medie"  23 Jun 1917Arkansas, United States I140780
70 WAGONER Eldawan  21 Dec 1940Arkansas, United States I139716
71 WALDEN John Leonard  2 Dec 1894Arkansas, United States I140472
72 WEST Leola Carl  25 Jan 1912Arkansas, United States I140726
73 WHITE Chester  14 Jul 1939Arkansas, United States I144569
74 WILLIAMS John  Abt 1886Arkansas, United States I140844


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CHANDLER Wendell C.  Jun 1993Arkansas, United States I140692
2 ELDER Esther  Arkansas, United States I141676
3 ELDER Isaac Rains  1880Arkansas, United States I141673
4 GENTRY James Earl  30 Jan 2002Arkansas, United States I141059
5 HARRINGTON Martha  10 Jun 1959Arkansas, United States I140853
6 HUTTO Ray Riley  2001Arkansas, United States I141125
7 MC FANN Rachel Eva  27 Aug 1986Arkansas, United States I156656
8 MEARS Gladys Sue  8 Jun 1998Arkansas, United States I139718
9 MOSLEY Oscar Byron  Oct 1986Arkansas, United States I143436
10 Reverend PARKER Floyd Wilson  19 May 1980Arkansas, United States I156049
11 SCALLION Herschel LaDoyle  30 Jan 2011Arkansas, United States I146153
12 SCALLION John Robert  26 Apr 1966Arkansas, United States I144231
13 WILLIAMS Leota  9 Mar 1984Arkansas, United States I140753


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   15 Aug 1855Arkansas, United States F47630
2 /   1864Arkansas, United States F48512
3 /   Abt 1878Arkansas, United States F27453
4 /   1891Arkansas, United States F30421
5 /   Abt 1906Arkansas, United States F48452
6 /   1913Arkansas, United States F44162
7 /   9 Apr 1944Arkansas, United States F47157
8 / HOLDMAN  Abt 1958Arkansas, United States F53536
9 SCALLIONS / BAILEY  18 Jan 1897Arkansas, United States F54945

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