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Alabama, United States



Matches 1 to 100 of 568

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Doshia Evelyn  17 Jan 1894Alabama, United States I122129
2 Eura Mae  1900Alabama, United States I81970
3 Gurthrie L.  1900Alabama, United States I120460
4 Laura Lee  16 Sep 1910Alabama, United States I124025
5 Minnie H.  1901Alabama, United States I75076
6 Natalie  1920Alabama, United States I84113
7 Sarah  Sep 1861Alabama, United States I67126
8 Willie  1910Alabama, United States I85676
9 ABBOTT Charity  6 Aug 1870Alabama, United States I103969
10 ABBOTT Ester  1909Alabama, United States I105666
11 ABBOTT Jenerra Jeneva  Mar 1898Alabama, United States I105663
12 ALDRIDGE Fredia  29 Aug 1904Alabama, United States I120620
13 ALLEN Mary Ann  1886Alabama, United States I110820
14 ATKINS Jessie  15 Nov 1904Alabama, United States I120488
15 BAILEY Bennie  4 May 1890Alabama, United States I74982
16 Reverend BAILEY Daniel Acton  1858Alabama, United States I74979
17 BAILEY Dorothy N  1933Alabama, United States I140529
18 BAILEY Jeanette Mae  1918Alabama, United States I81982
19 BAILEY William D  1909Alabama, United States I81983
20 BAKER Hannah Olena  Mar 1858Alabama, United States I115225
21 BAKER Samuel B.  Feb 1899Alabama, United States I81979
22 BARLEW William Douglas  29 May 1924Alabama, United States I118805
23 BARTHO Charles  28 Apr 1842Alabama, United States I115244
24 BATLEY Viola Grace  Sep 1896Alabama, United States I124031
25 BATTISE Effie  18 Aug 1896Alabama, United States I115272
26 BATTISE Emma Elizabeth  17 Nov 1897Alabama, United States I115277
27 BATTISE Grace T  18 Jul 1900Alabama, United States I115276
28 BATTISE Margaret Emmoline  Jan 1892Alabama, United States I115269
29 BATTISE Rafaiel Daniel  19 Sep 1895Alabama, United States I115275
30 BATTISE Rufus A  23 Aug 1892Alabama, United States I115270
31 BEADLESCOMB Mary Virginia  22 Jun 1916Alabama, United States I111052
32 BEAN John Henry Martin  9 May 1893Alabama, United States I109239
33 BEAN Thelma  Abt 1917Alabama, United States I109245
34 BELL Nancy S  Dec 1874Alabama, United States I105329
35 BERRY Minnie Sophia  Mar 1888Alabama, United States I81709
36 BISHOP Susan Sarah R  1850Alabama, United States I105654
37 BLANKENSHIP William Henry  12 Sep 1862Alabama, United States I100547
38 BONNER Nancy Safronia Ann  26 Dec 1871Alabama, United States I112266
39 BOSARGE Edward Alec  1900Alabama, United States I115365
40 BOSARGE Elizabeth  Nov 1892Alabama, United States I115364
41 BOSARGE Mary Cecile  1906Alabama, United States I115361
42 BOWEN Rachel Elizabeth  3 Sep 1885Alabama, United States I122731
43 BOYETT David  1911Alabama, United States I110525
44 BROADUS Viola  Jan 1897Alabama, United States I123672
45 BROOMS Amanda Josephine  14 Jul 1874Alabama, United States I105341
46 BROWN Cuba  25 Nov 1899Alabama, United States I120459
47 BRYANT Delmer J.  11 Dec 1924Alabama, United States I120435
48 CALLIER Irene  20 Dec 1907Alabama, United States I122534
49 Mr. CANNON  1903Alabama, United States I110505
50 CANNON Comer  1904Alabama, United States I110507
51 CANTRELL Delsie May  18 Nov 1919Alabama, United States I134468
52 CANTRELL Turner  10 Sep 1898Alabama, United States I134466
53 CAPPS Joe  1896Alabama, United States I75077
54 CARTER Gladys Marie  15 Jan 1930Alabama, United States I119848
55 CHAVERS Fay Opal  31 Jan 1936Alabama, United States I120424
56 CHAVERS Mary Elizabeth  1930Alabama, United States I110454
57 CHAVERS Willie Cecil  13 Nov 1932Alabama, United States I110453
58 CHEESEMAN Kate Richards  20 Dec 1899Alabama, United States I124040
59 CLARK Sarah Emily  1905Alabama, United States I111525
60 CLAYTON William Edgar  16 May 1894Alabama, United States I134463
61 COFIELD Ida Videssa  22 Jul 1903Alabama, United States I109180
62 COLE Frank Calvin  Jan 1867Alabama, United States I122038
63 COLEY Cora I  21 Jun 1884Alabama, United States I81707
64 COLLIER George Malcolm  27 Sep 1878Alabama, United States I122594
65 COLLIER Nancy Carolyn  4 May 1868Alabama, United States I109197
66 CONNELL Katie Marie  2 Jun 1927Alabama, United States I120661
67 COOLEY James Lemuel  14 Oct 1872Alabama, United States I114137
68 COPELAND Cecil Quincy  2 Apr 1906Alabama, United States I117824
69 COTHRAN Hugh Ellis  17 Apr 1903Alabama, United States I111568
70 COURTNEY Mary A  1862Alabama, United States I104967
71 CRAWFORD Josephine  1858Alabama, United States I108936
72 CROWDER Hilliard Jefferson  1 Oct 1901Alabama, United States I124407
73 DANIEL Annie Laurie  Nov 1891Alabama, United States I110401
74 DANIEL Lyla E  20 May 1896Alabama, United States I110398
75 DAUGHERTY Alma  16 Nov 1899Alabama, United States I104961
76 DAUGHERTY Moree  5 Mar 1921Alabama, United States I109182
77 DAVIS Ann  1850Alabama, United States I108351
78 DAVIS Clovice B  1919Alabama, United States I109259
79 DAVIS Linnie M  9 Aug 1908Alabama, United States I122062
80 DAVIS Rennie Stonewall  7 Jan 1897Alabama, United States I86320
81 DAVIS Ruth Irene  11 Sep 1908Alabama, United States I120430
82 DAVIS Sybel C  27 Jan 1921Alabama, United States I109258
83 DEAN Andrew Abile  24 Sep 1898Alabama, United States I115214
84 DEAN Clara Lorina  3 Jun 1881Alabama, United States I115216
85 DEAN John Henry  2 Feb 1880Alabama, United States I115215
86 DENSON Heard D  Mar 1890Alabama, United States I110427
87 DEVERELL Henry Grady  10 Oct 1901Alabama, United States I129014
88 DEVERS Riley Cowans  10 Jan 1853Alabama, United States I160830
89 DOAK Esther  1897Alabama, United States I124118
90 DOBSON Jefferson Zachariah  29 Jul 1881Alabama, United States I123682
91 DODSON Mildred Erin  1914Alabama, United States I121912
92 DOLLAR P. A.  1823Alabama, United States I106618
93 EARL Hilda Ethel  16 Dec 1893Alabama, United States I115260
94 EARL John Herman  1881Alabama, United States I115267
95 EARL Lauretta Louise  12 Aug 1883Alabama, United States I115265
96 EARL Olivia Thelma  4 Apr 1882Alabama, United States I115266
97 EARL William H  7 Nov 1891Alabama, United States I115264
98 ELLIS Mary Etta  25 Mar 1888Alabama, United States I120355
99 EMMA Corene  Jan 1844Alabama, United States I108711
100 FENNELL Willis Preston  30 Dec 1907Alabama, United States I120492

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Matches 1 to 91 of 91

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATWELL Vivian Bertie  Alabama, United States I123711
2 BAILEY Bennie  1909Alabama, United States I74982
3 BROWN Cuba  23 Aug 1991Alabama, United States I120459
4 BURNS Columbus Oral  1914Alabama, United States I118450
5 Mr. CANNON  1903Alabama, United States I110505
6 CANNON Comer  1904Alabama, United States I110507
7 CARTER Gladys Marie  4 Dec 1998Alabama, United States I119848
8 COLEY Cora I  14 Jun 1905Alabama, United States I81707
9 CONSTANTIN Estelle  20 Oct 1976Alabama, United States I122071
10 DAVIS Sybel C  25 May 2007Alabama, United States I109258
11 DISMUKES Dorothy S  9 Sep 2004Alabama, United States I135464
12 DUBOSE Lorandus Judge  24 Jul 1916Alabama, United States I121066
13 ELLIS Mary Etta  11 Jul 1974Alabama, United States I120355
14 EVERETT Lillie Bell  4 Mar 1983Alabama, United States I124032
15 FRANKLIN Riley Alexander  4 Nov 1953Alabama, United States I120348
16 FREEMAN Christopher Columbus  6 Feb 1934Alabama, United States I118250
17 GLISSON Nancy  Bef 1850Alabama, United States I103852
18 GOLDMAN Alice Devan  29 May 1978Alabama, United States I118350
19 GOLDMAN Eli  1 Jul 2003Alabama, United States I118356
20 GOLDMAN James Levi  3 Feb 1918Alabama, United States I108594
21 GOLDMAN Linie May  24 Dec 1983Alabama, United States I118343
22 GOLDMAN Susan Ella  9 Aug 1911Alabama, United States I118352
23 GUNN Sara Lula  1 Jun 1972Alabama, United States I106571
24 HARRIS William  1966Alabama, United States I134474
25 HEDGECOCK Mattie Gussie  12 Jul 1960Alabama, United States I81690
26 HINES Charity  Aft 1850Alabama, United States I103520
27 JAY Ima Jewel  30 Aug 1964Alabama, United States I136121
28 JONES Ellen Elizabeth  1969Alabama, United States I120429
29 JONES F. Callie  Alabama, United States I75088
30 LANGFORD John Frank  22 Apr 2009Alabama, United States I120500
31 LEE  Infant DeathAlabama, United States I111083
32 MALPRUS Nancy  16 Oct 1891Alabama, United States I103743
33 MCCLELLAN William Lindsey  Jul 1986Alabama, United States I135766
34 MESSICK Sybil Elaine  20 Nov 2006Alabama, United States I120515
35 MORRIS Augustus J  15 Jun 1889Alabama, United States I67104
36 MORRIS Harriet Austella  28 Apr 1906Alabama, United States I74986
37 Mrs. MORRIS Hattie Pauline  23 Jul 1911Alabama, United States I74993
38 MOSELEY Andrew Olan  12 May 1986Alabama, United States I122162
39 NICHOLAS Eunice  1883Alabama, United States I104560
40 PITTMAN Mary Ivey  8 Sep 2006Alabama, United States I124164
41 POST A Renson  Alabama, United States I134472
42 RHODES Curry K  24 Oct 1996Alabama, United States I110449
43 RHODES Eddrie Lucille  18 Sep 1998Alabama, United States I110451
44 RHODES Robert Eugene  20 Mar 1967Alabama, United States I122588
45 RIDINGS Lillian  1967Alabama, United States I129007
46 RUSHTON Freddie  13 Apr 1908Alabama, United States I110407
47 SCHOFIELD Isaac Newton  22 May 1965Alabama, United States I119862
48 SELLERS Joseph W  1958Alabama, United States I74961
49 SELLERS William Simpson  30 Jun 1890Alabama, United States I67094
50 SHOEMAKER Samuel Perron, Jr.  1963Alabama, United States I112403
51 SIMS Amanda Grace  21 Dec 1947Alabama, United States I74972
52 SKINNER Ollie  27 Nov 1969Alabama, United States I120353
53 SLAY Mattie Lee  28 Aug 1998Alabama, United States I113118
54 SLAY Walter Baecher  1988Alabama, United States I113529
55 SMITH John William  29 Dec 1958Alabama, United States I119819
56 SMITH William Henry  15 Apr 1950Alabama, United States I119822
57 SPRINKLE Emma  15 Aug 1907Alabama, United States I107557
58 SPRINKLE Ethel Rehamer  5 Jul 1907Alabama, United States I115169
59 SPRINKLE Fannie Else  22 Nov 1942Alabama, United States I107539
60 SPRINKLE Henry  1864Alabama, United States I104566
61 SPRINKLE Idell  Alabama, United States I107552
62 SPRINKLE Leonard  Bef 1910Alabama, United States I115280
63 SPRINKLE Melvina  Alabama, United States I107550
64 SPRINKLE Minerva  1875Alabama, United States I107558
65 STANLEY Elvie Eva  16 Aug 1952Alabama, United States I110266
66 STEPHENS John James  21 Sep 1968Alabama, United States I109216
67 STEPHENS R S  13 Nov 1977Alabama, United States I109188
68 STONE Rosanna Sarah "Sally"  1906Alabama, United States I107537
69 SUMMERLIN Bertha  29 Jul 1921Alabama, United States I109201
70 SUMMERLIN Claude C  Alabama, United States I109304
71 SUMMERLIN Cora  6 Jun 1973Alabama, United States I109200
72 SUMMERLIN Eliza J  6 Sep 1896Alabama, United States I104942
73 SUMMERLIN Iola  8 Jan 1966Alabama, United States I109199
74 SUMMERLIN Leada  Alabama, United States I109305
75 SUMMERLIN Lila  1883Alabama, United States I104929
76 SUMMERLIN Mae  17 Jun 1908Alabama, United States I109203
77 SUMMERLIN Norman  20 Feb 1891Alabama, United States I109202
78 SUMMERLIN Russell Pruet  11 Feb 1981Alabama, United States I109198
79 SUMMERLIN Susan M  1879Alabama, United States I103900
80 SUMRALL Hilda  14 Mar 2009Alabama, United States I117798
81 SUMRALL Margaret  Apr 1929Alabama, United States I122000
82 SUMRALL Martha Elizabeth  6 Aug 1941Alabama, United States I108766
83 TAYLOR Fred Alvin  28 Oct 1997Alabama, United States I157615
84 THOMPSON George Washington or Wiley  7 Apr 1970Alabama, United States I124030
85 TRAWICK James W  2016Alabama, United States I111085
86 WALKER Hugh Buddy  16 Jul 1982Alabama, United States I111076
87 WEAVER Ruth  Alabama, United States I111106
88 WILLIAMS Dora L.  10 Dec 1977Alabama, United States I120407
89 WILLIAMSON Mary Olivia  13 Feb 1973Alabama, United States I121813
90 WILLIS Henry  Alabama, United States I105747
91 YAUN Sarah Lougenie "Genie"  20 Sep 1951Alabama, United States I110251


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BECHTOLD / BRYANT  Nov 1943Alabama, United States F28868
2 CHAVERS / RHODES  13 Oct 1928Alabama, United States F40484
3 HENDERSON / ELLIS  1 Jul 1906Alabama, United States F43074
4 HENDRIX / SUMMERALL  8 Jun 1859Alabama, United States F39943
5 LIMERICK / BENTLEY  1872Alabama, United States F40604
6 MONEY / JOWERS  1917 AlabamaAlabama, United States F43213
7 PRESCOTT / SUMMERLIN  13 Sep 1888Alabama, United States F40481
8 SLAY / SHOEMAKER  1850Alabama, United States F39795
9 SPRINKLE / STONE  Abt 1853Alabama, United States F39967
10 STEPHENS / PARNELL  12 Dec 1909Alabama, United States F42536
11 SUMMERLIN / SUMMERLIN  Abt 1884Alabama, United States F39560

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